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Amazon Prime Video for US $2.99 (~ $3.94 AUD) /Month for Six Months


Amazon's AU landing page is up for Prime with their introductory rate. It will cost US$5.99 (~7.89 AUD) / Month after the introduction offer.

Prime Shipping is "Coming in the Future"

Small print:

Introductory price of US$2.99/month after 7 day free trial. Membership renews at US$5.99/month after 6 months. Cancel anytime. Twitch Prime is included with every Prime Video membership. Once Prime launches, Prime Video and Twitch Prime will be included in the price of your Prime subscription.

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  • US price in AU?

    • This was my first thought. Odd.

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      Yeah, I saw a tv ad saying the same. Is it to fool people into thinking it's cheaper.
      Surely if you advertise in Aust for an Australian service it's meant to be in Aust dollars.

  • We're sorry. The Web address you entered is not a functioning page on our site

    Is it targeted?

    • Never mind, found it via the desktop homepage.

    • You got to login to access the link. It says “prime is coming soon” though. Also, purchases above $49 comes with free shipping till the end of the year or so

  • I can see a page, but it says "Prime Shipping coming in the future" which does not equal "coming soon"!

    The Fairfax papers this morning are saying: "But customers will have to wait until mid-next year to sign up to its popular Prime subscription service, which gives members free express shipping. Amazon said its two-hour delivery "Prime Now" service would not be available until some time after that. "

    • Yeah, there is no way aus post can handle amazon prime shipping. They can't get a package 100km in a week, let alone VIC to QLD in 2 days.

      • I would assume Metro will be available first.

        • A couple of the items I looked at said "want it by weds, dec 6th, order in the next 2 hours". My advice for everyone is to complain (to amazon) if it doesn't arrive in that time. Amazon will refund your shipping, and hopefully put some pressure on aus post to stop sucking so hard.

        • @shamowfski: The delay is not always courier's company's fault. Once, I ordered something from Amazon US, it took a long time for Amazon to ship. When I checked a status online, it indicates "not picked up by courier". Upon checking with customer service rep, I was told that Amazon exceeded the daily allocation from that courier for that processing centre for the day and will be shipped the next day (the courier company was US based BTW).

          Amazon does try to save $$$ on postage and I do notice they do pick the cheapest courier possible based on the weight and dimension of the products you ordered.

        • @netsurfer: Yeah, you can still get a refund from amazon in those instances if you paid for expedited shipping.

      • Express Post? I've used that quite a bit for VIC to WA. If you use regular parcel post, you do need to know when to post (which days). A lot of big retailers post after the 6PM cutoff, which you would think it is just an extra day. In reality, for interstate parcels, it actually means 2-3 extra days.

        There is also Courier Post, if you are willing to pay.

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    They have not done a good job with this launch .. charging USD for prime, and most stock not even close to competitive pricing (checked several items and all could be found cheaper elsewhere (even a couple were cheaper with shipping from USA Amazon) and no echo or alexa?
    They had a few items on sale (of course OB'd lol) but in the large scale .. just another online store with overpriced products imo

    • Yep, checked a few recent purchases, I would be paying more if I waited for Amazon au

    • eBay 20% off Sitewide…. ANY.. TIME. NOW!!

    • came to say basically the same, the range and prices are really disappointing. This was not the way to launch a site, looks like it will still be cheaper to shop on overseas websites.

      I guess Gerry and his mates will have a huge sigh of relief when they see what they are bringing to market.

      • It's a possibility that they're using the initial launch as a final test (with more traffic than the soft launch) to double check everything is good before launching the deals that will bring in big traffic. (hopeful)

        • I doubt amazon are that stupid, if they are then the person in charge of the launch should be sacked. As has been pointed out you only get one chance for a first impression and for many that will be the only time they ever go to the site if they are not successfully wooed on that visit.

        • @gravewax: Depends what they have planned. To an extent first impression matters, but if they're really going to offer 30% off RRP across their range, like I've heard claimed, no one's gonna care what the first impression was, and anyone who heard about it in the first place will hear again.

        • Given some of the biggest sites on the planet run on Amazon's infrastructure, it's very doubtful that Amazon needs to test for scale in a market smaller than some US cities.

        • @dsgfh: I'm not talking about the server infrastructure for their website, I'm talking about the Australian customisations to their software (which news stories have indicated already had issues), as well as their logistics chain in Australia.

        • @mattythecapybara: many businesses have gone bust with that thinking. Consumers are fickle and not easily brought back to a business once lost as now they can't just say 30% cheaper as no one will believe them as that was what they were already claiming before today's launch. luckily for amazon they have the size and money to potentially outlast that effect but it will now be very hard work for them to win customers after initial bad impressions as they now have credibility problems in the eyes of many consumers.

        • @gravewax: I don't disagree, as I've said elsewhere on this thread, I agree first impressions count, but I do think it's a little exaggerated in Amazon's special case, but you're pretty much saying that anyway.

        • @mattythecapybara: no it isn't a little exaggerated, it is a well understood human behaviour for shoppers, a first impression lasts a long long time and it will cost Amazon heavily to overcome it. Is it beyond repair, NO, but it is none the less a massive mistake that will cost them big time.

      • Gerry doesnt use computers, so who would he know ?

    • I assume we'll all be copping a 2-4% foreign currency exchange fee then?

  • I can see all categories.


  • Checked out pricing on their laptops - not good.

    Better to see what ships from US - very disappointed in the AU pricing compared with US. Perhaps bringing onboard local suppliers means we get ripped in AU.

    Even paying GST and shipping costs for a US laptop works out cheaper by a margin.

    • Better to see what ships from US - very disappointed in the AU pricing compared with US. Perhaps bringing onboard local suppliers means we get ripped in AU.

      They were never going to start off at low prices since it's a marketplace with mostly third-party sellers. The advantages price-wise come when more sellers offer the same product and the lowest price becomes the default option for orders.

      On the US site, if you actually click through to seeing various sellers you'll see prices vary hugely. Unless you're shopping internationally and you have to find one that ships to AU you don't notice this but the SELLERS certainly do.

      It's much more important than on eBay where the second cheapest isn't hidden away. If you're not the lowest price on Amazon you might as well be on the second page of a Google search.

      Lower prices will come.

      • Agreed - I know the concept. Harvey Norman banged on about the fact that he couldn't sell a TV years ago for the price someone could pay freight and import it themselves.

        The issue for all retailers in AU, including Amazon is that we are seen as "the lucky country" which translates to price gouge. Jerry Harvey shouldn't blame the AU public for the fact he can't make his fat margin from them - he should be asking his suppliers for a better deal like they supply to other retailers in other countries.

        Charging customers an AU tax is why I've brought goods from Amazon Germany, Amazon UK and Amazon France which is landed in AU for substantially cheaper than any price in AU.

        If Amazon follows that same model of charging AU Tax, good luck - in this globally connected world, we as consumers have options which we exercise with our wallets.

        • Well one factor most people forget is we in Australia get one of the worlds best warranty deals, backed by the ACCC. That would cost any AU based retailer.

    • Biggest threat to Amazon Austrlia is Amazon US (or UK etc). Might as well keep paying rediculous postage from the other side of the world if it still cheaper.

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    Speak for yourself.
    The George Michael biography is on sale for $1.39 (presumably AUD).
    You gotta have faith..

  • Will only sign up if shipping times are decent to Tasmania. Australia post has been woeful lately


    Charging USD for Prime? Eh. At least this should drive Australia Post a bit harder, but I feel like its almost like whipping a dying horse lmao. I've seen the US system that amazon uses, anything closer to that is going to be nicer. Thats the only upside I can think of because with their pricing no ones scared right now haha.

  • So when is it “coming”?

  • This is for Amazon Prime Video, $2.99 USD for 6 months then $5.99 after that. This offer has been here since Prime Video launched here in Oz. Amazon Prime includes the free shipping and amazon Prime Video and other bonuses, that service is yet to be released or priced.

  • i was hoping for introductory pricing on the kindle paperwhite. A little disappointed i must say. We shall wait and see what they do in the lead up to xmas and boxing day.

    Does anyone have prime video here? is it worth it, in the context of netflix, stan etc.


      I have access to it through family. Its okay, but i never really used it more than a few times. Hulu/netflix still king, especially in the content department. They mix in their free stuff with the stuff that you have to pay for, and I get that you can probably filter it, but looking at stuff and finding something you like but its not free with prime sucks.

      its just a nice perk that that no one really ever uses that comes with prime shipping I guess LOL.

    • I had a year of the US one. Often bad quality streaming (I have 100/40 non) and content is very average. Presumably Australian content will be even less so not worth subscribing to. Stick with Netflix, Hulu (need Getflix), and Stan was ok when I had 3 months with a Telstra TV.

      Barely worth $3.89 pm.

    • Look out for deals on paper white at Myer.

    • Yes, signed up for this free trial of the Australian Amazon Prime Video a few weeks back. It's pretty good.

      Decent selection; in addition to the Amazon originals (Man in the High Castle, American Gods, etc) they have some of the best kids TV shows (The Last Airbender series, Korra, Spongebob, etc) Some good classic stuff (Seinfeld, the Ghostbusters, Indiana Jones and Back to the Future movies, ET, Gremlins, etc) and some newer movies and shows that Netflix doesn't have.

      The UI is also much better than the US version (more or less exactly like Netflix).

      Definitely worth a free trial.

      (Stingy folks like me can quit Netflix for 6 months while we explore the Amazon selection at 4 AUD a month and then alternate between Prime Video and Netflix whenever we get bored. Or for less than 20 bucks a month you just have both).

      Screenshot with some movies:


  • The link is broken, when clicked I just get a 404 error

  • Probably launched in time for the start of Season 2 of The Grand Tour

  • a lot of amazon items will be from local suppliers like toasters coffee makers etc so they are 240v with the right power cords and there is gst so HN, good guys etc will be on a level,playing field wholesale wise, so ebay extra discounts which ebay wears will still be attractive go to options.

    laptops, hard drives etc would depend if sourced locally by sellers or from overseas and again gst if local.

    amazon is more about a market place for sellers, similar to ebay to ebay with effectively just “ buy it now” and there are only select items that amazon themselves stock and sell.

    it’s just in the USA stuff is a lot cheaper , more variety, and usa seller wanting to enter australian market will hopefully be able to get a good deal on shipping costs .

    but australians thinking it was going to be amazon usa but in australian dollars cheaper and faster delivery ….. not sure where that idea came from.

    • +12 votes

      The idea came from Amazon when they said the margins in Australia were excessive. And I guess we were hopeful that would mean significant undercutting.

      • I remember reading that their prices would be 20-30% cheaper. So far not even close

  • +2 votes

    Amazon AU open for about 3 hours and already people are complaining lol. Give them time.

    • You only get one chance to make a first impression. And so far, the first impression is a resounding "meh".

      • can’t wait to see gerry harvey on TV “ people expected the pop of a champagne cork and instead amazon launched with the fizz of mineral water “

        • Launching without multiple hot af deals on the front page is the first mistake. The home page is just a whole bunch of nothing. A toothless child is the first thing you see, and it's not great.

        • @sparkles:

          I agree very bad launch, i was filled with lots of disappointment

        • @sparkles: At least they chose Australian models who used our dental system!

      • Exactly.

        Eg. They've got Finish Max in One Gel featured on their home page for $8.42/bottle with free shipping over $49. Boxlots has 6 bottles for $39 with free shipping.

        I just looked up 4 or 5 other things and all were priced higher than I can buy them elsewhere.

      • first impression is pretty irrelevant in this context. i'm sure in 1-2 year's time you'll be ordering everything from them.

        • Have to say I'm in two minds. First impression counts, but yeah if they regularly and significantly undercut their competition, like people say, first impressions will be forgotten pretty quickly.

        • Anyone taking bets on this? Ha ha

        • if something could be worked out i'd love to.

          do you really think amazon's strategy was to spend tens of millions coming over here, just to offer a half-arsed line of products at pricing that isn't competitive?

      • The launch is disappointing. But I doubt anyone would discount Amazon in the long run as not worth looking at in future. My wallet is happy with as many impressions as you want as long as the price is right. 1st…2nd…eleventy hundredth…give me a deal and take my money!

    • As sparkles said you get precisely one chance for a first impression, many that visit today will not return. It is the big no no when launching a site/business, far better to delay the launch and have something enticing then open early with items that will cause disappointment and a loss of potential customers.

  • Can we change the title from Prime to Prime video?

  • Yup just for their video service + Twitch Prime.

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    Who would have guessed that Kogan would be an Amazon seller ….. so unpredictable not :)

  • Thanks OP bit I'll pass. I'm so underwhelmed by Amazon.com.au launch

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    No bargains listed …. technically this should have been a forum post. What are all the up-votes for? That they sort of opened?

  • Cut some slack.. may be it's not full launch! I see fee categories don't have any items.

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    According to news.com.au …..

    "After months of anticipation and a soft-launch late last month, the world’s biggest online retailer has officially kicked off its local store offering massive discounts on millions of items across more than 20 categories including electronics, toys, clothing, beauty and accessories."

    The soft launch was last month and now there are supposedly "massive discounts on millions of items…."

    Certainly up to news.com.au's normal standard.

    • They are legitimately fake news. Their Oroton article the other day was the same. Someone is paying them to rustle up interest.

    • Fake news!

    • Certainly up to news.com.au's normal standard

      Yeah, they're pretty hopeless. But they're almost all we got. *sadface

      • +5 votes

        "…..But they're almost all we got…."

        Not really, the ABC isn't perfect but is at least mostly insulated from publishing stories controlled by commercial interests. I'd hate to think what would happen if all we had was the commercial media.

      • You could go ABC, SBS, Fairfax or Guardian long before News Corp.

        • So true ….. I was probably thinking more about TV and Radio rather than only print. Channel 9, Channel 7, classic radio talk back hosts like Alan Jones, John Laws, etc.

          I don't trust anything the broadcast in the news domain.

    • News.com.au wouldn't know what a proper discount is even if you slapped them in the face with one.