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eBay Click & Collect at Woolworths/Big W, Spend $100 Get $50 Voucher /Spend $200 Get $100 Voucher (Excludes SA/WA)


Details from link: http://pages2.ebay.com.au/Buyer_coupons/clickandcollect

  1. By using or attempting to use the redemption code for the voucher, you agree to accept and be bound by these terms and conditions.

    How to Qualify for a Voucher:

  2. To be eligible to receive an eBay voucher, you must be signed in to your account on eBay.com.au, make a purchase which meets the minimum spend requirement under clause 3 and select the Click & Collect at Woolworths & BIG W delivery option for all items purchased (up to the minimum spend requirement) during the Offer Period. Go to www.ebay.com.au/rpp/clickandcollect for listings offering the "Click & Collect at Woolworths & BIG W" delivery option.

  3. The minimum spend requirements are:
    a. to receive a $50 eBay voucher, spend $100 or more (item costs only, postage not included) in one transaction during the Offer Period; or
    b. to receive a $100 eBay voucher, spend $200 or more (item costs only, postage not included) in one transaction during the Offer Period.

  4. The offer will commence at 07.00am (AEDT) on 20 October 2015 and end on 23.59pm (AEDT) on 26 October 2015 ("Offer Period").

  5. Only 1 voucher will be awarded per registered Australian eBay account (and if applicable per registered Australian PayPal account) during the Offer Period. If you make multiple purchases which qualify for a voucher under clause 2, you will receive the voucher of the higher value.

  6. You must complete payment for your purchase using an Australian PayPal account on ebay.com.au during the Offer Period.
    Purchases of items in any of the following eBay categories are excluded from this offer: Gift Cards (172009), Coins (11116), Services (316), Cars, Bikes, Boats (9800) and Real Estate (11700).

  7. Your eBay voucher will be issued on 1 November 2015, and must be redeemed before 23:59pm (AEDT) on 30 November 2015 on www.ebay.com.au, after which time the voucher expires.

  8. The $50 eBay voucher entitles you up to $50 off the total purchase price for one transaction on eBay.com.au. The $100 eBay voucher entitles you up to $100 off the total purchase price for one transaction on eBay.com.au.

  9. Multiple items may be purchased in one transaction (up to a maximum of 10 items per transaction).

  10. You will only receive a voucher if you have signed in to your eBay account prior to checkout; any purchase made using guest checkout is excluded from this offer.


Also don't forget cashback from Cashrewards!

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  • +2

    Again…..hard to resist..

    • +5

      resist hard…again

  • +46

    Great deal for those living in Sydney, Melbourne, and Tasmania. The rest of us can twiddle our thumbs. :(

    • +3

      Yep :(

    • +11

      Looks like QLD is part of this now!

      • Nice, hope it works!

      • +3

        "Participating Woolworths and BIG W stores are available in NSW, Victoria, Tasmania, ACT, Queensland and the Northern Territory.
        The service is not yet available in SA or WA."

      • Yep saw this at Woolworths New Farm on the weekend :)

      • +1

        Saw a "click and collect" sign at Coorparoo Woolies too :)

        But not at all woolies stores. Buranda and Annerley stores are in the "not" category.

    • +1

      Apparently also cover Ballarat - regional Victoria.

    • +2

      They better give us $100 voucher for $100 spend once they start here in WA otherwise we will stop buying items off eBay ;)

      • +2

        eBay knows you will keep buying

    • Well stop complaining and move to a real city!!!!


      • +6

        If there were jobs I'd prefer to live in Adelaide over Mel and Syd, its stunning and has amazing nearby locations (wine country, kangaroo island, flinders rangers etc)

        • +1

          I just came back from a holiday to kangaroo Island, such beauty! RADelaide was great!

    • +12

      gets immediately excited seeing the title
      sees the "Excludes SA/WA" part
      hype deflated


      • +3

        I hear you buddy! :(

    • +1

      ahh yes, the rest of Australia.. the great thumb twiddlers for generations.

    • +1

      Maybe those in WA and SA can just ask a mate in the eastern states to collect it and post it?

      • +1

        All the states that don't have Australia in their name are eligible for this.

        • ACT = Arrogant's Complaining Territory?

        • +1

          It is Australian, not Australia.

        • @ms: Also not a state.

        • +3

          @ms: It still has "Australia" in it ;)

  • is WA excluded again?

  • +6

    Can you use existing $50 voucher and get another voucher from the purchase? I.e. spend $100, using existing $50 voucher so only actually pay $50 and then receive another $50 voucher?


    • +19

      yep. my cyrrent 50bux voucher is the 3rd gen one. lol… been rollng it over each time

      • +1

        I like the sound of this!

      • THats good news, I applied it on the cart and it does show the discount. However, I;m buying something for 210 and after discount it comes down to 160, does it mean I'll get a $50 voucher or $100

          1. as long as the pre discount price is over 200
        • @dabell: I sent a question to ebay yesterday and they have responded that if we use CGET50 it wont get another code. its possible they arent aware if it works or not.

    • Cant use 2 vouchers on a purchase..

      • +2

        I think he means.. He brought something in Sep, received the $50 voucher.
        So he is going to buy something for $100+ by means of paying with $50 eBay voucher (from sep purchase) + $50 paypal payment
        Meaning in November he is issued another $50 voucher for this promo (or buying a $200+ item and getting $100 voucher)
        (I hope I have that right as thats what I plan on doing to keep a voucher going).
        In effect you get a longer expiry on the $50 really!

        • +4

          In effect you get a longer expiry on the $50 really!

          and spending an additional $50 (or $150) in doing so

          Unless you're buying something that you absolutely need, you're better off getting something worth $50 for free and calling it a day

        • +1

          @steff: this. People must resist impulse buying just to get $50 voucher.

        • @cniminc: Agreed, Found it all add up when checking out OZB daily.
          Sometimes business need to spend in order to make money, but some like my other half shop in order to save.
          "Oh dear, this is such a good price, it was the last one and someone in the shop was trying to wait for me to put it down."

    • +5

      Also worth noting, I found out that the $50 voucher is included in the cashrewards cash back. I made a purchase of $70.00 and received $2.80 cash back.

  • This is a ripper of a deal. Cheers!

  • +1

    How to search for click and collect items?

  • is it for anything on Ebay?

    • +1

      Purchases of items in any of the following eBay categories are excluded from this offer: Gift Cards (172009), Coins (11116), Services (316), Cars, Bikes, Boats (9800) and Real Estate (11700).

    • Can I lump it with the Good Guys 20% still tonight? That Tab S2 is looking awfully fine now with this deal.. on top of Salsac. hehe

      edit Crap.. Just noticed that it starts tomorrow morning and TGG offer finishes tonight.. Damn it.

  • +1

    So many deals from eBay recently what's going on?

    • +3

      I reckon the rise of markets on FB.

    • yeah its good for bargainers, i am looking for this modem and router http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/NETGEAR-D6300-AC1600-Wireless-Mod… do i get on $50 voucher or $100 any one help me.

      • -1

        Netgear D6300 $200

        Spend $200 Get $100 Voucher.

        No help needed.

    • +7

      Amazon is crushing eBay, big time! Last year Amazon grew 27% in revenue compared to eBay's 6.8% growth. Amazon has never turned a profit except recently, compare that to eBay who has constantly turned profits, but at the expense of low growth. Investors currently care only about GROWTH. Amazon stock price has been it's highest ever, valuing the company at $266 Billion. Compare that to ebay who has seen its shares reverse, current value only $29 billion. I would not be surprised if head office has put a note out saying "INCREASE REVENUE AT ALL COSTS, PROFITS CAN COME LATER" :P

  • I am confused with "Step:4" in HOW IT WORKS section. Voucher use by 30 Sept ?

    EDIT: Seems like the image is copied from some old deal but the terms and conditions reflecting new dates

  • non stop ebay deals…..

  • +3

    No love for WA.

  • +3

    Everyone else, please use here and enter your postcode: http://pages2.ebay.com.au/Simply_Collect?#map

  • Interestingly enough the existing two offers: Good Guys 20% off https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/214961 and 4% Cashrewards https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/215020 ends tonight! – The night just before this promo….

    • -5

      how do you collect a Good Guys item from Woolworths/BigW collection point? does eBay even allow that?

      • Have you even clicked the link?

  • +6

    No Adelaide 😦

    • What about Tittybong?

  • +5

    good deal but it I thinking twice before I do another 'click n collect' from Woolworths, both as a buyer and seller.

    Both occasions the WW's stores (2 different ones in 2 different states) 'lost' the item. Wasn't until I lodged a claim as a buyer that they mysteriously found it…

    • Yeah, mine was sent to a different Big W branch which was really weird. Got the seller to just do a refund. Can't be bothered to travel.

    • +5

      yep, I had the same thing on the single item I bought last time. I never got a confirmation email, the store swore black & blue they didn't have it, then when I finally convinced them to open the special cupboard, there was a single parcel with my details on it.

      As usual with woolworths, no-one knows how the system is supposed to work, and nothing goes to plan.

  • Is there any link to search for all item that can be purchase using click and collect? Apprepiated for your help.

    • yes, its on the left menu, under "show only"

  • +2

    As I remember there is a way to have a easy search link, any idea?

    • I posted it in above comments

  • This again..

    I had so much trouble trying to spend the previous $50 vouchers. ARGH.

    • use it with TGG today.

      • +1

        TGG coupon code wont work with $50 voucher since $50 voucher is another code?

  • +1

    I wish Big W ebay store has the new 3ds in black for sale (not XL).
    They have it on their website :(

  • +1

    I'm giving it a +1 just for including Tassie, we miss out on so many good deals down here we gotta take what we can get

  • +1

    Now whats worth buying ^^

    My moolah aint going to spend itself

  • +1

    can this be combined with good guys 20% offer ?

    • +1

      No you can't, you can only pick up at TGG stores, not at woolworths, I tried.

    • Will finish before this starts

  • +1

    Perfect, im up in Sydney later this week haha

  • +2

    Wow again, Ebay must really need to pump their apparent transaction figures.

    • Just speculation, but got a feeling that Woolworths is funding this. It would only be a fraction of their marketing budget anyways. The person at Woolies that came up with the idea probably feels they have to keep throwing money at it until it works. Even if it doesn't. The funding is great for the consumer though!

  • -2

    So we can use $50 voucher from September event to get another $50 voucher?

    • +3

      the answer is like 10 questions up

  • aw man i just spent my $50 voucher today :(

  • +1

    Any good graphics card deals?

    • +1


      • ? I saw the 980ti gaming from msi under 1k from the coupon. However that may be overkill.

  • -1

    One transaction with multiple items spend $100 or $200 is okay ? Or just one item …anyone know ?

    • +3

      clause 9 : Multiple items may be purchased in one transaction (up to a maximum of 10 items per transaction).

      • +1

        Reason I ask is clause 3 says item cost rather than itemS cost…..
        Abit blurry there. And also clause 9 comes after 8, I may interpret it is a follow up of clause 8 which applies to the credit vouchers only rather than the actual spend to get the voucher .

    • NVM :D

  • +19

    Need to find something to need.

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