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Pre-Order Samsung Galaxy Note8 (AU Stock + Pre-Order Bonuses) for $1199.20 on eBay from Vaya (Also Available from Buy Mobile AU)


Pre-orders of Australian stock of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 from Vaya or BuyMobileAU.

Pre-orders of Australian stock includes the new 2017 model Fast Wireless Charger (which can be had for about $60 on eBay), as well as 12 months of Screen Assure. Screen Assure covers one free screen replacement, including damages not normally covered under warranty. Original deal

This deal makes it a lot easier to bite the bullet on the price difference from the S8+.

And don't forget Cash Rewards.

Original 20% off Selected Stores on eBay Deal Post

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  • +3

    This is the price is should have been.

  • +2

    So… adding TRS will be further 10% off?

    • +1

      It'll be more since they'll send an invoice for 1499 instead of 1199.20.

      • Oh yeah!! Even better! ha

    • Hi PAZA359.

      If we buy anything from ebay (obviously from a trusted seller), do they send us a tax invoice, detailing the GST, which we can use to get the GST back ?


      • Hi Hassan9033,

        Sorry for the late reply…
        It depend on who you buying from. If you are to buy from a big company based in Australia like Myer, Good Guys or BingLee etc on eBay, they usually will provide receipt with GST. However, for smaller shop on eBay they might not include it. But, they usually quite happy to provide you a proper receipt with GST upon request.

        Hope this answer your question :)

        • Thanks PAXA359.

          How about shopmonk. It says its aussie. ( Do u know ?)
          But then it says its based in singapore.
          On Ozbargain site- i got the details- its listed as Sydney Cloud Services Pty Ltd.

          Hope 2 c ur reply.

        • @Hassan9033: Hi Hassan,

          You may have to check with Shopmonk on this one. If they are sending your order from Sydney, then it is a good news because there must be GST included.

          But if the order is from Singapore, then there will be no AU's GST and you will not be able to apply TRS…


        • @PAXA359:
          Thank u 4 ur help.
          Sorry 4 the late reply.

  • +1

    Even at this price, it's nowhere near a value buy. I mean, you expect an inflated launch price, but this is something else.

    US RRP is $50 less than this!

    Good luck to those who want the updated camera, free stylus and the tiniest screen size increase, but if that doesn't appeal to you, just get yourself a grey market S8+ for $400+ cheaper from a quality seller.

    Early adopter inflation and crypto inflation have made off-the-shelf device purchasing insane lately. :(

    And apologies to the OP who might see this as whinging about the post, just giving a heads up to people who might be seeking further info for an astute phone purchase rather than seeking this exact model. It's tough enough for most people these days without dropping 2+ weeks shopping on some frivolous bells and whistles.

    • +3

      I completely agree with you. I was so hyped for this phone. The launch price is making me hold out a long while.

      I personally will utilise the stylus on a daily basis. In fact, the stylus is actually the main feature that is making me want to just to the Note. But even for me, I am finding it incredibly hard to justify the price, but this is still a great deal in comparison to the RRP.

      The price is just a lot to ask for when you can get almost the exact same device, bar the dual cameras and the stylus from the S8+, which can be had for half the price on sale.

      From the start, this phone has been pushing for the hardcore Note fans, desperate to upgrade from their current Note device, which is a real shame.

      • +5

        Hopefully the upcoming Windows on ARM initiative will create 2-in-1 and tablet segments that circumvents the phablet market and force them to price better.

        In the mean time, ugh.

      • +4

        I appreciate the OP for posting this offer, also appreciate for the candid comment from jasswolf.

        It's definitely a bargain for people in the market and desperate to get this Note 8. It's probably not that much of a bargain for people who are simply after a new phone and assessing all the options. For that, many thanks to both of you.

    • +4

      When you add on the state and local sales tax that you get in most places in the US, it's pretty comparable. Remember that our prices include tax, and US prices don't due to the fragmented nature of their tax system.

      • +2

        It also includes 2 years warranty, where US get 12 months. Ignoring that the US gets a different phone altogether and the advantages of being able to do things cheaper there because of lower wages and scales of econmies.

    • -1

      Lol okay, why get anything when you can get something cheaper. There is no phone like this. For some the stylus makes this phone worth it. Anyway you Charly don't understand, and that's why you should get the S8 and not say anything.

    • +4

      True, wait until the iPhone x is released then these will seem cheap.

  • +3

    I somehow do not think this is genuine Australian Stock with Samsung Australia

    Looking at the warranties:

    Vaya is committed to customer satisfaction. We provide a comprehensive returns, replacement and exchange policy, along with comprehensive 12 month warranty cover. All Apple products ship with a global Apple 12 month warranty and can be serviced in all Apple Stores in Australia and around the world. Please check the eBay listing details found above and below for information on the return of goods purchase through this listing.

    Returns Policy for Defective Products:

    We will issue with a return authorisation and prepaid postal or courier label. You must return the defective item as instructed by ourselves or eBay. Vaya will cover the cost of postage back to you within Australia after it assesses the item where a fault is found. All claims for defective products should be directed to customer support first where an RMA code will be issued, along with return advice.

    Samsung gives 2 year, local service warranties. Vaya on the other hand, is only 12 months return to Vendor.

    I do not believe the pre-order dock is available with this deal as it is Grey Stock. Their "Australian" stock means they will cache the stock in Australia to be sent out from Australia. Not official Australian Stock as such.

    Same thing applies to BuyMobileAU

    • People have bought from them before. Comfirming to be australian stock.

      Also invoice eligible for TRS. Has their abn and gst amount. https://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/114217/49381/20170529_...

      The ABN shows that they are registered for GST. So everything they sell showing their abn on the invoice, they would have to pay GST to the ATO

      This is the cheapest aust stock yet for a note 8.

      • +2

        Having ABN and paying GST does not indicate it is Aus stock - just that they brought it into the country and having to pass the GST cost to the customer. ABN is an Australian company - but there are plenty of Aussie companies that import / dropship to Australia.

        • No reason for vaya to do that. Cheaper to buy aust stock with aust charger if they're gonna charge gst and ship from Aust. Would also be false advertising since it clearly states Aust stock. It is easy to tell if it doesn't have an aust charger or with foreign writing on the box for a refund anyway.

          People have bought from them before and have confrimed the stuff sold as australian stock is actually Aust stock.

          The description at the bottom is just a generic description for their store and doesn't relate directly to the product. You would see that discription in everything Vaya sells, aust stock or not.

        • +1

          @ko0l: I dunno..but just Caveat Emptor warnings on this that's all. If it is truly Aus Stock and Aus warranty, they would silly not publishing it in the description. I could be wrong - but their description isnt a great reflection either way.

        • @bchliu:

          They didn't even bother to update the item location before. I remember they were selling the s8. It was labeled as from hong kong and australia stock. Turns out shipped from Melboure. Just amateur sellers. Guess they only ever bother to update the product title and leave everything as is.

    • +1

      BuyMobileAU has a genuine AU MPN. It is one of the Model Numbers Samsung accepts for the Australian pre-order offer.

      I haven't been able to find the Model Number on the Vaya listing description. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it sounds like they are offering 12 months of retailer warranty, alongside the standard 2-year warranty provided by Samsung. This would be mean that during the first year, you can send a faulty device back to Vaya, or directly to Samsung, and then during the second year, you have to take the device directly to Samsung.

      • No. Manufacturer warranty starts the day it is purchased. Retailer "extended" warranty happens after the manufacturer warranty expires.

        The product description does not state this is the case in the listing. If they are genuine about it, then they should change it to reflect proper Aus stock warranty procedures.

    • I messaged them before they sold out the last batch and was told their stocks are eligible for the pre-order bonus from Samsung so I would safely assume they are genuine australian stock.

    • Got this reply from vaya ebay:
      "If purchased before 22nd of Sept will include the offer to redeem a wireless charger from Samsung. We do provide and Invoice with details of the order with our ABN but regarding the 12 months screen replacement by Samsung, this we can't guarantee, sorry. We can only vouch for the redemption of the charger and the 24 months Australian warranty."

      As vaya is part of Amaysim, I am hoping screen assure will still be included as Amaysim is included in the list of retailers for screen assure T&C.

  • Seriously, how on earth people carry such massive device in their pocket..

    • +4

      its the same size as the iphone 7 plus.

      • No, Note8 is smaller & smartPhone (not iPhone) :P (N8=162.5x74.8 +170mm^2 = 158.2x77.9=iP7+)

    • +15

      I've been carrying a massive device in my pants since i hit puberty mate

      • Hydrocoele?

    • +1

      The screen maybe big but the overall size is much the same as an iPhone that has a mush smaller screen.

    • https://www.ebay.com.au/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=m570.l1...

      Belt clip (no pocket). Most practical safe case (5 years since Note 1).

  • Offtopic (sorry!) - what sim only plans/pre-paids are you guys using after buying this phone outright?

    Only reason I ask- I've just signed up to the Optus $100/month plan which includes 30gb data, unlimited calls and text, 750min to selected international countries, unlimited calls and text for international roaming in selected countries, 1gb month data allowance for international roaming. Assuming I hadn't signed up to this Optus plan, if I bought this phone outright here for $1200, that'd be the same as me paying $50/month for the phone over a 24 month period. Now if I was to then consider a sim only plan to use with my outright phone, I can't seem to find any $50/month sim only plans/pre-paid sims that offer the above inclusions..

    Just curious what everyone else is doing..

    Thanks in advance!!

    • Don't know the answer to your question but I was going to sign up to what you did - although remember yours comes out to 110 - unless you did the student discount. I didn't realise they were going to pull the plan so I'm annoyed that I didn't. That plan is the best value for money I've seen so far. (But again I'm after the international minutes and roaming - I'm sure there's somewhere that might do the 30gb for 50 bucks a month.)

      • Yeh I also got the plan for the international minutes and roaming. I personally thought it was quite a good deal too especially at $100/month (with student discount). I think it's still available as I just signed up for it yesterday via online chat. I just had to ask for the deal and they gave it to me.. you should be able to do the same..

    • +1

      Wow i didn't realise that that Optus plan also had those international roaming benefits - at that price the 30GB was already standing out as possibly the best value plan so far!

      To share the comparisons i've done in regards to data allowance, Telstra is $139 for 30GB, and also appears to include the unlimited international talk/text and 1GB data roaming, though at a much higher base price compared to Optus.

      Vodafone was a little harder to compare in terms of value for data allowance. $106.45/mth ($50 Red Data plan minus $6 red discount plus $62.45/mth phone repayments over 24 months) gets you 16GB of data, but with no contract for the plan. So while 16GB/mth isn't as much value over 2 years, that amount should increase every few months as you switch to newer (and presumably better) plans. E.g. in a few months, the $50 plan "might" increase to 25GB, or alternatively if 16GB is still enough, it "might" become available on a $40 plan, thus improving value in a different way. All that goes out the window if they don't improve their "eligible "plans over the next 2 years tho.

      • +1

        I also compared the optus deal to Vodafone.

        Assuming the phone fee is fixed at $62.45/month for both plans, you're effectively paying $37.55/month for the optus (30gb, 750min international calls to select countries, unlimited international roaming in select countries, 1gb international data) or $44/month for Vodafone (16gb, no intertional calls, $5/day roaming fee)

        The equivalent Vodafone plan that would come close to the optus deal would be $136.45 which includes 30gb data, included minutes of international calls to select countries but still gotta pay $5/day for international roaming. This is the equivalent of paying $74/month on top of the $62.45/month handset fee.

        So Optus $37.55/month vs Vodafone $74/month for similar (Optus is better due to free unlimited international roaming and 1gb/month international roaming data). If you decide to go Vodafone, they would need to drop this $74/month close to the $30/month by the end of the first year to make it worthwhile at all, which I don't see happening… but I might be wrong!


        TLDR: Optus deal better than Voda deal.

        • Just checked the Optus website again, looks like that plan is now $140 (for 30GB, unlimited roaming calls/texts, and 1GB/mth roaming data). I agree, nothing will come close to those inclusions for $100!

        • @particle:
          Spoke to an Optus store manager today and he gave me a heads up that the $140/month - 30GB plan with the Note 8 will once again be discounted to $110/month as of tomorrow! Not only that, but apparently the $160/month - 100gb plan with the Note 8 will be discounted to $120/month! Brace yourselves.. lol

      • With Voda you might get up to $5 (10%, or $120 credit) on $50red + $4 on phone, total $9/mth (possible waved last plan payment).
        If you go on 36 months (why not), it's total $82.34/mth with 16GB data, with option to change plans.
        *In case of nuclear WW3, you don't have to pay the remaining instalments (LOL).

        The difference between 16 & 30G is how much loss you will feel if you only need ~10G/mth.
        I have bundled 4 phones & hardly use all the data (being close to a 24" screen/PC & NBN).

  • +1

    "Participating Retail Store" means each of the Samsung Online Stores, Samsung Stores, Telstra stores
    operated by Telstra Corporation Limited ACN 051 775 556, Optus stores operated by Singtel Optus Pty Limited ACN
    052 833 208, Vodafone stores operated by Vodafone Hutchison Australia Pty Limited ACN 096 304 320, Virgin
    Mobile stores operated by Virgin Mobile (Australia) Pty Limited ACN 092 726 442, JB Hi-Fi stores operated by JB Hi-
    Fi Group Pty Ltd ACN 093 114 286 or its franchisees, Harvey Norman stores operated by Harvey Norman Holdings
    Limited ACN 003 237 545 or its franchisees, Woolworths and Big W stores operated by Woolworths Ltd ACN 000
    014 675, The Good Guys stores operated by The Good Guys Discount Warehouses (Australia) Pty Ltd ACN 004
    880 657 or its franchisees, Bing Lee stores operated by Bing Lee Electrics Pty Ltd ACN 000 733 488, Costco stores
    operated by Costco Wholesale Australia, PTY LTD ACN 104 012 893, Dodo stores operated by Dodo Services Pty
    Ltd ACN 158 289 331, Officeworks operated by Officeworks Ltd ACN 004 763 526, JR Duty Free operated by J R
    Duty Free Pty Ltd ACN 004 444 179, Nuance operated by Nuance Pty Ltd ACN 074 645 702, Betta Electrical
    operated by BSR Australia Limited ACN 122 529 695, Retravision Online and Dorsett Retail operated by Dorsett
    Retail Pty Ltd ACN 100 205 329, Radio Rental Limited ACN 007 527 782, RT Edwards RTE Trading Pty Ltd ACN
    132 987 967, Gedd!t Pty Ltd ACN 616 388 857, Amaysim Australia Limited, ACN 143 613 478, Qantas Q Store
    operated by Qantas Airways Ltd ACN 009 661 901, and excludes any online bidding or auction websites (including
    www.ebay.com.au) and any ….

    you can't get all the extras like screen assure and charge pad since this is what the T&C says…

    • Good catch, but these deals should receive the pre-order bonuses as the T&C only excludes eBay bidding/auction, not eBay retail stores.
      Vaya have actually confirmed themselves that their devices will receive the offer. I assume BuyMobileAU's will too as they also provide eligible devices.
      These deals will receive the bonuses as they provide invoices and devices with the correct MPN.
      Fairly certain there is no way an unauthorised reseller is getting local stock ready to ship out on launch day.

  • I'm tempted but I really wanna see what the Pixel 2 XL turns up with…

    • +2

      I doubt its RRP would be less than the Note8's.

      • I meant more features than price. I've resigned myself to the fact that you have to pay a pile for these phones..

        • Rumor has it that they won't have dual cameras. Water-resistance and wireless charging (I think) will be included.

        • Feature wise it will have less than the note 8 anyway.

        • @OnlinePred: Google's value statement has always been software over hardware. They do support their hardware longer than other manufacturers though through software updates (3 years vs 2 Years normally)

        • @bchliu: Yes, but it doesn't show. All of their software is available on any android anyway, and they include next to no added features ontop of AOSP. Also given how buggy their phones have been, and the failure history of nexus phones and pixel phones, to me it's a no brainer which to get. The only reason you would go Pixel etc is if you cannot live without having the latest version number in your settings/about phone screen. That is literally it.

        • +1

          @OnlinePred: Their stuff has been way overpriced in comparison to the Nexus 4 (which LG produced at a "loss" apparently). But yeah, as you say some people need the latest version number up to date. :)

  • I preordered, but now I am in 2 minds because of small battery, :-(

    • The battery is on par with the s8+ because of the new display panel drawing less power. It shouldn't matter or be a big difference at all.

      • I believe in a few tests it's been the same or slightly better than S8+. While it probably could have been bigger I think it'll be sufficient/less explodey.

    • +1

      I dont think you can get the screen assure deal with this offer

  • Avoid BuyMobileAU like the plague. my horror story started when i ordered a blue s8+ on 14/8. on 29/8 they told me they had no stock and if i would want a black one? I said yes. on 6/9 they said they have no black ones and that they have the blue one in stock but the Price difference is $160. i reported them to ebay for inappropriate behaviour and if you read the feedback, there's many negatives

    • They use a drop shipping business model. Products are ordered as required from various suppliers, which is why the price of different colours varies.

  • I'll probably wait 2 months and see what the grey market dual sim models come down too.

    • Miss out on screen assure, local warranty and a free pad though. Given how long it took for S8 to go down….

      • The S8+ is $550 cheaper than the RRP after 6 months (~$800 vs $1350). A screen assure equivalent may be included if purchased with a credit card. The wireless charging pad can be had for ~$60. You do miss out on local warranty so I guess it depends if you value that at ~40-50% of the cost of a grey import.

        • +1

          Yea only after 5 months or so did the value of the S8+ grey import drop much though. When I spend over 500 on a phone, I would prefer local warranty. I have had too many issues in the past to even think about it again. I wait for local stock to go on special. For instance buying local stock of S8+ for around $1k is the best I have seen. The Note 8 being $200 more than that and comes with charger and screen assure.

  • +1

    I am an Android/Samsung fan. I initially bought "grey import" phones and tablets, but after experiencing several devices getting faulty after a year of usage, I now will only buy "Australian" with 2 year "local waranty". Saving a little bit with goods that have 12 month vendor warranty is a bit risky, and it can take a month and the pain of waiting for your devices to be sent away, assessed, repaired and sent back to you; and in some cases, you have to pay to send your devices for repair too.

    I preordered the Note8 with Samsung and got $150 back with AMEX. It is expensive, but I cannot wait to have it several months late, so …

  • -1

    Guys wait 3 months and buy from shopmonk or shoppingsquare, be alot cheaper : )

  • +1

    Wow. $1199.20. What a bargain.

  • Wow gone are the good days where Samsung note phones are priced under $1k.

    • +3

      Name one flagship model from the mainstream that was under $1k upon release? None.. hasnt been for the last 5 years. lol

      • +2

        The last Samsung I bought was the note 4 for $630 from good guys eBay 20% off in 2015 ($788 full price) and the following year note 4 prices increased by $100. That was probably the last flagship model under $1k which was around 2 years ago

        • +1

          "Upon release" was key words here. the Note 4 retailed $1249 RRP upon release. I know because I got the Note 4 Edge which was $1349 upon release (very expensive back then).
          Not talking about buying it nine months later with ebay 20% off.
          You are comparing it to the Note 8 which is BEING RELEASED on the 22nd September.

        • @bchliu:

          Are you sure mate? Article begs to differ with your opinion. Note4 rrp is $949 and note 4 edge is $1249 according to someone from cnet and if you goggle note 4 release price Australia, I am pretty sure that's the general consensus for note4.. In all honesty I have been getting galaxy notes and the note 4 was the last I ever got. As I would like to point out as well, a few months after I purchased the phone on 3rd March 2016 (around 4 months after its release)for $630, new note 4 prices actually increased to $900 at good guys and remained high till note 5 was released. And that was 6 months after its release. You used to be able to get galaxy s series for under $700 and a note premium for under $1k. But they jacked up their prices starting with note edges just because of that curve which I wasn't sold on.

          But thanks for your input though, you probably might have a differing opinion and I am grateful for your banter and time. Always lovely to have ya give your opinions

        • @Hunnypooh: Well there you go.. I could have sworn the gap between the Edge and the standard note was only a $200 gap or so. But maybe not - and pretty sure $949 was what I paid for the Note 3 (but with salary sacrifice).

          As I would like to point out as well, a few months after I purchased the phone on 3rd March 2016 (around 4 months after its release)for $630

          I presume you are talking March 2015 since the phone was released in Sept/Oct 2014. Almost Six months down the track when the S6 got announced that usually triggers a price drop. My god.. you got a bargain. :) :)

        • @bchliu: My bad, March 2015 not 2016. I remembered wanting the edge later on but got turned off by the insanely high price point. Yeah I found the deal here back then I believe and bought it right away with local pickup. Those were the days mate, where I believe in getting a samsung and in getting real 20% off deals which don't usually come around. Things have definitely changed for the worst. more money from us to the company or CEOs or whomever.

        • +1

          @Hunnypooh: Cost recovery exercise. Most Estimates $5B USD loss in profit of almost $10B overall in losses to revenue from the whole Note 7 Battery fiasco. That's quite a pretty penny, so dont expect Samsung to be lowering their prices any time soon I think.

  • Is this the Exynos or Snapdragon version?

    • I believe Oz always gets Exynos. Dont know why. If it was Snapdragon it would have QC3.0.

  • +2

    This can be grey import. This is from vaya's official site directly.

    "Our stock

    Many devices are international stock. They are equivalent to local models but may vary slightly in specification. They are unlocked so you can use them with your choice of provider but please check the network bands to ensure full compatibility."


    • HUH???? can’t you read the title?

      Details about Preorder Samsung Galaxy Note8 [64GB Australian Stock] - Ships 22 September

      • +2

        I'm trying to be vigilant.

        Australian stock can simply mean "inventory in Australia" as opposed to official Australian stock meant to be released for Australia.

        I'm not trying to say it's definitely one way or the other. But further clarification seems justified.

        • -1

          why you made your life so hard, Australian Stock is Australian Stock = Australian Stock

  • +1

    Paying $50 a month for 24 months - that is $1200 - just sign a contract with optus. 30G of data is huge.

    • Which plan is this?

    • It's much better value to buy the phone then get a plan from Optus separately.

      • I've just signed up to the Optus $100/month plan which includes 30gb data, unlimited calls and text, 750min to selected international countries, unlimited calls and text for international roaming in selected countries, 1gb month data allowance for international roaming. Assuming I hadn't signed up to this Optus plan, if I bought this phone outright here for $1200, that'd be the same as me paying $50/month for the phone over a 24 month period. Now if I was to then consider a sim only plan to use with my outright phone, I can't seem to find any $50/month sim only plans/pre-paid sims that offer the above inclusions..

        Optus current $50 SIM only 12 month plan definitely doesn't offer the above inclusions. So I would say in this scenario the Optus contract is better value than buying the phone outright and then getting an Optus SIM card separately

        • The Optus 100$ Note 8 plan only has 7GB of data, not 30. Subtract the 50$ a month for the phone (equivalent of buying it for 1200$) and it's cheaper to pay 40$ a month for that on prepaid.

        • @MrMcHairyHead:

          Oh sorry, I was referring to the promotional optus deal where they offered the 30gb data for $100/month..

        • @carva848:
          I group all my family members's phone numbers under one account with ABN - 15% off. Every body is happy.

        • @bbtlovebbt: how many family members on the one account?

        • @carva848: 4 Phones 15% off.

  • So buymobileau has responded saying screen assurance and wireless charger will be included. How trustable are they?

    • I ordered from Buymobileau and they are seems to be with Amaysims. So if they are, they'll provide me the proper invoice like other shops. Then you can claim all of that no problem.

      • me too plaease

    • Ademayd, are you able to PM me a screen shot of that message?

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