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Samsung Galaxy S10 128GB + Samsung Galaxy Buds with 3GB Monthly Data (+Bonus) for $65.78/Mth over 24 Months @ Woolworths Mobile


You can preorder the S10 128gb at Woolworths. Free Samsung Galaxy Buds worth $250. The cheapest plan is $65.78 which gives you unlimited calls/sms and 3gb. However when signing up you get 15 gb bonus data. You then get another 20gb every 3 months (they call it school holidays bonus), but you need to add it manually. The data rolls over and is kept in a bank up to 100gb. Hence you would have approximately 10gb a month with the bonuses. If you finish all the data internet stops, but you can decide to add on 1gb @$10.

Also you can add unlimited International calls to 10 countries + 300min to 21 countries for $5. It used to be $15 few weeks ago now reduced to 5.

Check here about the bonus data https://mobile.woolworths.com.au/offers/bonus-holiday-data.h...

Don’t forget $50 cash back via Cashrewards.

Overall cost $1578.72 ($1528.72 if you count cashback)

If you are willing to pay $75,78 you will get 10gb data plus the other bonuses (which will take to approximately 17gb a month).

Woolworths uses Telstra.

Other models for 3gb plan

S10 plus $72.03 a month

S10e $59.53

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  • Much better than the telstra deal, who would pay $129/month for a phone…

    • Lol

    • Telstra has amazeballs coverage in country and coastal areas.

      Everyone else is shiite.

      • Woolworths uses Telstra

        • Not 4gx, that's only for telstra

        • The use wholesale Telstra. That network covers literally on half the footprint of the full Telstra network

          • @BarryBargain88: Yep. A very common misconception, Telstra wholesale has long been a subset of the broader Telstra network in various forms. But what you don't know typically doesn't bother you :)

          • @BarryBargain88: Telstra Wholesale covers exactly the same percentage of the population as Optus though. Not as good as full Telstra obviously but not terrible either.

            • @dazweeja: Telstra retail covers 2.4million square km. Telstra wholesale and Optus cover 1.4 million square km. Not quite double but it’s close to double the size of the network

              • @BarryBargain88: Yes, it's really the only network if you live or work remotely. But for most people, covering an extra 0.6% of the population in those million square kms isn't a big deal.

        • My wife and I took up a similar great deal for the s8 with woolworths mobile. We found their network coverage to be terrible, and we couldnt make a phone call without intermittent dropouts. Multiple complaints about the coverage were escalated to Telstra who pretty much dismissed the issue. Its obviously in their interest for budget telcos to be providing shitty coverage to their customers.

          We ended up porting to Optus with significant cancellation and handset payout fees but couldnt be happier.

    • Theres a lot of people out there that replace an actual personality with things.

    • How can you even compare?

      That was the S10+
      This is the S10

      That had 160gb
      This had 3gb

      That gives you a free trade in upgrade for the S10 5G.
      This does not.

      • That is a lease plan, this is not.

        • That's a buy plan, not lease.

          • @TightAsianJew: Its a $119 plan plus $10 for the lease of the phone.
            Click it to 'buy' not lease and its +$20 for the phone

            • @Spiderboy: The prices have gone up by $10 but you can still get it for $129 buy out if you go through the online sales rep.

              I just did that two hours ago. For more info go check out my post.

              • +14 votes

                @TightAsianJew: That is too expensive for a phone plan.

                With phones getting more and more expensive I've noticed that Telcos are getting smarter. They know they can't simply raise the price and keep everything else the same. People will say things are too expensive. So what they do is, they throw in a ridiculous amount of data they know most people will never use up as they raise the price (if you don't use up all that, they don't have to pay for the data charges you are entitled to). Then no one can say, that phone plan is too expensive. They will retort with, "it costs more because you get a lot more data", and they are technically right.

                But if you don't use up most of that data, you are paying more for nothing.

                When we get to S15 and iPhone XIIIS, the plans will be $200 a month, but with 2TB data.

                • @lostn: There is truth to this, but also there is realistic increase in bandwidth appetite as technology continuously improve.
                  We use way more data today with 4G than when everyone was still on 3G. Same thing is happening in the next couple of years as most manufacturer are moving to 5G handsets. Things like 4k video consumption, server-based gaming etc creates huge data ceilings for our smart devices. Thus the need for a 160GB plan, as pointless as it looks right now, may become very understandable in 12 months time.

                  • @TightAsianJew: I use wifi for that stuff.

                    I can live on a 3GB plan. But I don't expect to see plans like that on a new phone in a few years. This one is actually generous.

                    My phone screen is not 4K (neither is my tablet), so streaming in 4K is a waste of bandwidth. Most stuff is still 1080p on mobile. Nor do I do gaming on mobile. You are referring to cloud-based gaming to one day replace consoles. I'm skeptical of the viability of this, not due to lack of bandwidth but because the speed of light just isn't fast enough to make it latency-free, and also I don't like gaming on a touch screen.

                    They are going to have to setup cloud servers in Oz, and us being the arse end of the world, I don't think too many are going to bother. We aren't going to generate enough revenue for the investment to be worth it.

                  • @TightAsianJew: With 160gb I could ditch my home nbn and just hotspot the phone, as the fttn lines at home are that bad my 4G speeds are better.

                    • @Spiderboy: That's what I've already done. I've got 3 services on Optus sharing 410gb data and have one of the sims in a Netgear Nighthawk M1 5g hotspot linked to a triple mesh router and have a solid 70 Mbps throughout the house. It's amazing.

                    • @Spiderboy: Exactly what I do. Run Galaxy S 7 Edge with 90GB BYO handset plan $39 with Optus. Unmetered Netflix if you're using the app, at the moment I use the free Fetch box optus gave out when they stuffed up the World Cup. Budget living with the fastest home internet I've ever had.

                • @lostn: Unlikely. What is more likely is paying premium for faster speeds/priority or content. Also on 5G you will note a very large improvement in latency. But as with anything mobile, the devil of congestion is often a localized beast and thats where i am a bit more skeptical.

                  • @Xizor: Gaming latency has to be more or less nonexistent unless you are playing turn based games. It would not be viable for anything competitive like a shooter.

                    The speed of light cannot be increased faster than it is. And the signal needs to talk to a satellite in addition.

                    It's going to take some magic to overcome.

                    • @lostn: Lol what is this speed of light thing. Speed of light is 300,000km/s. The diameter of the world is 13,000km. In one second light can go around the world 23 times. Maybe you're not giving light enough credit and maybe I'm not seeing what light has to do with 5G

                      • @D3m3ntia: The speed of light may be enough to encircle the earth 23 times per second, but each time it does so takes 43 miliseconds. Let's say the server is half way around the world, the round trip will make it 43 miliseconds. Say the server is in Asia, that might cut it to 20. Compare that to 0 input lag when played on a local console.

                        That's poor for gaming. When a few frames makes the difference between killing or being killed, adding a dozen or two miliseconds makes fighting games, driving, sports, and shooters unplayable. It's not fun for your inputs to be delayed by a few frames.

                        It will be fine for some genres like RPGs and turn based games. But for twitchy games, no thanks.

    • Be interesting to see what the plans are like when Telstra ends 24 month contracts early next month.
      They following Vodafone’s lead from what I have read with month to month plans with handset payments .
      They are also not going to contract customers for home broadband / nbn

    • The only plus side to their deal is that they are upgrading to 5g for free

    • Um..it's not just for the phone but for the best network in Australia. Need reliable service for calls and tethering and no other network comes close outside metro or even commuting to the city.

    • Lol yeah a 3gb S10 plan vs a 160gb S10Plus plan that upgrades the handset to the S10 5G when it comes out.

      • Lol yeah, a $72 plan vs a $139 plan.

        You make it sound like its a straight forward decision, but really good to own either phone at the end of your 24 mth plan, you'd have paid $1608 more on the telstra plan, which would be more than enough saving to buy a brand new phone to start a new sim only plan on.

        • You're looking at over three and a half more terabytes of data with the best non corporate internet speeds in the country - not to mention that majority of the Telstra plan will be 5g data speeds which will blow anyone tech savvy off their feet.

          I can't get my head around why someone would want the latest exceptionally expensive Samsung mobile phone and not be a power user who would require more than 7 to 10 GB of monthly data?

          • @Joey Jo Jo: 5g will be limited areas, and only available once the phone and service is released.

            Im not sure how someone can link having the latest phone, to it needing 160gb of mobile data?

          • @Joey Jo Jo: You can be a power user and still use a lot of Wifi.

            • @The Haggler: Fair enough if you're the kind of person who sits on a regular sized handset at home in the evening or weekend instead of using a PC or bigger tablet. You should probably factor in your home internet costs though when comparing the prices. I know Optus offer a linked data sim you can throw in a modem so I'd imagine Telstra would offer something similar - You could get by easily with 160gb data phone plan and no home internet connection which brings down the costs when compared

  • hasn't this been posted? I could be wrong…

  • Also $5p/m more for S10+

  • That is super reasonable.

  • $1,560 total for the standard model, plan includes 10gb of data over 24 months.

    The outright cost will be available from retailers for around $1000.

    A plan will cost around $400-450 for 13-20gb

    Saving $100

    Short of getting free phone insurance, this deal isnt that good.

  • really struggling with current 4GB per month with Woolworths mobile, not recommended if you going to watch videos few times a day, but coverage is great.

    contract finishing next month, might consider outright with Kogan 40GB this time.

  • 3gb is nothing. you'll be paying for extra data every month.

    • It’s not 3gb. With the bonuses it’s about 10gb. (Except first 3months where it will be about 7gb)

      • Yeah but look how stupid a stuff around it is to wait a few months then manually bolt on your "school holidays bonus data" and 7gb to 10gb data on the newest $1300 Samsung handset? That's like dating a 19 year old but not doing anything with her cause you're a mormon

  • yeet

  • I have been contracting with woolworths Samsung Galaxy S8 plus and I must say its the cheapest plan out there with a decent network coverage. Its obviously not as good as the telstra 4GX but found to be much better than optus/vodafone.

  • This is actually a good price.

  • 3GB is a joke.

    Edit: apparently there are data inclusions

  • Unlimited International calls to 10 countries + 300min to 21 countries for $5. It used to be $15 few weeks ago now reduced to 5.

    Worth mentioning it on the post


  • I have an S8 on a contract with woolies which I hope expires on the same day as this contract would begin.

    What does Woolies do when your contract is up? Do they continue charging you the same monthly fee as you were when on contract? Or do they remove the phone repayment part? Or do they call you and ask what you want to do?

    I want to go on an off contract pre-paid minimum charge deal until I find a new phone contract suited to me. Do they give you that option?

    • You better ask Woolworths mobile.

    • Would remove the phone repayment, that would be pretty obvious as the phone would have been repaid, but they'd leave you on their mediocre plans as long as you leave it go.

      • And the 4gb plan on that deal was $50/month SIM only o.O Hoping to grab the s10e here then activate the SIM in the last week of my contract in May.

    • If you sign up for an S10/S10+ plan and your S8 plan has 60 days or less to run on it they'll wave all the early exit/plan/handset fees.

  • Im on amaysim $20 2.5gb (wifi @ home and work) prepaid with my old s6, as I decided not to upgrade just over a year ago when plan ended, my missus and I saved $100/month by doing so, and only loss was not having the 'latest' phone.
    This deal is super tempting, any advice on which phone to go for?
    Or any reasons why not to get this deal? Thanks.

    • Depends. Why is it tempting?

      Are you itching for a new phone? I think you could buy a phone outright on some ebay promo and then stay on your Amaysim prepaid and it would save you money overall.

    • I don’t know which one to suggest as it depends on what you are after. The good thing is that you are spreading the cost of the plan and you pay about the same as if you were buying upfront. Also Telstra network.
      The negative is that you are in a contract for 24 months.

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