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Steam Holiday Sale


Way too many games to list. Over 1000 games have had their price slashed.

Remember you may be able to get the games cheaper by using the following guide written by OCAU's Philll:

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  • YAY!

    Alternatives to SecuROB.

    • But you're still chainballed to good ol' DRM..

      • +6

        Well… you don't say Sherlock.

        Still I'd gladly accept Steam compared to any rootkit Sony come up with.

        • Except that (third party) titles on steam often have steam DRM and the original game DRM, eg. Securom.

  • The complete Rockstar pack would be good value, but not available in Australia (I assume due to it including Manhunt)

  • Can I use the US store with my existing AU account or do I need to create a new US account?

    Can I later merge the two accounts?

  • bc2 aint 6.6 thats the upgrade kit

  • Wow excellent value for BC2. I paid $60 for it just earlier this year.

    • BC2 = USD13.59 (66% off)
      BC2 Vietnam addon = USD14.99 (normal price)
      BC2 SPECACT addon = USD5.99 (normal price)

      • BC2 is only $6.79USD if you're able to get it from the US store.

        • Rather annoying that i could get bc2 and vietnam on steam from the usa for $21USD. I have BC2 retail so i have to get vietnam from EA and it is $20 on their site for us.

          Edit: cant reply to the person under me so ill edit this.

          You cant buy Vietnam on steam unless you have the steam version of BC2.
          You CAN still buy Vietnam from the EA site, it just costs more for us.

        • damnit so if i have retail version (bought the cd key) i cant get vietnam? damnittt

        • The great Australian ripoff - I'll be getting it from the US store.

  • Lots of good stuff eg Portal, BC2, MeatBoy, lots of game packs.

    • Deus Ex twin pack for $2.99

  • Cool, $13 for a ton of cool indie games ;)

    • +2

      Well the humble indie bundles can be activated on Steam now, I just got the link today.

      So there's no need to buy a game again if you already have it.

  • Unfortunately us Australians can't get the Valve pack :( Apparently Valve doesn't think we're cool enough.

    • +4

      Probably due to the L4D2 censorship.

  • +1

    For those wanting to go onto the steam US store for better prices here's the link All money goes to Steam US either way so its not like shopping at the AUS Steam store is good for Australia > http://store.steampowered.com/?cc=us

    • I've heard that on Steam, sometimes the game regions are restricted. And you cant play in home country
      How can you tell which games will not work in Aus for example if bought from the US store?
      Or is this just for only boxed games?

  • +2

    Bought BC2 for $6.79 using OpenVPN, worked better than great.

    • What is this OpenVPN of which you speak? I've found http://openvpn.net but not sure what to do from there…

      • Wow, I apologies, for some reason I said OpenVPN instead of "UltraSurf" which is what I ACTUALLY used.
        Sorry haha

        • how do u put indetails

        • Aha thanks for that. So are you using the gifting method? That's the only one I know of.

        • +2

          No, just put in fake US address and bought it using a MasterCard.

  • +1

    The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom for $0.49 (save 90%) http://store.steampowered.com/app/40930/

  • +11

    A great website for comparing prices between Steam stores is: http://www.steamprices.com/au

    • +2

      I like the top rip off section.. lol.

      Goes to show that AUS prices are rediculously high.

    • Thanks. Very useful. Like the top savings section ;-)
      And, of course same with jamesligit - that top rip off is a gem :-P

      • :P

        Looking at the top savings, they do have some at 33% or more.

        But … Age of Booty

        Savings vs USA - 0%
        Savings vs UK … big dramatic drum roll … 0.75% … :P

  • Anyone know how long this sale goes for? I know they are ment to change games every day but its also a steam wide 25% to 50% off almost everything sale!

    • It runs for 2 weeks as of today.

      • Thank's :) will wait too see if the games i want to buy pop up on a special day price.. at the moment they are 25% and 33% off hoping for more…

  • Is there anyone that can post up a list somewhere? Steam is blocked from work!

  • I have same prob as cookmsuh though this site is great (and informative for buying decisions):


    • +9

      Fallout: New Vegas
      Aus: $67.46
      US: $37.49

      • Its just insane, how would they justify this!

  • +1

    I'll have 2 of each animal!

  • Great deal!

    Im thinking about L4D2 for the Macbook - it's only a basic machine - can anyone who has it suggest how it might work? 2.14Ghz / 4gb ram….

    Also, is it best on joystick or keyboard? Cheers….

    • +1

      keybd + mouse for FPS :)

      joystick of racing, and action games.. your at a bit of a disadvantage with only 1 mouse button tho :P

      • haha epic
        but magic mouse has both left andright click now
        welcome to osx

        • +2

          still not that great for FPS, you need other buttons that you can program to your preferences (scroll wheel absolute must for weapon switching)

  • +3

    WHY is it that if i buy from the Australian steam store i still get an international transaction credit card fee on my bank statement at a % of the total price.

    I may as well buy from the US Store direct and that way i get the reduced prices.. Either way i still pay a INT credit card fee.

    • Pay with paypal is the only way to avoid it i believe.

      • +2

        Or use the 28 degrees (Wizard) mastercard.

        • love that car(d). :)

      • +3

        Though with paypal you get crap exchange rate so it's fairly close anyway.

  • So how do i get the uncensored version of L4D2?

    • +2


      or buy from the US Steam store using a VPN IP

    • +3

      Use Ultrasurf to trick Steam into thinking that you live in USA.

      Then use CC to pay (or use Steam Wallet, just top it up with some credit before hand) and plug in a fake US address.

      • Easiest method yet! US rates here I come and screw the distributors!

      • Can anyone confirm a payment into your Australian steam account's Wallet will withdraw funds for the US store purchase?

      • +1

        I'm trying to use Ultrasurf and Steam Wallet but am getting the following error:

        There seems to have been an error initializing or updating your transaction. Please wait a minute and try again or contact support for assistance.

        • Interesting- let us know if you can get the transaction to complete using the funds in your Steam Wallet!

        • You must be doing something wrong. I didn't even use steam wallet - just my st george debit card.

          Make sure you say that you live in USA.

        • When I run Ultrasurf, do I need to configure anything? All I've done is run it and then go to the Steam site through the IE page that popped up. And yes I'm using Steam Wallet since I don't have a debit card.

        • yup, getting the same error with that method, they must have checked my paypal account location or something.

          Update: my St George Visa Debit card not working with it either. Grr
          Update 2:Entropay is also failing to recognise my debit card. At this stage my beauty sleep looks like it's worth $7.

        • I don't know but my billing address, city, state, zip, country and ticked 'I currently live in the country selected above' were all from the States.

        • WTF is steam wallet? a $balance on your steam account?

        • ^A simple google search would have done the trick..

  • So basically 1000 of these games are on sale but every day there will be extra savings on selected games, is that right?

    • correct.

      • Over two weeks up until the 2nd of Jan!

        • +1

          Two huge wallet-emptying weeks!!!

      • holding out for Black Ops…

  • Can anyone help me get the US version of Bad Company 2 for $6.80?

    • +2

      I've used Ultrasurf to change IP address and Entropay for payment whilst using a fake US address. Follow these instructions but substitute in Ultrasurf: http://julianmoeller.dk/bypassing-region-protection-on-steam…

    • I did this last week for Football Manager 2011 and it seemed to work fine:
      go here and set up VPN: anonymitynetwork.com
      you can get a 3 hour trial for free, you just need to enter an email address
      clear your cookies and go to the US steam website
      make a new account there and pretend you are American
      add your game to cart and gift it to your main steam account (you can do all this through the website, dont need to use Steam client at all)
      I paid with my credit card (visa debit), I entered my real street address but changed country to America
      good luck.

      • +2

        You mean you accidently entered the wrong country right? :D

    • +1

      What I did:

      Download, install and run Ultrasurf.

      Go into the steam website and did the transaction.

      For the address part I just said I lived in USA with some random address I took from google maps in Colorado Springs.

      Sweet as - enjoying my game!

  • +7

    Steam sales cure cancer. Fact.

    • It's also cured my Xmas pressie dilemma.

  • If I may trouble someone to help me check how much is Team Fortress 2 on steam now?
    I am at work, and all game related website are blocked! =)

    • +1

      $10, currently 50% off. I'd wait till the end of the sale as it most likely be one of the daily deals.

  • ok to get the uncensored version, i used the link in arthy90's post top of the page and it worked, downloading the game right now 7.5gb.
    the speed isn't that great, i guess thats because its downlaoding from US servers

    • Well once you got the game, you don't have to keep the VPN on lol.
      Unless you intend on playing the whole game through the VPN! @_@

  • i did Turn the VPN off after i purchased the game

    • Okay, good. I'm downloading BC2 at 500kbps though. =/
      Not fast but I know this is my internet's limit.

      • Well you aren't going to get faster than your internets limit……

        • Yeah, the speed here is horrible.
          I'm with iinet but I doubt internode would be that much faster.
          It's the bloody lines where I live… if only there was something I could do!!!!

  • shopping suggestion from this event: Space Empire Bundle $7.99 (Includes Space Empire IV Deluxe and Space Empire) it's a strategy game.

  • Everybody go buy Super Meat Boy!
    Easily the best deal of today. :)

    And can someone help me get BC2 for 6.79?
    Will paypal or DD :(

  • Awesome! Ultrasurf works great!

    • I can also confirm Ultrasurf works. I've bought 2 copies now.

  • I did it through us site and I think i forgot to gift it to my main account, now i got it disabled :(

  • It took me a good 3 hours and several credic card declined attempts, but I finally got a gift of a $5 Fear 2! Phew. Not sure if it was worth it in th elong run, but now I have it, hooray. Used Ultrasurf from the US site.

  • +1

    RE5 for $10, baby, whoo! Finally bought it! ;)

  • If anyone likes trading games, Patrican 3 + Darkstar One + Some art trading simulator are bundled together and sold for $2.50 USD.

    That is VG considering Partican 3 alone sells for $9.99USD off sale.

    Patrican 3 is awesome! (much better than 4)

  • +2

    Just a reminder for new steam users (search shows that it is almost a year since a mention of this on ozbargain):
    "The one stop no frills program to prevent your steam downloads from counting towards your quota."


    • +1

      Wish they had TPG!
      - 3FL (iiNet and Westnet)
      - Internode
      - iPrimus
      - Bigpond

    • With the NBN we don't need Quotas!

      For the one low price of $99.99 per month, excluding phone line, all your problems will go away!


      Welcome to the future!….not.

    • Nice website, doesn't even list which ISP's this works for. Will not work for Optus as Optus does not have unmetered downloads for Steam Content.

  • Anyone else having trouble downloading games with busy steam servers?

    • Had some troubles when downloading last night - Kept getting the busy server message.. One game downloaded OK but took a few tries to get the other one.

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