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Sony WH-1000XM2 Headphones $317, Sony WI-1000X $277, Sony WHH900N $220, Sony Kiosk Castle Towers NSW, Boxing Day Sale


First Post.

Couldn't believe this price on the WH-1000XM2's when I saw it. Didn't ask about stock levels or other kiosks. Just went straight to JB Hi Fi Castle Towers and price matched using the 15% vouchers from the other week.

Other models;
WI-1000X $277
WHH900N $220
MDRXB950BT $118

Price match receipt;

This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2017

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    • Well it certainly isnt a bargain at that price.. $317 didnt seem unrealistic considering the deal for $329 on here. What a shame, not buying now.

      • Still great price at $329 considering its $499 retail. 20% off

      • If you don't mind paying an extra 3 bucks, you can get it for $320 shipped at CoW. I just bought one. This is the best deal tbh. It will cost me more than $3 in fuel just to get to a Sony or A2A and travel time, plus the uncertainty of whether they even have any stock left.

        A2A is doing $317 tomorrow but in store only.

  • As an ex jbhifi employee I'm surprised they are not matching the price here. Obviously without knowing the specifics there is generally a lot of margin on headphones (Bose excluded) and usually we would take any sort of deal on boxing day, as long as it was a legit price match. $345 from Addicted to Audio is still a great price for these and I'm sure they would price match that if presented to them.

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      $345 from Addicted to Audio is still a great price for these and I'm sure they would price match that if presented to them.

      Just an FYI - Addicted to audio's price has been dropped to $329 delivered. However they are price matching the $317 - In store and tomorrow only. See this comment

      • If you can't get to a store, you can get it for $320 shipped at CoW. 3 extra bucks and save you the travel. There's only one A2A in Melb and it's far for me, plus I can't get there tomorrow because I work.

    • I was heading in to JB for these intending to price match to minidiscs $349 price, seemed the best option as they have a Chatswood location. But this was easier. Good luck everyone!

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    My JB price matched in a flash. Waiting until boxing day was well worth it. Thanks OP.

    • Assume local store to castle towers. God one.

  • Will try a price match at JB for $317 at A2A tomorrow. Wpild buy direct if i didnt have gift cards, good on them and will keep them in mins for future purchases.

    • Would it work if it’s in store only? Makes me think they probably won’t update the price on their website so unlikely JB will match.

      • Yes should do. they can ring and ask for the instore price

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    I have a feeling JB Hifi head office gave Sony an ear-bashing and so they took all the signs down.

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    Guys it's only an extra $3 at C.O.W..

    I wanted it for $317 too, but $3 saves me the travel costs and time of getting to Sony or AddictedToAudio.

    They are also taking backorders. There's still 16 Gold in stock, but Black is on backorder.

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    For those that want to try to price match at JBs, try to choose the quieter stores and avoid the flagship stores. The quieter stores in Sydney are Chatswood Chase, Artarmon, Top Ryde and Leichhardt. Not that I think they will be quiet today though…

    • Chatswood has a sony kiosk.Maybe try match to A2A or COW as well. anyone tried to match at JB and can upload receipt?

    • Just picked up a set of these from JB at Hornsby - price matched to the original $317

      • any chance of receipt? it would really help us. thanks in advanced.

      • Wow that is impressive bargaining! The Hornsby manager is pretty uppity when it comes to pricing coming down to this level.

  • So I went to 2 JB HIFIs to try to price match and use my 15% vouchers. Neither would match this or the Addicted to Audio coupon price. The lowest they would go was $345. Fortunately the second JB had a Sony Centre across from it and they were aware of the deal and nice enough to price match for me. Bargain!

    Any one still looking to score should head into a Sony Centre before the end of the day and try their luck. Great deal OP, Thanks!

  • Successfully matched in JB, no hassle at all!

  • Just done "price match" at jb hi-fi Chatswood.
    Thanks for the picture)

  • For anybody in Brisbane, check out the sony store in the Airport DFO. I have a friend who just got the WH-1000XM2 for $245.

    I asked him to take a photo of the sign but he is on his way back to Jbhifi to return the one he bought this morning.

    Will try to get him to take a photo of his receipt.

    • I bet he got it duty free. There's no way every one in the public can get that.

      • Nope, I know for a fact he is not travelling internationally within 60 days.

        I know I'm "new" to comment but I have been using the Ozbargain site for a years and decided to pass this on as I got some specials due to others today.

        I won't mention which Jbhifi store and which employee but I was shown their "cost price" and it's below $300. I'm more interested in in-ear ones so didn't get one myself.

        I think they are popular enough that most Jbhifi stores are not willingly to price match or discount too heavily.

    • Can’t wait to see the receipt!

    • Couldn't find Sony in Brisbane Airport DFO. Could only find VideoPro outlet. :(

  • Spoke to a guy names Clint in David jones sydney cbd, they are willing to price match with sony kiosk price. I just bought the last WI-1000X for $277. JB refused to price match tho

  • Has anyone in Melbourne managed to get ithe WH1000XM2 at $317 anywhere

  • just want to say thanks for the post.

    bought the WI-1000X @ castle hill Sony store this avo for $277.
    best price i've seen so far.

  • Price match with addicted to audio's page price 345 in Melbourne CBD's JB Hifi successful.

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    Price matched the WH1000XM2 at Capalaba JB with Sony's $317.

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    Sorry i saw this deal lately.
    If anyone want to buy from sony kios I have 2 x $100 survey voucher( Min spend $500 ) for free which expires on 31st December.

    Please let me know.

    • Thanks talktoronak for sending the coupon. Was going to get 2x WI-1000x, but Chatswood Sony Kiosk wouldn't accept the coupons to be used on special priced prodcuts… grrr

  • Hi guys, is it still possible to get this price?

    • Just got one from A2A for $317.00

  • Hi Guys, Went to 2 of the JB HiFis stores located on Elizabeth Melbourne CBD. One store was ready to price match A2A online price which is $345 but not A2A today's promotion amount instore which is $317.
    The JB HiFi store near to Lonsdale and Elizabeth St intersection agreed to price match it to $329 which is current A2A online price after discount voucher is applied during checkout. I purchased it from this store using the JB HiFi gift card.
    Anyone in Melbourne who wants this headphones can try this stores.

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    Just got price matched at 317 at JB HIFI garden city 5pm today, but egift card was sold out.

  • Question:
    i bought the Sony WH-1000XM2, would it be possible to use a 3.5mm to lighting cable (not adapter) to pair it with an iphone?

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