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eBay Plus Hourly Deals: Dyson V10 Absolute+ $599, Nintendo Switch $319, GoPro Hero6 $369, Galaxy S9 64GB AU $799, Acer i3 $399


Here's the full list of hot deals for the eBay Plus weekend starting 10am. You'll need to get in quick each hour coz they will go fast. In order to score these prices, you must be an eBay Plus member which is $29 for the first year, and free for the first month. Each deal will have its own coupon and will only work for it's allocated start time. Limited to one purchase per item per eBay account. T&Cs here. Enjoy :)

(1) 10am - Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute+ $599 (500 available) SOLD OUT
(2) 11am - Philips ShoqBox SB300 Bluetooth Speaker $24.95 (1000 available)
(3) 12pm - Milano Slimline 3 Piece Luggage Set $69.95 (500 available)
(4) 1pm - GoPro Hero 6 (AU Stock) $369 (300 available) SOLD OUT
(5) 2pm - Keenan's Bridge Shiraz 2017 (12 Bottles) $49.95 (600 available)
(6) 3pm - Acer TravelMate TMP249-G2-M-33D3 $399 (200 available) - CODE PLUS3PM - Seller MSY
(7) 4pm - Foreo Luna Mini 2 $109 (300 available) - CODE PLUS4PM - Seller The Beauty Club
(8) 5pm - UGG Mini Button Ankle Boots $39.95 (500 available) - CODE PLUS5PM - Seller Ugg Express Australia SOLD OUT
(9) 6pm - Nintendo Switch $319 (400 available) - CODE PLUS6PM - Seller The Gamesmen SOLD OUT
(10) 7pm - Royal Comfort Bamboo Quilt (All Sizes) $29.95 (500 available) - CODE PLUS7PM - Seller grouptwowarehouse SOLD OUT
(11) 8pm - Sangenic Nappy Disposal System Starter Kit $30 (250 available) - CODE PLUS8PM - Seller the_nile
(12) 9pm - Galaxy S9 64GB Mixed Colours (AU Stock) $799 (200 available) - CODE PLUS9PM - Seller SydneyTec SOLD OUT

A new coupon code will be used hourly for each of the deals, so no stacking with PULL5.

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  • Got One! My V8 is on ebay already :)

  • +1

    Dyson v10 deal said free shipping but when I check my paypal account they charged me $9 postage, happen to anyone else?

    • +1

      Yes, my paypal account had it charging me $9 postage ($608 total). But the Paypal confirmation email said $599.

      Checked my credit card, and Paypal only charged the $599. So all good.

      • Good to know thanks for the feedback, mine hasn't shown up on my bank account yet hopefully the same as yours.

    • Mines done the same

    • Have you registered to be an ebay plus member?

      • Sure did, you had to be to get the deal

    • It says $9 shipping and handling, but the other discount section also shows the discount being $409. At least mine does anyway.

  • +1

    Was too trigger happy and noticed I was charged $9 shipping?

    I thought the Ebay Plus items had free shipping?

    • I think eBay plus covers that charge?

  • What is the OzB buying technique for eBay?
    Add to cart before the start time, or only add after the deal start time?

  • well that was way too easy, especially compared to the click frenzy deals. Time to post the old one on eBay

  • +1

    What I find interesting was that at least 20 people who said that they "got it" didn't even cast a vote

    • Have to agree. They spent the time to post but can't even click a button. I'm probably not going to buy anything but still gave it a +

      But am considering to buy the switch :)

      And hoping there will be a deal for blackvue dash cam

    • Voting is not consistent here.
      I am not an eBay Plus member yet (not joining today), but this still is certainly worth a +ve vote. OP did a lot of people a big favour.

      We also need to give the sellers participating in these a big thumbs up.

      • Forgot to vote earlier, voted now, thanks for the reminder!

    • -4

      I don't always vote because I'm still pissed off (not really, but meh) how negs are implemented especially when you can + and say the post was funny. In most cases I would rather write a message to a poster and in this case TA has been on the good end of the halo effect I don't think he's missing out an someone pushing a button.

  • Now now guys… I didn't get the Dyson too, but that's because I believe in my broom and scoop :D

    • You know you want one or otherwise you wouldn't take the time to comment ;)

  • +24

    Summary of the info (easier to view with a full screen browser):

    Time Item (with link) Code Deal Price Qty Seller
    10AM Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute+ PLUS10AM $599.00 500 Bing Lee
    11AM Philips ShoqBox SB300 Bluetooth Speaker PLUS11AM $24.95 1000 KG Electronic
    12PM Milano Slimline 3 Piece Luggage Set PLUS12PM $69.95 500 Group Two Warehouse
    1PM GoPro Hero 6 PLUS1PM $369.00 300 Wireless1
    2PM Keenan's Bridge Shiraz 2017 (12 Bottles) PLUS2PM $49.95 600 WineMarket
    3PM Acer TravelMate TMP249-G2-M-33D3 PLUS3PM $399.00 200 MSY Technology
    4PM Foreo Luna Mini 2 PLUS4PM $109.00 300 The Beauty Club
    5PM UGG Mini Button Ankle Boots PLUS5PM $39.95 500 Ugg Express
    6PM Nintendo Switch PLUS6PM $319.00 400 The Gamesmen
    7PM Royal Comfort Bamboo Quilt (All Sizes) PLUS7PM $29.95 500 Group Two Warehouse
    8PM Sangenic Nappy Disposal System Starter Kit PLUS8PM $30.00 250 The Nile
    9PM Galaxy S9 64GB Mixed Colours (AU Stock) PLUS9PM $799.00 200 SydneyTec

    Good luck to people wanting to buy any of those.

    • great offers, wish they had more items. The items that I would have wanted, I already have them.

      Hopefully eBay do another one of these sales. The prices are what they should be.

    • Very helpful information - you are a champ.

  • wow ebay is already so greedy, now they want us to pay to use!!??

    I got an email from carsales the other day, saying they were closing down their "ebay killer" site - I had never even heard of it! Biggest fail ever. I replied saying maybe they should have tried marketing it, because we desperately want an alternative to ebay, but you have to put some effort into it.

    Like google's facebook killer

    • Was that quicksales?

      • yeah that sounds right. I'm sure I'd never heard of that until the notification that it was closing down!

        • It was crap form day 1, they did Heavily advertise back then but never took off

  • +1

    I feel like today is going to be an expensive day… Thank god I missed out on the dyson or it would be over before it started.

    Grabbed one of the speakers so far and with any luck a couple of other things by the end of the day.

    • Need a new job haha

  • I signed up for ebay plus. The Philips ShoqBox Portable Stereo Wireless Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker/Mic/Lights
    Is still $89 in my checkout. Am I missing something or is there a voucher

  • +1

    rip. Missed out on dyson

  • Whats the next deal ppl are waiting for? The GoPro? Do people still buy these!!

    • what do you recommend instead?

      • Xiaomi do an action camera. Or older editions for under 300

        • They do several, and so do Sony and other companies, but .. is that a recommendation? any of the Xiaomi ones > GoPro 6?

          GoPro 5 $299 is better than GoPro 6 for $369?

        • @sssx: For $70 difference, I would definitely go for GoPro 6. Check all the comparison videos on YouTube to see the difference.

        • @sssx: definitely the hero 6 for the faster processor and much better image stabilisation. only reason I’m not getting one is there’ll be a hero 7 out by the end of the year, otherwise it's an excellent price

        • @jsjc: But there will be Hero 8 after that, and Hero 9 after the 8 and to infinity. So better not to buy one then. :)

  • Who's purchasing the Samsung s9? Is it that good of a deal? You can currently get grey stock for around $720 with the 15% off.

    • -1

      Not a great deal at all to me. Most people want the Plus,and like you say grey stock is available pretty cheap. Nothing wrong with grey IMO, never had a warranty issue with a phone and everything else is the same.

      • only for this month, next month you will pay G.S.T. for grey stock

    • Would you mind to share the info? Is it available to non-eBay Plus members?
      I prefer S9 Plus too.

      • +1


        Last one, yes you need to be plus member.

  • just wondering, do they required to be paid straight away after buy or can wait until I get my moola?

  • +1

    Just bought the luggage set and then found the same thing on this link for cheaper:



    • Return it? - Free returns with eBay Plus

      • Just shows how much they marked it up.

      • It looks exactly the same thing to me. You think this would maybe be a fake replica or something? And also, a 3 piece luggage set for $39.99, that is way to cheap even from OzBargain standards :D.

    • +1

      Seems quite fishy that one. Seller just started selling again. Considering the postage cost of these, just seems too good to be true. I am guessing fake ones.

    • +1

      Luggage too heavy. Return it

      • It says 2.9kg for the 27L one. Isn't that round about standard? What luggage set would you recommend?

  • Any advice on the laptop?

  • I thought I had ozbargainers figured out. Cheap fast food and cheap video games.

    Now you are all going nuts over a vacuum cleaner.

    • Its a really good. Makes it so easy to vacuum around the house that you end up doing it way, way more.

  • Darm! I only wanted a Dyson! If anyone decides to sell, let's know :)

    Happy hunting everyone!!

  • Question for UGG BOOTS experts. Getting a pair for gf. She's a sz US6.5

    What sz UGG shld I get her? Sz 6 ? Snooped around and apparently advice is that UGGs run large. Just wanted to know fo sho.

  • S9 from sydneytec, they sell au stock or grey import only?

    Can you claim gst?

    • Should be au stock. The company is based in Sydney so the invoice includes gst.

    • Check their website FAQs etc.

  • +1

    go pro sale coming up in 5 mins, should sell out quick.

  • Scored the go pro. Expensive Saturday with Gopro and V10.

  • cheer gopro got

  • Got one GoPro thanks OP

  • damn that gopro went quick

    • 10 seconds all gone.

  • my credit cards taking a beating lol got the gopro also

  • Got the gopro

  • Had the GoPro in cart ready to go, was sold out at 1pm. I don't understand it..

    • you need NBN. :-)

      • +1

        My download speed is 500MB/s how much faster do I need it?!

        • +1

          May be your system clock need to be synced properly. What worked for me both Dyson and this one is to add them to the cart, login to paypal, type the code and wait till the system clock change to the time listed and click the apply button and then buy button. Worked for me.

    • ditto

    • Same. Voucher code was entered and by the time it had been applied, all stock was gone.

    • So did everyone else I would imagine

    • I won one oncable plus Ethernet. Sync clock on pc, click apply voucher at 00 seconds

      • I had it in card, had paypal already linked up and voucher typed into box. Clicked voucher submit at 13:00:01, then another click to confirm payment and got one.

        I had a suspicion it would be difficult!

  • Got a Go Pro :)

  • Wow GoPro is gone in 1 min…

  • Got a GoPro. 2 wins down, 3 to go (hopefully).

    • What's the 3rd you want ?

  • Gopro gone in seconds…No luck

  • Sold out now I think, quick sale

  • Got the GoPro but I was charged for shipping, anyone else have this issue? Only realised when I checked Paypal

    • +1

      You get credited shipping fees back.

    • Yep I got charged 9.90 for shipping for some reason too…

      • Seller made a change in the last minute to the listing AFAIK

        • Jimmy is correct. Same thing happened with the V10 I ordered but when I checked what I was actually charged, it was the advertised 599

    • +1

      I got "charged" the 369+9.90 shipping, but if you look at the payment breakdown 9.90 is paid by ebay plus credit, 369 is paid by credit card (or however your paypal is setup to get funds) so you ACTUALLY pay the $369 only.

      • Thanks Wilburre, I confirmed that is the case

  • Missed the GoPro :(

  • Got one - finally! Been waiting for one for AGES

  • Thanks OP. 2 successes. My bank account cries from the hit from the V10 and GP6 tho..

    • Don't be a sad kid, you got yourself a true oz bargain!

  • -1

    Got a go pro, what are they good for ? :)

    • For motorbike
      For sex tape
      For sporting events that require helmets

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