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Bauhn 60" UHD LED 4K TV $669.00, Bluetooth Headphones $39.99, 14" FHD Notebook $299, Xbox One S 1TB $329 @ ALDI (Starts 24/3)


Bauhn 60" Ultra HD 4K LED TV $669

  • Resolution: 3840 x 2160
  • Luminance: 220 cd/m2
  • Contrast Ratio: 3500:1
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • HDMI Version: 2.0
  • HDCP Version: 2.2
  • USB Multimedia Playback Format
  • HDMI x 3
  • USB x 1
  • Optical x 1
  • Movie: AVI, MPEG, MPEG-4, TS, MKV, HEVC
  • Music: MP3, WAV
  • Photo: JPEG/PNG/BMP
  • Text: TXT
  • Power Input: AC 100-240V~50/60Hz
  • Power Consumption: <200W

Bluetooth Headphones $39.99

  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Rechargeable Battery lasts up to 15 hours per charge.
  • 10m Range
  • Built-in Microphone
  • Hands-free calls with built-in microphone.
  • NFC

Xbox One S 1TB with Assasins Creed Orgins and Rainbow Six Siege $329

Medion 14" Notebook $299

60 day satisfaction guarantee.

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  • +40 votes

    Features include all in brawl with grannies upon pickup.

    • Nah, the last run of big screen tellies were left sitting on the floor at my local Aldi. 5 in stock a week after they came out.

      This seems to be happening more in my area at least. I think people have wised up a little that the Aldi special is just a good week to get the equivalent item at bunnings, JB, etc who'll drop the price on a closely spec'd model for the week.

      • I think people have wised up a little that the Aldi special is just a good week to get the equivalent item at bunnings, JB, etc who'll drop the price on a closely spec'd model for the week.

        Wish JB, Bunnings etc were actually that smart. In reality, they don’t care I believe. Aldi’s volume on sale is too small for them to bother.

        • On the contrary, man. I work at Bunnings and at induction they banged on about how they take aldi seriously. Check every week to make sure they have something roughly equivalent (where possible) to what's on sale at aldi and put it on the front banner of the website so that anyone who sees the special buys and goes to the Bunnings website to see what price theyre selling it at, they just go Bunnings and buy the equivalent to avoid "granny wrestling" and inconsistent stock

        • @CaptainNewspeak:

          Lol @ granny wrestling

          I totally pictured that in my head

        • @CaptainNewspeak: Take power tools (table saw comes to mind), you can buy the Taurus (or whatever the aldi brand is this year), or the Ozito. They're roughly equivalent quality wise, but you can actually get a replacement when it breaks at bunnings. Bunnings will regularly price a few dollars less than the Aldi offer.

          e.g. from this week. Aldi has camping gear on sale.

          Camp chair $39.99
          Collapsable 2 burner BBQ $89.99
          camping rope 40m $9.99

          Bunnings on the front page this week has amongst other things
          Oztrail camp chair $17.50
          2 burner portable BBQ $85
          Rope 30m $6

          Now, all the stores are advertising camping specials in the lead up to Easter, but you'll see this all the time with Bunnings. I predict next week Bunnings will have gardening equipment on special.

        • @montorola: It's all fun and games 'til you realize that granny's tea cozy is full of dollar coins. That shit hurts.

    • Who wields the electric wheelchair shall win the day.

  • Are these tv’sany good? Whats it like next to the Hisense N6 or N7?

    I’m clueless to tv’s in general. Just looking for a bigger one that produces decent picture.

    • Hisense has by default, a 3 year warranty. This one appears to have just 1 years worth.

      No idea on quality. If you play games you might also want to research on input lag, a specification that manufacturers never advertise and you never find out until you actually measure yourself.

      • Just to add ACCC enforce fair warranties. Depending on the price a $1200 tv is expected to last 5 odd years at least.

        • That's a very blanket statement…. I think it would be wiser to say that this specific TV, at this price point, would not be assumed to last for 5 years.

          The fair warranties are applied when items are worth more than the standard warranty. Like paying for a premium product but having it blow up after 12 months.

        • @ryang: Just had this same conversation with a colleague. You might be able to argue 2 years under ACL, three would be a decent stretch.

        • @ryang:
          I suppose the point of my statement was 1 year is not even close to a fair warranty when spending $1,200. Regardless of brand and specs

        • @Frayin: Sure.. But you've got your wires crossed. The TV here is $669 w/ 1 year warranty, whereas the more expensive Hisense has a 3 year.

        • @picklewizard: Dude, my Samsung plasma from 2009 is still working perfectly with daily usage + gaming. That's 7.5 years after I bought it. It was $699 from JB HiFi.
          So yeah, I'd expect a $700 TV to last at least 5 years.

          My $250 LG CRT from 2001 was still going strong when I gave it away in 2009.

        • @idonotknowwhy: Bought my Hisense 6.5 years ago. Still going strong.

    • +11 votes

      I've had the Bauhn 65" 4K uhd for a couple of years now, believe when they first came out for $1200 ? It is so slow, turning on, waiting for it to initialize, changing channels etc..
      Just picked up a 55" Hisense N6 the other day from the specials at good guys and its lightening fast and the picture quality is fantastic!

      • Yep agree with Ivlutt's comment above.

        Been using the 42"4K Bauhn TV for a while now I think I got it for $499 a few years back when similar TV's were around the $800/$900 mark.

        As mentioned takes a while to turn on and feels a bit sluggish.

        The other thing is when I see other TV's I notice the colours are a lot more vibrant.

        However I'm happy with the performance for the price so not complaining!

    • At this price does it matter. The kids won’t complain. Mount it sideways on the back of the toilet door to mirror your iPhone on the crapper if it’s not good enough for the living room.

    • Aldi ones are ok, but the hisense will be better.

  • Whens Aldi gonna give me a cheap XBOX one X yall?

  • i've been using the 42inch baunh hdtvs from 6 years ago which i bought from ALDI, still using them :)

    work amazing!

  • are the xbox games both download tokens?

  • +6 votes

    Do not buy the notebook. Save your time.

    • Yep. It's cheap in the sense that it doesn't cost many dollars. I'd argue $300 is about what is worth, maybe, but not a good deal due to the super low specks.

    • The Ozbargain favourite Dell 3000 now goes for $299 in the Ebay 20% sales and is WAY better (N3710 CPU, 4Gb RAM, 128GB SSD).

      Intel Atom x5-Z8350 passmark: 1292
      Intel Pentium N3710 passmark: 1881

      Both are quad core but the N3710 has a higher base frequency and higher turbo boost frequency. The screen of the Dell is crap but at least the machine is decent enough to use for general stuff. :)

    • the notebook is a huge letdown with 2gb ram. entry level these days is 4gb with windows 10. don't bother with this 2gb junk.

      source: i work I.T in a school where i see a massive range of laptops and problems

    • If you want a laptop around 300 I'd get the Teclast F7. I bought it after looking at the review on techtablets.com and so far it's fantastic! All metal build, decent battery life etc

    • Yeah I came in just to comment on the notebook.

      I didn't know Atom CPU's were being used in notebooks at all. Wasn't that just a "netbook" thing of many years ago? Either way, terrible CPU worse than any Celeron made in the last 5 years probably.

  • The laptop comes with an Atom processor coupled with 2GB RAM, so maybe useful for someone who checks Gmail occasionally I guess

  • Wow, at that price for the TV Aldi better has ambulances ready for their "customers"

  • Headphone quality? I'm guessing it's not worth even taking a gamble on, but if I'm wrong, please let me know!

  • The headphones have NFC.
    Does this mean they can tap and pay?

    • NFC in headphones typically allows you to tap an NFC capable phone against them and it will set up and Bluetooth and connect automatically (without you having to go through phone settings)

      • Does it have security? Will someone on the train tap it with his phone to interrupt my music?

        • I'm not sure about these headphones, on my sony ones I had to tap a button on the headphones before the NFC would turn on and attempt to pair with a device

        • Most don't. My Sennheisers allow me to hold my phone up against the left ear (only the left) to turn it on and pair. So yeah, technically someone could hold the back of their phone upto your headphones to take it over but they'd have to hold it there for like 3+ seconds. Like right up against it, at that point, its beyond a simple prank and more like invading your personal space.

        • Generally speaking, if the bluetooth is still paired, it won't pair with a new device, but couldn't say for sure.

  • Notebook any good for gaming, any games? The notebooks are 10 times more powerful than ones 10 years ago, assuming it should run most games. Sorry I’m little computer illiterate.

    • yeah nah. especially not todays games, hell not even games from 5-10 years ago.

      it will play solitaire and maybe minecraft. these have no proper gpus

      • That’s a shame so it ant even run any call of duty games or dead space 1 with its lowest setting? Was expecting to to be more better than some iPad..

    • Age of empires 1/2 and Starcraft 1 and Warcraft 3 maybe anything else more in the future hell no.

    • If you can run Civilization V on it then it's good enough.

    • Looks to be about on par with a 2016 flagship mobile phone, spec wise.

    • Yes, full hd with 2gb ram is a killer combination. Kills every kind of fun

  • Dam the XBOX S minecraft bundle was a steal at 220 then, No buyers remorse now just need more games.

  • Anyone feedback on the Bauhn Tvs? Are they worth purchasing?

  • 2Gb RAM in that laptop. That's near useless on Windows 10. 4 is now the standard bare minimum. Hopefully it can be upgraded.

    Since the laptop is equipped with an SSD, virtual memory will get a hammering. That's fine and users are likely to think it's a snappy machine, but the problem is SSD has a finite limit on writes. You can bet the laptop uses the cheapest and lowest write cycle flash they could find. I have worn out a Sandisk 480Gb SSD in my work laptop with 6Gb of memory after 4 years.

    • It's using something a little bit more primitive — eMMC memory. eMMC memory usually has even lower endurance than most SSD's and usually also have poorer random read / write perf.

    • What you are saying about SSD's is simply not true anymore. You can completely thrash SSD's of today and they will be fine.

      It used to be a problem as older cheaper SSD's were made using cheap flash memory but even cheap brands are good enough these days.

      How many writes did you Sandisk have? I doubt its in the realm of anything that normally causes an issue for them.

      • It's more true than ever before. Flash memory has been getting worse in terms of write endurance in cheap devices, not better.

        Most customers focus on on factor: maximum size for minimum price. So these devices are made with MLC flash, and even TLC flash. How much endurance does TLC have? As little as 1000 cycles. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flash_memory Write endurance section).

        Do you think a budget laptop has SLC flash, or MLC/TLC?

        When the Sandisk Extreme SSD ceased working properly it had 19 reallocation events and I forget the number of unreallocatable sectors, but it was more than 10. Sandisks's SSD utility stated the drive was to be replaced as it was worn out.

        • But how many TB of writes did it have?

        • @samfisher5986: Lifetime writes to host is 58.5Tb, so about 120 times the capacity of the drive. On that figure alone the drive is nowhere near worn out. But the wear range delta is 7. The drive hasn't done a good job of wear leveling with some areas of the drive far more worn than others due to the number of writes.

          Retired block count: 21
          Reported uncorrectable errors: 323
          Reallocation event count: 21

        • @Cluster:

          So then I guess your drive is faulty?

          100TB is easily done by SSD's of today.

  • Is it worth getting the Xbox? I really like AS Origin and the price is doable

  • REMEMBER OZBARGAINERS You get what you pay for. Expect a 60" TV worth $669, not a 60" TV that's comparable with $1500+ models.

  • And if a few people are going to watch it for three hours a day for as long as it lasts, then it's worth getting one that's going to bring you some pleasure instead of angst.

    If you're after a laptop, 2Gb ram will give you nothing but angst and for another $150 you can get a reconditioned 1 year warranty full size real laptop with 4Gb ram and 500Gb HD etc.

  • Bauhn. Never again.