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Sony A7III Body Only Shipped - $2471 @ Nofrillssydney eBay


$3088 but use the code pamper20 to get 20% off and bring it down to $2471. Best deal I've found for the A7III body after looking for the last couple of weeks. Looks to be local stock with full Sony AU warranty.

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  • Great price

  • what about a deal on the glass?

  • anyone wanna buy my broke ass a birthday present? :P

  • A7iii or A7Rii ?

    • A7III - retails at sony.com.au for $3099.

    • Sold my A7RII to fund a A7III.

      The 42mp is stellar, absolutely amazing, but the raws are 80MB each. JPEGs once exported at ~20MbB each, so if you don't have lots of HDDs and the NBN well, good luck to you.

      Resolution aside, my main grips with the A7RII are fixed in the a7RIII and A7III which are:

      1. Thumb stick for AF point selection. This for me, was a deal breaker, without the joystick adjusting focus points on the a7RII was slow and clunky because you have to use the buttons on the back jog wheel, so what would end up happening while I'm trying to press UP-UP-LEFT or something is I accidentally spin the wheel and change focus mode from Wide Area to single point or something stupid, lots of missed shots, lots of frustration.

      2. Dual SD card slots in the newer cameras, a huge issue especially since the a7RII was picky with memory cards sometimes and I actually lost photos.

      3. Battery, the a7III and the a7RIII use the bigger batteries, the smaller battery in the a7RII is pathetic, gives you about 20-25 minutes of video record time, and maybe a few hundred shots at best.

      42 megapixels are amazing, but the pros and the price point of the a7III is just too good to pass up. Plus the 4k video from the a7III looks nicer than it does from the a7RII which is also a big deal for me.

      • I did exactly the same for points #2 and #3, and for the faster AF speeds overall. Looks like an amazing camera.

      • How often do you need the 42mp? I still use my A7s with no plans to upgrade. The 12mp files are just nice for me — easy on my storage and file transfers.

        • Spacenoodle- how about focus with centre point and recompose?

          Hamlet- 42 mlp is so good for cropping it can help every lens have a pseudo zoom
          Eg at 200mm you can zoom to 300mm at 18mp res

        • @thelastnoob:

          Focus and recompose is something I did try and it was useful, but in some cases like when shooting long focal length and shallow DOF it throws stuff out of focus still, and at 42mp, you notice it. For example I would focus and recompose my Canon 85mm f1.2 on the A7rII and the eyes would often be out of focus.

          Plus I feel like on a camera that cost me 4 grand I shouldn't be using work arounds.

  • Too bad it's not included in the cashback :'(

  • I am so tempted right now, especially adding in cashrewards and TRS

    • I work for customs / trs, we are aware of non tourists such as you claiming items over $900 like cameras that you will be returning to Australia with. You will be flagged on exit and have the red light appear as you enter through the smart gate. You will then be questioned/ searched for your camera. If caught non declaring fines of up to $20,000 May Apply

      • how does that work? First I'm hearing of the $900

        • he's technically correct - but just not realistic. Many people have been caught and charged - but simply because they don't know how to answer that's all :)

      • Lol, great piece of advice. However, the reality is different:

        1. I've claimed many many times and never got caught at the 'not-so-smart' gate.
        2. Even if you got caught and searched, how do they prove the camera was of the same camera that you claimed? On the receipt, there is no serial number so it is impossible to prove. You can simply say the previously-claimed camera was given to a family as a gift, while the one you are carrying is a used item you bought while you were overseas.
        3. If they want to charge you for the items you bring across the border because they are over $1,000 worth, they would then have to search every single person. What about those that carry jewelry (diamond,gold etc), what about those that carry other valuable items -> they simply can't do it.

        The only way they can catch you, is to search, find the items, and hope that the receipt that was claimed has a serial number and that they can find the same serial number on the item.

        Bottom line: good luck charging me, Mr. Custom Border =))

        • Exactly and what if you have a friend or relative returning with you. Just let them carry the camera while inside the airport. So we have the same camera/or even lens model. it's a popular camera. can't prove it's the exact same one.

        • Even if you got caught and searched, how do they prove the camera was of the same camera that you claimed? On the receipt, there is no serial number so it is impossible to prove. You can simply say the previously-claimed camera was given to a family as a gift, while the one you are carrying is a used item you bought while you were overseas.

          Sony store receipts have serials on them.
          Not sure about nofrills though.

      • Smart gate is before you collect your luggage though?

        At least for Sydney Airport
        Get off plane > Smart gate> Carousel for luggage collection> Customs> Freedom
        What is the point of the red light on the smart gate if the item is in luggage?

        What camera, Mr customs officer? :)

        • Get off plane > Smart gate> Visit the Counter and get a mark put on your customs declaration form > Carousel for luggage collection> Customs and get inspected looking for camera> Potentially have to pay GST on your camera and anything else you've brought back > Freedom

        • @vk2him:

          Visit the Counter and get a mark put on your customs declaration form

          What counter?

        • they put a mark on the ticket the smart gate generates

  • They have a7r iii in stock as well!

    After 20% and TRS is $3474

  • Cancelled my order for this. Haha.

  • So mad… preordered mine from JBHifi for $3099 back in mid april and it still has not arrived :'(

  • Ripper of a deal. I have two of these and they're amazing machines.

  • Damn just saw this as I just got home and it says item is out of stock….☹️

  • Jump on this while you can. I paid $3k 2 months ago. Brilliant camera

  • Hmmm, i hope I am wrong but doubt they have 20 in stock, 13 sold nofrills and 7 sold ryda (same company)

  • Out of stock

  • At this price I better be able to take a picture of Neil Armstrong's foot print on the moon


  • Damn that’s a good price but still can’t afford

  • Please be careful - Nofrills used to do grey market imports for their Sony cameras and lenses, which used to be offered with 12 months Nofrills warranty instead of the 2yr Sony Australia warranty. Seems they've changed however as they are very explicit with the products offering Sony Aus warranty now.

  • Found this, although ive never ordered from here or heard reviews. Anyone have an opinion?


    • That should be Hong Kong stock

    • They're fine. But if you have an issue with DOA or problem within the warranty period - there is a catch as to why it is cheaper than buying form a local retailer.

      I have ordered a few high end lenses and cameras without any ordering/delivery issues in the past. Didn't own any of it long enough to run into any issues. But there are plenty of cases/stories on Whirlpool. YMMV.

  • Back in stock.

  • back in stock

  • Ordered! Time to cancel JB.

  • Got one!!! Time to replace my 550d woot.

  • Almost cried, thought this was the A7Sii. Dayumm

  • Missed out

  • I keep getting an error on using the 20% discount code pamper20. It won't let me use it :S

  • Ordered. I hope they will honour the sale. 52 sold already hmmm do they really have that many in stock?

  • Holy moly! Been looking for a deal for ages - thanks a bunch :)
    Hope they honour.

  • There might be a lot of disappointment here. Last time there was sale like this for Ryda/no frills for a A7r3 they cancelled a bunch of orders as they only had like 5 in stock but sold 20 due to some BS with their system not updating stock quantity fast enough. Prepare to have your order cancelled

    • Bought it in the previous sale. They did sell more than they had stock, but I was able to wait a few weeks for the next batch. You won't find this price anywhere else and they're an authorised australian reseller (came with sony $50 voucher in the box).

      • So did I but they initially cancelled my order without asking if I am ok with waiting until stock arrives. However, after some complaining, they did go out of their way to honour the deal. They are a good company so I definitely recommend buying from them, however, their stock system does seem to have some issues with correct reporting of stock numbers on their ebay store. This may happen again with this sale considering they have now sold 90 units!

  • So A7ii is on sale too. Link

    So works about to be $1320 or so? Can anyone confirm and advise if this camera is still good?

    • Depends on what your expectations and needs are.

      I have the A7R3 and after using that and watching videos of the A7R2, I don't think I'd be as happy with the previous generation. The A7III reviews I've seen online paint the A7III camera as a substantial upgrade over the previous version.

      Jason Lanier (professional photographer) in one of his youtube videos stated something along the lines of that people upgrade their camera every 4-5 years and that you should invest in good glass (lenses) because that will last you much longer than your camera.

      I'm not sure if that only applies to professionals who are being paid or how often non-professional photographers are expected to upgrade their cameras (probably much less often?)

      With this in mind you could get a lower cost camera and with the money you save, invest in good quality lenses, hone your photography skills and when you are ready you can upgrade to the higher model.

      I've also found this comparison review that might assist you https://www.digitalrev.com/article/sony-a7ii-v-sony-a7iii-sh...

    • Good camera for that price. I have used all Sony FE cameras and use an a9. The A72 is basic but for $1350 it is a solid bargain

  • Pro photographer here, never over spend on a body, save it for good lens and thank me later. Manufacturers keep adding minuscule upgrades to con retail punters into forking out money. Reality is, a good lens is better to have over a body.

    • Indeed!

      That's why this camera is amazing. Just the right amount of everything. Prior to this one the Nikon D750 would've been the best. It was 4 years old, but was perfect.

  • In stock again, 16 left.

  • Bought, let's see how it goes

  • Now all we need is a good deal on UHS-II cards!!

  • All sold out!

  • How would you guys claim the full 10% trs? Each person is entitled to up to $900 of trs claim right?

    • $900 is limit if you are just travelling overseas for a return holiday. But if you say that item is gift for someone overseas and you are not bringing it back, then there is no limit.

  • Such a good price… I've ordered one recently at a fairly low price, but not this low.

  • What is the reason to get a FF mirrorless? The so called pro lenses are just as big, unless you only shot with a couple of primes.

    • Why not shoot with a FF mirrorless? The A73 for the price point is unmatched by any DSLR for quality and features. The body being smaller and much lighter is a bonus.

  • Does anyone have experience with using Sony FF cameras with Canon lens? how good are the adaptors?

    • I initially bought a budget $200 EF/EF-S to E mount adapter and my Sony camera refused to fully start up. Fortunately was able to return it for a refund (no USB connector to do firmware upgrade so that was the end of that) and get a Metabones adapter (latest 5th generation) for around $600 (expensive for what it does if you think about it).

      Does it work yes, but it's never going to be as fast as native lens but if you own existing canon lenses it saves you having to fork out for new native mount lenses.

      Probably best suited to stills use rather than video.

      • Don't skimp on the adapter. I used a cheap adapter and it nearly fried my camera. The sigma Mc-11 can be had for around $200 and is excellent

    • You won't get all the CA correction and in-camera distortion adjustments with non-Sony lenses. You can correct in Lightroom or Photoshop, but not so much with JPEG images. I have a stellar collection of Sigma Nikon-mount ART lenses, but I don't use them on the A7S with adaptors because of this.

  • Nooo just missed out

  • wow, I'd expect that type of price 18m down the track lol

  • Just got an e-mail from Ebay reporting to activate offer to collect 5x flybuys points on eBay… would have been good for this deal, just done it incase more stock comes online :-)

    Link: https://www.ebay.com.au/flybuys/dashboard?promoCode=EBAYJUNX...

    TOC: https://pages2.ebay.com.au/Buyer_coupons/bonus-flybuys

  • Just received an email from them. Looks like a few people were right and stock couldn't keep up with demand - bugger. Still, estimated at a 2-4 week wait with a few bonuses thrown in.

    • Were you able to get one ordered at 20% off and they said it'll take 2-4 weeks or are you saying they've got more stock coming in 2-4 weeks??
      So sad I missed out on this deal!

      • I was actually the first to spot the deal, place one, and then share it here yesterday. Apparently it will take 2-4 weeks. I'm not sure what their stock situation is, but I imagine there will be a bit of a wait before they are selling again. I'm hoping they'll get back to me and put it through as I was onto it really early.

        • I got the same email as well, but trying to figure out if that last bit about "to say sorry" means they're giving us those bonuses 'instead' of the ebay discount, or ontop of the discount…it honestly sounds like they'll charge full price and throw in that extra cheap crap :S

        • @corehaza: Same, that got me confused. Hope those items are extra bonus :)

        • @corehaza: Hi guys, just got confirmation from David, he said no extra amount need to be pay, still $2471 :)

        • Sounds very fishy to me. Hopefully it can go through.

        • @HelloRicky: This deal just got even better :D

        • I actually called about instore pickup and the issue is the inventory system doesn't keep track properly.
          The guy said they were going to get more stock, it just takes time. Big props to them for honouring the discounted price.