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Dell Inspiron 11 3000 N3710 Quad-Core/4GB/128GB SSD for $319.20 l Dell XPS13 i7/8GB/256GB/FHD for $1679.20 Delivered @ Dell eBay


Great value laptops from Dell in the latest eBay sale :)

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Kudos to TheClipIt for the C20ELF code

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  • Can I ask which CPU is better? N3710 in this deal or Atom™ X5-Z8300?

    Also are both of the USB ports 3.0? Thanks.

  • Can i ask should i get this xps13 with i5 or i7 ? Is the difference in performance noticeable?
    And also in battery life

    • Difference in performance is not that noticeable and there is a small saving if you move down to the i5 model.

      Battery life will be good on both, not having much luck finding a comparison on 2016 models but a bit more on the i5.

      • Thank you sir.. much appreciated

      • Ordered..!!! Now the waiting begin..(will be my first ultrabook)

        I'll be upgrading from a ASUS N61j + Samsung SSD (back from 2010)

        Intel® Core™ i7 Processor 720QM : 1.60 GHz with Turbo Boost up to 2.80 GHz
        ATI Mobility™ Radeon® HD 5730, 1G DDR3 VRAM

        do you think it worth the upgrade?

        • do you think it worth the upgrade?

          Err… no, not for 99% of people… why would you upgrade if you already have an i7 laptop?

          You'd be hard pressed to notice any difference for most uses… what do you use it for that needs fast multicore performance?

        • Definitely worth it. Its time to upgrade your first generation i7.

        • You'll enjoy the 'lightness' and 'build quality' more than the specs/overall performance.

          Overall performance - not a lot has changed in last few years.

        • ASUS n61, i still have mine though with ssd installed. Great laptop, did sterling service for years and still runs well.

        • The difference will actually be far bigger than some of these replies point towards.

          Simply looking at the PassMark scoring shows a big difference to CPU performance-
          i7-720QM: 3043 points (873 single threaded)
          i7-7500U: 5390 points (1998 single threaded)

          Or if you got the i5 model you are still looking at 4798 points or 1776 in single threaded.

          Now look at the huge difference in single threaded performance…a good indication that any single app will run much faster even if it's not able to make use of multiple cores/threads. It's well over double!

          Not to mention huge improvements in sub-system performance that you will likely notice even more. Memory bandwidth, chipset bandwidth, USB 3.0, SATA 3, and without even looking it's probably even got a better GPU too. The old ASUS will be limiting the speed of the SSD to a maximum of 300MB/s for read/writes, which is considered pretty slow for SSD's nowadays.

          All in all I think you are going to see a very noticeable difference, even if you don't use it for anything too intensive :)

        • @bennos:

          Yeah I'm still enjoy using it till now, and the mid life SSD + RAM upgrade definitely helps the performance a lot, also i did re-do the thermal paste as well.


          • First generation i7 (overheat way too quickly) I've only used Balanced profile battery profile now (High performance is a no..no..)
          • Heavy laptop (close to 3kg)
          • Battery is next to nothing now (only last 30 secs.. literally 30 seconds..)
          • Screen resolution (1360 x 768)
          • Wi-fi chip only able to pick up 2.4 ghz signal
          • and lastly.. it's 6-7 yr old now..

          overall i really enjoyed the laptop, but I think an upgrade definitely needed..

      • Just realised it came with Windows 10 Home Edition not the Pro

        any major difference?

  • How are the specs of the XPS 'future proofed'?

    • 8gb of ram will be fine for the next few years as opposed to the 4gb on most ultrabooks. 7th gen i7 processor packs reasonable performance and a 256gb SSD is just the right size and you won't run out of storage for a couple of years for regular users.

      • That all sounds reasonable, but packaging it up in the words 'future proof' is a little misleading (by that logic you could say that anything with decent specs is future proofed, even though something could happen tomorrow which would render it obsolete).

  • +3 votes

    XPS 13/FHD/8GB/256GB $1,519.20 is also a good buy, if you don't mind it's a 6th gen.

  • Just bought one , thanks op

  • I've been amazed how good these $319 laptops are - I think it's the best bargain I've got on my many years of following ozbargain.

  • If you don't mind a refurbished one, this might be worth considering, it's what I got: http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/fairfield/laptops/dell-inspir...

    Same laptop, but slightly different CPU (same performance), however, it does come with a touch screen and the 43 Wh battery instead of the 32 Wh one. Worth the $11 premium for me.

    • +3 votes

      Personally I'd prefer a 12 month warranty on a new device through a major company, than a 30 day warranty on a used device through a backyard operation. But each to their own, they're both good laptops at a good price.

  • Such a shame the XPS15 hasn't received the 7th Gen CPU update otherwise I'd probably pull the wallet out for this deal!

  • Dell Inspiron 11 N3710 Quad core/4gb/128gb for $319.20

    As the main Dell 'customise' page does not allow for more than 4gb RAM, I dare say it's a safe bet it can't be upgraded higher later?

    • yes you can - check out previous Ozbargain deals pages - both ram and SSD are upgradable

    • +2 votes

      According to the Whirlpool thread on this model laptop it'll accept 8gb, of course it's only got a single slot so can't just add another 4gb stick.

    • Thanks Rusty2k and Dav3 - think this will be more than suitable for my Mum then!

  • I am leaving the country on 26 Jan, cant get TRS if I get it now!!!

  • You guys think it's a good laptop for travelling? I might have to review some work documents (docs, spreadsheets, pdfs etc) whilst overseas so need something for that.

    • perfect - that's what ill be using mine for - it arrived just last week

    • +2 votes

      I bought one in a previous deal to take to Italy, it's compact, light, and has great battery life. The resolution of the screen might make life hard when you're playing with big spreadsheets, but other than that it should be fine

  • How long might I expect this price to last on the $319 laptops? Going to see if I can fix my kid's desktop by replacing a few components and reinstalling the OS this weekend. But for what I paid for it I'd be hard-pressed to drop too much into it.

    He put that thing through a lot before it finally gave up. If I can't get it working again I'd like to get something inexpensive like that cheaper laptop.

    • The price should last until the end of the sale. Has never run out and I can't seem them price jacking it when it is advertised so heavily on their deals page.

      • Cheers! I'm kind of new to poking around OzBargain, and I only really noticed the "Days left" field… facepalm

        Thanks for the prompt reply!

      • Hi mate. Can you pls guide if the $319 Dell would be good upgrade to my current Samsung Ultrabook - i5-3317U CPU @ 1.70 GHz, 4gb ram and 128gb ssd..about 3 years old..I use it mainly for browsing, run some stock softwares and occasionally watch media..thanks

    • This is at least the 4th time this deal has popped up in the last 3 months, if it sells out you probably won't have to wait long for it to re-appear.

  • What is the sound like on the Dell Inspiron 11 3000?

    • Through the built-in speakers? Shit. Through the headphone socket? No issues here.

  • What is the difference between this year's Intel HD 620 graphics and last years Intel Iris 540 graphics on the XPS? I heard Iris is better for gaming?

  • I'm a bit confused. Can I use cashback when purchasing through ebay? Going to the Cash Rewards site and clicking on Dell takes me to the Dell website obviously, not ebay where this deal is. Any ideas?

    • Go the Cashrewards website and instead of clicking on Dell, click on eBay Australia instead. Will take you to eBay homepage, have the laptop already in your cart, proceed to cart and pay. Make sure you have no cookies on or other tabs open too :)

  • How do people find the 11.6" screens for general browsing? Seems like it's a lot of real estate to lose over my current 15.6".

    • It's good enough, considering the quality and size of the screen a smaller res would probably make it tough to read.

    • You get used to it IMO.

    • I'd rather have a higher resolution screen in this size; my 6 year old Acer has 11.6" at 1366x768 and it looks fine enough.

      I don't want a higher res screen enough to justify spending 5 times as much on an XPS 13 with everything soldered onto the motherboard.

      • While in Indonesia my daily driver is a Lenovo x120e from 5 years ago and the 11.6" screen is honestly fine for light browsing.

        The Dell 11.6" netbook is actually pretty tempting for me. :)

  • Gah, it's 2016, we've had 7 revisions of the Intel Core i-series line and we still don't have a freaking low-power quadcore. Just put two Core Ms without an IGP on one chip and add the IGP back, Pentium D style. 15w quad. I wouldn't pay $1500 for a machine with a dual-core in 2016 tbh

    • It's because nobody realises some laptop i7s are only dual core. I was pretty shocked when I found out. Most people who know a bit about computer specs are used to desktops, where i7 means at least 4 cores…

      • i7 HQ is 4 core. XPS 15 i7. It's a low power quad ?

        • some, not all. The higher end processors are 35/45W parts, instead of these 15w u-series parts. 15w low-power quads would be really nice, as they are all dual cores with hyper threading at the moment

  • Just bought the Dell 11" 3000 white one, and bought an 8gb memory upgrade from ShoppingSquare for another $53 delivered with code:


    Great reviews on Whirlpool:


  • Sold! What a bargain on the N3710

  • Why are the Touchscreen versions of XPS not on Dell's eBay store? Me wantz de Touchscreens.

  • Hi! Had one of these from the last sale. Upgraded the ram and SSD. Loving it. Here are some photos.


    • Wow nice job, looks great in red too :)

      • Yeah super happy with it, first time tinkering with PC hardware. Took photos because I wanted to remember how to put it back together, and figured they may help others looking to upgrade it. Currently baxkpacking central america & its been awesome - easily fits in carry-on or packed into backpack. Also it runs HearthStone and LOL on lowest settings ok too.

  • Still on the fence on whether to get this or not.

    Do any of you guys have a Tablet AND Laptop?

    I have a Sony Xperia z3 tablet from the ozbargain deal a few weeks back, but dunno whether to buy a laptop since I have that.

    Would the CPU of this laptop be better than the snapdragon 801?

  • I bought two of these last time there was the 20% off Ebay sale (same price as this) for my kids' BYOD computers for school… great little laptops for the price. 4Gb of RAM is double most at this price, and 128GB SSD drive is four times the usual you get around this price.

    Plus, I've always been happy with Dell support in the past, so I think these are a no brainer if you have any need for a small laptop.

  • That Inspiron 11 3000 is becoming the new eneloop in ozbargain!

  • For anyone getting this laptop, it's great for travel and university. If you're thinking of a getting a sleeve or a laptop case, i'd suggest taking the laptop in store and trying them out. Due to the bezel-less design the laptop is smaller more akin to a 11-inch laptop. I got a 11-inch case from JB-Hi-FI that fits it very snugly and adds a nice deal of protection. Also if anyone is like me and doesn't like the silver metallic finish, you could get a d-brand skin. I spec-ed mine to have a black carbon fiber theme and absolutely love it.

  • White out of stock.

  • Would the inspiron 11be good enough as a plex server serving 1080 videos?

  • Do these XPS's still suffer from coil whine?

  • I just bought the most expensive one - 7th Gen i7. Will I be okay to edit films and Full Hd (1080P) videos?

  • How would the Dell Inspiron 11 3000 compare to a 4 year old thinkpad X230. Need to replace as not holding its battery? Thanks