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Free Speed Upgrade for Telstra Cable Network Customers (Power Cycle Your Cable Modem)


Telstra I don't believe have announced it as yet but all that is required is a Power Cycle (reboot) of your cable modem to update to the new configuration files

Cable (Base Plans)
Down: Will change from 36Mbps to 55Mbps
Up: Will change from 1Mbps to 5Mbsps

Cable (With Speed Boost)
Down: Will remain the same
Up: Will change from 2Mbps to 5Mbps

Speed above are approximated/average.

You can test your speed here


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    My Telstra Gateway Max is in a hard-to-get-at location. Here's how to reboot without pulling cables:

    1.Login here (default username/password = admin/password)

    2.Advanced View

    3.Gateway Administration


    5.Click "Reboot Router"

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      I don't know if it's just me, but the newer Telstra gatway max uses as the default gateway, so use that instead of the above link if the above link doesn't work

      • I was able to get to (3) Gateway admin…
        Can't see the option (4) Diagnostics….Had to go into Maintenance to reboot…

        I'm on NBN & get the same downloads & uploads as before rebooting…
        Download: 34
        Upload: 10.5
        Does this sound correct please?

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          This speed upgrade is for Telstra Cable Broadband, not nbn HFC.

      • how do we get to that gateway? when i type that into the browser it doesn't work, I get an error saying the page doesn't exist??

        • doesn't work? What model modem do you have?

        • it varies from router to router. if you don't know what it is and/or modified the default gatway:

          • on your keyboard press Win+R
          • type "cmd" without quotes to open command prompt
          • in command prompt, type "ipconfig" without quotes and it will bring up some info
          • look for the Default Gateway and that is the number that you use for accessing your router
    • 5.Click "Reboot Router"

      I just turned off the switch at the powerpoint. No password required.

      Was getting 57Mbps a few days ago…

      Now only 56…. :(

      • I just turned off the switch at the powerpoint. No password required.

        My power point is as hard to reach as my modem.

        Was getting 57Mbps a few days ago…
        Now only 56…. :(

        Haha, 56 is still better than 55.

  • .. got my fingers crossed .. hope yre right ..

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      As someone on ADSL with the fastest speed available to me being 7/0.7 off peak please tell me how I can get 55/5 instead.

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      • 7/0.7??? Luxury! I got 1.5 down before switching to 4g.

        • Pretty sure he's talking 7 megabits,which is 0.8 megabytes

          Unless you're also talking in megabits, in which case you've won, my unlucky friend.

        • @Michael15286: Megabits. 4km from the exchange.

        • +1

          @Wallyt99: Wow, my condolences

        • @Michael15286: Not sure why you got negged, you're right, I was talking about megabits.

        • @BradleyDS2: Some people neg for the smallest of reasons, I don't really let it bother me too much but thank you :)

      • Oh wow. Lucky you. I get 4/0.4 offpeak.

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    I did this a few days ago and confirm my (speedboost) upstream went from 2 to 5.

    • How about your downstream?

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        clearly stated by OP that down doesn't change from 115.

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        I noticed a week or so ago that mine seemed faster, I tested and got 55 down & 5 up according to

        I am/was on the 30/1 plan. I was wondering why, but keeping quiet about it. This explains it.

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    Worked for me! Love it.

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    So just power Off and On, both cable and smart modem?

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      Just the Cable Modem will do the trick :-)

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        Yep! Just the cable modem worked for me, first test after restarting showed 2 up and unchanged down, but a few mins later 58 down and 5 up :))

    • There is only one modem?


        Should look like the one on the Left usually black or white.

        • I have an old black Telstra Max 2

        • Correct. I have both. Netgear is the cable model, otherone is telstra smart modem that has wifi and 4G backup etc etc.

        • @congngo: Telstra Gateway Max 2? if you are sure you have a Cable (coaxial connection) unplug whatever that coaxial screws into. As long as its Docsis 3.0 should be a goer

        • @BNR32: I was watching nrl and modem restarted auto thought there was an issue now I know what it was did speed test and 114.2 and 4.33

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    I'm so gonna miss my cable when I'm forced over onto nbn. I'll never see those d/l speeds again.

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      Nbn is slower than cable?

      • Depending on where you live, NBN can be slower than dial up. (of course, those who are a little young, will have no idea what 'dial up' is… lol)

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        Jury is still out for HFC NBN but in all likelihood it may be slower for those on Telstra cable with speedboost… for downstream speed anyway.

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          Consistent 95-100Mbps down for me on NBN HFC. Pretty much the same speeds I was getting on Telstra cable, except there's a lot more scheduled maintenance (which is not surprising given they've identified issues serious enough to halt the rollout) and of course upload is much, much faster.

        • @dazweeja:

          Do you game at all? Did your ping change?

        • +1

          @captaincabinets: I'm in the same situation as dazweeja, but in Perth. Ping to most things dropped considerably but there's a lot more jitter. All of my games experience worse ping and more disconnections/drops. Very little downtime on my connection, perhaps around 5 minutes from scheduled maintenance over a year.

        • @captaincabinets:

          I don't game much. Ping is consistently 8-9ms but I'm not sure what it was before.

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        He may be referring to 115/5 in which case it is faster than 100/40, until new speeds open up. But yeah, if I were on 115/5 I'd probably want to stay there too.

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        slightly but the 15x upload speed is well worth the trade in my opinion. 2.5mb upload is a fkn joke!

        i went from 117mb down / 2.45mb up on bigpond cable to 95mb down / 38mb up on NBN HFC.

        so far not one issue, but then again i managed to jump on before they blocked any new HFC orders so i doubt many people around me are actually on it.

      • As of today ….

      • Artificially slower at the moment yes.

      • Telstra did a test with Cable used on the NBN network and admitted they found better results. More consistent and higher peak speeds…
        So yes, right now Cable is better than NBN.
        We get a max of 115Mb/s.
        In so many other countries they can get 300Mb/s!! I think there's only one apartment block in Melbourne that can do 200Mb/s so far for Australia.
        Looks like NBN is around 1 year away from installation in my area… Hopefully they can sort out the issues before they transfer me over!

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      Wtf? No way im ever leaving cable for No Bloody Network. Why are they forcing you?

      • +6

        lol you will get switched so enjoy while you can :)

        • -1


          If you're subscribed to Foxtel pay TV over satellite or Telstra Cable, it will not be switched off as part of the nbn™ access network rollout.


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          @thedude23: Good that you will continue to receive Foxtel over the cable however the internet portion is listed as affected

          Telstra BigPond cable internet services.

          So you will still be able to watch Foxtel over the cable and won't have to switch to using the app but you will lose your 115mbps and get 95mbps in place of it.

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        • @thedude23: Unfortunate, see here:

          They install some sort of splitter so the old cable network is providing the foxtel portion of things and the NBN is providing the internet portion.

          It's pretty stupid that you don't get a choice and get forced onto a slower downlink.

        • @Agret: Are you serious? They actively choose to F*** you over? Mate this just ruined my christmas :((

        • @thedude23: You're only finding out now that the NBN is a giant cockup designed to (profanity) with Aussies?

        • @Agret: It seems to me that the linked article is simply referring to what existing Foxtel and Telstra cable internet customers have now, i.e. a splitter because the cable needs to connect to both the cable modem and the Foxtel box, so there would be no change with NBN.

        • @emibel19: yeah but it says in the article they install an NBN box at the premesis which is what would replace the internet portion of your cable connection

        • @Agret: Yes, I forgot that there will be an extra NBN box between one side of the splitter and a separate router (instead of the single cable modem/router non-NBN cable uses).

      • +3

        Why are they forcing you?

        Because noone would connect otherwise!

        • lol

    • -6

      Rubbish. I’m on HFC with the NBN and easily get better speeds than that with Aussie Broadband, particularly in regards to the uploads.

      • +4

        You get better than 115mbps down sync? Can you post some pics of your modem / speedtest results?

        • Apologies, I didn’t realise the op was referring to the speed boost plans; I was referring to Telstra’s regular HFC plans. Obviously the NBN doesn’t currently offer speeds above 100mbps, although it is certainly technically capable of much higher speeds.

        • @mr_me450: A few ISPs offer 200/100 etc if you have FTTP but im still tossing up if its worth having a single or 2 connections.

        • @mr_me450:

          Wrong. 150mbps is available in my area.

        • @zeggie: This is the problem with the mixed technology rollout. All these different technologies offer different max speeds and varying levels of technical limitations. It makes it hard for consumers to know what is available to them and it makes it hard for ISPs to advertise.

        • +1

          @zeggie: Then you're not on HFC. NBN don't offer anything faster than 100/40 on HFC.

    • I agree. I was lucky enough to get the optus $90 bundle with the $20 speed boost for free. Great speeds for 3 years… I was on my 3rd warning letter from optus for migration to nbn when the project was paused in my area…thank god :P I can njoy my cable a little while longer :)

      • I am on the same boat with with Telstra and they already sent me the 3rd letter to move over to NBN but I just ignore them all and never contact them to do the switch.

        • @T-man
          Yeah man, I was going to hold out until they d/c me and look for another provider for NBN. At least now while the gov sorts out this F*** up I can enjoy my high cable speeds for less $$ :)
          It's a shame in some areas Auz are going backwards with infrastructure.

    • +2

      Lol I was on cable speeds 95/1.5. Now NBN 95/35 Optus :)

      • -1

        If you were cable and switched before the HFC halt you should be fine. In 6 mths they'll be ditching the cable and doing a pseudo FTTN install for remaining cable customers.

        Telstra and Optus got paid a loooot of money for cable that'll never be used >:-(

        • Lol don't worry I think where pretty much use to them spending our tax money on unnecessary stuff they have been doing this for years. ಠ_ಠ

        • Where did you get that idea about NBN ditching the cable for existing non-NBN cable users? First I've heard of it.

        • @zeggie: That article says FTTC, which is better that FTTN. It also suggests that it may not affect premises that already have a cable lead-in, which would include existing Telstra HFC cable subscribers, so it doesn't suggest that the cable network will be ditched.

    • +1

      These are my speeds on NBN fibre in Toowoomba. Aussie Broadband is fantastic.

  • I reset my modem a couple of days ago and had no idea it was faster, but just did the test and there you go 56down/5up!

  • +3

    Awesome! Just unplugged my Gateway Max and also unscrewed the coax cable before doing a reboot. Now having 5 Mbps up - should mean I can finally have proper FaceTime sessions with the family abroad!

    • Just power cycled my gateway and upload went from 2 to 5.

  • +2

    Wow thanks, I went up from 35.5/1.1 to 56.2 Mbps down and 5.1 Mbps up.

  • Shit it's gone very quick - not sure if placebo or not but feels like it's doubled on downloads.

  • Confirmed, speed test @ 36Mbps, rebooted, 57Mbps. Thanks OP!

  • Speedtest says mine is now 5 up, but it doesn't feel any faster to me. Is this only useful for torrents?

    • +4

      It's useful for anything you upload.

  • Confirmed, dreams come true

  • Yoooooooooo. Amazing Confirmed its amazing.

  • How can I get a new modem?

    • Buy one at the shops, most that sell routers sell modems.

    • gumtree, yo.

  • 35 to 50. Thanks OP.

  • +2

    Now getting 100/5 here in Kew, VIC. Just power cycled the modem. Great upgrade Telstra!

  • Went from 117/1.5 to 117/5. Thanks!

  • When was the download speed increased to 115 ?? Didn't it used to be 100 and only 30 on the base plan, not 36?

    • +1

      It has always been 115mbps. It's just that they finally updated the description to reflect what we were actually getting. The real change has come in the form of uploads and those on the 30mbps plan.

      • Will I still get these speed upgrades if I'm using a 6 year old modem (from 2012)?

        • Should work as long as its a DOCSIS 3.0 compliant cable modem.
          Just try it!

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