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eBay 15% off Sitewide with Min $75 Spend (10pm - 2am)


Just confirmed through eBays facebook live event.

Click the related tab above to see all CHILLY deals (live)

15% sitewide confirmed. Min spend $75. Max discount $300. Starts 10pm. Ends 2am.

Full T&Cs: http://pages2.ebay.com.au/Buyer_coupons/chilly

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    • From where?

      • Nowhere AFAIK, Cheapest I can see is here $713.15 or here for the same price as everyone else but within the CRACKA20 code $719.20

  • Damn! Just bought a $900 security camera system like 2 hours ago. Had I known, I would have held off… ugh

    • Ask the seller to cancel and buy again. :)

      • Tried it. Was too late.

        Ugh. Hate wasting money! What crazy bad timing!

  • Can anyone recommend a good speaker option (that doesn't require an amp) in the 200-300 range?

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    Damn, someone bought the last iPhone 7 plus from mobileciti exactly at 10 pm

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    Does anyone know anything I don't need?

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      More information about what Schapelle Corby is doing since her return to Australia.

  • Can the code only be used for one purchase? got my mum an iphone 7 but was hoping to use the code again for an S7 Edge for myself.

    • How much did you pay?

      • $837 with the 15% off.

        • Right, so Mobilciti - I'm looking at grabbing one too.
          Apple prices makes me spit blood but I have no choice sigh

        • @King Tightarse:

          100's of cheaper and more powerful Android based phones but you have no choice? Right…..

        • @nurries:
          Yes because I am the one who has to buy it for a family member.

  • +1

    bought! a Switch console. thanks OP!! Now with claiming GST back down to $351 !!!

  • guys, any deal on the newest macbook pro?

  • +2

    Not a bad price on the Casio MDV106 now that Amazon won't ship it here atm (only 3 in stock) -
    Casio MDV106-1A US$51.11 shipped (approx AU$67.70)

  • +1

    Is there a away to exclusive the ANNOYING price range/multi items (eg people listing iPhones at $10-$1000). $10 being the screen protector

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    Just spent $584.80 and got LG G6 from QD_AU…

    Why oh why did I have to check OZB before going to bed? :P

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      That's a great price!

  • Just placed my order for various items, worked fine, saved $78 :)

  • Can I please ask for some assistance from the ozbargain community? Does anyone know where I can go or a site to check if the seller has increased the price? I'm hunting down graphics cards but so tedious trying to filter an actual good 1070 or 1080 deal, and comparing the prices with MSY. :(

    • Try googling the URL and checking its Cached site

      Edit: Or click on "X-sold" and view the purchase history of the item.

      • Thanks

  • hmm can this coupon only be used once?

    guess deal will be back some time again this month. Will be getting my cart ready

    • I have not tried, but given there is a maximum discount, I would suspect yes.

      • Yes I bought one item and barely saved anything. I had about 1200$ of other stuff to buy but stupidly didn't realise you could only use code once.

  • great deal but I wasn't able to stack my auspost $10 coupon. oh well!

  • Saved ~$50 on a Fenix flashlight. Not bad.

    • +10

      I read that as fleshlight.

      • +1

        Now I want to search for fleshlights but don't want that coming up in my recommendations later!

        • +1

          Incognito Window is my best friend, it can be yours too!

  • +6
    • and 1 watching !

    • +1

      is it the whole car or just the tyre?

  • +3

    Boooooo @ mobileciti. Changed the price of a few of their phones about 15 mins before the sale went live. Been watching them for a week and boom, up goes the price…

  • Where do I put the code? Added the item to my cart and I can't see any field to put the code. Thanks!

    • +1

      You have to click "checkout" first. Then you'll see the code box.

      • Thanks!

  • -2

    know any good gopro monopod gimbal?

    • -1

      what was the downvote for?

      • Because it's a question probably better asked in the forum, not buried half way down page two on an expiring deal post… OR, you want to find a deal on one and didn't use the search button eBay supplied.

        nb: it wasn't me that negged you, just a passing observation as I scroll through the thread…

        • I was hoping someone whos been lurking here long enough would know some gimbals worth buying for. I am pretty sure there are these kinds of questions everywhere but its not like people really care about it.

  • anyone who used mobile-biz or mobile_choice before? i am after a cheap entry level unlocked mobile phone.

  • urgh does it only allow it to use on one purchase?

    • looks that way, bloody annoying

  • why am i getting the message 'This code can't be applied to some of your items".
    I just want a suitcase HALP

    • Make sure it's an AUD purchase.

    • 'travel' category someone said below

  • +1

    Can anyone recommend a decent mobile phone windscreen mount?

  • I tried to buy a laptop off ebay USA for 1059, it charges import charges in the fee of $154. I apply coupon for 15% which works, however it's still charging me import charges. Kinda annoying

    • +1

      value is still over 1k

      • Oh i see what you mean. That sucks.

  • Oh that's bullcrap, I want to buy luggage, but its under travel…

    • Same issue with most car parts, flagged as a car (lol)

    • Found some under shoes that will do…

  • This looks pretty good!

    Moto Z Play 32GB for $394 after discount

  • Surface book i5/8gb for $1760 from Microsoft ebay store. Not too bad
    Saved quite abit. Cheapest I have seen.

  • If this is their way of competing with Aliexpress it's working with me. With the coupons they've become more competitive for some items.

  • the wife will be happy with this one. Breville Kitchen WIzz Pro BFP800 down to $340 after discount, selling in store for much more


  • I need to buy 17.3 laptop i7700 gtx1050ti where is the bargain???

  • Got myself a Galaxy S8+ along with a case and screen protector. Thanks OP!

  • Reminder of the new related deals feature we added earlier this week.

    Click the related tab at the top of the deal to see all CHILLY deals (live)

  • +2

    Got the LG G6 for $584.80. Thanks op.

  • +4

    Awesome, managed to get 2 x iPad Wifi 128GB from the official Myer store for $1,018.30 delivered. Been looking for a week and so glad I came across this deal.


  • Can you do this if you buy multiple items from different sellers to add up to $75? Or is it only per item?

    • +1

      4 . A minimum spend of $75 per transaction applies.

    • +1

      Different sellers adding up to $75 is fine (all the same currency though). Use the cart.

      • I actually tried that and it doesn't work (says code is invalid)

  • Might get a scuba diving kit if the rain continues.

  • +1

    Damn Panasonic Eneloop Pros X16 for $69.61 delivered is cheap as! Just received mine today from previous ebay deals but paid $10 more

    • So that's just the batteries and they don't come with a charger? I was thinking to buy these Eneloop batteries (missed out on those crazy deals in the past) as I recently bought that Sangean radio from Kogan (bought AA to D converter adapter from eBay just for that), but I don't have their charger, unless they work with nitecore charger. So, I don't think it's a good idea that I should purchase these, right?

      • No it doesn't come with a charger. I've got the nitecore d4 charger and it works great.

        • So you can charge these Eneloop batteries with the Nitecore? Great! Ta

  • Just saved $10.

  • Code only use once?

  • Nice one - just saved one fiddy and bought something that would never realistically have gone on sale

  • Thanks OP.

    It's time to upgrade my ageing iRiver S100 to more hi-tech & affordable range (way under $6000 range MP3 player lol) Audio DAC player iRiver Astell & Kern AK Jr 64GB.
    This thing is gonna be a sweet combo with the incoming Bose QC25.

    And related ripoff accesories for AK Jr:
    Hand crafted leather case
    Tempered glass

    Now is time to hunt 200GB microsd card.

    My wallet feels alot lighter tonight. Self note: I promise no more takeaways & instant noodle for the rest of the month, YAY!!

  • what do you guys think of this deal?


    $527 after 15% off. Seems pretty good for an S7E.

    • +2

      G935V is the American model. You don't want this one.

      The ones you want are the first two:

      Global variant: G935F - Band 28
      South East Asia: G935FD - Band 28 | Dual sim

      Canada G935W8 no band 28
      Hong KongG9350 no band 28

    • +1

      I hate these dodgey overseas sellers misleading buyers that the item is located in Australia. There are so many of them and ebay just turn a blind eye.

  • getting this error with bing lee This code can't be applied to your order. any ideas ?

    • What are you buying?

      • tried a dyson v6 slim and other items same message every time I thought it was sitewide???

        • Definitely ebay.com.au and not ebay.com?

        • @mattythecapybara: yeah unfortunately thanks for trying though appreciate it .

        • +1

          @seanludo:I'm getting the same message from trying to use the code a second time. I'm reading in the comments it's a one time code? So that could be a reason.
          BTW I was able to buy the dyson v6 slim you mentioned at Bing Lee with the code 1st time round but no luck in subsequent attempts using the code…

  • Great prices on authorised seller for Fluke. Authorised and Aus so waranty applies, which is vital on 87V and 289, and 28 II.

  • +2

    Literally ruined my night. Agh the stress of FOMO

  • Good luck

  • Finally bought S7 G930F Pink from t-dimension, two office chairs from Officeworks and screen protector.

  • Yup and there goes another $100. No lunch for 3 weeks thanks eBay (at least I'll have nice figures to stare at).

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