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[Instore] Google Pixel 2XL $59/Mth: 15GB, 2 Year Contract + Free Google Home Mini (New Customers, Port-in) @ Telstra / JB Hi-Fi



Telstra - In Store & Online Chat (New, Port-In customers only)
JB Hi-Fi - In Store (Details here, thanks nismo)

Mod: The above information is gathered from reps. Note that some existing/upgrading users were able to obtain the deal via Telstra online chat, however from what we've been told they aren't authorised to offer such a deal so don't expect to receive this.

Mod 2: Users purchasing in store (not online), have reported receiving a bonus pair of earphones. Thanks KLoNe

If you have successfully claimed this offer please share your results as to where / which store you successfully purchased from.

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    I went to JB to take the Pixel 2 XL back today…
    "Hi, I'm wanting to lodge a warranty claim for my Pixel 2 XL due to the blue colour shift…"

    interrupts "It's actually a feature so no, you can't".

    After a getting another sales rep and showing them the multitude of forum posts and posts by Google themselves acknowledging the extreme shift on some models they agreed to do a warranty claim. However, they said it can take up to 8 weeks and they could only provide me with a crappy Android phone in the interim (while I continue to pay $59 a month).

    JB, you've done it again. Now to try direct with Google - anyone know if they do an advanced replacement? (They used to when I had to return my Nexus)

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      If you read on the Google forum's, you will see that Google had started rejecting blue shift claims. If they accept, you could end up with a refurb. Irrespective, they all have the blue shift- which is why Google doesn't want to rma for blue shift.

      • Not all have blue shift, hence the reason why people are returning them and getting new phones without it.

        Having said that, it is a lottery. There's some real QC issues with this handset.

        My G4 (post-bootloop) is a much nicer phone to use despite being 3 years older.

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          They do all have an element of blue shift. Like almost all other OLEDs. Just look at the phone straight on. Problem solved.

        • It's impossible that some can have and others can't, it's a characteristic of the pOLED technology implementation. I've yet to see any significant variation in the amount of blueshift between samples either.

          That said, it was distracting for the first week after that I hardly notice it. It's mostly peoples expectations and adjustment to the blueshift that changes between warranty exchanges.

    • Try Google or Telstra (since you're contract is with them). I would think it'd be a straight swap if they have stock.

      • I tried to take a Pixel 2XL back to JB who had no stock left, they said try Telstra and they said they can't help with phone replacements because you bought it from JB, even though it is a Telstra contract. Does anyone know how to deal with this issue?

        • Why not go direct with Google? They will usually send you a replacement and you'll send your current one back after you receive it.

        • @911r: Which will be quicker? Google or JB? Usually Google won't send a new one until the old one arrives and AusPost is pretty slow these days and costs a bomb.

        • +1

          @riscy: In my experience Google do advance replacement (send out first).

        • @911r: Well I should have a new phone on Tuesday from JB, but if that is a dud I'll go Google direct. Thanks for the info.

  • Ordered on the 28th and it has now been placed on backorder.


    • How's yours going?

      • Received it yesterday with home mini and headphones.

  • SO what case are people getting? Are the Spigen cases, still best bang for your buck?

    • I went to Paddy's market in Sydney and got a wallet cover where you can store a couple of cards and a tempered glass. All up $25! :) So I'm sure you can find something similar on eBay!

    • Did not regret purchasing the Google fabric case one bit. Price is a bit steep, but very nice case.

      • I would think after a few months it would get pretty manky?

        • Nope. Mine still looks brand new. You can always wipe with a damp cloth. It's made of polyester after all.

    • I have the spigen liquid crystal case since late last year. Happy with it I suppose.

      But haven't really tested it by dropping from great height (knock wood).

      It's tinged a bit yellow now, but all TPU ones go like that after a while.

      Only issues are I can't put a screen protector on because the case is too tight and I have got a couple of tiny chips in the paint due to sand particles.

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    So I went into JB yesterday and asked if I was eligble for this plan. Was on Telstra BYO. They said if I ported out they could definitely give it to me.

    So I ported out to Optus on a $2 SIM and despite porting out my number is still showing in Telstra's system. It's been almost 24 hours. Now they say they don't think they can give me this deal anymore as they believe it won't accept recent port aways…so why tell me it would work in the first place?? Pissed off.

    • Your the 3rd person posted, we are on 4 days and escalation (BOOST)put into remove from Telstra system…got told that it would be no issue from Telstra staff….
      Did get an email from Telstra that "We have ported number from Telstra" TODAY…it ported 4 days ago….so the Telstra system maybe updated….will be checking Monday……to port back into Telstra if number has been removed…….

      • Been following your story as I'm in the same exact situation. I also got the email today. The girl at JB HiFi has involved Telstra regional management for me and they've supposedly filed some paperwork to get things resolved tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

        • My port finally went through today!

    • do you have conversation of the chat? friend on byo made sure he had the online conversation printed out when he went in-store and they honoured it.

    • Same thing happened to me, I disconnected my telstra service number through a different telstra rep and after that they could port my number from optus.

  • Currently signing up in store at Castle Towers JB, panda model. Checked IMEI, build date October 29.


    • Did you go through with signing up? Jackson from that shop said their panda models were new stock. Hmm…..

      • Jackson's probably full of shit

      • Went through with it. They had trouble finding it, turned up behind the counter, they said it was meant to be picked up in January but never was.

        It has a pretty strong blue shift viewing it off axis, stronger than what I'm used to from the N6 and N6P. It's mildly warmer in the top half when viewing face on, maybe (or maybe I'm trying to see it?). No evidence of jelly scrolling or graininess to my eyes.

        And I actually prefer the natural colour mode. I'm happy. I actually wanted a black model though but they didn't have one.

        • +1

          Good on you mate. I got a pixel 2 in November. 1st one booted into recovery and couldn't get out of it. Unfortunately I didn't open in store so had to go back the same day to replace. I made sure it booted up in store before leaving. This one has been solid with no issues After seeing a few mates using the 2xl I am contemplating upgrading. Probably wouldn't make much difference but I would like a newer build. Enjoy your new phone.

  • telstra store bendigo told me they dont do that deal and they aren't allowed to. bit confused as other telstra stores seem to be offering it. im with optus at the moment too so not sure why they wont do it for me.

    • Can I suggest try online chat ask about the deal if they said yea can do it, take screenshot and give it to them. I actually had 2 online chats about this and both said the deal is on. Didn't take screenshot though.

    • 3 suggestions,
      Try again tomorrow when the regular staff are on
      Try the other Telstra store up there
      Try JB Hifi

      save time, phone each option first

      • +1

        jb was out of stock and the other telstra store was closed :(
        just ordered one online anyway! :)

  • Optus port in service isn't working. I tried Pakenham victoria and they said it's because they're upgrading the system.
    Should be working 9am Monday 5th.

    Trickey question.
    I've already got a Vodafone Sim would I be able to port with the Vodafone number then change the phone number from my Telstra prepaid to the pixel plan ?

    • +1

      I asked this and they said no as the number is tied to the phone plan.

      • Ahhh. Thanks I did have a feeling it would be the case thought I'd ask. I'll try and get ported to Vodafone. Then back to this deal.

  • +1

    Just signed up for the deal from Telstra Discovery Centre - Cnr Bourke & Swanston St. I made appointment first since I tried walking in to the Melbourne Central store yesterday it was so packed and they mentioned to make appointment.

    The guy in the Discovery store asked what's your preferred colour, I said whatever is in stock and I got the panda colour. Got it all in one pack including Google Home Mini and earphones (they are bundled together wrapped in one bag). Didn't even have to ask for it o.o. Not sure how many left I didn't ask but all JB stores ran out.

    I port in number from Telechoice.

  • +1

    Went to the Bankstown Central Telstra store. Rep told me there was no remaining stock but they could ship a unit to my door. Did the paperwork and ended up choosing the panda colour. Excited for it to come!

  • I just got this from my local JB Hi-Fi with Google Home Mini and headphones included but couldn't take it home because they have to wait for Kogan to port me out before they can give me the stock apparently.

    Seems like a pretty good deal, thanks OP. What's the consensus on Pixel XL2 vs Samsung s9? Wonder if that will be available at a similar price point in a few months time.

  • Picked up the Zagg tempered glass screen protector with mine today. Pretty awful really. Halo around the edge, big rainbow in the middle where the contact isn't perfect due to no adhesive.

    My panda one has a build of early Nov and black has late nov. Both have blue shift but hard to tell how much it will annoy me yet. Doesn't seem like there is a lot to do about it, especially since not a lot of the phones around to get replacements even if they let you.

  • Has anyone tried getting this deal via "New Phone Feeling"?

    • I've asked - response is its new or port only - so recontracting does not meet the criteria.

  • +1

    Just checking, does anyone notice the white colour on 2XL is slightly yellowish? I tried it on different colour settings and 100% brightness, quite noticeable compared to my LG G5 O.o is this normal?

    • Night light mode?

      Change your screen colour at night
      To make it easier to look at your Pixel phone in dim light, you can reduce your screen’s blue colour. Blue light may make it harder to fall asleep. Your screen will look red or amber, which can help your eyes adjust to night vision more smoothly.

      Automatically change your screen colour at night
      Open your device's Settings app Settings app.
      Tap Display and then Night Light.
      To pick start and end times, tap Schedule. (If you can't tap 'Schedule', tap Turn on automatically.)
      Custom time: Enter your 'Start time' and 'End time'.
      Sunset to sunrise: Use your current location’s sunset and sunrise times to control Night Light.
      To stop night mode from turning on automatically, tap Schedule and then None. (If you don't see 'None', tap Never.

      Change your screen colour yourself at any time
      Open your device's Settings app Settings app.
      Tap Display and then Night Light.
      Turn Night Light on or off.
      Under 'Intensity', adjust the colour.
      Tip: Night Light is available as a Quick Setting. Learn about Quick Settings.

      • Nah I checked and make sure night light is off. I think it is similar issue like the blue tint where you turn it at certain angle it becomes yellowish o.o

        • yeah it's defo a bit yellow, however make sure you adjust the colour profile in settings and have the latest software update

        • @willoz:
          Yeah I wonder if it's defective batch or it's just the way it is. I changed colour setting from saturated, boosted, natural…changed brightness… No luck.

        • @moonlite51: I got a Panda XL for my wife and a black for me. Side by side mine is way more yellow. Even on the screen that just shows the time when the phone is asleep mine is yellow. Gonna RMA mine I think. Hers is a Nov 6 build and mine is a Nov 30.

          The blue shift on hers is about the same as mine as well.

          Any idea if i am better off trying direct through google rather than through JB?

        • @kulprit:

          I actually tried going to Google and they suggested to try going to your local store first.
          Maybe try and see if you can compare it to something else in store. Mine looks the same in store, unfortunately (surprisingly mine is actually better!).
          How do you find your production date? I know you can enter your IMEI number via some websites, but is it safe to enter it in those websites?

  • +1

    Thanks OP
    Got deal from Telstra store Newtown NSW

  • What APN are people using. The sim seemed to come with a telstra.internet and telstra.wap along with telstra.mms

    From here they are using telstra.iph and combined it with the mms one.


  • +1

    What are people saying to get the extra 5gb on the online chat? They keep telling me that's only for people linking different products.

    • "I heard you are giving loyal customers 5gb extra data pm. Can this be applied to my account please?"

    • +1

      I just contacted online chat and asked for it - Bangalore said yes. Easy as

      • Bangalore said yes

        Bahaha.. take a +1 coz I got the joke

  • Would any of yous recommend a case and screen protector. If possible, please also include where to purchase it. Thanks :D

  • I ordered via online chat and its showing as Back Order 1 March 9.XX AM

    Anybody else experiencing the same thing ?

    • I'm on backorder too. I did receive an order estimate email though which said it estimated I'd receive my SIM and phone on the 7th

    • Mine says the same - has the weekend has just passed though not sure if anything happens.

      Has anyone called, or gone to online chat for an update?

  • +1

    My online order was placed 28th Feb, it was under back order.
    Today i rang up to see what's up, no Black Pixel 2 XL and they weren't sure until when. They said they only have the Black&White one and i that i can swap now. They ended up cancelling my order so i had to jump back online and go through it all again (since i don't have time to go to the stores). So if you want the Pixel 2 XL asap, get the black&white one.

    • Thanks for the info. I always thought the black and white was more popular, or perhaps they're manufacturing more to meet demand.

    • Interesting, I just went to online chat and even though it says backorder, they say mine is dispatching tomorrow.

      • I went to online chat to confirm the backorder and they said it will arrive tomorrow too, forgot to ask for the post tracking number so i went back online with another person saying it will arrive tomorrow. They told me to ring 132220 for the post tracking number and that's when the person on the phone told me they dont know when more black Pixel 2 XL will come in.
        Let us know if you get it tomorrow, good luck!

        • +1

          Turned out the Telstra chat person was incorrect. They didn't send it out yesterday. I went online again and another chat person said that all colours were on backorder - and said it might take 3-4 weeks even though they sent me en email saying I would get my order on the 7th. I went online to another person and they said for some reason my order was stuck, but it would be processed in 24 hours. That didn't happen.

          Was resigning myself to waiting for whenever Telstra would get stock, and not sure if it would come with the mini by then.

          Luckily I checked JB in the city today and they got some new stock late yesterday. The JB guy helped me cancel my original order with Telstra (he was basically using Telstra's system) and I got the phone with the free mini and earphones from JB.

          Apparently these are flying off the shelves, all the stock they had yesterday was almost sold out this morning. The JB guy said hhad e even a Telstra employee getting the deal from him this morning as Telstra had no stock.

  • For those who ordered via Telstra Online, what does the order tracker says when the order is shipped? My order status has been sitting as 'stock allocated' for a few days now.

    • +1

      Mine was 'stock allocated' for a few days too, today it was finally shipped and displays as;

      Dispatched 5 Mar 18 11:35 AM Track your parcel delivery here

      Didn't receive any notifications from Telstra though.

    • Ordered just a standard Pixel 2 - mine still says back order booo

  • -2

    If only this was for an iPhone… Realistic ideas on resale value on Gumtree?

    • Jump on Gumtree and have a look what others are listed for

  • My order is marked as delayed. Do they still honour this deal in-store?

  • I've just ported from Vodafone over a week ago in store in Wollongong for $109/month!! Is there any way I can get them to honour this deal and allow me to downgrade? Any consumer laws I can invoke? Thank you in advance!

    • +1

      Any consumer laws I can invoke?

      Felling angry consumer law. No harm in asking nicely. I wouldn't be getting vocal or nasty. Some dude in Bangalore may feel sorry for you and do a deal. Is there a cooling off period in your contract?

  • All Telstra online chats now say no Google home :(, it's sold out in all stores in Sydney incl. JB too. JB broadway says they'll get about 50 this week, since they sold 30 last week alone

  • I had ordered online on Thursday(last), but needed a phone urgently as mine had died..checked on Friday wit chat but no updates- called up Telstra whether my number had ported out on Friday and they said no..
    cancelled my order after checking local stock at JB Hifi and requesting them to keep one aside.
    Went to the store on Saturday morning and ported from Optus and walked out of the store with the phone, google mini and pair of Pipe earphones.
    Thank you Ozbargain community and lucky I made the decision, otherwise who knows I still woudl have been waiting for my online order with or without the perks of Pipe earphones plus/minus the google mini.

    • And as history would have it you will probably still receive your telstra issued handset. When you do post in the forums "Received Cancelled Pixel 2XL Order from Telstra. Need Help"

  • This is crap - I just spent hours on live chat.
    One Telstra rep told me that there was no chance to get the promotion, as I am already with Telstra.
    The next person told me that I would absolutely be able to do it, but only in store.
    So I tried one more time, and the guy was all over it… he said I can sign up even though I am a current customer, get the phone and the Home mini, and I repeatedly clarified that there is no handset repayment. It took over an hour to nut out all the details. Then at the last minute, just before committing, he springs a handset fee on me! All of a sudden, he is completely unaware of the promotion. I copied/pasted bits of our earlier chat back to him, and he just didn't care. He tried to explain how I had been confused earlier, so I copied/pasted a few more examples of how I had been very clear about $0 handset repayments. I got that sinking feeling - after being excited that I was going to succeed with the chat session, now I could tell it was going nowhere.
    As well as this rant, I vented in the chat feedback - hopefully someone reads that!
    The whole thing was a frustrating waste of time.

    • Another valued Telstra customer.

      It shits me to no end the way in which companies these days fawn over new signups, but treat their existing customers with utter contempt. Why go to all the effort to sign us up if you don't put any effort in to retain us? Ughhhh

  • Getting the deal through 24x7 live chat atm, but does not include the google mini. The name of the rep i'm talking to is Joh-Patrick.

    Maybe the google mini is only for in-store. I wish I could get the mini but couldn't resist the temptation of ordering it straight away hahah

    edit: I'm porting from virgin mobile

    • My partner was told that it didn't come with a home mini, but they shipped one anyway. I think the reps just aren't aware. YMMV of course.

  • I got one yesterday at JB hi-fi DFO Homebush. Called all over Sydney and it was all completely sold out but luckily the Homebush store found one stock during the day and I nabbed it.

    The phone is good. Thing to note is the free headphones are not wireless; which was disappointing. I thought they would have given a wireless one with the pack.. but o wells. Free is always good.

  • Confirm deal, got Sunday at JB HI FI, You have to move from another carrier for the deal, but it so cheap for what you get.

    Confirm got phone Pixel 2 XL 64GB, headphones "AIAIAI Pipe", Google mini.

  • Hey all, OP fantastic deal. How did some ppl get the $10 value pack to make international calls included in the deal? Any tips on how to go about it would be appreciated

    • Tried 3 x online chats with different reps but no luck.

      • yeah, they didn't even give me the 5gb extra because non of the other services i have are under my name…

  • +1

    What a cracker of a deal! Was on Telstra. Ported over to Vodafone pre-paid and waited 48 hrs for the number to disappear from Telstra's system. Then went into JB and ported over to Telstra again. Thank you once again for sharing this great deal.

  • +1

    There are still 7 at Forest Hill VIC JB hi-fi for those interested.

  • Got my phone, ordered online chat, came with headphones and mini,

    Does anyone know how long it takes to port over once you get your phone? Is it automatic or do I need to ring someone? How do they know when to port the phone over… this is an online chat order, porting from Ovo Prepaid.They said it was seamless.. jsut wondering how it is done or detected that I have my phone now. I put in the telstra sim..

    • Shouldn't take more than a business day. I'm sure you get notified by email or something.

      Otherwise, you just restart your phone until you get a signal I believe.

    • Once I activated online, it took about 5 minutes for my port to complete from Vodafone.

    • Usaually a few minutes.
      if you have you old sim in, when that disconnects, your Telstra one should be ready to use.

  • +4

    Received mine from Telstra today, came in a presealed bundle of the phone, Google Mini and the Pipe headphones, didn't know I was getting the headphones so that was a nice surprise.

    Has a slight blue tint to it when I look at the screen on an angle, doesn't bother me too much, coming from a S7 Edge which had a fantastic screen it's something to get used to!

  • Just got my bundle from JB Hifi South Wharf, Melbourne. I received Just Black/ Jan 18 build date. I think they still have a couple so be quick if you wanna get one. What do you say to Telstra online chat to get the extra 5GB data though? I ported in from Optus. Thanks for any advice.

    • There's a whole separate thread on that very issue at https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/363129

    • I literally just asked for it

      Give it a go

    • Did you get a Pixel 2 or P2XL? Any screen issues on the Jan-18 build date model?

      Is it possible to check the build date on the packaging or do you need to check via an IMEI/other input into a website? In other words, is it possible to check the build date in store and prior to opening at home?

      • The IMEI is on the box? You may need the serial number to check its age though which is also printed on the box I'm not sure.