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HTC 10 32GB - $599 @ JB Hi-Fi


Yes, it's being replaced shortly by the HTC 11.

Australian stock, unlocked. Only available in-store (nationwide - except the Sydney Airport store), as the phone has been removed from the website.



Edit 30/5: The price is now online as well.

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    Good phone

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      Yep, phone is fine.

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    Such an under rated phone.

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      The issue was the pricing. It had no original feature, ditched dual front speakers, and still charge flagship price. It was the same issue as the Pixel.

      • The Pixel's standout feature is that it 100% has the best software of any Android phone on the market. Sales have been ok and reviews have been overwhelmingly positive, it's still the best phone on the market IMO.

        • It has best stock software. I hope we get that clear, because I like touchwiz more than stock. Touchwiz doesn't chunk the phone like it use to, have longer longevity, and cool features.

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    Have this myself; bought it exactly a year ago for $999

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      Me too haha I feel foolish

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        Me three

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        I don't regret buying mine when I did; I was sick of my M8 dying at 29% as I attempted to take a photo!

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        You didn't think it would depreciate over a year?

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    Bought this phone from vaya (grey import) for about $600 only a couple of months ago. Great phone and good price for oz stock.

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      Example of a few similar options?

  • How is this compared with S7?

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      s7 is better than htc 10

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      I purchased the HTC10 over the S7 based on my personal preferences after comparing them on phone arena

    • The S7 is better and this is coming from someone who hates Samsung phones and likes HTCs.

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      Depends on what you value really. I wanted a slightly more natural camera, I prefer lighter software and I'm big on audio so the 10 was the choice for me. Otherwise, they are very pretty well matched. The S7's cam is similar in actual quality, they process differently, but the S7 focusses and snaps faster. The S7 has a slower fingerprint reader and the glass build is far more fragile though the 10 is slightly heavier and thicker. The screen on the 10 isn't as punchy or bright as the S7, but it's one of the best LCD's I've seen. Still bright enough when sunny and very well calibrated. Battery life honestly sucks on both, around 3hrs screen on. I would really be happy with either, they are both fantastic phones.

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        In regards to Samsung screen colours, they do have a reputation for ramping up the colour saturation on all their products. Just look at their LED TVs.

        Personally I prefer the more accurate colour representation of Sony LED TVs, and similar on my handsets.

        Personal preference plays a big part but once your get tot the point of appreciating more accurate colour representation, then the decision is simple.

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          Definitely, I do a lot of photo editing on my phone when I don't have my laptop with me, or when it's impractical to get it out. Knowing the image will look similar to that represented on the display of the 10 is fantastic. If anyone wants to test that statement, try doing any kind of photo work on a poorly calibrated display, it's a huge pain.

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      I'd put it to preference as others say. 10 has audio and the front facing camera going for it, which is what made me choose it.

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      I'd take the HTC 10 personally. A nicer Android skin, better build quality (imo) and better audio.

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      I went with the S7e… More LTE bands for better coverage when I travel, Samsung Pay MST for contactless when they don't really do contactless, water resistant, AMOLED popping colours (IMHO now superior to SLCD), Qi wireless charging…

      For reference, this link compares the HTC 10, S7E and S7. http://www.gsmarena.com/compare.php3?idPhone1=7884&idPhone2=...

    • S7 is better in general. 3 years support, ip rating of 67, colour vibrant screen, better focus on camera, battery efficiency thanks to Amoled screen and Enoxys processor, better grip, better after sale service, higher resell price. Touchwiz has gotten really cool over the years.

      The only thing that htc 10 has is better audio. Maybe the stock android can be good too, but only because of your bank doesn't need to rework their android pay software for S7's touch wiz.

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    Great phone - have had it for a year.

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    exc. phone. replaced my lg g4. only phone that takes better photos than it ATM is google pixel. here's an untouched photo

    • Nice shot

      • thanks. the camera performs better with more light

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    Thinking of giving Xiaomi a try… for this kind of price range… Xiaomi can offer 64GB… many ozbargainers speak highly of this brand, it's all electronics at the end of the day… infant mortality probability (failed components) is roughly the same…

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      depends on what you want in a camera. The Xiaomi phones have some crappy cameras in them

      • Not at this price point, cheaper ones maybe

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          Eh. I wouldn't defend Xiaomi. Their mi series needs alot of work on their camera. Mi5s was a bag of disappointment.

          Let's hope that mi6 will fare better as times goes by with software updates.

      • Crap in low light. Not at all bad in daylight; very sharp.
        I love my Note 3 Pro Prime. Great screen, too.

        • Love mine. Very reliable, cheap phone.

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      local warranty with this

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      Warranty is the main issue with Xiaomi. Depends on how much you are willing to spend on a product without local warranty. The online sellers afaik only offer a limited warranty so if you are the unlucky o e who's phone​ fails at say 6 months I'm not sure what your options are.

      Having said that I bought redmi note and am very happy with it. Just depends on your risk aversion.

    • If you're getting one, get a mi5. Cheap, really good specs, decent camera that matches phones of 2 or so years old, and if it breaks, meh, it was cheap. They don't have quality control issue, so slap on a case and it'll last.

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    HTC broke my heart when they removed those amazing front-facing speakers from the previous models.

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      yeah was definitely a standout feature of the M9. the M10 has two speakers, but the second is bottom facing. not the same as dual front-facing, but it's better than 1 speaker.

      • I'm surprised people notice the difference betw 1 and 2 speakers that are so small and so close together.

    • -1

      These KFC deals would have destroyed your heart pretty soon anyways.

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    I've been waiting on this, receives great reviews for audio, build, camera & screen, though overshadowed by S7 in a few areas.
    Broadmeadows has quite a few, all gray.

  • Very tempting to replace my S6 with this…Do you guys think there will be a similarly priced S7 deal in the near future?

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      Just commented below - the S7 is currently being sold for $999 at JB Hi Fi, that's a difference of $400 compared to this deal. I doubt you'll get this price for the S7 from JB Hi Fi any time soon. I do agree that the S7 is better but for a phone that's a year old, I wouldn't want to spend anything more than $600 which is what makes this deal appealing right now. Actually even then I don't really want to spend more than $500 since I got an LG G2 for $450 nearly 3 years back. How times have changed!

      • are you still holding on to LG G2 ?? I bought one from the same TGG deal 3 years ogo. It was a great phone. but since then I have moved to LG G4 to Note5 to Note7 and to iPhone7 Plus.

        • +2

          Yeah I am. It still works for my needs! :D The only issue I have is a slight screen burn on the right of my screen but otherwise I like the compact body and good screen size. Was thinking now would be a good time to upgrade if the right deal came along. From reviews of this HTC, it looks like it might be the one! Was also looking at the Oppo R9s but for the same price, I'd take the HTC!

          Sounds like you've moved on to bigger and better things! How's the iPhone? Prefer iOS to Android now?

        • +1

          @alwaysupforabargain: I still prefer Android over iOS. I may move back to Android again around September when Note8 launches.

          But no doubt, LG G2 was the best phone from LG. I gave my G2 to my dad and it's still going strong.

        • @OzSikhs: Yeah I agree, fortunately the LG G2 didn't suffer from the bootloop issue! If I get this HTC, I probably won't completely let go of it. Might use it as a backup phone! :)

        • +1

          @alwaysupforabargain: I never used HTC phones in my life, but heard that they are quite snappy. You should be ok with this. Good luck

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          LG G2 ?? I bought one … 3 years ago … but since then I have moved to LG G4 to Note5 to Note7 and to iPhone7 Plus.

          @OzSikhs LOL, they stop being bargains if you buy a new one every year…

      • GREY S7'S ARE $600 and thats what ones worth too

        • That's a good price for the S7 but it's personal preference. I'd rather spend more and get local warranty than get a grey import phone.

  • How much is s7 btw?

    • +1

      It's weird - JB Hi Fi have the S7 for $999 and the S7 Edge for $899. I'm pretty sure the Edge is the better phone! But I wouldn't pay that much for a phone that's a year old.

      • Eh, it's still a solid phone. Still a runner for the best allrounder phone aside from Apple. Samsung usually guarantees 3 years support, so it ain't an issue.

        • Yeah you're right. But as I've mentioned in one of my comments above, I currently own a LG G2 which I bought for $450 3 years back at which point it had been out for 9-10 months. I find it sad that now a phone that has been out for more than a year can still cost close to $1000. I just can't justify paying that much for a phone.

        • @alwaysupforabargain: it's just the way the market works. Atm, phones have very little improvement from previous generation. So people are less likely to purchase a full priced flagship when last year's perform at 95% of the same capabilities.

          Plus, with China selling flagships for a fraction of the price, and budget lines makes you question do you even need flagships, it's a hard market.

        • @Wonderfool: Absolutely right, I myself was seriously considering the Oppo R9s before this deal came along. Might bite the bullet on this one!

    • Deals in the $650 ish range have been popping up for the S7, S7 edge a little bit, maybe $50, more.

  • +8

    My old M8 was the best android phone ever!!!! I miss it so much :)

    • +34

      Sorry to hear about your M8

    • Mine and my wife's are still going strong!

      Amazing how a factory reset and Marshmellow update does wonders

  • Looking for a new phone to replace my Note 2 and I just can't seem to find that motivation.

    This is a good deal, but I'm not sure I can go back to LCD after using an OLED for so long.

    • TBH I think most LCDs nowadays can look much better than AMOLEDs prior to the note 4.

    • +1

      Maybe look at the moto z play deal I posted? It's amoled

      • Good deal but I'm not looking for a 1080P display.

        • This completely depends on your budget. If you're not that worried about brand, ZTE Axon 7 has a QHD AMOLED screen with dual facing front speakers and pretty similar other specs and JB Hi Fi are selling it for the same price as this HTC.

        • @alwaysupforabargain: hold up, the Axon is finally at an affordable price? When everyone finally forget their ass? Took too damn long.

          Has it finally got nougat yet? It keeps being advertised as vr ready, but never got it.

        • @Wonderfool: Wouldn't exactly call it affordable. I think JB Hi Fi have discounted it by a $100 so it may still have a normal price tag of $699. It is a good looking phone with good specs but if I had to chose between this HTC and ZTE, I'd go HTC purely because of the name.

          Not completely sure what the status is about the Nougat update. Seen reviews on Youtube where people have got it but read in some forums that Australian users may not have got it yet.

        • +1

          @alwaysupforabargain: that's so dumb. It was supposed to be hyped as the first phone that's day dream ready so we all thought it's nougat out of the box.

          Yeah, I'll honestly go with htc too. The Axon 7 is nice, but I think the camera is more important than Amoled screen.

        • @Wonderfool: Yeah I think it does support Daydream VR but as you've mentioned it's surprising they didn't put Nougat on it out of the box. Guess some Chinese companies still have some catching up to do.

        • @Wonderfool:

          Nougat is now available for the Australian Axon 7, and thus it is also now Daydream-ready: http://www.ztemobiles.com.au/feature_AXON7.htm#firmware

    • How often did you get to use your stylus for writing?

      I bought Galaxy Note 10.1 and Note 8.0 for wife and kids tablets and non of the used it at all.

  • I currently have the samsung note 4 and love it but it's getting old and a few issues are popping up.

    How does this phone compare?

    • The Note 4 was an awesome phone especially for VR back in the day. A friend has a Note 4 and has commented that it has slowed down.
      Comparing, both have great screens though the Note is larger.
      Sound chip on the HTC is better from the specs.
      Build quality on the HTC is better.

      Saying that, the Note 4 was and to a point still is a great phone.

      I am tempted with this deal and I am a fussy person. Still holding onto my Nokia 1520 but Microsoft has finally stopped supporting the device.

    • I'm waiting for the Note 8 myself. But gonna cost a bomb though going by the price of the S8+ (should be around $100 more)..

      • They are also re-releasing the Note 7. It's not April so it must be true.
        Samsung Note7R or something like that. Going to be a lot cheaper apparently.

        • Well.. if the Note 8 is an improved S8+ with pen abilities, then the Note 7 is gonna be rather pale by comparison. But will need to wait before can determine that.

  • +2

    Anyone pulling the trigger on this? My priorities are camera + lack of factory bloatware (Pixel is my ideal phone but not sure if it will ever go on sale). Weighing up between this, the Moto Z Play deal or waiting for a great deal on an S7. A rooted S7 would probably be ideal but I don't really want to pay $700+… Here's hoping the EOFY gods bring me some goodies as this deal is not quite sweet enough to make me bite ;-)

    • +5

      I've had this for a year and it's very good for lack of bloat and no duplicate apps. The camera is very natural looking but does tend to over expose slightly but has excellent detail. There is a slider to easily adjust exposure and I tone it down a little before each shot.

      The camera software doesn't use the over sharpening and extra punchy colours as Samsung's but a little tweaking with Google Photos (stock gallery app on the 10) or Photoshop express app and you can have your punchy colours and sharpening. Check these photos I took on my 10

      HTC 10 + PSX https://imgur.com/a/GCFVE

      Be sure to wipe the camera lens before each shot as well because it really attracts oil/dirt.

  • +1

    With all the talk about camera on the comments, I wish they did a similar deal on the Huawei P9. I queried y'day at JB, and they said $799.00 Optus have it for $720.00 outright.
    … This or the p9?… what to do, what to do?!

    • +1

      Both of the cameras are excellent. I used a P9 for two weeks and I'd go with the 10 for software and video quality was better on the 10. Not much in the cameras photos wise.

      Here's some shots on my 10 with quick edits on PSX or Google Photos

      HTC 10 + PSX https://imgur.com/a/GCFVE

      You don't need to spend $1200 on a Pixel etc to get good photos. Any of the flagships from the last 18 months will give you just as good or better photos with a little editing

  • I have this phone and its been awesome, I am still waiting for telstra for my god damn android 7.0 update… 😠

    • Huh? 7 is marsh mellow. Do you mean 8?

      Edit: nvm I'm dumb.

  • +2

    could get an extra $50-$60 off with this deal

  • +1

    Very tempted to replace my htc m7 even though it is still working fine. Anyone in the same situation?

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