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Unlimited Buzz Telco NBN - $45/Mth 12mbps, $50/Mth 25mbps, $55/Mth 50mbps, $60/Mth 100mbps (Month-to-Month)


Not as good as the last promo but still decent pricing. Given all the negative reviews and feedback from last years issues I was hesitant in joining Buzz but I figured with no setup fees and no contract it was worth a shot and I must admit, I've been pleasantly surprised and impressed with just how great the customer service has been. No congestion to report yet, no dropouts and certainly value for money in my experience so far.


BASIC UNLIMITED $45/MONTH - Upto 12Mbps Download/Upto 1Mbps Upload
STANDARD UNLIMITED $50/MONTH - Upto 25Mbps Download/Upto 5Mbps Upload
STANDARD PLUS UNLIMITED $55/MONTH - Upto 50Mbps Download/Upto 20Mbps Upload
PREMIUM UNLIMITED $60/MONTH - Upto 100Mbps Download/Upto 40Mbps Upload

Our current promotion expires Sunday, 18th February 2018 at 11:59 PM AEST.

Please Note that your services needs to be ordered and paid for before Sunday, 18th February 2018 to qualify for this promotion.

We offer a Basic Home Phone Service for $5/Month Available with our NBN Plans, this includes Local and National Calls at $0.09/Call and Mobile Calls at $0.20/Minute.

Static IP Addresses are charged at $5/Month. You may order a Static IP Address either with your initial order or by submitting a Ticket or Calling our Support Team. Static IP’s are currently unavailable in QLD. We are expecting to have them back in Queensland by Friday, 16th February 2018.

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  • is this company still around?

    • Stay away from this unethical company, worst people to do business with them, undeclared outage and denial of service is their moto.

      • I've had a pretty good experience (only had to contact them once). I've been on the 100/40 for about 7 months and not had any problems. There was one outage that they attributed to NBN (not sure if that's true but it only lasted a short while). They could do better with proactive notifications but they were responsive to my contact though.
        I typically get about 70 down 30 up during peak times. So not amazing but better than when i was with Mate and definitely better price.

  • Waiting for the complainers that no ISP can offer unlimited

  • Read the critical information summary in detail and understand what "typical" speeds they agree to offer you on their fastest NBN plan


    • I personally don't like the typical speed information requirement since it's so vague. It's better to work it out yourself by considering the connection type and congestion on the POI.

      • Sure, CIS also highlights min. 14 days notice for cancellation if you don't want to continue after first month.

        Best bet is to sign-up and try for yourself but then how easy is cancellation? Do they accept PayPal so you can leave easily rather than providing credit card details?

        I personally can't trust handing out CC details to them.

        • Another way: start a new bank account, most come with a debit card. Use debit card to pay. There are still a few bank accounts without a monthly fee.

          This way you won't affect your credit rating, and it's easy to shut down if needed.

  • That's the cheapest unlimited 100/40 available. It was Myrepublic's launch price, but now they are $85 a month for the same plan.

    What are speeds like in peak time though?

    • I get 20+mbps about 95% of the times I checked, I am on the 25/5 plan so pretty happy with it. Might just depend on your areas usage.

      • It's not hard to max out a 25/5 connection in peak hours. I'm just not sure if it can handle the full 100/40.

        • I guess thats true. I'm hesitant to sign up for 100/40 since im FTTN and don't want to pay for what I will not be able to get. I was on 0.8mbps with iinet ADSL2, so this is like a dream for me haha

  • Very happy customer of Buzz Telco here
    In Hamilton Hill and getting 90+/38mbps regardless of time/day
    Support has been outstanding and extremely helpful whenever I have had to speak with them

    There were some times where getting through to support via phone was problematic but it was due to their phone system playing up causing only one person to be able to answer calls but any other time I have had my call answered within 15 minutes or so and have always had prompt support via the live chat/submitted tickets.

    There were some minor issues with getting VOIP hooked up but turned out to be configuration on my end but support was more than happy to help

    I've actually recommended this service to a few of my associates at work

    • How long have you been with them?

      • Almost 3 months now, Service started on 16th of December.
        I was fortunate enough to miss their change of providers otherwise I might be singing a different story :D

  • Warning………..\

    They are terrible,2 weeks without internet before they sent me login info.
    Charged me for another month when i told them to cancel my account
    Promised to refund my money 3 months ago,still nothing
    Terrible service,

    Very dodgy ,and dishonest

    Dont say you werent warned

  • There's absolutely no way they can purchase enough CVC to reduce/eliminate congestion at their prices. They would be running at a loss if they were purchasing a sufficient amount. Unlimited data makes it even worse.

  • Will the other telco price match this?

  • Are they serious about your business? 2 starts on product review and Google review?

    • Are they serious about your business? 2 stars on product review

      Well considering Optus, Telstra and iiNet score 1.5, 1.6 and 1.5 respectively, I'd say a 2 isn't bad.
      Besides people only go on review sites to complain mostly.

      • you have isp, then nbn, then subcontractor to nbn ( technician) you just need to understand that with so many people involved service response times will be compromised.

        it’s not like adsl 2 with telstra where the technician and the isp are the same company end to end .

        i’m moving from tpg adsl2 to nbn coax next year , not sure if service will be better, adsl 2 dropped to 13mb down , called tpg, they called telstra, 2 days later i’m on 21mb.

        have a feeling nbn problem resolution will be slower.

  • I had the worst experience with them. They advertise as having Australia based customer service but you will be lucky if you can talk to someone over the phone. Stay away from them if you can.

  • People should always research for their own benefit to determine if a product is right for them but at the same time I also believe in second chances, which I think Buzz are worthy of. Now I don’t know a lot about their issues last year but from what I’ve read and been told by those running the show @Buzz now, there is a new management team now and they’ve done away with that poor attitude associated with those bad reviews.

    Unfortunately first impressions last, especially when human nature is to post when things go badly but not say anything when things are going well. As mentioned above, quite a few people above have received good customer service so maybe they’ve turned a page in that regard.

    For anyone interested here’s some threads…


    I’ve posted from the pages where Buzz seemed to have turned things around and since the recent promos were offered. Take from those what you will but had I not tried Buzz for myself, I’d still be paying $30/mth more for my old service for a slightly slower connection due to no QLD PoP.

  • I was a customer with them for 2.5 months mid last year. i had access to the internet for a total of 2 weeks.
    trying to get a straight answer from them was like talking to a dog that bites back. Really unprofessional responses or no response was all i got. one of their response was, if people stopped calling them for updates they could fix the problem quicker. So i logged my issue with them and they said they will keep ME updated.

    Another 4 weeks went by. I found out at the end i could of been connected 2 weeks earlier if i called and booked in a technician to come replace the HFC box. (that was never posted on their facebook page) That was it for me. Buzz Telco… dead to me.

    Dont get me wrong. internet was great when it worked… but i wouldn't risk it with a company like that again. As they say, you get what you pay for. Even less i felt in this case.

    • but i wouldn't risk it with a company like that again. As they say, you get what you pay for. Even less i felt in this casse.

      No set-up fees, no contract and a change in management would suggest there's really no risk involved.

      • The risk for me is how long it takes to port my number to them (I have to keep current RSP connection active until it's ported over). And if Buzz are slow in peak time, then I have to move again and that process could take a long time again, and I have to keep paying Buzz until it's done.

        • The exact same if’s and but’s you’d experience when moving to any budget RSP giving unlimited data who may not have the resources or money to maintain or fix issues quickly.

          If the risks are too great for you to gamble on…don’t use them, pretty simple really.

        • @Jonesy7707:

          But a second ago you just said there were no risks. I'm merely correcting you.

          I didn't downvote you btw.

        • @lostn: That's because IMO there are no risks. I was merely pointing out that there is variables and issues that can arise that not everyone would experience.

          You said there were risks and I said if those risks (you stated) were too much, don't join them.

        • @Jonesy7707: "IMO", there are always risks.

          You said there were risks and I said if those risks (you stated) were too much, don't join them.

          This is very obvious advice. It applies to everything and doesn't need to be pointed out. It's a very dismissive way of saying "there's nothing wrong with it, if you don't like it don't buy it, or leave, STFU."

        • @lostn: Now you're just putting words in my mouth. What I am saying is quite clear….if you feel others negative experiences are enough for you to judge on, go for it.

          If you've assessed the apparent risks you feel are associated with Buzz and feel like it's a jump too far, don't waste your time, money or effort on them. There is no subliminal messaging here!

        • @Jonesy7707:

          I understand what you're saying. "If you don't like it, don't get it" is another way of saying "no one is forcing you to get it". Well no shit sherlock. I don't understand the need to state the obvious.

          Where we differ is the risk. You don't think there is any. I do. Less than if there was a contract and startup fee of course, but still a risk. If they suck a month or two down the line, porting my number in and out, RSPs can hold me ransom like the last one did.

          At least you acknowledge there may be risks now, so I'll leave it there.

        • @lostn:

          Where we differ is the risk. You don't think there is any.

          At least you acknowledge there may be risks now

          so I'll leave it there.

          Probably for the best because you seem to be getting rather confused here. I'm still not sure where you are getting that I am saying there are risks, you've twisted my words and frankly, looking a bit silly now because what I am saying is write there in text form and clear as day.

          So yep, we will leave it there…great chat!

      • At the "risk" of not having internet for 2 months, i wouldn't use Buzz Telco everm and would not recommend them.

  • +1 vote

    I have been with them about a year at first they were a shambles now they are a lot better.

  • n.e.v.e.r again. was one of those who got burnt. had to resort to claim from c/c provider. rude support, rude accounts team. no connection nevermind, very very argumentative support.

    new management? so the boss has left?

  • I jumped on the Buzz wagon when I saw the previous deal (mid Jan). Cancelled the previous NBN provider when the Buzz customer service said "no problem, we'll get you connected in a day". That was 2 weeks before the desired connection date, and they waited to the last day to check if I could get connected. Now it's 10 days later and still no internet. And I work from home. I'm chasing them daily, they don't know what's going on. I'm trying to cancel but I guess I won't see a refund for the first payment.
    I guess if you eventually get connected, it's a good deal. If you actually need internet you might need to keep the old service active for few extra weeks just in case.
    I'm personally done dealing with them.

    • Attempted to get wireless NBN for a neighbor across the road during last month's promo.
      Three 'phone calls.
      Complete waste of time.
      I would have probably have also joined up with a view to ditching Exetel.
      Can't see them lasting. New management?

    • Hey mate,

      By any chance you trying to use your own Wireless router?

      • yes I was going to use my router

        • I had the similar issues when i tried connect my own router that was nbn ready….5 days to connect - fixed my issue myself as the support team was useless.

        • @snks2k: What was the fix? I'm on my third day offline.

        • @scupper:

          hey mate, what router do you have?
          i have a asus rt-at68u.

          Taken from


          In the main router interface window (put into your browser), click >> LAN (left hand menu)

          Choose IPTV (tabs at the top main screen within LAN menu)

          Under "Port" and under "Select ISP Profile", choose "Manual" (drop down menu choices)

          Then below, under "Internet", put "100" (without the "") in the VID field. I left the PRIO field as default (0) as it seems to work just fine as default.

          Anyway, then click "Apply" (at the bottom) and let the router configure. After that you should be good to go.

        • @snks2k: I was told that the issue was their provider so may not be my modem, which is kind of basic. Will be trying another isp soon instead.

        • @scupper:
          Ahhh that sucks. good luck with it all mate.

    • To update on this, after a couple of days they did cancel my order and after another 3 days I got my money back.
      As soon as I cancelled with Buzz, I submitted an order with Barefoot Telecom and I was connected in less than 24 hours.

  • Worst company I've ever dealt with. Avoid.

  • I've been with them for approx 8 months, 2 services (1xFTTP and 1xFTTN on different POI's) both 100/40.

    During peak I get 95/38 on my FTTP connection and 92/36 on my FTTN connection on average, latency is stable, on the worst nights I did see 40/25 but shortly after Jeremy advised me they bought more CVC bandwidth.

    My honest advice is as follows;
    Don't port your phone number to them, sign up to SIPTalk with the Whirlpool offer. The BuzzTelco SIP server seemed to shit itself with NAT traversal.
    If you're a FTTP user your connection should be very easy and quick.
    If you're a FTTN user expect around a 7 day connection window.
    They always have someone on support but quite often L1 triage - anything more advanced will be assigned up the queue and may take 1-3 days to resolve.
    If support will say they will call you back, they probably wont! Make sure you follow up with them.
    HFC-NBN is a shambles atm - good luck getting any decent connection or even connected!

    You're paying budget prices so please do go into this with the appropriate expectation levels.
    They have been flawless for me internet wise (bar the AAPT -> Vocus cutover which AAPT were jerks about).

    • Can you link to the Siptalk deal? What are they, an independent VOIP service?

      • Looks like the whirlpool offer has been retired!
        Yeah, independent and bought out by Telecube. (https://forums.whirlpool.net.au/forum/31?g=422)


        $1.65 per month to hold a DID number (dial in number - the one you port) + usage.

        Setting it up as a newbie interesting.
        You create an account and credit some money.
        Services > Add New > Digital Voip Extension (this will contain login details for your modem/SPA/handset) this will appear as an Extension number in the main services page.
        Services > Add New > Port Existing Number (DID) (this will port your existing number to siptalk)
        Once it's ported and listed in the Local Numbers section of the main services page open manage and callfwd your number to the extension number created above.

        • $1.65 per month to hold a DID number (dial in number - the one you port) + usage.

          Was this the WP deal that expired, or the current pricing?

  • I've recently migrated to Buzz from newbie - Mungi. Since the NBN devalued my FTTN unilaterally from 63 down recently to approx 30 down, I was looking for a competitive 25/5 plan. To me a sh.. FTTN connection warrants a commensurate customer "no unnecessary spend" response!! Buzz offers a standard 25/5 plan. $50 on promotion.. very competitive. Customer service in my case? Outstanding (have been with them for a couple of weeks on 12/1 and I updated to their 25/5 plan)! My commitment? I can walk with 14 days notice. These guys have upped their administrative game. No hesitation recommending them. Qld pop has plenty of grunt for my needs and was connected in two days - Vocus to Vocus. All ISPs have their issues hey. And at this price point - a no brainer sign up. Happy as.

    • @aussea,
      Did you have to provide Mungi customer number to Buzz on your churn?
      I cannot find my customer number on my Mungi invoices.

      • I called Mungi and asked them for it. I then placed an order with Buzz. Mungi sent me an auto generated "sorry you are leaving" email upon transfer application. I was surprised by that auto response. I called Mungi to ensure that the service and billing was terminated after that email. Do not cancel your Mungi service before migration! You would know this already.

        • Thanks.
          How long did it take for Buzz to migrate your FTTN service after you ordered and paid for Buzz?
          How does Buzz compare to Mungi speed and dropout wise?

        • @Joe888: Two days (Vocus to Vocus). Can take up to 5 working days to churn Vocus to Vocus.. I find the Buzz service throughput better at peak hour on the Qld pop. Caveat: Your milage will vary!

          Edit: Absolutely no drops since joining!

  • I thought I'd give them a go with their recent deal for $29/month 25mbps plan.

    I have FTTP, and after completing sign up online the service was active within 24-48hours.

    It's been only a month now, but no dropouts and consistent 20+Mbps so doing the job for me.

    For the price it's amazing value. Almost didn't sign up due to previous reviews but at this stage happy. Here's to hoping it stays that way.

  • I wonder if these guys are all a buzz (word) at tio?

  • I am a long time follower of OZ Bargain site, and thought of sharing my experience of Buzz Telco.
    There were lots of negative comments on them, when they had a very tempting offer in last August. The Unlimited 25/5 was with a static IP, with a one time rental fro modem was on offer fro $ 49.90, which was very good in my opinion.

    I went for that with lots of doubt in my mind due to the comments appear on this site.

    But when the service is active, I was pleasantly surprised, and the speed is constant right throughout. And they offered me excellent online support services, (even though there was a waiting time). they were result oriented, and courteous and professional. what more one can ask for?

    Later, I wanted to get the IP phone installed, and they shipped me a modem / router for that when I requested the services.

    It was my first time experience to FTTH, and to the broadband services, I must say. I have been using the mobile data connections.

    I have the screenshot of my speed check results if anyone want to view. (In fact, i had two applications to monitor the broadband speeds, and both gives almost identical results. only screenshot was displayed here)

    My suggestion is, be objective when commenting; don't be subjective when expressing your opinion.



    P.S. I am not an associate of the Buzz Telco by any means. Mere happy customer only. :) And now I am paying $29.00 as they have extended the recent promotion for the existing customers as well !!

    • +1 vote

      Really no association.. You have posted 6 comments and all are on BuzzTelco posts and all are positive.

      What an amazing coincidence :)

      • Really - no vendetta here.. You have posted 4 comments and all are on BuzzTelco posts and all are negative.

        What an amazing coincidence :)

  • +2 votes


    Here is a list of known issues:

    Not connecting customers after signing up.
    Not delivering modems or delivering incompatible modems
    Long outages (several weeks/months for some)
    Charging customers multiple times and then refusing refund. There are still people fighting through the TIO to get a refund.
    Very poor customer service - totally refuses to take responsibility for any failure.
    VOIP never works.
    Well known to the TIO.
    ASICS has threatened to de-register the company due to non-compliance.
    Run by 5 guys (and possibly a cow) from a barn in QLD.

    These guys were ranked by fellow OZB's as poor (worst of the small ISPs). The poll is here. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/354899

    I would not go near them unless you plan on having the TIO on speed dial. Have a read of the prior post at least before singing up so you at least what pain is coming your way. Should really be kicked off OZB.


    • +1 vote

      What's your personal experience? Still trash?

  • I signed up with them. In less than 10 days after, they screwed up with their mainstream supplier and didn't even inform me or any other customers. Left me without internet for a few days and never refunded me the money they had charged for the month, though I did request it as advised. Stay away from these guys.

  • I was with them during the debacle last September. Left with no net for about 5 days (FTTP). Almost switched/signed up a new telco. Decided to give them a second chance and have been enjoying the savings.

    Speedtest just now at Peak http://www.speedtest.net/result/7043452731.png

    • the AAPT cut-out event was shameful. No doubt about it.
    • Bad/Slow/Non communication during the downtime was a $hitshow (presumably their small CS team was overwhelmed)
    • they did have an "advance" charge on me that month (I made sure I wasn't double-charged when I reached the "advance" month)
    • HFC users were particularly screwed in compared to FTTP/FTTN users back then (not sure about now)
    • Speed was not great for the first 2-3 weeks upon reconnection. Peak could struggle a bit. (I couldn't feel it recently though so I assume they've bought up CVC)
    • I don't use home phone so I can't comment on it

    All in all, so far so good since October. YMMV.

  • +3 votes

    I am writing to inform you about our new and improved Refer a Friend Credit. Now both you and your friend will receive a $20 Account Credit whenever you refer a friend and they include your referral code "****" in their order. The credit will be applied to both of your accounts and will come off of your next invoice. Credits are applied as soon as your friend's service is activated by NBN Co.

    To make this deal even better, we are not limiting the number of referrals you are allowed to make, you will receive the credit for each and every friend that you refer.

    With our current Promotion running, I could not think of a better time to announce this Referral Offer, please don't hesitate to check out our website and to get your friends to as well. This offer has been introduced as a way of rewarding you, our customer, for the positive feedback and referrals that you send to us.

    To view our current Promotional Pricing please have a quick look at our website here.

    I would also like to announce that we are currently accepting Expressions of Interest for a number of new, high speed, NBN Plans which will soon be launched for Fibre to the Premises customers, if you would like to receive updates on these plans and be one of the first to be able to take them up, please reply to this email and we will place you on the Waiting List, the plans are expected to be launched in the next 2 - 3 months, once we have all of the backend systems in place for them, the new plans are as below:

    NBN 100/100Mbps - $120/Month
    NBN 150/100Mbps - $150/Month
    NBN 250/100Mbps - $200/Month

    These plans are designed for high usage customers who have a need for speed and are being launched based on Customer Feedback. Like all of our plans, these plans will have Unlimited Downloads and Uploads.

    If you have any feedback or suggestions you would like to raise to us, please don't hesitate to contact our Support Team (ask for the ticket to be forwarded to Management in your lodgement, this is the quickest method) or email me directly at [email protected].

    I hope you enjoy your weekend.

    Kind Regards

    Jeremy Chequer
    General Manager

    Buzz Telco
    P: 131 BUZ (289)

  • After dealing with this company over not having a phone for 3 months and internet that drops out for over two weeks with a $5 'voucher' i would recommend everyone stays away from them….Why do you think they are offering so many specials….They need money coming in from somewhere!!

    • Why do you think they are offering so many specials….They need money coming in from somewhere!!

      So many specials? I’ve seen two deals from them in 6mths and obviously they do it to attract customers…just like any business! Why do ABB and Telecube have ongoing promotions?

      Breaking News company runs special pricing to entice customers!!