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Xiaomi Mi TV Box 2GB RAM+ 8GB ROM Official International Version - EU Plug - US $59.99 (~ AU $85.67) Delivered @ GearBest


I'm looking to get my third one of these. It is the previous international version - not the new S version. UPDATE - The deal has been extended for another week.

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  • If you're considering this, make sure you have good reason to choose it over the Vodafone TV box, which has a few advantages over this box, and its cheaper.

    • What are some of the few advantages? Does Vodafone TV box let you install kodi?

    • An advantage for some is that the mi box has optical audio out.
      Voda tv had HDMI only.

      • Do you know if that is the only advantage of the MiBox over the Vodafone box? I'm about to order the Vodafone box. Great to be able to get it locally with local warranty, delivered in a couple of days and at a cheaper price than the Mi Box which will takes time to ship from Hong Kong.

        • You can walk into a Vodafone store and show the Vodafone TV Box website, and they should allow you to buy it over the counter, if you like. Plenty of Vodafone stores around the place.

          • @b-radicool: tried one coda store, no stock, but was to,d they sell over counter when they have stock, was going to try another store at shopping centre staff were busy serving people with phone and sim issues ….

      • This is the only thing that stopped me getting a Voda box initially.

        But just like buying a USB-Ethernet adaptor for the Xiaomi, you can also buy a HDMI/optical audio splitter adaptor for the Voda.

        • Thanks. I'm happy with HDMI so I guess I'll go ahead and order the Voda box.


            @belbo: Good decision, I was a huge fan of Mi Box until I bought a Vodafone box. I have now replaced all my Mi-Boxes with Vodafone. I also love its remote control, so much better than Mi Box.

            • @batrarobin: if only the Ethernet was gigabit and android TV 8 upgradable.

              Android TV 8 kinda grows on you after using it for a while, having it show you all the shows next to the app as a quick launch feature

            • @batrarobin: Does anyone know if the Vodafone box accepts infrared remote signals (as well as bluetooth - which I'm guessing is what the included remote uses).

      • Not many people use optical anymore

    • Did Vodafone TV get Oreo as an update , I wonder how the update situation would be for these versus Mi Boxes

    • Damn that voda tv looks great, but apparently it can't do refresh rate switching for 24p ?

  • No LAN Port?

    • Nope. You can buy an usb-ethernet adapter online that is certified to work with these boxes. I bought one for one of my boxes but stopped using it. Can't remember exact reason but both of my existing ones work fine with wifi.

      • I bought one of those for the mi box 3 that was posted with comments saying it worked, but it didn't at all, even after oreo upgrade and toggling the dev setting for usb actions.

        Worked fine with a pc though, so it's not faulty - just not compatible I guess.

        If anyone has another usb lan adapter link they're 100% sure works with these, can you post a link please.

        Thanks :)

    • Not a big lose as most tv boxs and smart TVs only have a 10/100mb lan port, and wireless AC will give you alot more speed

  • What's the difference between this one and the S model?

    • The S ships with Android 8.1 Oreo out of the box and a new remote with a Netflix button. All other hardware is the same and there are reports the S is more buggy than its predecessor.

  • My Mibox has constant audio dropouts in Play Movies since the forced Oreo update. A bit useless now. Worked great on Android 6.

  • Here's a link to the Vodafone box deal on Ozbargain - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/415277. And a link to the specs - https://sites.google.com/view/droid-tv/pay-tv-provider/vodaf....

  • How do you guys use these boxes? I bought one a week ago.

    • We us ours mainly for Netflix, but also for Plex, Kodi, ABC iview, Youtube - and casting photos and videos from the phone.

      • I was wondering if you had any idea how to watch chinese content? is kodi the best way to go or are there native apps for that.

        • YouTube has some decent Chinese content. Otherwise, you need yiqiyi or something. Paid service for VIP, though not expensive

  • Apologies for a very noob question, but what do people use this box for even though we have smart tvs ?

    • People with dumb tvs use this.

    • If your smart TV runs on Android then you probably don't need a box. But my Samsung smart TV runs on Samsung OS. Even the Youtube app is pretty crap. The video player is also very shitty. Plus not all the apps are available, Kodi and amazon prime to name a couple.

    • Android TV


      My smart TV is maxed out at Android 5.1

      So getting an Android box allow you to "update"

      But I have a different box than this. using a SCISHION V88 Mars II Smart TV Box - 2GB RAM + 8GB ROM which was $22 delivered (6 months ago)

  • Can anyone confirm if this "Direct Plays" True 4K content via Plex? (i.e MKV, H265)
    I'm looking for a player, but don't particularly want to spend $200 on a Shield.

    • Shield has a plex server too - so you necessarily don’t need to have a computer switched on all the time unless you have a NAS setup. Shield is far better but thrice the cost, so I get where you are coming from

    • just use kodi, this has the power to play 4k mkvs, no need to transcode

  • I've got a shield and vodatv, can definitely recommend the voda box as a good local alternative. Only issue i have is getting the right version of amazon prime to sideload without audio glitches has been a challenge, though I've read its common accross many media boxes.

    • I sidelined the Nvidia Shield APK to my Mibox. It works great, but while on Android 6 I had some audio glitches. These went away on Oreo (the only good side effect of the Oreo upgrade)

    • I sideloaded the sony tv apk of prime tv

  • Anyone tried playing video via steaming on the browser?

  • A Shield will only cost you ~twice as much, they're regularly popping up for 160-220 AUD delivered. Honestly, you'll easily mess about with a bunch of these "cheaper" Android boxes over a few years. Just grab a Shield from the start for better quality of life and product longevity/support, and cheaper overall long-run cost. I'm not your mum though… /$0.02

  • -2 votes

    Just buy an Apple TV 4K. These are 😂 worthy at best in comparison. Apple announcing new streaming plans in April.

    • This is probably the single worst device listed in this post…
      I wouldn't recommend one at all unless you have a complete apple economy and even then you wouldnt be getting the benefits of services like morpheus.tv or Kodi
      But you're call haha

      • Depends. If you watch a lot of Netflix and want Atmos, DolbyVision and 24p Frame Rate Matching get an Apple TV 4K.

      • There isn’t even competition for the Apple TV 4K. It’s basically the only choice.

        • i've had a nvidia shield for almost a year and picked up an apple tv 4k for christmas but already sold it. it's not the only choice at all

          if you run plex, your plex server will be doing a lot more work as it has to transcode any audio that's not AC3 (DTS, atmos, truehd etc). Can't hardware decode MPEG2 so trying to view live tv from a HD Homerun looks like hot garbage. Sure the interface is smooth but that's all it really has going for it IMO. The shield will play anything you throw at it

    • your limited in the Apps you can use

      Only good if you buy everything in itunes

    • depends if people have an apple or android ecosystem …… if you are on android phone, you can cast to android tv boxes.

  • For the price, its not really a bargain when comparing to Vodafone TV at $72 which is Australian certificated, Australian plug, and Australian warranty.

    They need to drop its price a lot more to be a competition.

    • I liked my first vodafone tv box that i bought my folks one also. My old man got the hang on using it and boy is he watching media on this like there is no tomorrow. Glad he got unlimited nbn plan now or he be up for a massive bill with his old telstra nbn plan.

      • It would be good if you can record and watch a tv at same time. My old man still watches alot of tv like the car racing etc

  • I went with a MeCool M8S Pro L - 3gb ram / 32gb rom - Amlogic S912 cpu but runnint android TV 7.1 OS alongside voice remote - $75Aus from Aliexpress with 5% back on shopback:


    Gearbest reviews are good: https://www.gearbest.com/tv-box/pp_1592326.html#anchorGoodsR...

    Not sure how this compares to the Xiomi but looked tike the best specs / value to me…

    • Doesnt even compare, as its not android tv, its tablet android. So SD Netflix etc

      • This.

        Its about 15% faster but 480p netflix and 1080p Youtube. These boxes do 4k.

      • From the gearbest reviews:

        I have experiences with Android media boxes, but all of them have major problems. Stuttering Kodi withot Frame Rate switching, no Netflix HD, no 4K Youtube …
        This Mecool box is the first working solution! "L" means licenses, so this box can play Netflix HD and YouTube in 4K out of the box! Voice remote is also very good.
        But if you wan't a box only for seamless KODI usage, you can install CoreELEC (https://coreelec.org) to SD card, and dual boot. With CoreELEC (optimized LibreELEC for Amlogic devices) you can play 4K Videos with HDR, and auto frame rate switching. But in this case you need a wireless remote / airmouse. Rii i25 is recommended!

        So it seems that Netflix HD is supported but not 4k. This model is running android TV OS. I guess I'll find out how well it performs when it arrives..

        • I play kodi on vodafone tv and mibox and havent seen any difference in speed to my i5 nuc box. Kodi is only as fast as the storage that is holding the media

        • Its still not an android TV. So up to you, personality i would rather android TV for my media players

          • @asa79: It's apparently running Android TV 7.1.2 OS - Not played with Android devices too much as of recent but was essentially wanting something to connect to a plex mediacentre (nuc running baremetal vm won't pass through video!) - can't compare online so easily as there are too many devices but checking all info I could find this seemed like one of the best for price before jumping up to the nvidia boxes.. Aliexpress being 25% cheaper than gearbest too sold it to me.. Didn't see the Vodafone boxes prior but looks like they are running the slightly slower s905 cpu and less storage/ram similar to the xiomi box.. not sure what is better for the price range…