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eBay 15% off Selected Stores (Bing Lee, Kogan, Masters, SCA, BCF + More)


15% off the purchase price (excluding postage) at the following eBay stores, up to a maximum discount of $500 per transaction (Up to 10 items per transaction - 3 transactions per person) - BCF, Bing Lee, GraysOnline, KitchenwareDirect, Kogan, Masters, Rays Outdoors, Supercheap Auto, The Nile, Victoria's Basement. Full terms

Note that PayPal may show the full purchase amount (the transaction details will show the discount however).

Search all participating stores here

Don't forget a further 1.35% cashback via Cashrewards

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  • Nice find TA. Haven't even got an email from eBay yet!

    • welcome welcome

    • Free shipping "FREESHIPPING" CODE
      Got email today….ends tonight it says. Might work for someone

  • +22

    Taking note of prices now.

    • +1

      report your before and after findings :)

    • +8

      They've upped prices by around 15%. They're charging more than the Apple Store does for the same items… and even worse because they're grey imports. Shameful.

  • Nice, I wonder if the specials from the earlier Masters deal are also on eBay.

    • The rimless toilet isn't

    • +2

      I've never seen a master's product priced different on their site to eBay.
      They are one of the better ones with these eBay deals.

    • In the past, Masters will have lots of items available, but this time, most not there. Prices at ebay and store are the same.

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    I knew one would be coming soon. Thanks

    • Damn was hoping for a 10% discount sitewide. :/

      • Paypal gives targetted 10% discount occasionally so watch that one too.

        • Really? Stuff you paypal. I use you every week and never get anything T_T

        • @jiberz:

          Yeah they send it when you dont use it for a while… think a month or two.

  • Strange i got this while trying to vote for the deal…
    We have detected a possible link between you and the original poster or the store itself. Please note that if you are in anyway affiliated with this offer, e.g. you are a staff at this store, or if you are a friend/household member of the poster, you should probably stop here, as artificially inflating the votes is categorised as Sockpuppeting on OzBargain.

    • +6

      I got the same.

      Cat's out of the bag, I do sell things on eBay occasionally.

    • I got that for a different deal once…. had no association whatsoever. So odd

    • It's possible that your IP address is similar to the OP.

      I had it once before and was told there's a range of things used to try and track (sockpuppeting), including IP addresses.

      • Yeah just ignore it if it doesn't apply to you (you aren't associated with the store or the poster of the deal). The system may have picked up a similar IP address with you and someone from the store or the OP; it's just a warning in case it does apply.

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          thanks for the explanation

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          If you're using a VPN to access OzBargain, it tends to be the case when I use it as the free ones posted before is as if everyone is using it and therefore would lead to the system automatically detecting very similar IP Addresses.

        • @DAOtmc:
          Was just using my mobile on telstra network..

        • @turk182:

          No idea then ahahahaha.

        • +2

          Looks like telstra got hacked, free data day coming up guys!

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          Stop sockpuppeting you ebay twit!

    • +38

      We've traced the bargain - its coming from inside the house!!!

    • @turk182:
      For your info I receive the same warning pop-up when connected to the net via my Boost hotspot. I am fairly sure TA is using Boost which explains the Telstra IP address conflict…..absolutely nothing to worry about.

  • Automatic up vote +

    because it's eBay and 15%

    • +2

      Yeah but some retailers will add 15% as well

      • +11


        • +2

          Masters, SCA and BCF are pretty good. Can't say the same for dick smith kogan and some others

        • +2

          @mmd: Had my eye on a roof cage bag at SCA.. went up by 25% or so!

      • All of them

      • more like 20-25%

  • +1

    950 pro? Tempted but the laptop I want isn't even out in AU yet, so I guess I'll wait for a better offer in the future.

  • +16

    i7-6700K was $465.68 (pre discount) from Kogan during the 20% sale, now it's $519.88.


    • +9

      Yep, it's starting already. The LG G4 I wanted was $459 yesterday at Kogan, today it is $482. Sad face.

      Edit: actually it's still $459 on the Kogan website, but $482 on Kogan eBay. So I can choose 15% off a marked up price or $40 Amex credit off the non discount website price. Sad face again.

      • +7

        On eBay it is free shipping, on Kogan website shipping is $23 - $459 + $23 = $482

        • Good info.
          However, I should say your math is way way off. $23 - $459 + $23 = -$413 ;)

        • @ramchandra3333: actually it's 459 ;)

        • +2

          @woodyagw23: His math was good, i was trying to be funny.. but not anymore when I saw yours :/

    • +3

      Didn't Kogan alone get a massive fine last time for doing this while the others escaped? I'm assuming someone reported them.

    • So disappointed, been waiting for the sale again for Skylake build and that price bump doesn't make it worthwhile waiting weeks for delivery from HK… plus it's only 15% off, guess we won't see that $37X pricepoint for the 6700k ever again :(

    • +1

      Apple Watch went up to about 15% more than Apple charges, too…

    • +1

      Report it to accc

  • 32gb iPad Pro 9.7 for $708 seems to be a good deal from Kogan.

  • still no s7 edge?

    edit nvm found it

    • Prices? At work.

      • +4

        1249 from bing lee
        1044 with cash reward

  • Can this be stacked with the Amex Kogan deal?

    • +1

      Doubt it as you're purchasing 'from' eBay rather than Kogan directly.

    • Yeah it won't work, the retailer is eBay (not Kogan) as far as AmEx is concerned.

  • +39

    2% cashback at shopandmint (

    catch min $50 cashout, shitty site but i've got one cashout already

    (new members can get a bonus $5 from joining via a referral)

    • +3

      why am i getting negged ?

      • +43

        "How dare you suggest a rewards program other than our beloved TA's employer?!?! Neg for you!!"

      • +8

        I'm guessing it's because the OP works for their opposition, Cashrewards.

      • +27

        Don't worry, I pos'd you back to neutral. It's only fair for new members to understand that Cash Rewards does not offer the best rates.

        • +7

          lol wow you're getting neg'd for that too.. these fanboys honestly -_-

        • +2

          @CVonC: Yea those bloody idiots. The site does look dodgy but they are honest. I've cashed out $150+ recently.

    • +1

      Use shopandmint at your own peril. They haven't been active in months, even on Facebook. I've submitted 3 separate queries with zero acknowledgment on a very large purchase. Read this first before taking the plunge. Use pp or cr any time before this mob!!

      • i've just messaged their support to see if we can get any response, cause I just used them last night for a big purchase.

        My last tracked transaction with them was with Kathmandu on 24th March

      • +2

        Cashrewards was my favorite site but ever since they reduced the cashback, I switched to shopandmint. I can confirm shopandmint support is really crappy, but they ultimately DO pay out, sometimes you have to email them and wait a few days for a response and someone then manually verifies the pay out.

        • +2

          I kind of actively use all three (cashrewards, pricepal and shopandmint) and choose whichever best rate at the time.

          However these days quite disappointed with pricepal, even with so called FOUNDER status majority of times cashrewards and shopandmint easily has a better rate

  • Bugger wrong stores for me

  • +3

    i think this is the better link:

  • +7

    Any bargains?

  • Some good value refurbished laptops from grays:

    • Toshiba Satellite P50t-B041 15.6" FHD Touch/4720HQ/8GB/1TB/2GB R9 M265X/DVD $689.31 delivered (more than 10 available)
    • ASUS N550JK-CM452H 15.6" FHD/4710HQ/12GB/1TB/2GB GTX 850M/DVD $757.31 delivered (last one)
    • but those are refurbished. Not new.
      Are they same as buying used laptops ? or Manufacturer Refurbished means cosmetic issue or repair ?

      • +1

        well they have the same full 1 year manufacturer's warranty.

        • yes they do. But I was thinking of cosmetic wear and tear that these laptops go through (if they are actually used laptops).
          Manf Refurb is the most 'Openly Defined' term.

        • @anuryry:

          I bought a refurb'd Asus R552JK (same as the N550JK) last year from grays and it was practically new.

    • Any light laptops? Don't even need FHD. Solid performance.

  • +4

    damn Bing Lee for not having any Victorian stores :( need myself a new tv

  • -7

    maybe its just me but how is 15 % discount a bargain ?? if I got an email from a store saying 15% off I wouldnt waste my time turning on the computer to have a look

    • if your buying a $700 vacuum cleaner, 15% equates to $105, which i consider a great bargain, although i bought my Dyson v6 Absolute with the ctechie 20% off deal, which was even better.

      • I see the logic ,most electrical places go in waves of 15-25% all the time you just have to watch what you are looking to buy , each to the own…20% good fine

    • +1

      15% off a grey import iphone or s7 is pretty decent most of the time, if that's your thing.

  • From my experience with Kogan during the the last 20% wasn't great at all. Ordered The Division, and they were delaying to 21 working days before dispatching it, while listing in stock with 10+. Ended up choosing refund instead.

  • +5

    112 likes in 28 minutes and only one comment with an actual bargain found :-P

    eBay would be loving these promotions and how everyone goes into a frenzy with them.

  • Any Aus stock S7 edge?

    • plenty

      • yeah bing lee $1061 after 15% off….

        hmm….would really prefer 20% off.

        I've read that Ebay won't factor in the coupon discount on the original invoice - so will 28 degrees price protection work on the original RRP? Also would 28 degrees need the ebay bing lee for comparison? or just any bing lee store, haven't got much experience with shoppers protection

  • +2

    wish I can have this back: iPhone 6+ 128g $799

  • +1

    Cant access ebay at work… is this masters eneloop deal available via ebay

    • sadly no

  • +4

    Nexus 6P 32GB Aluminium $580 after 15% discount in Kogan. Not bad at all.…

    • still waiting on my 6p from Kogan from the last deal…… was meant to arrive 4-8 April
      got a shipping notification last night still showing estimated arrival of 4-8 April, but not showing up on Tolls tracking system yet - not sure if that is because it hasn't been sent or because Toll tracking is useless…..

  • It'll be good if they had a 10% or 15% off sitewide for Mother's Day

  • Cheers TA. I don't suppose this will stack with the Amex Kogan $30 cash back will it?

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