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US $10 Credit Towards Next Purchase @ Amazon US (with MasterCard) - Use Mobile Browser

  1. Go to Amazon.com through your phone (use Chrome for best results)
  2. If already signed in, please sign out. Otherwise, use Incognito Mode in Chrome.
  3. Go to sign in screen (do not sign in)
  4. Then, copy and paste this link - https://www.amazon.com/gp/promo/redeem?promotionCode=A1J8XFPD9RCIIL&promotionIssuer=mastercard&promotionBank=&promotionToken=7818FC76D8EC4BD66DE771F54D50EC574B1E8B2C&pageId=mastercard_2016&promotionType=cc&crId=3067180600801&targetURL=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.amazon.com
  5. We're sorry page comes up.
  6. Scroll to the bottom and click "Already a customer? Sign In"
  7. Sign in
  8. GET $10 OFF AT AMAZON.COM Come up
  9. Click "Change your 1-click setting"
  10. If you already register master card in your account, then you will get the credit. Otherwise, you should put mastercard info.

Thank you

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  • Yep, works. Pay with Mastercard on Amazon.com, not .uk, .fr, .de etc.

  • Mine stuck at the billing address, forever loading.

    • Same here… Tried my us and AU's address and still stuck.

    • Got it to work. Logged in to add my mastercard, logged out, then did the steps again and worked.

  • Probably a let me Google that for you question - but does anyone know the cheapest 12month psn plus membership on amazon

  • Yep worked for me. Thanks

  • Thanks OP!

  • Worked first try. Followed instructions without any issues.

    Great work on this!

  • Cant see "Already a customer? Sign In" link on we are sorry page

    • scroll down

  • thx! free shipping!!

    • how?

      • Used the $10 to cover shipping.

  • Bit random but I could do the $10 thing and that worked fine, but now my US amazon account no longer works for videos :(

  • Thanks OP, now I spend $10 more to receive my $10 bonus :)

  • Cheers, just picked up the Division for PC :)

  • Won't work for me… I get to the end and it wants me to put in a US zip code and phone number.

    • +1

      try entering your postal address under the settings page, then use the mastercard link

      • I think that did it. Thanks!

  • Awesome, got the $10 credit applied by following the steps as detailed… Thank you @sfc10


  • Thanks! picked up the division ps4.

  • Thanks OP, works like a charm!

  • +1

    To qualify, I'm guessing items need to be sold and shipped by Amazon (not sold by third-party and then shipped by Amazon) in order to get the promotion discount.

    • Seems like that for me.

  • Aww yeah son, it worked!

    Thanks :)

  • -1

    Instead of 'Already a customer?', I see
    'Your Recently Viewed Items and Featured Recommendations'
    'Sign In'
    'See personalized recommendations'

    And I don't see "Change 1 Click setting" when signed in.

    • Same

    • +1

      Found out that you need to do this on their mobile site. If you're using a tablet it may not go to their mobile site. I followed @blablabla23 instructions on a desktop browser and it worked.

      • Yeah was trying on iPad. Then switched to my android phone and all good.

  • On a slightly different note, can anyone explain to me how the amazon referral links posted below the OP's post above? Ive gone through the process and received an email saying a have a $5 coupon but how is it applied to an order? If i go through an order there is no sign of it being applied. Any ideas?

  • Thanks OP! Great post.

  • +2

    Use the discount now or wait till Black Friday sales ?hmmmm

  • +2

    Thanks OP

    Now what to buy? Can anybody suggest anything useful?
    The Gillette Mach3 Razor Blade Refills deal has been expired… can't figure out what to buy.

  • Awesome first post!

  • Guys, is there a way to only search for products that can be delivered to Australia? I'm sick of finding a bargain then seeing that it can't be shipped over. So far it's been trial and error for me.

    • +1

      Usually there is an option for global shipping on the left hand pane .. or most prime items are eligible.

    • +2

      Use the filters after search. International Shipping -> Ship to Australia.

      • Thanks gentlemen, much appreciated!

  • +2

    Thanks OP. Worked wonderfully. Got Feliway for my cat. Which is kind of a drug. Thanks for getting my cat high.

  • Thanks mate!

  • Thanks OP ! Worked as directed.

  • Wow first time poster. I can see you have great talent for ozbargain. Keep up the good work.

  • Thanks to @blablabla23,

    to get this offer on your PC,
    1) open Chrome in Incognito Mode
    2) Ctrl+Shift+I
    3) Press the '3 vertical black dots' icon to the left of the "Console" tab. Choose 'Network conditions'.
    4) Untick 'Select automatically' under "User Agent"
    5) Choose your mobile operating system (eg. Android 4.0.2 Browser)
    6) Follow OP's exact steps.

    or download a Chrome extension which will do it with a GUI dropdown.

    • Thanks, but doesn't work, the "sign in" button is not there.

  • -1

    This is not showing as Free shipping, how are you all getting free shipping?

    • +1

      We don't

      • ah thanks, i saw a comment $7 shipped somewhere..

        so shipping is not free?

        • +1

          I think that was division on ps4. It is on sale for $10 USD plus $7 USD shipping. Cancel the $10 USD and you get it for $7 USD shipped.

          Shipping from Amazon to Aus is never free to my knowledge.

        • +1

          This comment? is for this item
          The $10 item (minus $10 credit) + Shipping & handling (AUD 7.85) = AUD 7.85.
          edit: beaten

        • @awoff1: thanks chillbro and awoff1

  • -2

    Now showing this message for me:

    We're sorry, something went wrong while applying the promotion. Please try again soon.

  • thanks OP worked for me!

  • +1

    Deal of the month.

  • Thanks OP

  • I only have a Visa and can't take advantage of this deal, but great share.

    • +2

      What? Are you saying that you DO NOT HAVE THE 28Degrees MASTERCARD??!? Please hand your OzBargain badge over at the door!

  • +1

    Anything worthwhile with no shipping, non-games related and really cheap (close to the $15 total credit, $10 + $5 signup)?

    • Pretty sure everything physical on Amazon has a shipping fee to Australia. It's usually quite reasonable however, and you can save a little if you post to a local 'depot' pickup spot.

      • Tell me more about this depot pickup spot please

        • +1

          It's an option during checkout, to ship to a pickup point (https://www.amazon.com/gp/help/customer/display.html?nodeId=...). It's usually a local newsagent or post office that hold the parcel for you until you can pick it up in person.

          Sometimes Amazon offer a discount on postage for using a pickup point - I'm not sure of how it's calculated, but I have seen relatively significant discounts by using this method.

        • @railspider:

          Oh nice, I'll keep that in mind when I find something. Thanks for sharing that info with us :D

        • @railspider:
          But only reduced shipping by us$1 on a HDD (us$11.61 to house). Pick up at chemist 5 minute walk from home - open 7 days 8-8. Very handy & they know me well.

    • +1

      the $5 doesn't appear to stack

  • Awesome, that worked.


  • Can you change price to AUD on amazon? And also, if you pay through mastercard, is there any additional fee like international fee?

    • You can but you will get hit with Amazons poor conversion rate. International transaction fee depends on the car you have. My Bankwest MC doesn't charge any fees. Makes a big diff. There are a handful that don't, otherwise most others will.

      • So, even if you leave it to USD you wd still end up paying conversion and additional fee?

        • No. You'll just pay whatever your card charges for the currency conversion. What that is depends on the bank and account type.

          If you switch to AUD on Amazon you shouldn't pay an fees from your card but Amazon's conversion rate is worse than bank exchange rates, even with a fee, in my experience

  • Nice. Got another 10 bucks on top of my 9 bucks freebie. Was looking at buying a stem controller. Comes to 25 usd or 35 aud including delivery. Is it worth getting? Nothing else really interests me St this stage.

  • Also how do you register australian zip code and phone number?

  • It worked! Got a CD for $10.59 delivered, thanks!

  • Thanks OP. Works like a charm.

  • +3

    thanks :) surely this must be the most popular first post ever?!

  • Can someone help, i have put my credit card details but next page is address and phone number with zip code and would not accept australian address??

    • Yeah, some items aren't allowed to be shipped over to Australia. You'll have to choose something else mate or find another listing that can ship here.

    • new account? Add Australia address first then sign out and redo the $10 process via the link, sign-in, 1-click and enter credit card info, will take the previously added Aus address as default…

  • Ha, how good is that!! effectively a free PS4 Game - I had a few bucks left over in a virtual prepaid credit card that is due to cease operating in a couple of days, so with that and this credit I was able to get The Division for PS4 and even upgrade to the slightly more expensive shipping and it effectively cost me nothing.

  • amazing! picked up a usb-c to usb 3 adaptor for my new macbook pro!

  • thanks OP!

  • It worked.

    • So did your double post :P

  • What's everyone else buying? I'm having a mind blank here!!

    • +1

      you have until 14 Jan 2017 to decide. take your time :)

      • I wonder how long does it take for Amazon to plug the gap.

        This glitch is not easy to diagnose.

  • Can someone help with registration of address and phone number please??

  • Works on mobile but not on iPad…

  • Got it after countless tries.

  • Nice.

    Tom Clancy's The Division PC/XB1/PS4 [https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/277570]

    with this
    payed only the shipping price

  • It works. Took a few times refreshing in private mode to get it working.

    Thanks OP.

    PS. Rarely see deals with this high positive vote count aside from the usual ebay/amex deals.

    • Probably see much more attention on this because a lot more people have a MasterCard than an Amex card.

      • Really? Most banks give out Amex together with their visa/master anyway.

        I suppose debit master card…

  • Thanks OP. Just in time for Black Friday :)

  • is it weird that it said I got 10 credit but when I check out there no credit?

    • It doesn't work for some items. Tried it with a dual shock 4 remote black. It was discounted but for camouflage colour it didn't.

  • Best first post ever! Thanks OP!

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