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This thread serves to let everyone know how much you have saved on your 7/11 fuel app.

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  • Richlands QLD
  • ULP
  • 111.9/litre

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Further Info/Tips

There are two "tricks" that can be extremely beneficial as there is a common trend experienced by 7-Eleven App users: 1) If you receive an error processing your credit/debit card, you can purchase a 7-Eleven Gift Card in-store and apply the credits instantly onto the App. 2) You do not need to use the funds on your App to pay for the fuel, you can lock-in the price and pay via Cash or Card at the checkout saving the hassle of constantly topping up, gift cards, etc.

Master131 spends a lot of time creating and maintaining the script at Project Zero Three that we all know and love.

Working Methods (Updated 14th July 2020)



Note: There's currently no APK or Android Simulator (Nox doesn't support Android 9) Available.

Credits to master131

Mod: Please don't ask for vouchers, obtain the lock yourself or use the classifieds for any wanted requests.

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  • Is there any pc Android emulator option?

    • +2

      Master131 posted an option.

      • +6

        I thought he removed the guide as it got an error when locking?

        • Oh maybe

  • Has anyone tried a ios emulator on a windows pc ?

    • +1

      Is that a thing?

      • I think it is but there's a reason it won't work for this, can't remember why…

        • +1

          iOS app are compiled in ARM architecture
          While windows are x86
          Apk files cannot be installed directly to any emulator

  • Hi rooted android users has anyone with the Error E01 when locking in fuel from the guide at page 115 managed to find a workaround?

  • +2

    Just a hint that project zerothree hasn't been updated in several days.
    7-Eleven Warana seems to have the best price (103.9) for 91 in QLD at the moment.

  • +2

    From ElevenMe app at 9am on 5/7/20:
    E10 100.9 Endeavour Hills Vic
    U91 102.9 Endeavour Hills Vic
    U95 114.9 Endeavour Hills Vic
    U98 120.9 Endeavour Hills Vic
    LPG 56.9 Kilsyth WA
    Diesel 108.9 Bassendean WA

  • +14

    ElevenMe app is not updating correctly. Found these prices at 7/11 Bankstown NSW:
    E10 98.9
    U91 100.9
    U98 118.9

    • +2

      U95 113.9 @ Georges Hall Bankstown NSW

  • +3

    E10 97.9
    U91 99.9
    U95 111.9
    U98 117.9

    @ Croydon Park NSW

    A couple of interesting things happened when I filled up just now. I kinda felt like a coffee and checked offers for a freebie but there was none in my account - okay, I can do without.
    Paid for fuel and asked for the receipt and the guy had charged me for a coffee and then applied the free coffee discount. Told him I’m grabbing the coffee he charged me for.

    • So…there is a free coffee discount that doesn't show up?

      • There must have been on my account - unless the servo guy had a generic thing he punches into the register for free coffee that doesn't scan properly?

        • I was yapping to my servo guy one day as he loves a chat and always tries to get me to buy some snacks. I refused enough that he gave me a free coffee voucher (physical card) that had an expiry so they must get a stack every so often.

  • Damn cheap prices here and fuel in Brisbane is now $1.40+/L. Stupid me forgot to fill up last week so my tank is almost empty. I can't get it working on Windows. Fml :(

  • +17

    Have P03 running off a Pi and looks like someone knocked it over a few days ago and I didn't notice. Prices should come back soon. 👀 Please send me a PM if this happens again.

    • thanks :)

    • I always thought the 'fuel prices are crowd sourced' thing was a fake message and actually there was a bot scraping 7-Eleven stores…

      I guess not.

      On that note before I invest time, has anyone tried and run into problems?

    • Did someone knock over the pi again? P03 hasn’t updated for two days. Thanks master.

      • Looks like part of the script broke, fixed it now.

        • Thanks!

        • doesn't seem like its updating? even though the "All prices are correct as of date updates

  • +1

    Premium Diesel [email protected] NSW

  • +3

    Projectzerothree is working again.

  • U98 - 107.9
    11-Seven Sandown, Noble Park, VIC

    • +5

      Seeing 125.7 now.

    • Might be someone putting it on the list to be annoying.

  • U91 99.9c at Croydon Park NSW


    Thanks ElevenMe

  • +1
    Merged from [NSW] Unleaded 91 Fuel 99.9c/L @ 7-Eleven (Croydon Park)

    Unleaded 91 Fuel 99.9c/L at 7 Eleven Croydon Park NSW


    Thanks ElevenMe

    • +2

      And the bargain is?
      Metro down the road is also 99.9c/L

      • for others to get to the chopper!

        • +4

          My chopper is having issues getting off the ground

      • My Costco is 99.7 so meh

        • Does your Costco do 91 fuel? My local only does E10 (94), premium 98 and diesel

        • Costco 99.7c.
          Puma 103.3c, but use RAC = 99.3c

    • +1

      Also, anyone with a jailbroken iPhone can change their location to Croydon Park and claim the price through the 7/11 app from anywhere in Aus.

    • +2

      my plane is currently grounded…

      • +1

        737 MAX?

        • Looking like a Qantas 747 at the moment.

    • +1

      wish this was for the '98 stuff

  • anyone else been refused to scan the price lock?
    Went to fill up and the guy said it doesn't work and won't scan the barcode?

    • Make a claim on the app, no point making a fuss with them about it.

      • Haven't seen where this can be done on the new app.

        • +3

          In iOS - settings-contact us-fuel price lock

    • Yeah, the same thing just happened to me. The guys said it's not working but tried to scan anyway. Will be making a claim. Would be nice if 7/11 could keep their system up.

      • Also consider increasing the screen brightness and turn off night mode screen filters. The old app used to automatically do this when you clicked to bring up a bar code.

        Great tip below about asking them to use another terminal scanner.

    • Same here. They scanned my card but it didn't work. They suggested me to call customer service.

      • +2

        Ask them to try other terminal. I experienced the same on Sunday, but when she used and scanned with another terminal, it worked.

        • Thanks cttung I will try this next time!

  • I have an old Motorola Moto Z play which I upgraded to LineageOS 16 (Android 9).
    I had to unlock bootloader to put a custom ROM, but I don't have root or magisk or any location mocking apps.
    When I open 7-11 app it says - "Your device is not supported. Restore your device to factory settings".
    I even did factory reset and installed 7-11 app on a fresh rom but get the same error.
    Anyone else has the same problem? Is it because of the unlocked bootloader?

    • Yeah need Magisk. Needed the Magisk Hide Props Config. Had to make my devices fingerprint to the model it was. I imagine its a lineage thing.

      • +1

        Thanks mate! Installing Magisk Hide Props Config fixed the problem!

        • Smali patcher for spoofing man and you're good to go

          • @obit11: Installed that, but getting Error A02 when pressing "Sign In" button

            • @CheckMateWin: I had a similar issue with login but read from the earlier posts that you need to change the default browser to Chrome or Firefox.

  • +3

    The app seems to be down, can't log in with any of my accounts. Keep getting a Uh oh! message.

    • Thought it was just me… just as I try to set this up on my iPad lol.

      • Had my dad try and his app wont work either.

  • Has anyone found a way to do it with nox? Or is it a pipe dream? :(

    • Buy a cheap used android phone and root it. I had a nexus 5 lying around and put lineageOS on it with Magisk and Smali patcher and if you just follow the guide it is pretty straight forward. I couldn't get it working with unrooted and system app.

      Nexus 5 i think is like $50 on ebay.

  • Can't login I think I'm banned haha

    • I can't login either nor reset password. May be maintainance.

      Edit: It's back again. Now I can login.

    • I haven't seen anybody so happy about getting banned 👍

  • +5

    I also now have an Android phone that I can use to set locations for people that need it. Please PM me but no guarantees I can do it straight away. You'll need to me give your username/pw

  • The app seems to be back online now, but is anyone else having issues with it being really slow?

  • +2

    Received my gift card in the mail today.. $0.09 was left over on one of my other accounts I forgot about..

    Talk about dedication… now I'll have to remember to take this gift card to redeem my $0.09 on my next fill up.. at the going rate I think Costco has my business as they are constantly <$1.05 per litre for E10 every time I need to fill..

    • I wonder how much it cost them to send that out to you.

      • Received mine last week for $0.00

        • Bloody hell.

        • +2

          Same. Just received my $0.00 giftcard yesterday

        • Try not to spend that all at once.

        • +1

          Got my $0.00 gift card today, going to take it down to 7-11 next time and ask if they will exchange it for cash value

      • Still waiting for mine :( not sure if I should call and bother them

    • anyone tried using the partial payment using GC?

      have 93c left… do I need to get 93c of fuel?

      • +3

        You just tell the cashier that you have 93c gift card, then they split your payment. You pay from GC first and the rest by your usual payment method.

        • thanks!

  • +1

    when i try to sign in to 7-11 on my note 3 phone that has lineage 16, magisk, smali, gps joystick installed , in chrome it just says webpage not available . what am i doing wrong here? i tested my login on another phone and i can log in and out just fine. In magisk hide it's ticks for play, gps joystick and 7-11.

    • Weird, try uninstalling Chrome and using another browser

      • +1

        update: installed firefox as default browser and managed to login fine. who would have thought that jeez.