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"Huakko 936" Soldering Station - Two Units For $19.43 Incl Local Shipping @ echoii_mall on eBay


Get two "Huakko 936" soldering stations for total of $19.43 delivered from local stock in a "buy 1, get 1 at 50% off" deal from power seller echoii_mall on ebay.

I call that a bargain at under $10 each if you split the purchase with a mate. The seller claims it is local stock with delivery in about 7-10 days. Units are described as 220V, but should be OK for 240V because the heating element is thermostatically controlled. The listing shows an overseas mains plug so you might need an adapter, although local stock could have an AU plug so it's worth a punt. These irons are a rip-off of the older style Hakko units and will take Hakko tips. You often see these branded as "Yihua 936".

If you only want one, the single unit price is $12.95 delivered from this seller, or $10.99 from new seller aigodeal who has a feedback rating of only 3 so far.

It's hard to understand how anyone makes money on these. The last time I bought one was from Hobby King for about $25. Judging by other prices of locally stocked Chinesium on ebay, I think stuff is now coming in from China in containers in bulk for local redistribution.

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  • Thanks for sharing this find, I've been looking at some really small electronics projects, so I really didn't want to pay top dollar for a soldering station… And hobbyking's price has gone up since they are charging international shipping.

  • Great deal. Thanks for posting.

  • There's some seriously cheap tools in this category on ebay at the moment.

    Check out the 858D hot air gun for $15.88 delivered:


    • thks, grabbed one, hopefully comes with australian power plug and not the EU in picture and a travel adapter.

      hate to spend another $3 for AU plug and have to replace the EU one.

    • I bought one and it's unsafe its not earthed.

    • +2 votes

      Thanks mate I grabbed one - price is ridiculous.

      This is from a comment below -

      "These are not safe (heatgun 858D) I bought one and the exposed metal handle is not earthed. The heating element runs on AC the only thing between you and the mains is some mica sheet.

      Not to mention that the earth wire that was meant to be hooked up was just laying under the metal handle and not crimped in place. When I took the handle apart the wire was pinched and crumbled. Doesn't really matter seeing as the plug has no earth pin."

      As opposed to one of the irons where the metal tip is at 24v, looks like these are at 240 - personally I will be disassembling mine and checking/rectifying. For $15 I am not complaining, regretted selling my genuine Hakko one many years ago which was worth many hundreds of dollars in comparison. Well worth some remediation time :)

      Great video here about checking these


      and EEV has testing one of course also


      All of these checks/concerns should be no problems for a hobbyist to rectify - many are earthed by the look of it however I would say it definitely needs to be dissembled and checked.

      • The heating element runs on AC

        Yes, 24 volts AC, not sure why you think 240. It is in the specs.

        And the handle is plastic.
        If you try to hold the iron by the metal part, you will have more immediate problems.

        • +2 votes

          And you are touching the tip with a length of solder, which you are holding in your other hand.

          Solder is rather conductive.

  • Seems like they're just getting rid of stock. I bought one at 'market price at around 50USD a few years back. This is unbelievable value.

  • I put 2 in my cart, went to pay and got no discount.

  • thanks grabbed 2 and discount worked.

    although they all look,like a hakko copy, they aren’t.

    they sometimes have different connectors between iron and power supply and also the element resistance varies.

    hence it’s sometimes easier to buy new iron and power supply if iron needs replacing.

    tips fit fine across the brands though.

    learnt a lot when i thought i’d upgrade the iron to a silicone lead instead of plastic.

    • +1 vote

      The genuine Hakko 936 has a male plug on the iron and a female socket. The clones reverse this, god only knows why.

      The control board is completely different on the clones as well, nothing like the Hakko.

      For the genuine Hakko the iron lead is silicone, not PVC like the clones. The real Hakko irons are very nice to use. The clones work fine though (I've got both).

      Hilarious you can get the entire unit for less than the price of a Hakko tip. I paid ~$30 for my clone a few years back, and I thought that was bargain.

      My only complaint about these units (and the Hakko as well) is the LED only comes on when the tip is heating, it's not a power indicator. Pretty easy to leave the unit powered on. One day I'll replace the switch with a neon one or something. (The 937 has an LED temperature display, so it's easy to tell when it's switched on.)

  • Just noticed the 858D hot air gun is also available as a "buy 1, get 1 at 50% off" deal from a couple of sellers

    Alternatively, you can order one of each (soldering station and hot air gun) and still qualify for 50% off the cheaper item (the soldering station)

    Soldering station single unit price = $12.95

    Hot air gun single unit price = $18.69

    Combined price as a "buy 1, get 1 at 50% off" deal = $25.17

    This combo works out a little cheaper than buying separately from the cheapest seller of each item.

    • Thanks, ordered one of each.

    • Thanks Anderoo. Great tip re the combi also applying for a discount.

      Bought both too.
      To be honest, the last time I soldered or desoldered anything was years ago, but who knows, I'm sure I'll need it one day …….

    • Cool got both. I have a large circuit board I want to remove the components from.

  • We actually use 230v volt in Australia.

    • That hasn't been adopted uniformly. Still 240v in WA and QLD.

    • The official Australian standard is 230V with +10 / -6% allowed and +6 / -2% preferred, allowing for a pretty large range.

      Given this, some parts of NSW, VIC and QLD electricity networks continue to run 240V nominal. All of Tassie does actual 230 though.

      • you must be from Tassie. QLD is a bit bogan 255 is common and whilst Europe has agreed to have 230 I have not seen anything official in oz.

    • Always been known as 240v in NSW AFAIK..

      It’s actually an RMS reading, the actual peak—> peak voltage is around 340v… As RMS is x0.707.

      +-20v makes fuk all diff anyhow…

      • It was 240v nominal but we are/have been changing to 230v since the 80's. Same with the UK. The rest of europe went from 220v to 230v.

  • Looks like a good deal, thanks for the post

  • 7-10 days delivery is not local stock.

  • Would this be suitable to learn with? I've never soldered in my life but would definitely like to try.

    • +4 votes

      Buy first, ask questions later…

      That's the OzBargain way!

    • Definitely, even if walked into Jaycar to buy an iron you'd pay more

    • great iron to learn with but you might want to get some extra different shaped tips depending on if you working on boards or wires in the car or RC toys, etc.

      they sell sampler bags of bits where toy get 10 different shapes very cheap on ebay.

  • Thanks op! Got the soldering station and hot gun combo

  • Would these truly be ESD safe?

  • Either the ebay seller doesn't know or doesn't care that what they are doing is illegal. These are not certified for Australia and thus can't be sold here even on ebay.

    • there are zillions of illegal items on ebay if you wanna be a political perfect one tell your local pollie

      • Most of those illegal items are being sold from overseas. This seller said to be in Sydney.

        It isn't politically perfect. People have died because they used cheap unsafe electrical equipment.

        • It depends on where the company actually is. If it says ships from Sydney that is not the same as based in Sydney. Have to read the about section.

          They are located in Hong Kong.

          This is a common scam to make you think you are covered by Aussie law… You Aren't

    • probably doesn’t know, they sell everything from soldering irons through to garden hoses …..

      hope ships with au power plug … or china power plug at least.

    • It is only illegal if you resell it in Australia.

      Do you see and ABN or GST mentioned?
      They are lying about the location, but that's not illegal as such. It would be a civil matter. And how are you going to sue them in china?

      Technically, it would even be illegal to re-sell as used. But thats not the intention of the law, and it is not enforced.
      We rely on discretion of enforcement here, rather than carefully drafted rules.

  • These are not safe (heatgun 858D) I bought one and the exposed metal handle is not earthed. The heating element runs on AC the only thing between you and the mains is some mica sheet.

    Not to mention that the earth wire that was meant to be hooked up was just laying under the metal handle and not crimped in place. When I took the handle apart the wire was pinched and crumbled. Doesn't really matter seeing as the plug has no earth pin.

    • Thanks mate, giving it a miss..

    • That's why you need to buy two - one of them is bound to be faulty and need repair (variation on old British classic car joke).

    • that is the difference in how much you pay for similar items from china from different sellers and brands…. some will have 3 core au plug and earth, some won’t ….. safe to say if you are into electronics you might mod them if required.

      because these things usually have switch mode power supplies earth is an issue unless you hope they go open circuit not short to active in a fault.

  • Have bought both, now I should buy one of those things with the magnifying glass and clips.

    Anyone know of some good prices?

  • Looks the same as the Hobbyking unit I had for 8 years. It died 3 days ago and so I ordered a new identical solder station from Banggood with cost me $30. Bugger!

  • From what I can tell (and it really wasn't clear, sorry!):

    • This is not a genuine 'Hakko' (noting the spelling difference)
    • It may be an acceptable clone
    • Some people don't think this is safe to use
    • Other people think this is a bargain
    • No comment on whether this is aimed at experienced or entry level people
    • It may be possible to get this plus another device at a discount (you don't necessarily have to buy 2 soldering irons..)
    • I have an iron like this the 937D and it's good. It's earthed and all and build quality is decent but for some reason the cheap 835D I bought was rubbish.
      Maybe their is a reason it's cheap?
      It shipped from Sydney. I completely understand I wasn't expecting much for the price but to receive an unsafe product is a bit different. Every single review I seen on the 858D had a earth pin except mine lol.

    • Hi Jason - thanks for the summary and clarification- and yes, I misunderstood and thought this was the genuine Hakko at a clearance price. Bought it in an Ozbargain frenzy on that basis. Oh well, hopefully this clone works acceptably.

      I wonder if I will be able to cancel my ebay order.

      • +1 vote

        The genuine Hakko 936 hasn't been in production since about 2010.

        They're an old design, they started making them in the mid-90s, the clones came out about 10 years after that.

  • Seller is based in China and shipping from China, product may not be original (genuine).

    • Nah mate it's a genuine Huakko 936.

      It's the perfect tool to fix your genuine Sorny TV.

      • Ha ha. Exactly. P***ses me off when sellers do this.
        Makes me seriously question the quality of their product.
        Hence my anxiety having bought on this deal.
        Still v undecided whether to cancel my order.

        • I actually meant the opposite of the way you interpreted it - that the consumer should have a brain and know that they are not getting a genuine Hakko soldering iron as it doesn't even advertise itself as one.

        • @c0balt:
          In my case, I'm not familiar with soldering iron brands etc, so I was easily fooled and swayed by Compound's comment re market price of USD50 - I suspect he was referring to the original Hakko.
          The naming of the product is clearly designed to confuse a potential purchaser.

        • @pencilman:

          There was no salesman pressuring you. A potential customer should know a little bit about the product they are ordering including how Hakko is spelt, rather than FOMO because of upvotes.

        • @pencilman:
          FYI - An ‘Original’ Hakko basic soldering iron would be in excess of $150AUD…

  • Thanks OP.

    Now thinking of what my next diy project is going to be.

  • Perfect was looking for soldering iron for led cube. Now just need to wait for cheap led kit.

  • I was just looking for a soldering iron a week back and today thanks to the op and ozbargain i got 2x :)

  • Awesome find - I got the combo of the hot air station and soldering iron for $25.

    Stock is running low now, just 10 of each left.

  • If you guys see vacuum desoldering guns (proper ones either work station or continuous vacuum gun type, not the single shot puller ones) please drop it on Ozbargain. They tend to be the more expensive and less discounted bit of electronics kit…

  • +2 votes

    Be careful buying these products. They skimp on quality of components and many are not earthed properly making them fairly dangerous to use…

    • you are right, i don't know why u got downvoted. But from the photos, the power plugs only have 2 leads and missing the ground lead. People should read up on how dangerous it can be to operate electrical equipment without proper grounding. I bought a similar model from hobby king from a previous deal on here for $15 and it has 3 pins with a ground lead. Watch this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v1OuYg7AJjw

      https://hobbyking.com/en_us/soldering-station-with-adjustabl... a bit expensive but has 3 leads and it is safer.

      • +3 votes

        As the iron is on the 24v side, I believe that they can be considered double insulated (plastic cased) - and thus not require the earth per say. Metal case devices operating at 240 do need an earth as you will get shocked if there is a fault (as per your video).

        This link has some good info re cheap irons, where it could possibly be concluded that grounding the tip of the iron on the 24 volt side is more about providing ESD protection - but then it is not just a simple link to earth for various reasons.


        For what its worth, my genuine Hakko iron measures ~500k ohms from tip to ground.

        *none of this information should be taken as authoritative safety advise

        • A transformer does not give double insulation. There are a lot of aspects to designing for double insulation, but the one that applies here is "no single failure can result in dangerous voltage becoming exposed". This is not easy to achieve, you have to think "if the mains wire comes loose from the transformer, does it contact anything else that can be touched".

          If an item is double insulated, it will usually say so, because it is a selling point.

        • For what its worth, my genuine Hakko iron measures ~500k ohms from tip to ground.

          Should be zero, tip is grounded. Check your wiring.

          Same goes for the clones.

          I'm pretty sure the ESD models (black) don't have a resistor between tip & earth, just a treated case to prevent static build-up.

      • +2 votes

        watched the linked video. This doesnt really say much other than to stress the importance of making sure your home power points are grounded.

        The video blogger mentions that the equipment he uses must use an earth connection to safely bleed a neutral and earth connected capacitor as was advised by the manufacturer of his 3D printer. Is the printer an approved AU device? dunno.

        but I know that I want to have a solid electrically approved(Megged) earth in my house.

      • I would agree to disagree. Yes, it has TWO prongs, but it also has EARTH on the body. It is European plug and they do NOT have 3 prongs like AU or US.

        If it was like this, then yes, there would be no earthing, https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/6/63/Euro-Fla...

        but it is like this https://qph.ec.quoracdn.net/main-qimg-e328973c239473298140ac...

        The metal on the side of the plug serves as earth.

        On a side note, the only problem which could arise with plugs that have earth on them is if they are not earthed properly and that device has to be earthed. Some devices have to have them, some don't. Some have plugs with earth even though they don't need them, some don't even though they need them.

        Geez, do some research before coming up with an opinion.

    • Just to inform you a little better, earthing is only required on items with a conductive case because of shock risk. From the pictures it is obvious these are plastic cases, making any need for earthing (and your neg) redundant.

      Further Info

      • Arguably, depending on the power supply design, a fault in the primary and secondary winding in the transformer could introduce 240 to the tip of the iron - heavily dependent on the design however.

        I do concur with your assessment of the plastic casing however as per my above comment.

      • making any need for earthing (and your neg) redundant.

        The handle is earthed. It may be poorly done in the case of the clones, but it's there.

  • Where can I buy genuine Hakko?

  • Link to a video on a solder station. Not Haukko branded but the same Iron anyway.


  • Quite possibly Doesn't need an earth, benefit of doubt before condemning it as dangerous ppl.
    Also LOL @ Huakko

  • If I hadn't already bought a soldering iron set up I might've opted for this deal but a bit sketchy on the non-earthed aspect.

    I bought this from AliExpress for AU$16.50 a few weeks back mainly because the price wasn't too bad for a temperature adjustable iron that is earthed and uses AU style plug.

    Then I bought a magnifier with crocodile clips for ~AU$20 which also came with an AU adapter for the US plug.

    Projects I've done so far have been replacing 3 broken switches on the rangehood, modding my Sega MegaDrive II to play in NTSC, and converting Ford Mustang red US tail lights to work with AU-spec cars.

    • Have you tested to see if the earth pin has continuity/resistance to the metal around the tip holder?

      I've been watching Big Clive (https://www.youtube.com/user/bigclivedotcom) long enough to know that an earthed plug means nothing, as it's only on rare occasions that Chinesium electronics that have a ground pin are actually connected to the parts that matter.