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Sony Bravia 65" A1 OLED 4K TV $2999.99 @ Costco - Selected Stores (Membership Required)


Sony 65" A1 OLED 4K TV $2999.99 @ Costco Dockland (Membership Required)

Still have 4 left at docklands not sure about other stores.

Mod 4/9 930pm: See comments for your local store availability (many now sold out)

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  • Is 8K coming? Yes

    • Wow

    • +10

      so is Arnie… LOL never gets old.. :P

    • Mainstream 8K is 2 years away, Japan will be pushing it hard for the Tokyo Olympics which are streaming in 8K.

      • +18

        My Optus cable internet can't even stream 4k.

        • +9

          I used to have Optus cable back at my old house.. I actually think it's better than the NBN we're having now.

        • @0031nek:

          That's depressing. The NBN is being built in my street… not sure I will go with it.

        • +6

          @Gharvey Snruff: you will not have a choice :) other service types (apart from tpg fttb) will be decommissioned over time once its complete

        • +3

          @0031nek: your one of the lucky ones i have a few colleagues at work that are on optus cable who have huge amount of issue's and you probably dont upload much hehe, i had 4mb adsl2 so im happy with my 50/20 nbn hahaha

        • @scud70:
          More good news! I think I will leave Optus for Aussie Broadband.

        • @Gharvey Snruff: there's lots of background to the optus cable network and nbn … im surprised the install in your area hasnt been pushed back most optus cable area's have been.

        • @scud70:

          I think it has, NBN website estimates that it'll be available some time in 2020…

        • +1


          I have Optus cable and gf is on the NBN on a 'good' plan on a new building and I still get better download speeds at my house most of the time.

          Upload is a lot worse (I get around 1.8/2Mb and she gets between 10-20Mb) but I don't upload stuff anywhere near as often as I download and when you're on the NBN and your netflix defaults to standard HD due to a slow connection… well, thanks Liberals!

          Lucky for me, NBN seems to be a good 3-4 years away from me now since they skipped my street for whatever reason and the more ppl around me they connect to NBN, the faster my cable gets! :)

        • Mine is working for 4k streaming now. PM me for info Gharvey.

        • @scud70: had an average of 23Mbps using speedtest that time with Optus cable.. although NBN nowadays yields better result on the test however the former better at streaming not sure why.

        • @educalifa: I've seen Telstra and Optus cable go up to 110~120Mbit download but still only 1Mbit upload.

          NBN FttP goes up to 1Gbps, the 100Mbit is an imposed bottleneck, I think they just let cable go as fast as it can and some people get 120, some people only get 80. But they all get dog upload speeds.

          Living in heavy usage house with Amaysim 100 Unlimited, its surprisingly really good, sometimes seems better than Telstra.

        • @0031nek: yeh i cant really say mate, i get an avg of around 45/18 (With tpg) in busy times and have had 0 issue's with netflix, prime video. I'm not defending NBN as they have fked up more than they have fixed, working for a retail company in IT trust me we know how bad it can get with them, but in my case its a blessing, i couldn't even stream 720p utoob crap for the kids on my rubbish adsl connection lol

        • @Gharvey Snruff: yes that makes sense, it seems that a lot of the area's with optus cable are passing through asbestos framed pits, so i think once they realised this they had to "re-think" the plans they had for fibre to curb lol

        • I got Optus Cable and Im streaming 4k all the time. Its awesome.

        • @scud70: Christ what a clusterf… You're right on the asbestos, they had signs saying asbestos removal yet I didn't see a single worker with a mask

      • I was in Japan last month. I saw an 8K TV on display in a shop there - I honestly couldn't spot the difference between that and the 4K TVs around it. I wonder if we're getting to the point where the average human eye can't really tell them apart unless you get up to really enormous screen sizes which most people won't have in their houses anyway.

        Although to be fair, I don't know what resolution the source video was in. I assume it was 8K (not much point demonstrating an 8K TV without 8K video), but I suppose it's possible it might have just been 4K.

        • People said the same thing when HD was first coming out, then when FHD was first coming out, then when 4K was coming out…

          The difference will always be noticeable, and will be more obvious if you're used to higher resolutions. If someone always uses 8K then they'll instantly be able to see a huge difference between it and 4K.

          At the same time, pixel density is important as well. A good example is the Playstation Vita has a very clear and crisp OLED screen, the resolution on it also looks great, but it's only 960*544.

          TV's are getting bigger too, so the difference between 4K and 8K will keep becoming more obvious as the pixels themselves are larger.

          Of course, if your eyes can't tell the difference between the two there's little reason to go for the higher resolution, but if you can then you might want the higher resolution. Sadly there's also those that get low bitrate content with heavy compression then say that the higher resolution isn't worth it and anyone who thinks it is are mindless sheep, I mean just look at the comments by Cheaplikethebird and philmarcracken below this one.

          Tl;dr: It might be due to your eyesight or the screens may have been too small to take proper advantage of the higher resolution.

    • +1

      More reason to buy a TV now before you're forced into paying a premium for unnecessary tech you don't need. 4k content is hard enough to get as it is (especially with a decent bitrate) and even then for a 55" TV you'd have to be sitting closer than 1.12m before the average person could see any difference between a 4k and 8k display.

      • +7

        Shh you'll upset the marketing team, they worked real hard to come up with these bigger numbers for the drooling sheep :/

        • +2

          they are already tracking his IP address… i fear for his life!… logic and making sense + marketing don't mix!

    • Geezus!!

    • And here I was planning to upgrade to my first 4K OLED TV late next year (money, yo!). Now I'm just not sure what to do with my life.

      • I'm going to upgrade to 1080p Oled one day $$$

    • +1

      Don't believe the hype. 8K will be a waste of money on everything but big computer monitors or 100"+ projections. Unless you sit very close or have superhuman eyesight, you'll see bugger all difference on your typical 55-65" TV.

      • -1

        You don't need super human sight. People "justified" about DVD vs VCD, Blu-ray vs DVD.

        It was typically TVs (or contents) are bugged, not your eyes.

        • Vcd wasn't a thing was it

        • -1

          @Regie69: In fact, VCD was a thing when it was replacing VHS tape.

    • 8K, absolutely. Japan will broadcast Olympic in 8K in ISDB-S3 standard.

      Creation on 10K videos were available early 2015, example.

  • -1

    This is an OLED right? Great price.

    • +32

      What gave it away ??? [VIC] Sony Bravia 65" A1 OLED 4K TV

      • if i have to guess, it's the Bravia? or maybe 4K? i don't know mate, it's surprising harder than math and science combined.

  • heard the screen itself is the speaker on this 0_o

    • You heard that, or is it a fact?

      It's a fact.

      • Fact it is heard it myself crazy how good this tv sounds .

    • +3

      Interesting marketing gimmick but I'd imagine if you're dropping 3k+ on a TV then you're probably not using onboard speakers.

      • "3k+"

        Not quite…

        • +1

          Lol sure. I was more referring to the RRP.

  • +10

    I grabbed the last 3 for my F1 simulator setup. Sorry.

    • +1

      That must be some setup you have! Watch out for burn in.

  • +2

    Holy hell what a deal for the best OLED for 2017

    • +3

      Actually Panasonic's OLED was voted 2017s overall best TV by industry experts due to its superior “Contrast Performance”, “Colour Accuracy” and “Near-Black Uniformity”:

      Sony OLEDs do have the best video processing though (upscaling, motion, etc).

  • So cheap! 3grand for a 65inch OLED…bargain.

    • I know right, I got 2!

    • Considering I paid $2100 for my 65KS8000 I would happily drop 3k for an OLED

    • +2

      lol it is for OLED, my 65inch pana OLED cost 3.6k (with 10% giftcard so $360 hardly normal voucher) so this is def a great price.

  • That is an excellent price. Getting ready for the release of the Sony A9F.

  • must be last years model for that price surely?

    • It is still a current model in the line up along with the A8F. The A9F being released in October I believe.

      • Ah ok cheers

      • That soon? The A8F was just recently released.

        • The A9F is more a replacement for the A1.

  • +1

    For anyone looking to buy an OLED, I highly recommend at this awesome price! A8F is the same model with a different stand which I got for $4335 couple of months ago. The A1 and A8F are pretty much the same models, with A1 having a slight slant and both of them have had Dolby Vision updates recently and Android tv firmware update is also slated for later this year!

    The A9F Master series price for the US has been announced with a US RRP price of $5500 which equates to over $7000 AUD. so expect the AUD prices to be expensive for the A9F if you're waiting for it (which only makes this deal much better for the $$'s)

  • +1

    Will this work with my PS1 games? Will they be upscaled to 4k?

    • +1

      Not sure if serious

    • Get a decent HTPC, attach to this TV, get the PlayStation emulator epsxe, set resolution to 4K, done!

      • ?

        • To upscale PS1 games to 4K

  • +2

    I don't like my sony with abdroid taking ages after switching on to take remote commands. Android for sony tv is quite slow.

      • Mine never asked that prompt for Samba..

    • +1

      This! While, Android TV has healthy APP ecosystem, and being able to chrome cast is good. The OS can get quite laggy.
      I have a Sony 65X9300E LCD panel, which has the same processor as A1E. Unfortunately, if you are playing 4k Dolby Vision Content (using a smart app on TV like Prime Video), even the simple act of Volume adjustment , or picture adjustment becomes laggy and even the video stutters a bit when the Menu is on the screen. This is not so much of an issue if you are playing 4k Dolby Vision content from an external source, like AppleTV.
      Sometime, the OS becomes absolute burning pile of garbage, where TV just would take 40 - 60 seconds to respond to even power off. Only way out is pull out the mains supply and plug it back in (or go down the settings to reboot, if you can be patient). Though android TV OS itself can be a factor, I think the main culprit is the underpowered processors Sony Use.
      Apart from that rant, I think I would have bought this one if I hadn't bought my present TV. Sony's upscaling and image processing prowess is second to none, especially their movie modes which makes it worth the sometimes hair pulling experience.

  • Great deal.

    How much was the 55’ oled???

    • $2500 for the sony a1 55inch

    • 2499 if memory serves.

  • Should I get this or wait for boxing day deal?
    Itd be nice if i can buy on an installment basis

    • Its a finished model so wont be a boxing day special..

      • as in a 65 oled not this specific model

        • Individual stock clearances will probably always offer better discounts than a store wide Boxing Day sale. However, newer(better?) models available at Boxing Day.

        • @FabMan: hmm. True

  • Wow, this is an amazing price, I would be all over this if I was looking at buying a TV. Sony online still selling these at $6199.

    • +1

      Selling them at $6199? Or offering them for sale at $6199?

    • Must be buying them from Costco and adding their margin to it lollll

  • +1

    Anyone tried costco lidcombe (NSW) for this tv?

  • Please save me a trip and let me know the price of Samsung 75" model NU8000. This was for $3649.9 on 2nd September.

  • +2

    7 left in Adelaide after I bought one

  • +1

    How big of a car do you need to bring this home? Or does Costco do drivers nowadays?

    • Most 4x4's /SUV/ should be able to take it

    • You need to keep the TV upright and can't lie it sideways. I'm paying someone $65 to deliver it as they reckoned it wouldn't fit in my X-Trail.

  • Do Sony Android tv's allow Chrome yet?

    Dealing with the default browser on my 2016 75" has been painful.

    • The web browser is Opera Mini, however when I tried to install the Sony TV Cast app, it told me to install the Chrome TV Cast app instead.

      Don't think you want to be browsing on the TV anyway. The remote is not bluetooth so no pointer.

  • 55 on sale?

    • I wish it was for a similar discount compared to the 65".

  • +1

    Got the last one at Marsden Park. The display was also sold by the time I got there.

    • This should sell out nationwide pretty quickly.

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