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Apple Airpods $209 @ Myer


Looks like you can get the Airpods for $209 delivered again.
Previous deal
I managed to apply the coupon and it works.

Original CCSELL20 deal

Still a six week wait at the Apple Store.

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  • Good deal, but be aware that Myer might not display its stock availability right, my last order for the previous deal got cancelled because of that.

    • I got mine delivered but took about 3 weeks.
      Anyone ordering shouldn't expect them anytime soon.

  • it looks like they are accepting AfterPay and this is an apple product

    was looking for these but ended up getting the bose QC35

    you do look kinda silly in public with these in

    • on the looking silly bit… how are they different to the standard earphones you get are they longer, bigger or just the look silly to you.

      from images they look almost identical except a little longer and without wires.

    • I think comically large over ear headphones look silly in public (i.e. not in a recording studio) too. However, if you value sound quality then it would be a good trade off.

      For me, Airpods give you a sense of freedom you don't have with any other headphones due to absolutely no wires. This includes other wireless BT headphones with the R/L connected via wire (e.g. Beats X). It is the closest you can get to having sound without things in your ear/on your head.

      Then you got the really nice case etc

      If I look silly in public so be it. I think it is a good trade off.

    • When Apple launched the original iPod with white headphones, they looked weird too.

  • Thanks op. just got one :D

  • Whats the quality of these things like ?

    Even with the discount I find it hard to beleive that people will pay such much for these things.

    • +1 vote

      Pretty high to be honest. I replaced my momentum 2.0 over ears with these as my daily drivers.

      The convenience is worth it alone.

    • Good wireless headphones are expensive. I have a pair of $300 Sony wireless headphones and they have noticeably sound lag, not a problem for music but terrible for watching videos. The AirPods are known for having an extra chip that minimizes lag.

      • I have plantronics backbeat pro and have never once noticed any lag. I watch TV and movies, play fps games and listen to music. No lag.

        • +1. I have both the AirPods and Backbeat Go2. The Backbeat has no noticable lag, the AirPods do. It's about 200-300ms or so, enough to put lipsync out a tad.

          That being said, the AirPods are freakin amazing headphones.

      • What phone do you use? That might be the problem

  • There are other cheaper brands that don't look funny

    • But only Beats and AirPods use the W1, providing great range and battery. If Apple ever license the W1, things will become a lot more interesting. Most BT headphones have average range or battery, like some of the wireless Beats. Say what you want about Beats (overpriced, etc.), but BeatsX have 8 hour battery life and these are in-ear, it's pretty incredible.

  • This one is very good if you can afford.Wife loves it

  • Used them the other night at a party. Great sound. Not sure I can pull off the look though.

  • what is the delivery time with MYER?

  • From the original deal


    Excludes Alan Pinkus, Alberto Fermani, Alberto Gozzi, Amor, Anthea Crawford, Apple products

    Don't be surprised if they cancel your order when they find out!

  • Just went to buy, Out of Stock

  • Yeah they added to cart ok but by time I logged in and went to pay said out of stock !

  • This or Sony mdr 1000x? Hmm

    • Totally different, for different purposes.
      I'd go with some Jaybuds over the airpods personally.
      MDR 1000x looks nice regardless

  • I know it's subjective but in my opinion they're a ridiculous design and way overpriced.

    Would cost them under $5 to make.

    • Subjective. Rather than ordering some stock third-party chip like virtually every other BT device, Apple built the W1 themselves and it is better than other offerings, hence the incomparable battery and range with other brands. Even Beats with the W1 are decent value. You probably wont find 12 hour battery life on wireless IEMs in other brands.

      • Don't you mean 5-6 hours?


        Also JLab, Plantronics, Jaybird, etc, last longer.

        • Wireless IEMs from the Beats range have 12 hours. BeatsX and PowerBeats3.

        • @no not me:

          Apparently the PowerBeats3 does, but the BeatsX is not much better than the AirPods at 6.5 hours:

          Regardless, if based on actual factors like sound quality and battery life, AirPods and BeatsX are decent if not spectacular compared to the competition and PowerBeats3 might be a good choice if you like the sound, otherwise look at other options. In the real world, the W1 brings nothing tangible to the AirPods and BeatsX beside a different connection screen and more money for Apple.

          By the way, I didn't neg you. I don't mind if we have different opinions.

      • I own the AirPods and consider myself a fan…. but I still find myself using the jLab Epic2 earphones more often. Personally I find the complete lack of wires to be somewhat gimmicky, and made no real world difference to me (except for worrying about them). I recommend the Epic2s to most people that ask.

  • Anyone have feedback on how they actually feel in the ear? I find the standard earpods that come with the iphone are next to useless for me. Very uncomfortable and don't feel like a secure fit.

  • I ordered these from Myer the last time they were on sale and received them the following day after I ordered.

    I am happy with them for the price (yes I am in the 'Apple ecosystem'). I use these on the train and when running, only wish they were more noise isolating (that is not their design however). I have the BOSE QC35 as well, but they are mainly for travel. The two are totally different.

  • Placed an order successfully even they said out of stock… Not sure whether they'll honour it :)

    • It said limited stock for me. I logged in and then it said out of stock :(

      • Same here, but I still proceed to checkout even it has a big red text said Out of Stock. Received order confirmation email afterwards

  • Thanks ordered 10

  • Do these run warm/hot? I used to have Bose QC35 (been through two pairs) and they both felt rather warm, especially on the left side. I was concerned about my ears slowly cooking/burning over time.

    • Wear them all the time and they have never felt hot

      • My QC35 phones never feel hot either…perhaps time to exchange your pair??

        • Ditto, never had that issue with my QC35

        • My brother (who also has a pair) tried mine and didn't notice any issues.

          I think my ears may be extra sensitive. Or perhaps they stick out at a certain angle and come in contact with the headphones in such a way that most ears do not.

        • @Boba:

          Perhaps…everyone's ears are different (like fingerprints).

          My ears certainly don't touch the inside of the phones at all so I can't comment.

  • I got QCY-QY12 and the sound quality is great, comes with automatic shut magnet and cheap a**; plus it looks better…I wonder why people would want to spend that much money for this

    • It has a cable running behind your head. You have to manually pair it to all your devices and switching will be a pain.

      No comparison whatsoever to AirPods

      • Can AirPods connect two devices at the same time? (no, this is not a rhetorical question, but a real question wanted to know why people so in love with this)

        • No it can not, but switching from your phone to your Mac laptop and back again is extremely seamless and easy, unlike other bluetooth earphones.

        • @y: fair enough, yes, Apple close ecosystem is great experience to the customer, thus the reason why people loves them…

  • +2 votes

    Got mine from the last deal - highly recommend they are freaking awesome. Just love the instant connectivity !

  • Thanks OP! Managed to click and collect around lunchtime from Myer Maroochydore. Used store credit and Myer One rewards and paid just $35 on the credit card. Winning! They still had one in stock when I was in there picking up.

  • I absolutely love mine (bought at launch for full price from Apple)

    The convenience aspect is amazing - It's a new feeling being able to listen to music and podcasts while walking/running/cycling without having to deal with cables. I cycle about 4 km each way to and from work every day and they've never fallen out.

    They also work very well for phone calls and the way it's integrated into iOS is seamless as you'd expect (pause when you get a call, music resumes when you hang up etc)

    You can also seamlessly move between using them on an iPad/MacBook and your phone without ever having to do pairing.

  • it is back in stock people

    I just ordered one

  • Order was cancelled due to lack of stock, ordered at 10AM yesterday. Apple store at George St has them available for immediate pickup though.

    • That's strange… my order went through at 10:02AM yesterday and I received shipping confirmation earlier this afternoon.

      Shoot them an email asking why - and if they will offer them to you at this price again when they're back in stock. Not really fair that my order went through when yours was placed first?