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eBay 20% off @ 28 Stores (Futu, Betta, Rays, Grays + More)


Two transactions per person. $500 maximum discount. Excludes postage. Ends Feb 8.

Stores: Adairs, Amcal, Autograph, Jewelleryidea, BCF, The Beauty Club, Betta, Bonds, Bras N Things, City Beach, EzyDVD, Fresh Cosmetics, Futu Online, GraysOnline, Ice, Innovations, KitchenwareDirect, Milan Direct, Outbax Camping, Peter's of Kensington, Rays, Style Tread, SurfStitch, TipTopShop, Torpedo7, WineMarket, Zanui, ZIZO.

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Don't forget a further 2.00% cashback @ Cashrewards

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        what's wrong with Refurb with 12months warranty?

        • +4

          nothing i was just denoting it was :)

        • Had an ipod refurb.died 1 month after warranty ended.Never again

  • Any link to search all stores?

    EDIT: NVM. Monday morning.

    • Should be at the top. Took me a while to find as well. Terrible UI design.

  • thanks TA !

    need to buy BBQ, any suggestions ? upto $250 !

    • Hmm BCF don't seem to have their usual stock of Weber's which is disappointing.

      • And even though their Waeco portable fridges are returned in search, I didn't find any that hadn't been removed from eBay. Seems they did a lot of updates around lunchtime

  • +1

    Nothing that sparks my interest, was hoping QD_AU would be included so I could get the LG V10

    • That's a hong kong based store. I don't think they'll ever be included unless ebay offer a sitewide discount again.

      • +1

        I had seen them previously included so was crossing my fingers.

        • Yes, I got my Sony Xperia Z5C from a previous deal. Was delivered from Taiwan in 48 hours - way exceeded my expectations.

      • Ebay has done code specific deals before with non australian ebay stores. The code got pulled without notice a few days earlier before it was meant to expire.

  • +25

    the real OzBargain heroes are those who link

    • a meme is in order for this gentleman

  • +5

    Still waiting for the next 20% off sitewide eBay code.

    • +4

      That'll happen when the government reduces the GST threshold and increases the tax rate to 15%.

  • Wanna buy a tv unit and a sideboard from Milan direct, postage costs $35 each… any one bought from them before?

    • -1

      they just kogan rebadged

    • all fake designer furniture.

  • Thanks

    Just got some Swarovski stuff I have been looking for at Peters of Kensington for a further 20% off.

  • +11

    Stores are a little Meh.

  • Any recommended knives this time around?

  • Spewing. Received $150 of items this morning from Torpedo7. If I had waited just another 6 days before ordering.
    How un-ozbargainer of me. I have shamed myself.

    • +8

      For your sins say 3 hail tightarses and upvote 2 random CVALENTINE20 posts. You are absolved.

    • +1

      I had my eye on some Shimano bike gear from them before the sale… and it has all just gone up about 20%. So, I wouldn't worry too much.

    • +1

      I found the Torpedo7 prices on the items I was looking at went up by 12% from ~$200 to ~$228 when the code started.

  • Good timing. After a few things that stopped working recently. Hopefully there are some good deals this time around.

    24" monitor with height adjust, 8 port gigabit switch, 4 port gigabit wireless router.

  • +2

    Thanks. Ordered a NUC ($415.2 after discount)

    • Big thanks mate, I've been spending hours looking for a good deal on Nuc and just bought 2 from your link.

  • Any 1080p Video Camera deals? Sooo much to search through….

  • With Graysonline, can this discount be applied to any of their auctions?

    • If the auction is on Ebay, then the code applies.

      • i see. thanks mate :)

    • +5

      your actual payment should be $108. still invoiced at $135.

    • +14

      Still was charged $135 for a 2TB poratble hard drive from Futu Online even though I applied the code and it told me how much i saved. should have been a saving of $27.00. $108 dollars :(

      Every Time there are these 20% off sales on ebay we have the same complaints being posted, if you bothered to read the screens at each step instead of clicking NEXT, NEXT, NEXT you would have seen the funding source which would have shown the 20% was not paid by you. If you bothered to look at the paypal payment you would also have seen you only paid 80% of the total but it's far easier to complain on OZbargain instead of checking for yourself.

      • +3

        OK, so I had an issue with the discounted amount shown by eBay (with the CVALENTINE20 voucher applied), and the amount that PayPal wanted to transfer out of my account to pay for the items: The eBay figure was correct, PayPal wanted to charge me the full undiscounted price.

        So, I contacted eBay - who were surprisingly quick and helpful…!

        Turns out that there is a PayPal payment issue when you try to check out with items in your cart that are from sellers who are participating in the promotion mixed with items from sellers who are not participating.

        Simply split the items you want into two separate transactions (one that uses the voucher and the other which doesn't) and the correct PayPal charge will be processed for your discounted items.

        Hope that this helps someone :-)

        • Did they refund the discount? I seem to have made this same mistake.. but I completed checkout.

        • @tlai: by splitting tha cart, I was charged the correct amount, so no refund required. Contact eBay and see if they can help. They were very helpful to me, but YMMV.

        • @MadMapMan:

          I have been contacting PayPal, they don't seem to be willing/not able to help. Let me try eBay.

  • Any good 17 inch laptops?

  • Picked up 2 WD 2TB Ultra.

    Thanks OP. :)

  • +7

    Thank you, OP. For me (fountain pen enthusiast) there are quite a few spectacular buys from Peter's of Kensington:

    Lamy 2000 Brushed Stainless Steel Fountain Pen
    RRP $449.00
    PoK eBay $302.00
    PoK eBay $241.50 (after 20% discount)

    Lamy Safari Fountain Pen
    RRP $49.95
    PoK eBay $33.00
    PoK eBay $26.40 (after 20% discount)

    Dupont Spectre Limited Edition Black Fountain Pen
    RRP $2299.00
    PoK eBay $2062.00
    PoK eBay $1649.60 (after 20% discount)

    • +1

      Lamy 2000 at least is a lot cheaper at pengallery.com


      • +2

        Not the same model. That is the Makrolon body - not the stainless steel.

        • Fair enough. I didnt think there would be much difference but pen gallery has the stainless steel one at $355. Thats some expensive stainless steel.

        • @paizuri:

          It's the machining work that you're paying for (zoom in and have a look at the finish). 'Tis a very nice writing implement.

          I checked the Pen Gallery listing. Not only more expensive than PoK (even without the 20% coupon!) but that's for the bare pen. PoK is selling the "set" which also includes a bottle of ink.

        • @OzDJ_: a good deal then. Maybe worth its own op?

    • +1

      Aren't those cheaper from the Asian sellers on eBay? I paid <$20 for my Safari, for example

    • Sounds like a good deal if you can justify spending that much… my mind is blown that there is such a thing as a $2000 pen. $100 I could understand, but $2k? I hope you enjoy it if you do end up purchasing :)

      • Yeah, definitely not for everyone. But then, some people pay tens of thousands for a piece of polished carbon (aka 'diamond'). At least you can use the fountain pen ;-)

    • +1

      Aaaaaaah must resist ! Just bought a Pilot Decimo 2 days ago, can't justify a $240 pen at this stage. An She Who Must Be Obeyed is asking why I have 8 fountain pens…

      • +1

        Pilot Decimo

        Nice! I have one Vanishing Point (model 60142) and it's gorgeous to write with.

        She Who Must Be Obeyed is asking why I have 8 fountain pens

        I keep my collection at work for that very reason. ;-)

        • +1

          I have to confess. I have a matte black vanishing point. Carried it in my pocket with my titanium keyholder and after 2 weeks it looks like it was sandblasted with the bare brass visible in many areas. I was sad… So I bought the decimo :) And replaced the keyholder with a leather one.

    • Noooo don't post that Lamy 2000! Must resist! Must resist!

      • +1

        Noooo don't post that Lamy 2000! Must resist! Must resist!

        But, but…. you SAVE money by buying it ;-)

  • Hmm I don't suppose you could use the $25 eBay voucher from Amaysim with this could you?

    • Hmm I don't suppose you could use the $25 eBay voucher from Amaysim with this could you?


  • +1

    Started buying the parts of this pc I'm building just in time for Valentines :)

    Prices from Futu after discount applied!

    CPU – Intel Core i7 6700 – $420
    Mobo – Gigabyte B150M-D3H (DDR4 version) – $120
    RAM – Kingston 16GB (2x8G) DDR4 2133MHz – $120

    Just need a case with PSU now

    • +4

      Get a 6700k for $46 more..

      • +4

        Not everyone overclocks.. but if one is spending $420 on a CPU anyway.. I see the point.

      • ^ well worth it

      • +1

        Tempting! But I can put the $46 on the case

        Might be for a different thread but any recommendations on the case+psu?

        Anything under $100?

        • depends what graphics card you're using and how many HDDs isn't it?
          Do not be stingy with your PSU though. Crappy PSU = blows up = blows up everything connected to it.
          You can get away with crappy case, from a airflow point of view. What you choose is 90% personal taste.

        • @Blitzfx: Thinking the Thermaltake Versa H15 Mid. No GPU, will just use the onboard. Dont really game. Will be mainly for photo/video editing

        • A PSU (case bundle) that won't die within 5 years/kill your components under $100 ? Good luck!

        • @bugoy8:
          well if no GPU, then that should be fine

        • @bugoy8: I literally built a computer over the weekend for work :-( good prices but would have helped work save a bit more if I'd known this eBay deal was on it's way. Oh well :-)

          The case I got was http://www.umart.com.au/umart1/pro/Products-details.phtml?id.... Not the best material used but well spaced out and I was pleasantly surprised at how good it was for $45.

          Paired it with an Antec VP-500P PSU which isn't officially 80 Plus certified but claims 88% efficiency in its specs. http://www.umart.com.au/umart1/pro/Products-details.phtml?id...

          I'm using it for photo editing, some development and general workstation. Other specs are ASRock Z170 Extreme4, i5-6500, 16GB Kingston HyperX Fury, Samsung 950 EVO SSD (boot, apps), WD Blue (data).

        • @griftr:

          Thanks for the feedback. Wonder how that case/psu combo of yours compare to the Thermaltake Versa H15.

      • +2

        Woops.. I forgot that the 6700 comes with a HSF and the 6700k doesn't.. so add another $100 for a HSF.. lol

        • Yeah its a bit of a cop out if you ask me.

      • there is no 6700k available on this deal it would seem. did it sell out? I wonder.

        • There was a 6700k yesterday for $466.. obviously removed/"sold out"..

    • What about 6600K?
      I am guessing that lower specd but not by a whole lot though?

  • +6

    Topedo7 put their prices up. Bastards!

    • +3

      Call ACCC, fine them like Kogan.

  • +2

    Damn was really hoping Masters or similar would be on this deal - want a new BBQ!

  • +3

    Any good phones on sale?

    • +3

      Don't think any of the store sale mobile phones..

      • +1

        Damn! Thanks though :(

      • right,
        I'm hunting for a phone, and couldn't find any in the offer.

  • Eying off one of these @ Futu online eBay store:



    Does anyone have any experience/advice with these?

    I have one these from Gearbest which works a charm for Foxtel Play.

    Is it a similar product? Anyone tried Foxtel Play on these things?

    • +1

      The first gen intel sticks are utter rubbish.
      They've launched version two but it's not on shelves yet I believe

      • Thx for your advice. What's so bad about them? Slow sluggish?

        • Both of those, plus only 1 USB port, poor video streaming performance. Good concept, bad execution.
          Here's a good explanation: http://gizmodo.com/intel-compute-stick-review-don-t-buy-it-1...

        • @jakey69:

          Hmmm i'm not looking to use it as a full PC… only for Foxtel Go.

          I've found some reviews that state its not horrible or that bad. I guess maybe it boils down to what you want it for. In my case Foxtel Go and potentially Netflix (on a non-smart TV).

  • Meh,not much stands out IMO….if u looking for Logitech wheel for your christmas xbox or ps4 $320 is ok


  • Last night my Asus ROG died a peaceful death. Long live another ROG

  • +2

    Hmm shame Good Guys are not in on this promo this time - I have something I want to buy from TGG. Ive messaged BETTA to see if they can list it instead.

  • +4

    Before anybody asks..
    Check your detailed Paypal invoice before posting that you've been charged the full amount.

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