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Free Speed Upgrade for Telstra Cable Network Customers (Power Cycle Your Cable Modem)


Telstra I don't believe have announced it as yet but all that is required is a Power Cycle (reboot) of your cable modem to update to the new configuration files

Cable (Base Plans)
Down: Will change from 36Mbps to 55Mbps
Up: Will change from 1Mbps to 5Mbsps

Cable (With Speed Boost)
Down: Will remain the same
Up: Will change from 2Mbps to 5Mbps

Speed above are approximated/average.

You can test your speed here


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    My Telstra Gateway Max is in a hard-to-get-at location. Here's how to reboot without pulling cables:

    1.Login here (default username/password = admin/password)

    2.Advanced View

    3.Gateway Administration


    5.Click "Reboot Router"

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      I don't know if it's just me, but the newer Telstra gatway max uses as the default gateway, so use that instead of the above link if the above link doesn't work


        I was able to get to (3) Gateway admin…
        Can't see the option (4) Diagnostics….Had to go into Maintenance to reboot…

        I'm on NBN & get the same downloads & uploads as before rebooting…
        Download: 34
        Upload: 10.5
        Does this sound correct please?


        how do we get to that gateway? when i type that into the browser it doesn't work, I get an error saying the page doesn't exist??


 doesn't work? What model modem do you have?


          it varies from router to router. if you don't know what it is and/or modified the default gatway:

          • on your keyboard press Win+R
          • type "cmd" without quotes to open command prompt
          • in command prompt, type "ipconfig" without quotes and it will bring up some info
          • look for the Default Gateway and that is the number that you use for accessing your router

      5.Click "Reboot Router"

      I just turned off the switch at the powerpoint. No password required.

      Was getting 57Mbps a few days ago…

      Now only 56…. :(

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