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Samsung Galaxy S8 64GB Dual Sim (Grey) - $698.76, S8+ (Grey/Black/Gold) - $799.96 Delivered (HK) @ Shopping Square eBay Store


I found this deal was popular deal and seem lot of ozbargainer missed. I created a same deals here with good volume.

  • Items are shipped from Hong Kong by Economic Express with Tracking and Insurance
  • 1 Year Warranty Service in Australia
  • ETA: Please check eBay Listing information


Original 20% off Selected Stores for Father's Day at eBay Deal Post

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  • +1

    Any 8+ please?

    • s8+ avaialbe @ $799.2 after apply coupon code.

      • +1

        Hoping you had pretty orders for the Note8 on Thursday ;)

    • Bought Samsung S8+ Plus 6GB 128GB DUAL Sim SM-G9550 Coral Blue phone from mymobile Hong Kong @ Unique Mobiles Brisbane at $ 940.00 Nett.

      20% OFF for Fathers' Day special discount on ebay.

      Original price is $ 1175.00 - (20% x $ 1175.00) = $ 940.00

  • +8

    Anything for LG G6 (H870ds) in Black???

    • +1

      agree. i am also interested in a G6

    • +20

      I will work it out

      • +4

        Blue …. :)

        • Looks awesome in blue!

      • +1

        Yes please! Really want one as my iphone 6 is dieing

      • +1

        Any updates?

      • +2

        LG G6 @ $450 please

      • No updates? Its been a while….

    • Battery isn't good.

      • Well, my bro has one. So I know.

        • -1

          Also bootlooping issues…

        • @Sinthesys:
          This is not G4 you don't know yet.

        • +1

          Battery is brilliant. Lasts me the whole day

        • @Sammyboy: Yeah I have one and use it heavily. The battery is fantastic.

        • @Mr Haj: Does that mean the one my brother has is faulty?

    • Wouldn't mind a platinum one myself!

  • +2

    Anything for LG V20?

  • Please let us know once you have deal for Note 8.

    • +2

      In roughly 4 months time.

  • Do you supply a tax invoice with GST?

    Also what is the warranty procedure?

    • Grey imported no GST.

        • +12

          Doesn't mean anything

          You must be new to grey imported phone.

  • +3

    Can you please confirm the model numbers been sold for the S8 and S8+

    • Is the S8 G950FD or G9500
      Is the S8+ G955FD or G9550

      need to know before I place an order

      • Seller confirmed
        "It's G950FD model, however, if FD model is temperatelly out of stock, we will offer G9500 as replacement" for the S8
        Got one

  • I already have an S8+ so tempted to buy another S8 just because of the price lol

  • Hi I'm in Hong Kong, do you post to Hong Kong?

    • +1

      Is it cheaper to buy it there?

      • +1

        Funny thing is that it is cheaper to buy and get it shipped here than buying in HK.

        • Try www.price.com.hk Hong Kong Grey Imported.

        • +1

          Are you suggesting that there's a business opportunity?

        • @superforever: …and what price did you find?

        • @samehada:

          The cheapest grey imported is HK$4240 around A$685, so around the same as this deal.

          You can check out this deal with the two prices the cheaper one is grey imported.


        • +2

          To be honest, those are small dodgy shops in Mongkok and Sham Shui Po. The source of stock is questionable.
          Search result only has 1 shop at that price, mostly at higher price.

          Not to mention this include express shipping to Australia, you sit at your home and get it delivered so it is already cheaper than buying from no-name shop in HK.

          Their (small shops in HK) source of stock is questionable and warranty is non-existence from Australia.

          I have once bought a phone advertised as brand new but in fact it is not. The pcb has been swapped and when I disassembled the phone I even found a dirty fingerprint on the PCB, which showed that this is even done in dodgy phone repair shop.

          You know that they can get many phone parts in Shenzhen and cook it to become a new phone. So I'd rather buy from ShoppingSquare or Kogan or big ebay seller during promotion than buying in HK.

        • @samehada:

          I understand that you have to know which shop to go to at Sham Shui Po.

    • You pay for it and send it to me….then I will send it back to HK for you I promise.

  • +6

    I purchased an S8+ as per the previous 20% off ebay deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/323803 over 7 days ago…it still has not shipped. Buyer beware.

    • Hi Maxd
      If you can PM me with the order number, I might able to help

    • +1

      so MaxD, did they resolve your problem? not so good trying to get new sales when old orders haven't been fulfilled

      • It is marked as shipped now. There's no tracking # though so…

        In their defense I will say the auction text clearly states, "will usually send within 5 business days". It's just 7 days to send it, then it's probably going to be another 2-3 weeks for it to get here from HK - it's a while to wait.

        • +2

          7 days is the same as 5 business days…

          This is just what you would expected buying it at this price from an grey importer.

    • As mentioned, 7 days is 5 business days, why did you neg them, and why did your comment get 6 votes?

      • +1

        At the risk of getting too technical, more than seven twenty four hour periods had elapsed from the time of purchase to the time of my original post. If that was not the case I would not have commented. I have now commented and two hours later (approx 9pm) it is marked as shipped.
        Poor timing by me? Poor timing by the seller? Who can say? I stand by my original comment though.

        • -2

          Two hours late on 7 days = 148 hours. About 1%. Very naughty seller, sit in the corner.

        • It was 2hrs after my comment that the status changed, not 2hrs after the expiration of 148 hours. So no, it is not accurate to say 1% late. But wow that it has gone this far.

  • +5

    Waiting for a new low price on ozbargain around $650 mark

  • +4

    Shopping Square! No thanks, I have had enough of this guys. They should be banned.

    • out of curiosity, what didn't you like about Shopping Square? I haven't bought from them before…

  • +1

    Shopping Square have a disgraceful warranty service. I have dealt with them first hand.

  • +2

    This is a TRAP, do not buy from them. As you can see MaxD is still awaiting his order from the last deal,funny how they pretend to try and help out when their reputation is tarnished.

  • +5

    Dealt with these guys a few months ago ordering an S7 deal. Shortly after purchase they informed that they didn't have stock and tried to switch to a different variant of the S7 which would have been useless in Aus. After going back and forth with me for two months and requests for a refund going unanswered, it was only until I went thru PayPal dispute that I got my money back. Dodgy dodgy, buyer beware.

    • Rep - any comments? I'm sure you are reading this.

    • +1

      I ordered a S7 g930fd that they didn't have in stock the other week. They offered other colours but I took a refund. A bit sick of drop shippers selling stuff they don't have.

  • +2

    I posted this on the last deal a week ago. I'm not sure if I am overreacting or whatever, but this is my experience, make whatever of it you will, I just want to put it out there. Btw if anyone thinks I am wrong please let me know I'll remove the comment but imo I think it was wrong of them to send me the phone the way they did.

    " DONT BUY FROM THEM. they sent me a Samsung galaxy s8 + that I ordered with the Samsung seal broken. The box also had a plain white sticker with 'random check' written on it in times new roman and nothing else, essentially a cover up to the fact that they have indeed sold me something that has been already opened and it is not brand new which is what I paid for. I have had my packages checked by Australian customs before and the seal clearly shows it was checked by Australian customs with the Australian logo. Honestly, this is kind of expected from these countries, no honesty and no integrity, better to pay a bit more and buy Australian and support a country whose citizens are honest people. I am really really disappointed but I don't know why I expected anything less than these ****, ***** ***** ***** they can't help but try and cut corners and waste peoples time and money. Not really sure how I am meant to go about dealing with this, I have taken pictures and will probably email them but jeez it's a damn effort now having to sort out this crap when I spend 800 of my hard-earned dollars.

    and get this, I ordered it on the 14th of this month, and I got the phone 5 business days later on the 21st when the ETA was 30th Aug to 5th Sep…now that's either a miracle or something wasn't right and they really wanted to push this non-brand new phone out asap.

    uugg pre frustrated, but hope someone else can avoid such a debacle, btw if anyone wants to point out if I am wrong or offer advice please do so."

    • +8

      so apart from the box being not factory sealed and you received it promptly. Is there anything wrong with the actual phone ?

      • the phone seemed to be fine from what I can tell

    • +8

      Wow, complaining that they have got their order too quick. Just wow.

      • +1

        ok look i dont understand why a brand new product should have a broken seal. ill retract my comment

        • +3

          Why remove comment. It's worth a read. I would be pissed off too to find my phone opened like you when it states brand new.
          And in fact, I believe it is being used and returned by another buyer.

          Bad luck on you.

        • +2

          @lovepub: yea that's what I thought also but some people seemed to be a little triggered or something, that's a good point, sigh, will see how I go about this, I deserve an explanation from them at the least I guess.

    • +4

      "they sent me a Samsung galaxy s8 + that I ordered with the Samsung seal broken"
      They do state on the bottom of the page: "***** Package may be opened for random checking before dispatch"
      So maybe you are overreacting?

      • yea maybe so, all good I guess just didn't experience that before.

      • +4

        That's just one way of covering up their returned units from other buyers.

        Who would do that random check when they sell hundreds of handsets per day.

    • +5

      Looks like grey imports aren't for you, kid.

      • first time so my bad I guess

    • +4

      I don't understand why you complaint here again, we have already told you why.


      • yes I understood I was just posting my experience in case others also have a similar experience, that's all, i should have been clearer, I would just delete the comment I guess but i can't seem to be able to

    • +4

      +1 for you over-reacting. The bs about countries being honest is pretty ignorant my fellow convict-descendant.

      • +1

        yea my bad

    • +4

      up voted you, to cancel out the 1 neg, I too bought from them in the past and got the same crap with the little "random check" sticker and it was a gift for someone as well.

      Initially they lied to me and said customs opened it, but when I called them out on it, they then said it was they who opened the box "to check if the phone was working". Right !!

      Then they got abusive and started saying I've only ever bought the one thing from them, so they won't do anything further for me, and I can return it to them to get a refund. I would have done it out of principal, but it was a gift and I couldn't get another in time.

      Overall, fairly poor experience.

      • +1

        yeap exactly, it just seemed really flimsy to me and I spent 800$ of my hard earned money to buy a brand new phone that only I would have opened for the first time, yet I did not get that, unfortunately. I don't know, to me I felt a little pissed off at that and basically just wanted people to know that you may expect a product that has been opened and used before you, which is ok if you are buying something second hand, and in this case that is not what we purchased. Anyway judging by what you said I don't think I can expect much from them apart from a lengthy and frustrating returns process, I'm going to be going overseas soon so even if I wanted I just don't have the time to do that and will just stick with what I have. Thanks for your comment and I'm sorry to hear about your experience.

        • Was there any indication of usage? Probs not as dodgy as refurbished units but maybe incorrect choice returns that they buy cheaply to sell somehow?

        • @buttstuff:

          to be honest not really any indication of usage apart from the Samsung box itself had a 'dent' on the edge of it like it had hit something which is weird coz it was packed inside a bigger box, I'm assuming the box took a fall before it was packed but yea, ahh man phone is working, and I hope it keeps working, I cant really do much now and I dont want to spend weeks with them arguing. but if there is a problem will definitely hit them up about it.

    • +4

      I ordered two phones with the same "random check" sticker on both and seal broken. One was fine, but one died after 2 days. Not sure if a coincidence or not… When I sent it back initially they said it was faulty and they would replace it. Then after waiting a month, they turned around and said it was working fine. Obviously stalled until they could get the supplier to repair it. Just dodgy… I had to go thru ebay to finally get my money back over 6 weeks later.

  • Looking out for a new phone.. still unsure if I should fork out for an S8 or settle with an A5 which is cheaper and sounds like its enough for my needs.

    Any suggestions or tips?
    Currently have an S5 mini and defs time for an upgrade. Want to retain the waterproof feature mainly

    • +1

      If you want good camera get S8.

    • +1

      I got my wife an A5 and an A7 for me. Great phones provided you don't need flagship specs (although the A7 was faulty, see above). No OIS so the cameras can blur more than usual and we often end up taking a few photos to get it right, but the photos are good when not blurry.

  • Anyone know if the dual sim can use DATA only from 1 sim and the other sim for cellular i.e. calls/texts?

    • You can set it up what sim to use for what

  • +1

    Still waiting for a Samsung I ordered from them recently. Getting the run around.
    On the brink of Paypal dispute and negative feedback.

    • Hi trevor99
      If you can PM me with your order number, I might able to help to resolve it sooner

      • Details Sent

      • yo buddy want to clarify the stuff above or na? would be pretty cool to get a store rep to chip in on it thanks

        • +2

          Sure. Ordered 18th July. Marked sent 26th July. Didn't arrive.

          Emails to them didn't work so I had to follow up myself.

          • asked them for shipping number because they didn't provide it when sent. They did then provide it to me so I had to start the investigation myself.
          • Tracking stopped once it got to Melbourne.
          • I followed up with courier many times, emails and calls and followed up with shoppingsquare several times.
          • Kept getting told "investigating" by both courier and shoppingsquare.
          • in the end it was finally declared lost.
          • requested they urgently send another one a few times.

          They then contacted me a few days later telling me it's been lost and that I had to fill in some form they'd sent me. However I didn't receive any form and I told them that.

          Latest is received an email tonight telling me they'll send one out with "2-3 business days".

        • @trevor99: still heard nothing since

        • @trevor99: still nothing

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