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TaoTronics Bluetooth Transmitters, Receivers & Bluetooth Car Kits from $16.49 + Post (Free $49+/Prime) @ Amazon


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A Very Merry Christmas to you all!

To go with your new Bluetooth Headphones, Bluetooth Earphones, Wired Headphones, Wired Earphones, Stereos, Televisions, Desktop Computers, Home Theater Sound Systems, Mobile Phones & Cars that you all received from Santa this Christmas, I suggested to SunValley that it would be good if they could do deals for all their Bluetooth Transmitters & Receivers and Bluetooth Receiver Car Kits!



These handy devices can be plugged into your TV, Games consoles, Sound Systems for Transmitting sound to your Bluetooth Headphones, Earphones or Speakers. You can transmit sound to two devices at the same time.

They all have inbuilt batteries & can fit in your pocket so they are great for travelling. You can use them on Airplanes where you can plug them into the planes sound system and transmit sound to your own Bluetooth headphones and you can enjoy your flight without worrying about wires. You can also use them whilst charging their built-in batteries.

You can also plug the BA07, BA08 & BA09 into your stereo, speakers or car Stereo for receiving sound from your Mobile phone, Tablet, PC or other BT devices. You can receive sound from two devices at the same time.

The BA07, BA08 & BA09 all have aptX so if you pair them with Bluetooth Headphones or Earphones that also have aptX you can enjoy television shows & movies late at night without having to worry about lag.

TaoTronics TT-BA09 Bluetooth Transmitter and Receiver was $52.99 Now $38.99 with Code ZBWH2FTP
OPTICAL & 3.5mm & RCA Connection, aptX Low Latency Transmitting, 15 hours Battery Life, Can Use & Charging at Same Time

TaoTronics TT-BA08 Bluetooth Transmitter & Receiver was $36.99 Now $27.74 with Code IIVOYWQW
3.5mm & RCA Connection,, aptX Low Latency, Pair 2 at Once, for TV/Car Sound System, Volume Control, 20 hours of battery life

TaoTronics TT-BA07 Bluetooth Receiver and Transmitter was $35.99 Now $26.99 with Code DZ63DPWU
3.5mm & RCA Connection, aptX Low Latency, 10 hours Battery Life, Can Use while Charging, Connect 2 Devices Simultaneously,

TaoTronics TT-BA01 3.5mm Bluetooth Transmitter was $29.99 Now $19.99 with Code XBNJGX7I
Portable Bluetooth Transmitter, Connection for3.5mm Audio Devices, A2DP Stereo Music Transmission for TV, Stereo, PC


The BR05, BR06 & BR09 are designed for use in your car, you can plug them into the AUX port of your cars stereo for use in either transmitting music from your phone to your cars stereo. You can avoid risking police fines and use the BT receiver for making phone calls. They have built-in Microphones and buttons for answering and ending calls, changing songs and adjusting volume.

You can also use them with wired headphones giving them wireless Bluetooth capabilities, they have built-in batteries so you can take them anywhere.

TaoTronics TT-BR05 Car & Home Bluetooth Receiver was $24.99 Now $16.99 with Code A9LE4MCS
Connect two devices at one, Change the volume, play/pause music, or skip tracks, Connect to wired headphones to give them Bluetooth.

TaoTronics TT-BR06 15 Hour Bluetooth Audio Adapter & Car Receiver was $22.99 Now $16.49 with Code 3MTOUY5S
15 Hour Battery life, 3.5mm AUX Stereo Output, Hands-Free Calling, Bluetooth 4.2, Noise Cancelling Mic, Suitable for Wired Headphones

TaoTronics TT-BR09 Hands-Free Bluetooth Car kit was $26.99 now $19.99 with Code 86XEVL8Y
aptX Stereo Bluetooth Receiver, 15 Hour Battery, Hands-free phone with cVc 6.0 mic, Auto power on & Re-pair


The BR04 is a more permanent solution for your car, with an easy to use control pad that can clip on to your air-vent or you can stick it to your dash wherever is most convenient with 3M tape.

The BR04 will turn on & off when you turn the ignition of your car on & off and will re-pair automatically with your phone as soon as it turns on.

TaoTronics TT-BR04 Hands-Free Bluetooth Car Kit was $29.99 Now $21.99 with Code XNONRB4A
Built-in CVC 6.0 Noise Cancellation Mic, 3M Magnetic Base, Air Vent Clip, Dual USB Car Charger, Auto Phone Reconnection

SunValley introduced the TaoTronics, VAVA, HooToo, RAVPower and Sable brands in 2011 to produce High Quality, Low-Cost consumer electronics and home products. Since then they have grown to be leading consumer electronics brands with hundreds of products and millions of satisfied customers. They are now officially entering the Australian market and will be adding more and more products to their Amazon AU store. To find out more about SunValleys Brands or register to get your Free Extended Warranty, visit their websites at,, or

SunValley's Boxing Day Sale is now on with 30-50% off selected products.

If you buy ANY item from Amazon, please consider leaving a review. Reviews help other Amazon members decide which product is right for them. Also, mention OzBargain. It would be great to see OzBargains influence all over Amazon AU.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2018

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  • +4

    Hope to see some bluetooth earphones tomorrow. Thanks for deals.

  • +1

    Hi xev

    Which bluetooth transmitter would you suggest, which can plug into an aeroplane's seat and I can pair my Bose QC 35 via bluetooth ?

    Also, I understand that the TT-BA009 has OPTICAL, hence it is more expensive.
    But what is the main difference between TT-BA07 & TT-BA08

    • The BA08 is designed to sit on your shelf and has 20hours battery life.

      The BA07 will hand from your 3.5mm port and has 10 battery life.

      If you want to choose between the two I think the BA08 would be the way to go.

      • Do you need to purchase any special cables for it to work with the planes seat?

        Is it just the normal 3.5m jack?

        • +2

          Depends on the plane - if it has a single 3.5mm jack then you can use what the device comes with, if it has the 2 split mono plus then you'll need a 2 pin to 3.5mm jack adapter

        • +1

          They come with a 3.5mm cord and a Micro USB Charging cable.

          As Domingo has said, some plane's have a 3.5mm port, other a 2 pin connection in which case you would need an adapter.

          But these are very cheap to buy:

  • TaoTronics TT-BR09 Hands-Free Bluetooth Car kit( was $26.99 now $29.99 with Code 86XEVL8Y

    Might want to correct that, with promo code, total is $19.99

    • Thanks for spotting, have now fixed it up :)

  • +1

    Damn!! Ordered the TaoTronics TT-BR09 Hands-Free Bluetooth Car kit on the 21st :(
    Still hasn't been posted yet though

  • Hi Xev,

    Any discernable sound quality difference using BA09 via optical toslink vs BA08 via 3.5mm jack?

    Also can BA09 also connect to 2 headphones simultaneously?

    thanks and merry xmas

    • as far as i know, all their Bluetooth transmitters,
      can pair with a maximum of 2 x headphones

    • Hey Mate,

      Yes, the optical connection will be superior quality to the 3.5mm

      The BA09 can connect to two headphones or speakers at the same time.

      Merry Christmas to you as well :)

      • Can you confirm the BA09 can connect to two Bluetooth receivers at once? The feature isn't advertised like the 7 and 8.

        • +1

          Just tried with mine, got two connected pretty easily.

        • +1

          You can also plug the BA07, BA08 & BA09 into your stereo, speakers or car Stereo for receiving sound from your Mobile phone, Tablet, PC or other BT devices. You can receive sound from two devices at the same time.

          Combined what what dmgdx said I think they can.

        • +1

          Yes, you can connect it to 2 Bluetooth headphones or speakers at the same time.

    • Yes. Even my 70yo father can hear the difference in quality from 3.5mm to optical out.

      • +2

        Can he hear the difference when using a Pear cable?

        Optical isn't better just because it's digital. Both cables can carry the same quality sound.

        Chances are your TV etc has a better DAC than one of these so it's going to send a better sounding stream down a 3.5mm cable than these will convet and output using their DAC.

        But Bluetooth compression is going to reduce the quality regardless of the cable you use.

    • There is some weird dynamic compression and frequency equalisation if the signal into the unit is high. Sound quality is much better with lower input levels - boost the receiver to get the volume you would like to compensate. Make sure the source on digital is set to 44.1khz. Aptx is not really acceptable for serious movie watching and this unit seems to have a little more latency than it should have. That said if you are just watching bits and pieces of youtube and don;t have to watch people talking it is not so much of a big deal, but it is not acceptable for me. The nvidia Shield only supports aptX(not aptX-LL) and does a noticeably better job with latency.

      I don't have one, but apparently the BR07 has better latency.

      None of the TX/RX units support aptX in receive mode(The BR09 RX only unit, does support aptX and aptX-LL).

      • I just noticed that the description for the BR07 states it supports, aptX and aptX-LL. Having Low Latency support in this unit would explain why others have found it good for video.

  • Someone tell Ryan.

  • also, when will this promo end and will there be possible further discount on these items tomorrow for boxing day?

    • +1

      This will run for a couple of days, they have different products for the Boxing day sale :)

  • +1

    How does the TT-BR04 compare to this one?

    • Hey Mate, That one connects to your car stereo using FM radio transmission whereas the ones in this post connect using a 3.5mm connection into a car stereos AUX port.

  • The heck is wrong with Amazon? It won't let go to check out after delivery address page? Anyone having the same issue?

  • Sigh. Bought one of these 4 days ago off Amazon. The BA09. Happy with it at the price I paid. Word of advice, if you have an older TV, the optical out works but it "locks" the audio level, so you can't adjust the volume using the TV remote and have to switch to the 3.5mm jack instead. Its an old Sony 55inch LCD.

    Amazon prime, was delivered within 2 days of ordering

    • I wonder if the headphone’s volume control like taotronics headphones would be able to adjust the volume if connected via optical this way. Xev, any idea?

  • Can BA08 pair with ios device?

  • TLDR, if I don't have a usb or aux, any way to get this Bluetooth to work (I have an FM transmitter currently to aux and the cable just never lasts)

    • Phone Bluetooth to BA 07 and BA07 3.5mm cable to FM transmitter

  • +1

    Hi Xev
    I have samsung series 7smart tv and surround system along with kodi xbmc box. Which one should I buy ?

    • That depends what you want to do

    • Hi Mate, I am guessing that you will have some optical ports on those products so I would go with the BA09.

  • Hows the latency on the audio if i want to use one of these with a tv and my bluetooth headphones?

    • +1

      There's some information here

      The BA07, BA08 & BA09 all have aptX so if you pair them with Bluetooth Headphones or Earphones that also have aptX you can enjoy television shows & movies late at night without having to worry about lag.

      • Thank you very much!

        • Just an update, got the BA07 and with my XM3s there no noticeable lip syncing issues while watching Netflix. Very happy with it.

  • I got this the other day when it had free shipping and as far as i can tell its basically the same thing just not rebranded. The audio quality is actually insane like seriously sounds better coming out of my car than my sound card on my comp. I have it plugged into my car so i cant comment about the battery life but it claims 6 hours which is pretty average but i guess if you are using it for what i am its super good. Im not shilling this is just a the same thing but cheaper.

    • +1

      That's not the same thing. It doesn't have aptX, optical ports, 15-20 hour battery life or warranty, as far as I can tell from the listing.

  • Hi Rep,

    Just got the BR09 with aptx. If I mount the unit to my Lexus dash above the gear stick but below steering wheel level will the mic be fine for voice ? And,

    Do U have any receivers with aptx hd comparability as my pixel 2 phone supports it?

    • Hey Mate, it should work but you can experiment for best pleacement.

      They don't have any receivers with aptX HD in Australia just yet.

  • Hi looking for Bluetooth fm transmitter for car so needs car charger and also one for non smart tv. Which ones do you recommend?

  • +1

    I was skeptical about TaoTronics but after seeing those BH22 headphones hit the front page a bunch of times i decided to order one for xmas. Really happy with my purchase, sound quality is is good with ANC on, and great with it off. sound could be a bit louder.

    seems like a solid brand

  • Hi Rep, can I pair a BA07 to BA09, and have aptX still ?

    I have a pair of headphones (not bluetooth) and I want to use it with my desktop which does not have bluetooth.

    Thanks Rep.

    EDIT: Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year :)

    • Hey Mate, yes, you can transmit from one plugged into your Desktop PC, to another that your wired headphones are plugged into while using Aptx

  • Hi rep, how long is the USB/aux cord on the br04?


  • What's the best Bluetooth receiver to leave plugged into speakers 24/7?

    ie a cheaper alternative to this Logitech product

    • +1

      All of the Bluetooth transmitters listed can be left powered on via a micro USB cable.

      I have had my BA09 on constantly since first plugging it in 6 months ago.

      The BA08, Ba07 & Ba01 will do the same.

  • What's best to have audio from a PS4 (output) be played on a pair of bluetooth headphones (input)?

    • I don't have a PS4 but I have my BA09 connected to my Xbox One via the Optical port for transmitting to my Bluetooth headphones.

      • xev, are you able to adjust the volume from the headphones this way via optical port? (e.g. using taotronics bh-22) thanks

  • +1

    xev, those are great bluetooth transmitters but any reasons why AU is getting Bluetooth 4.1 whilst the US is getting 5.0?

    Bluetooth 4.1 Amazon AU vs Bluetooth 5.0 Amazon US

    Will there be any 5.0 in the near future? 5.0 provides a greater range as far as I know.

    • Hey Mate. That has just been recently been released. I haven't been given an ETA for when they will come to Australia just yet.

    • thanks for taking the time to write this. ill wait for 5.0!

  • I want to set one up in my car since I have an iPad. So iPad -> taotronics receives bluetooth -> sends to amp via 3.5mm/rca

    My question is, does this automatically turn on when power is detected and can it automatically connect to ipad?

    • +1

      Yes, the BR04 will automatically turn on when you turn your car's ignition on and will automatically re-pair with your iPad.

      • awesome thanks. It has dual connectivity as well!

      • holy s**t I got this in 3 days super quick shipping, and its PERFECT for the car, works EXACTLY as I want it to. automatically connects all settings saves, turns on when ignition on :)) super satisfied

  • Will these prices be updated due to the boxing day sales?

  • Thanks OP for explaining what each product is for!

  • For anyone wanting to use bluetooth for movie watching. The only Taotronics device that supports aptX-LL is the BR09 Receiver.
    Apart from one new product no over ear headphones support aptX at all.
    The majority of the earplug models do support aptX, but not the low latency variety.
    The BR09 Receive only unit, does support aptX and aptX-LL, but it's range is only approx 90% of the "10m" standard(not a big deal. But it does also seem to suffer a bit more from interference as well - which can be fixed by relocating).

    • The BR09 Receive only unit,
      it's range is only approx 90% of the "10m" standard

      If it is receiving then the range is going to be mainly determined by the strength of the signal that's being transmitted.

      For example a class 3 transmitter will not be picked up by the receiver unless it's within 1m range.

  • I'd get the TT-BA08 if it hands free… car use. I already have a BT unit embedded behind the dash, but I have to press the power button for 5 seconds for it to turn on which annoys me, and it disrupts GPS.

    • Hey Mate, it looks like the BR04 Car kit would best suit your needs.

  • So it sounds like using my Sony WH-1000xm3 with my Sony TV (2014) using a BR09 is what I'd need for watching movies/PS3/PS4?

    • The BA09 Bluetooth Transmitter & Receiver would work well for you.

  • I’d like to get the BR04 car Bluetooth kit and just wondered if there was any headphone deals coming up so I can combine the shipping if possible? I gave my pair of BH22’s to my Mum (she loves them) and I need to get myself a new pair now

    • We couldn't do a sale without Bluetooth Headphones :)

  • Any chance of the RAVPower FileHub Plus going on sale?

    • +1

      The should be a sale on those again very soon.

  • Maybe missed my earlier clarification. but just wanted to be sure before putting order thru. can the volume be adjusted remotedly from the headphones when using BA09 via optical connection? If no response, then will assume this is not possible and will give this a miss.

    • Sorry Mate, went to test it out on my XboxOne which insisted on doing an update before I could do anything.

      I have just tested it with the BH22 Headphones and I could adjust volume with the headphones, no problem :)

      • +1

        sweet. thanks for checking xev. putting order through now. cheers mate

  • Do you have a boxing day sale coming? Family is looking for a power bank

    • +1

      Yes, there will be a Boxing Day sale posted tonight :)

  • Great post OP. So much clear information. Grabbed the BR04

  • for the transmitters, the 'only' difference between BA07 and BA08 is the battery life, right ?
    is there any other? (possibly physical size? what is the weight of each?)

    i notice from Amazon description for the BA08 that: "aptX Low Latency does NOT support Dual Pair mode"

    does this mean, AptX cannot be used in transmitter mode, for 2 x headphones?
    ( is the meaning: the headphones will still use Bluetooth, but not use AptX ? )

  • They all have inbuilt batteries & can fit in your pocket so they are great for travelling. You can use them on Airplanes where you can plug them into the planes sound system and transmit sound to your own Bluetooth headphones and you can enjoy your flight without worrying about wires. You can also use them whilst charging their built-in batteries.

    Hi xev

    I purchased TT BA-08 for the purpose of using them in aeroplane with my Bose QC-35.
    The package has arrived and I was disappointed to see that it contains a single-prong 3.5mm cable

    Don't aeroplane audio connectors have 2-pin or 3-pin sockets ?

    2-pin socket:
    3-pin socket:

    How will a single pin 3.5mm cable connect to these 2 or 3 ports ?

    • Hey Mate, some planes have 3.5mm connection, others have 2 prongs. The 3 prong is something I hadn't seen before, it's bizarre.

      You will need an Airplane Adapter depending on the plane, you can buy the 2 prong version extremely cheap on eBay or Amazon

      The standard 3.5mm and a 2-prong adapter should be fine for most planes, I couldn't even find an adapter for the 3-prong plug so it must be extremely rare.

  • +2

    Hi Xev, getting an error using code NJNUR7MY on the BA01 (The code you entered is not valid). Is it just me?

    • +1

      Try code XBNJGX7I instead

      • +1

        Worked perfectly, thanks very much!

  • +1

    Price of bluetooth transmitter and earphones $57.73
    Watching TV at night without disturbing family members $Priceless
    Thanks OP

    TaoTronics TT-BA08 Bluetooth Transmitter & Receiver
    TaoTronics TT-BH025 Wireless Earphones Sports Earbuds

  • TT-BA08 won't connect to Amazon Echo Dot as a receiver!!

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