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TPG Mobile Plans Unlimited Call/Text + 7GB $20/Month + 10GB $25/Month (First 6 Months Only, No Contract)


TPG mobile plans unlimited call/text + 7gb $20/month + 10gb $25/month (first 6 months only, no contract).

Each plan also includes 100 international minutes. I also believe it's 4g only

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    Well.. Depending on what data you need, very competitive.. my 1$ Kogan vouchers for the EXTRA LARGE pack run out this month end.. gonna have to look into these. Thanks!
    ..Anyone know who they are buying from?

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      TPG is Voda.

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        Ah, heh.. so it'll be Voda->Voda.. Thanks!

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          Voda>Voda>Voda for me. Did the $5/14gb Kogan followed by $5 Lebara and now this TPG offer looks tempting.

          Having tried a bunch of these different prepaid deals recently, my experience has been that being on Telstra through Boost was by far the best go in terms of 4G speed and reliability/coverage. Too bad they don't just have a regular $20 per (28 day) month price point prepaid package.

          Voda and Optus, ie Kogan/Lebara and Yomojo seemed to give me black spots up in the mountains and lower bars and speeds even in Sydney and Melbourne.

          Voda and Optus are still plenty acceptable, as long as you're in the cities, but you guys probably already know all this…

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    I was on TPG for 6 years…never improved their plan much. I finally leave for Optus' $40/10gig….and now this….

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      Don't worry Voda network is still crap compared to Optus.

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        I get better reception with Vodafone than Optus

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        I disagree, having been with them for 2 years, all around Sydney no problems ever.

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        Agreed did the $1 Kogan vouchers and reception is still crap around Brisbane and Gold Coast. Variants of Optus works fine

        • I have the opposite in Brisbane, I get better Vodafone coverage and data speeds are much better. I find optus to be patchy and when connected the data is quite slow

        • @Japius:

          I'm with Virgin and reception is pretty much non existent when the train gets to south bank station lol

          Have you tried Vodafone there?

      • Was on Optus for a while had to cancel due to woeful data speeds. Doesn't matter if reception is good and you have 10Gb of data if you can't use it.

    • Was on their first 16.99 plan for like 7 years moved to lebara because i was hitting the 1.5 gig cap :(

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      Same with me, although this goes up to $35 a month after the first 6 months for the 7GB one and $40 a month for the 10GB one, so no different. We get unmetered spotify with optus though.

    • I did the same thing last week.

    • Don't worry … when you would have stuck with TPG you would have not got anything … it's for new clients only.

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    says available for new registration. I wonder if current members can also join it

    • keen to know as well

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        they never can. has to be new. always.

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    Do they stiull have their $20 "deposit" (which they never return) fee?

    • They return if u insist u want it.

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        yes they will, so long as you pay a $20 exit/port out/admin charge fee.

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          Thought it was $11 port out fee, unless they increased it even more.

          That $20 prepayment is the most brazen industry scam ever. Hit up the TIO, I got the $20 + $11 port out fee back after making some noise. So mad at their unconscionable practices, would never go back again.

        • @clem:

          I did the same, well threatened to, and got refunded both fees.

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      OzBargainers should boycott TPG for their $20 deposit and $11 port out fee

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    Dang! Just switched to Kogan on the 12 months plan. Was with TPG for a number of years, but got fed up with the $10 1 GB data fee everytime I got over the 1.5 GB data. Happy with Kogan, no surprise fees.

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    Just a warning for those who are new to TPG… They are known for dick moves such as charging an exit fee if you wish to leave their services and port your number to a different provider (most other providers let you leave for free), as well as withholding your deposit as "forfeited prepayment". An example of this can be found here. It is possible to get your money back, but usually not without a good bit of tussling.

    They did not mention this on their mobile site, but users will be charged an upfront fee of $10 for a "once off SIM", which most other providers would simply post to you for free - on express! It is also suspiciously vague on how excess data is calculated - it only says that excess data is charged per GB. This means that they could easily charge you per GB per session, in which the duration of each session is subject to their sole discretion.

    Before making a decision, take a good, long look at their critical information summary. TPG is all too happy to hit you with a whole host of hidden charges which can only be found by digging deeper. You have been warned.

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      Don't use TPG. Cheap plans = cheap service. Pay the extra and live a happier life.

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      You will have to request the prepayment to be refunded as well as the unused portion as current their billing cycle is 7 days before the start date of your plan and you will need to disconnect (port out) before the billing cycle start which you will lost at least 7 days.

      You can call up and request both pre payment and unused portion to be refunded, if they said base on the T&C you payment will be forfeited, you told them off saying that the T&C is ripping customer off, and threaten with TIO complaint, they will refund you.

      For the $11 port out fee, you need to try your luck and ask, sometime they do, sometime they dont, as I have 5 more mobile accounts with them, they afraid losing all of them and grant me the $11 refund.

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      Yup. I would never go back to TPG mobile. Exiting it was a pain. They took $20 prepayment deposit and $11 port out for my 2 long term accounts with them. Complaints after complaints to no avail and I just gave up.

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    I left them when their international rates on my $20 mobile plan more than quadrupled.
    Loyalty is not rewarded with TPG.

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      Absolutely you right I am also planning leave from TPG ( I got 2 plans). Currently there are better deal available at the market. They don’t care about their existing loyal customers

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    4G - when 4G gets shut down in 2035 then you'll be stuffed. Best to avoid.

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    After 6 months, it changes to the following:
    Unlimited call/text + 7gb $20/month > $34.99
    Unlimited call/text + 10gb $25/month > $39.99

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    7gb for $20, good deal!
    Time to change…

  • No love for existing customer?? Ahh I am on a 20$ a month for 1.5gig :(.

  • Execellet deal

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    I've been on the $20/month 1.5GB for a few years now. The coverage is typical Vodafone. In the last month I've been trialing the Kogan 14GB and the coverage is identical it seems as both Kogan and TPG use Vodafone. TPG has a very poor customer support, I had some billing issues etc. Things get resolved in the end, but I don't think they kept customers because of their support.
    Price wise, I don't think this is an exceptionally good deal because it's only for 6 months - after that it's not better than Kogan and Lebara's deals.

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    I left TPG when I realised that they were counting data in blocks of megabytes and not kilobytes for each session which is what everyone else was using. So with them, if you used 30 bytes of data before you phone switched towers and created a new session you'd get billed for 1 megabyte. Any other provider would've charged you a kilobyte.

    They've since changed this practice but I'm hesitant to ever go back to them.

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    I was with TPG possibly 5 years ago, the SIM card kept broken. I had to spend $27 per replacement. The 3rd time when it broke was even with a few days and then I asked for free replacement, they denied it so I cancelled the account, they even charged me for transferring number to other provider. I would say think before taking this offer.

  • new customers only, what bullshit…

    pretty over paying $20/m for 1.5GB data and crazy overage rates. now they're handing out 6months of 7GB for the same cost… ive taken advantage of this a couple times in the past but still..

    any better plans around less than or equal to $20/pm?

    • Check out Kogan, they are having good 12-months specials at the moment. I'm seriously thinking about porting out from TPG to Kogan.

      • anything specific? i could only find their small plan @ ~$16/pm for 1GB or if you prepay a year up front you get 5GB for about that price.. not bad but not quite good enough to make me swap or give that trashcan company a year in advance…..

  • Does this promotion have an end date?

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