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Hisense Series 7 ULED TVs 50" $876, 55" $1116, 65" $1916 + Shipping @The Good Guys eBay


Hisense Series 7 ULED TVs (M7000) prices look pretty sweet with TheGoodGuys eBay discount. Been keeping an eye out on one of these for myself for the past few weeks. Might pull the trigger this time!

Online reviews and forums say that these TVs are good bang for buck if you're on a budget for a UHD TV. They do have HDR (through a firmware update) but users have still been reporting issues with it. I would recommend looking at another TV if HDR is a priority.

For anyone interested in these TVs, have a look through this forum for some good user feedback.

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  • This is not great pricing as I paid $1895 from the GG for a 65" Series 6 Samsung 4K only 2 months ago.
    I would buy a Samsung over Hisense any day.

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      I'm not sure how the Series 6 Samsung compares to this Hisense range. A quick look through shows that the Hisense has 1 more HDMI port, 1 more USB port, 2 years more Manufacturer's warranty but these may not matter if you consider Hisense being a Chinese brand vs Samsung being a top end Korean brand.

      From other people's comments on forums, they tend to compare these Hisense TVs to the Series 8 Samsung TVs which are around $2000 more.

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        The Series 6 Sammy's are quite old now and the reviews are down the middle… i would say these would be a little better and when your spending 2k i def would want more than 12 months warranty

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          With warranty claims, I have a 4 year old samsung home theatre which played up about a few months ago. Chatted with an agent on the samsung support site, mentioned consumer guarantee, arranged the repair for free.

        • @Izefyre: nice going - I might try this on my 75" Sammy. Its 2yrs old.

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          @Izefyre: then sammy should advertise that or give a decent warranty, both Sony and Sammy are piss poor with the 12 month warranty thing. Specially on products they want to charge 2-5k for.

          Good on you though, for calling up and checking because i personally would have gotten the shits and never purchased a Samsung again.

        • @scud70: Yeah they're pretty easy as well, no need to chase them or anything. Everything is laid out for you in a couple of days. Very pleasant experience I must say. It was repaired by a third party, samsung authorized rapairer though. But still, for a 4 year old device that I almost threw away, came back to life because of samsung's awesome service.

        • @systmworks: Kindly tell us your feedback when you get the chance to do so.

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        Agreed.. I have a series 6 Samsung 75" and its pretty average.. there is light leaking from the bottom corner of the screen casting a bright patches across the screen (from bottom left towards top right) noticeable on dark scenes.
        And Samsung is having their fair share of quality control issues at the moment.

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    Bought a 65" :) - Delivered for $1956.

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    There TV's are meant to be pretty good and have reviewed well. I'm normally a brand snob but would consider one of these.

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    Good pricing.

    I bought one last week on sale with a 300 eftopos card so i am hoping they will also price match this price under 30 price guarantee. They just don't have themselves as an approved seller on the claim section (can only hope).

    • +1

      I tried the price guarantee with GG against themselves and was rejected so don't like your chances. Furthermore this is an eBay promotion not a GG promotion technically and this is via a discount code.

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    thinking of taking back 65" aldi i got for $800 and downgrading to this one in 55" as 65" just seems overkill for our small lounge room, and i do like the fact this one has HDR and is 10bit not the older 8bit HDR and freeview+

  • So the HDR firmware update is a bit dodgy??? The stand is putting me off too, as have a large centre speaker on the cabinet

    • You could consider a wall mount ?

    • I'm pretty sure most of those stand legs can be moved further apart.

      • stand legs are fixed

  • Based on myself owning the 65" M7000 for a week then returning. I would not buy this TV
    4k demo content in store is great and that is about where it ends

    1. Contrast & brightness is extremely poor no matter how much it was adjusted (FTA, Netflix, everything..)
    2. Ghost images/artifacts on every moving picture
    3. Their 3 year warranty on a major failure is for a refurb unit
    4. Advertised as HDR, BUT they're working on a firmware update that they promised over the phone to be done in two weeks. This was not good enough for me. It has been about 6 weeks since I returned it. Empty promise so far

    Bought an OLED instead. No looking back

  • Interesting, haven't seen / read too many other negative reviews on it. Maybe you just got a dodgy one?

  • no click collect available for any tv???

    • Looks like you're right. Strange that they've done that

    • Try 2000

  • 1996 at jb for the hisense 65" prob better as may be able to bargain a little bit more and can pick up now. Seems like good guys have increased shipping???

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      The $1996 model at JB is different to this one. The JB price for the Series 7 65" is $2498

      • Oh my bad. Didnt look at the series number

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    I just brought the 65M7000UWG - GG ebay

    Checked it against the Samsung UA65KS8000W 65 @ Tweed JB - both playing the same Movie

    I really couldn't tell the difference asked the sales person if could match so I could get it then
    he larfed - I walked away

    • Well done and that is good to hear. I bought the 65M7000 sight unseen. :D

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