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Woolworths Rewards: Spend $50/Week for 4 Weeks, Get Google Home Mini or 6000pts | Spend $50/$100 Online Pickup, Get 1000/2000pts


Not a bad offer (2000 points=$10).

[Targeted] Spend $50+ a week for 4 Weeks and get Google Home Mini or 6000 points, your choice.

Google Home Mini:

If you click the Google Home Mini activation button and choose the Google Home Mini as your preferred reward option your Google Home Mini will be sent to your nominated delivery address by 24/11/17.

We are unable to deliver your Google Home Mini to a PO Box.

6000 Bonus Points:

If you click the bonus points activation button and choose bonus Woolworths points as your preferred reward option, for in store purchases 6000 bonus Woolworths points will automatically be loaded onto your Woolworths Rewards card after you have completed your Week 4 qualifying spend amount.

Where your qualifying amount includes online purchases your 6000 bonus points will be added to your account by 24/11/2017.

[Not Targeted] Spend $50+ online and pick up to get 1000 points:

Offer available to Woolworths Online shoppers only. Things to note about your ​1000 points offer:

Earn 1000 points on your next shop when you choose Pick up for your order, enter promo code PICK1000 at the checkout and spend a minimum of $50 or more at woolworths.com.au in a single transaction - excluding any vouchers or offers, Woolworths Flowers, delivery charges and Delivery Saver items, tobacco/smoking products, gift cards, egift cards, mobile recharge, travel cards and tickets.

Your Woolworths Rewards card must be added to your Woolworths online account at the time of order for points to be earned.

PICK1000 is only valid for single redemption per rewards card number.

Offer valid for orders placed between 16/10/17 to 12/11/17 inclusive.

Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

PICK2000 for 2000 bonus points with a spend over $100

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  • Woolworth's Response to the different levels of spend:
    there is no specific reason why you are receiving higher spend promotions as all our promotions are sent automatically and targeted based on your spends, usually the higher spend promotions give members more opportunity to earn more bonus points than the less spend promotions.

    Sounds like they trying to make struggling family spend more money when they cant afford it by looking at what they spend already and telling them they have to spend more to get their promotions!

    • +4

      That's outrageous, a company is trying to get people to spend money with them?

      If I were you I'd go on Twitter and tweet your outrage, wouldn't surprise me if it got picked up by A Current Affair.

    • That sounds like practices in the gaming industry, not our Woolies… 😱
      (Woolies is co-owner of largest number of Pokies in Oz.)

      • Shop Responsibly
        If you have a problem with your shopping, seek help.
  • I'm thinking of getting Woolworths store cards to make the difference up. Wonder if that will cut it ….

  • Got the 4 x $50 spend for Google Home Mini or 6000 points. I figure if the Google Home Mini was only $30 I'd probably buy it to try so selected that option. Bet there will be a flood of these on eBay before Christmas.

    • It could be this price and sooner, if some annoyed customers sell theirs cheap due to this

  • Can I just buy $50.00 of gift cards for 4 next week and be eligible for it ( I am 6000 ponts or goodle home mini)

    • No, gift cards are excluded.

    • You mean wish card? You wish… Punt intended

  • -1

    I got the offer. Will see if I can do it. It's only $50/wk for four weeks. Problem is I have no use for Google Home mini as I'm an Apple household… maybe I should've picked the 6000 points.

    • Sell it on Gumtree/eBay, worth more than 6000 points.

      • But many will sell. After 10% eBay fee maybe you get $40 ish

        • Things like this would sell like hot cakes on eBay, you could ask close to the retail price.

          Say $69 less 13% eBay fees, about $60 profit.

          That's double what the 6000 points are worth.

        • @Scab: I don't think so. Maybe $59 if lucky, includes shipping. Means 50 before fees. Nett, 45 ish. Again, if lucky.

        • @dragonindespair:

          Few if any Aussie sellers have them on eBay, I could sell a truckload of them for $69.

          And there's always Gumtree with no fees.

  • -1

    Whats the best way to spend the $x required?

    It use to be (a few years ago) opal recharges count as 'spending' before their new rewards system…

    • frozen foods, infinite toilet paper, ice cream, snacks, ice cream and ice cream.

      • +1

        You are deliciously obsessed🍧
        But no wonder you suggest infinite toilet paper😀

  • -1

    Online pu? I prefer to keep my pu’s offline thanks

  • if it were for 10000pts ($50) then maybe. the google spyware thing isn't appealing to me.

  • I'm a single man who only eats suimin noodles, what can I buy to make the minimum? no gift cards?

    • +1

      Suimin noodles.

      • thats alot of noodles.

        • They last forever in storage.

          I have like 40 or so bowls of them that I bought at half price (the bowls with the paste are better than the cups with powder).

  • Only offer I got on my main is

    "Earn 5X points when you shop online and spend $120 or more by Fri 20 Oct.^
    Simply place an online order for $120 or more, enter SHOP5X at the checkout to receive 5 times the rewards points."

    I do weekly shopping but I rarely spend more than $50 per week…
    Need to ditch this account…

  • +3

    spend $50 for me, sorry coles, its Woolworths for the next 4 weeks

  • So some people are getting "spend X amount in as many shops (transactions) as you like" and others, like me, are getting "spend X amount in one transaction". What a load of crap. I won't be bothering with this.

    • That's your reward for being staying with one business too much.

  • So with CR WW GCs $190 over 4 weeks for an $80 Google Home Mini. Was actually looking to buy one of these so not bad at all :) Cheers OP and Woolies!

    Ok Google find the nearest Woolworths ….

    • Gift card excluded, doh…

      • +1

        You can't buy GCs to make the $50 but can certainly use WW GCs to pay.

  • $150 a week or 14000 points. I have to stop spending at woolies :(

    • +1

      Just get a few cards & do smaller buys on each when there is a good offer. I get the smallest spend offers & multiple offers doing that. 4 cards have received this 4 x $50 spend offer.

  • Didn't get an email :(

  • for me:

    "Just spend $70* or more in one shop each week for the next 4 weeks for a Google Home Mini or 6500 bonus points. Starts tomorrow!"

  • +4

    i got an email saying buy 5 nappies and the 6th for free. lol

  • Mine $170 per week for 4 weeks "15,000 bonus points OR a Google Home Mini"

  • Mine is 60 per week for 4 weeks. Its like getting a free Google mini as we spend more then that per week anyways

  • Got an email that $60/wk for 4 wks would get G home mini or 6500 points

  • Can the Home Big do things the Home Mini can't?

    • Music quality only difference. Oh and since google cocked up Big version also has touch sensitive top, mini has been deactivated.

  • +1

    I should learn to read.
    Got my offer
    Activated in store while at checkout
    1/4 of the way there!

    Promo starts tomorrow…… Haha

    • +1

      Also need to activate a couple of hours before shopping.

  • What are the T&Cs for the $50 spend? Does it include gift cards?

    I can't think of how to spend $50 in one transaction.

    • Qualifying amount excludes delivery charges, internet cafes, purchases of smoking/tobacco products and accessories, liquor, Gift Cards (including iTunes), mobile recharge, Woolworths Mobile, travel cards and tickets, www.woolworthsflowers.com.au, and Carpet Care and lottery products.

  • jeezzz….mine is $130/week and 12k points or google Home Mini

  • +1

    Stand at the self-serve checkouts and ask people who don't have the rewards card if you can scan yours for their purchase.

    • They would also be giving you their fuel voucher.

      • +3

        I'd also ask for their groceries.

    • Only if the amount is above the qualifying amount.

  • Hello Guys,

    Where can I find the target special?
    Cannot find anywhere

    • +7

      Do you have a Target store near you?

  • Just checked my mail trash folder and found the email $60 a week for me

  • No need to spend money to spy on people nowadays, as they are more than willing to pay for the privilege :P

    • -2

      Maybe buy a tin foil hat? It helps.

  • When does each week start?

    • First week starts today so I assume every Monday.

  • +1

    Just tried code PICK1000 but it website says "Sorry, you are not eligible for this coupon promotion." :( seems still targeted

    • Yep me too. Google Mini was only $50 per week for me so I guess I can't be too greedy :)

  • My email offer is spend $100 *4 weeks for $10k points or a google home mini.

  • Mine was $80 - 7,000 bonus points

  • Can I check with anyone..
    I activated Google Home Mini, but the docket mentioned Bonus Points instead of Google Home Mini:
    *** 4 WEEKS BONUS POINTS PROMOTION *** CONGRATULATIONS you've completed this Week's shop!

    • Congrats.

      • I mean those of you chosen Google Home Mini and spent $50, on your docket does it say "Google Home Mini Promotion" or "Bonus Points Promotion"?

        Mine says "Bonus Points Promotion" even when I chosen Google Home Mini!

        • -1

          Why don't you call to find out?

        • +2

          I chose Google Home Mini & my docket says the same thing as yours, so you should be right.
          You've completed this Week's shop!
          Don't forget to spend $50* in one transaction and scan your Rewards card from this coming Monday to complete next week's shop & receive your gift.

        • @headphonejack: Cheers mate!

        • At least yours say something! I made a purchase on Monday of $50.12 with $20 of my Rewards Dollars used hence paying $30.12. Nothing was on the bottom of my receipt. I didn't call them as I knew I'd make another purchase today over $50, which I just have, still nothing on the bottom of my receipt regarding the Google Home Mini. I definitely activated the email hence looks like I'm going to have to call them. :(

        • +2

          @carlenet: Both purchases qualified but was told that sometimes it is not listed on the receipt!?

        • Nothing on my receipt either after activating and making the required purchase.
          Their IT systems to support their Rewards program sucks.
          Logged in and can see nothing showing relating to this promotion under my current offers (or the current progress). Can't they even generate a triggered email saying you've qualified this week you just have to do it for x more weeks, etc as Coles do. They need a new work experience kid in Rewards or a flybuys card so see how the opposition operate as a minimum ;-)

        • @daydream: I picked up an online order and there wasn't anything on the receipt so like you I wasn't impressed.
          I was concerned I had something on my shop that wasn't eligible spend however just read this email that I received yesterday morning:

          You're on track to score a Google Home Mini
          Google Home Mini#
          If you haven't already, just spend $90* or more in as many shops as you like in store or online by this Sunday, 29th October.

        • @garybath: Thanks I checked and I got a similar email too - 4 days after the qualifying purchase! They could certainly improve their processes/systems!

  • Can I buy wine as the eligible spend each week?

    • The email I received has this in the T&C:

      Qualifying amount excludes delivery charges, internet cafes, purchases of smoking/tobacco products and accessories, liquor, Gift Cards (including iTunes), mobile recharge, Woolworths Mobile, travel cards and tickets, www.woolworthsflowers.com.au, and Carpet Care and lottery products.

      • +1

        Thanks. I'd managed to gloss over this section somehow. So much for stocking up my wine cellar. :(

  • +1

    guys, if you don't think you can hit the target amount, hang around the self checkout area and ask people as they're paying for their groceries 'scuse me, do you have a rewards card? no? Can I scan mine?' LOL, easy

  • Thanks, just placed an online order over $50 to qualify 1000 bonus point + first week of Google home mini offer.

    • +1

      Don't think it works like that, the 1000 bonus points state that it cannot be used with any other offer.

      • I thought they are separated offer, so we can take both as we have to activate the google home offer before use.

  • what? I thought we can get both.

    • Not sure if I read your original post right.

      You can get both, but you can't combine the offers.

      • in that case, I need to contact woolworths rewards see whether i was qualified the first week offer before i spend for the second week. thanks

        • Check the receipt should say

          You've completed this Week's shop!

          Pretty sure you'll be alright.

        • @dins:
          on the online order invoice it only shows:

          Woolworths Rewards
          You have earned 1,052 points.
          4.0 cents per litre fuel saving has been added to your Woolworths Rewards card.

        • +2

          @angelbaby: I was also wondering about these two offers being stackable, so I asked a Woolworths Rewards rep (Adam) about this & he said they couldn't be combined. Though I did not find this very convincing, as it seems he was just reading the generic T&Cs. In the past, I have successfully stacked in store bonus points vouchers with targeted spend offers despite T&Cs on vouchers stating 'Cannot be used in conjuction with any other offer'.

        • +1

          their live chat is hopeless.

        • @angelbaby: Agreed.

        • Then why are they calling it a "bonus" offer if it's just another offer? Confusing Woolworths Rewards folk…

        • Just curious, did you end up qualifying for the Google Home Mini offer with your online shop?

        • I rang them up also and was told to treat them as separate offers (no in conjunction, so don't count it if wanting the Google Home Mini)

  • Was told in store today when picking up an order that this offer is part of a big push to prepare for Amazon's arrival. They've been told to expect an increase in Pick Up orders.

    I am guessing Woolies is thinking that if they get a Google Home Mini into as many shoppers homes as possible then customers are less like to get Amazon Echo when it arrives and less likely to order from Amazon.

  • I'm a regular user of the card (spend $150+ a week) and received no offer. Strange :/

    Anyone else in SA get the offer?

    • +2

      hmm…no need to entice you with offers to shop at Woolworths since you are a loyal customer already.

      • I guess :(

  • -1

    Quick noob question… has anybody ever qualified for these shopping targets by purchasing gift cards? I know the T&C says it excludes gift card purchases but does it work with gift cards combined with other purchases (like a can of tuna or something)?