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eBay 15% off Sitewide (Min $75 Spend, Max $300 Discount)


$75 min spend. $300 max discount. 1 transaction per person. Up to 10 items per transaction. T&Cs here.

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  • yeew, this is gonna be good

    • oh great…..i am still waiting for 10+ items to be delivered from last weeks multiple eBay sale.
      Postman must think I am a nerd doing all these online shoppings

      • que?

  • All good

  • +8

    Oh bloody hell, not again.

  • Here we go again :(

    • +3

      Wallet hurting from all the deals?

      • +3


        • +4

          lol my wallet looks like it got shot, then stabbed and ranned over from all them deals

        • +15


          Time to look for a nice wallet on eBay tonight :p

        • +1

          Can anyone recommend a wallet? (srs)
          I was thinking of the bellroy note sleeve. Looking for something that will hold ~10 cards and is relatively small and slim

        • @pauper: lmao

  • gogogo!!!!

  • +2

    Here we go again :)

    • +6

      crosses fingers cmooooooooooon include bullion

  • +9

    YESSSSSSSSS need 20%!!

    • I bet they do a 19% off just to annoy all the tantrum throwers

  • +8

    Would this mean we should expect higher discount on official Wed night?

  • +9

    15%! Just give us the extra 5% damnit.

    • +7

      5% isn't going to change your life damnit.

      • +18

        Part of me agrees, but the OZB part of me tells me otherwise….

      • +2

        Where is your OzB spirit!

        • +3

          I'm a major Ozbargainer but you can't let all these 15% deals slide in hopes of a 20%.

        • +5

          @jimmy2shoes: It's effectively 20% off at the moment if you can get your cart to exactly $100 …

        • @Tiggrrrrr:

          How do you get 20% off for $100?

        • +1

          @ozhunter68: i think he meant the count20 deal where you get $20 off for purchases $100 and above.

        • Its the CALM before the STORM.

  • +2

    Duck it! I've resisted the last few deals and it doesn't look like a 20% code is coming. I'm getting an S8+ :D

    • +2

      Gonna do the same. Quality Deals has S8+ for $999 atm. If it is 15% off, $999* 0.85 = $850 I'm gonna go for it!

  • +2

    So much FOMO with these posts. This is becoming a job

  • I've already got my purchases waiting for payment. Came just in time.

  • +31

    Checks bank balance after 5th consecutive eBay deal

    Me: "I'm guessing I should have about $209 left"

    Bank account: $2.71

    • hit up the cc :)

      • +1

        Chloe Cardashian?

        • +5

          if you want to withdraw cellulite, yes

        • +4

          @payton: I realised after this that I can see the future. They name one of their babies Kredit. Kredit Kard..ashian

        • +1


          Chlamydia Kardashian.

  • Any good mid-upper range graphics card deals? Around the $425 mark

    • +9

      Let me check that for you

      • +1

        i will check if you really have checked it

  • +1

    I just used $20 off $100 eBay deal - I'm not touching this..

    • +1

      Give it an hour… :P

  • Just to double check:

    I have 1 item listed for sale on eBay. Does the site wide means it will be eligible if someone wants to use the code..?

    • Yes, unless the terms state otherwise.

      • Great! Thanks double checked it and it works!

    • Yes, unless your item that you're selling is bullion

      • You're right. It works

    • In case any one want iPhone 7 Plus 256 GB RED


      You can get it for $1,147.50 with this coupon code

  • +2

    Thanks Tight Ass

  • +2

    By my count that's one two and now three active eBay deals, at least b/w 5pm-midnight when #3 kicks in.

    That's a significant challenge to my own little processor.

  • Need help can i buy this on a best buy it now offer?

    • +1

      If it's on .au ebay, all items in $au, making an offer if seller accepts in time, or hitting offer's buy it now button, all 100% afaik.

  • +1

    In the year 2020, ebay will do a 20% off where prices will inflate by 20% by then

    • Only 20% inflation over 3 years? Bargain!

  • Does this apply to Apple products like Apple Watch?

    • As long as it's not bullion

      • and luggage. Ebay's login is that if you have money to travel you don't need to buy discounted luggage

        • I wonder if there are other deals I can combo this with to get a good deal on an apple watch…

        • logic

  • +1

    What a month for my credit card :)

  • Can anyone recommend a decent 2nd monitor? Preferably 24"

    • +1

      Dell's 24" (U2414H) Ultrasharp is not bad for $280 (CALM20)

      Not the most epic deal since it is normally $300-310.

      Or when you say decent, do you mean purely value for money?

    • wait for Dell outlet sales if you're not in a hurry. Previously saw a U2417h there for $220.

  • +1

    just used the $20 off code on a $240 item :/

    • I feel your pain :/

  • Something something they're panicking about Amazon right? Yeah nah Netflix didn't shake up the industry too much.

  • Need a good TV sub $1k… This may be my chance.

    • +5

      Just make sure you don't drop it while installing it.

  • When will these be over the $300 total limit? Like the $1000 limit on the store specific deals?

    • There was $600 total limit the other week. Could be another soon?

      • I saw that, better be another one, otherwise you are limited on discount on higher priced items.

  • the heck? eba trying to hold off 20% for as long as they can I guess? Just give us the 20% already, so we can all go crazy!

    • +2

      When that time comes it would be like 20% off $10,000 minimum spend. $20 off max discount

  • And it's not even hump day…

  • Still gonna hold back, been this close to pulling the trigger and buying a GPU but hoping there will be a better deal and/or a miracle 20% off lol

  • perfect now I can get the shure earphones without spending $100

  • +1

    This is why i'm subscribed to TA posts.

  • What is the deal with $1,000 GST free threshold can I still buy from OS without paying GST for $600 item?

  • +1

    But what do I even need??

  • Any decent deals on soundbars or sound systems for a TV (KS8000) with this or 20% off code? Anything that'll be better than a stanard TV's sound.

  • +2

    TA mate, you're killing me with all these deals. I'm trying to pay off a mortgage you know. Jeez.

  • Total amount includes delivery?

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