This was posted 6 years 3 months ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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$20 off $75+ Spend @ eBay Via Facebook


Saw this pop up on my Facebook news feed. Instructions:

  1. Log into your Facebook Account

  2. Click "Go To Deal" on the right of this page ->

  3. Click 'Get Offer'

  4. Receive a unique code

Terms and Conditions

Expires 25/09/17. Requires Australian Paypal account as per usual.

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  • Thanks, now I just have to find a good jump starter to buy with the code :)

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    Worked for me :)

  • +1

    Not targeted FYI :)

  • ta mate worked for me

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    great catch

  • Any good tech deals to use with this offer?

  • -8

    Social20 if anyone wants it.

    • +3

      No, it's a unique code

    • Seems generic.

    • my code was UGG4X5C2ZZVGGVXV, so no its much longer.

      • +6

        Used scrim's, here's mine UHG3X6F2HHFRJJNBG ;)

      • That's the same as my code!

        • +3

          For real? Did both of you guys use it?

        • @scrimshaw: Yea, surprised how you used it, as Scrim changed it..

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    One per paypal/ebay or can I get make a fake Facebook account and use another code with my paypal/ebay…

    • +4

      No idea why you got downvoted, but I'll let you know how I go tonight

      • +1

        Name checks out… Cheers BTW. Please report back.

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        Thanks, please let us know. I have got the same question. All my families have facebook, but only me got an ebay account..

  • Where can I find 2. Click "Go To Deal"?

    I logged into my Facebook account, but can not see "Go To Deal".


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      Click "Go To Deal" on the right of this page ->

      • Thank you so much

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      There is a 'Get Your Code' button on the bottom right corner of this facebook post.

      After you click that button, another page will pop-up and you will see the unique voucher code there.

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        Thank you so much!

  • cheers big fella

  • -3

    no ebay in my news feed ! :(

  • thanks OP

  • Got it. Thanks OP.

    21 hrs ·
    Save $20 When You Spend $75*
    Expires Sep 25, 2017· Online only
    Get your unique code to save at 40,000 Aussie stores on eBay. Fill your cart with colour.

    *$75 min spend. Max $50 discount. 1 transaction p/p. T&Cs apply:
    Use this code at checkout.

    • +7

      Why is there a max $50 discount, when it says save $20 ?

  • Anyone know if the code is unique to that email so the facebook email and ebay emails have to match? Cause I keep separate emails for each.


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      i don't think they can check your facebook email if it's hidden.

      • I've encountered cases where clicking on a link (e.g. to some news site) results in my email address (the one used for FB) being pre-filled in the said news site's "register for newsletter" box.

  • My comment above was a copy & paste job to show others how the offer looks on eBay. No referral or affiliate link was included?

    Edit: Thanks

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    Save $20 but maximum discount is $50?

    • +2

      lol yeah I noticed that. I think that's what happens when some employee has copy and pasted stuff and forgotten to change things!

    • Wondering about that too. The codes don't stack, do they?

      • Nah, no stacking.

      • I thought maybe its $20 off of every $75?

    • +2

      was searching comments hoping someone else picked up on that!

      • Ditto

    • I think you save $25 for a purchase of $75 but if the transaction is more expensive you can save more, up to $50.

  • Thanks mate

  • Literally just bought something for $80 an hour ago with PINCH5 :'(

    • Buy it again, but ask for the seller to cancel the previous one.

    • +3

      Are you feeling the pinch now? =p

    • +2

      In any case for $75 spend you should use the current PAINT10 code for 10% off $75+ spend, instead of PINCH5 which is 5% off $30+ spend.

      You can alway see the current coupon codes here

      • PAINT didnt work for me :L

  • Thanks a lot, great find

  • Thanks!

  • The code I got was UGG4X5C2ZZVGGVXV, which I used just now on a $179 purchase.. Did anybody else receive the same code??

    • +1

      no. different code

    • Mines different

    • Received a different code, must be unique.

    • Cool, thanks guys.

    • Mine is different.

    • Different as well.
      Going to guess they all are so eBay can link peoples accounts to Facebook profiles, perhaps for targeted ads etc.

  • Thanks OP. So yeah, log-in to the mobile Facebook site specifically. Then copy the link from that Facebook post and click 'Go To Deal'. Didn't work for me beforehand.

    • It worked on desktop for me.

  • any good headphones/earphones around the $75 mark?

    • I would buy Sony MDR-1A from Amazon france. It's the front page deal.

      But maybe you could wait until 6PM MegaDeal and there might be a Shopmonk QC35 deal (but the chances are very slim).

      • Where'd you get that info from? Waiting for a ripper QC35 deal!

    • Phillips SHB7250 could suit?

  • Thanks OP, wasn't willing to drop $70 on the new Mario game so this brings it to a great price.

  • +2

    Of course OzBargain and a code is what makes me create a Facebook account :)

  • wow great. This is an excellent deal. Thanks OP :)

  • No, they are all different and unique codes!

  • Just got Mario Kart 8 for the switch for $57, cheers OP!

  • related deals?

    • +1

      get some booze from DAN

  • Got a code. Thanks.

  • -4

    These codes look similar to the groupon codes.

    Wonder if you can hack them

  • Nice Find, awesome!

  • Nice find. Thanks OP.

  • Thanks OP.

  • +1

    Thank you OP! Just saved 20 dollars off a 99 dollar item, 20.20% off! Best value still is if you spend exactly $75 and use the voucher, it would then be 26.67% off.

    • WOW BIG WIN FOR ME……..
      Was just about to buy a Penn Fishing reel for $75 with free Del …
      PENN Spinfisher 750SSM Spinning Reel $75 inc delivery ..
      Now just got it for $55 delivered …..
      Its another win for the good guys..

      • You just got 26.7% off on eBay (excluding seller's deal). I think that's a record!

        • +1

          Coulda got more with CashRewards…

  • +6

    Thanks Amazon!

  • -4

    Anyone not using theirs feel free to PM me, cheers.

    • +1

      why don't you just get a code for yourself??

      • Because I don't use Facebook….

        • -1

          How do you enter comps?

          You do now, enjoy :)

        • @idonotknowwhy:

          Don't you have to verify your account with a mobile number?

        • @Shaun1:

        • +1

          Just make one and delete or deactivate it. I resurrected mine just to get the code and deactivated it again.

        • @Shaun1: Nope. I recently created some of these to get some free crypto lol

  • I do not get a code it takes me to this

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