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Razer DeathAdder Elite Gaming Mouse - $56.57 Delivered @ Amazon AU


I've been looking out for a deal on a DeathAdder Elite for a few months, and this is a pretty great price.

For clarity, the Elite is the model with two extra buttons below the scroll wheel + the multi-coloured LEDs.
The Essential (which is usually around this price) does not have these things, and is equivalent to the 2013 model.
The thumbnail image is the Essential (and is wrong). Everything else on the page points to it being the Elite.

Unfortunately for me, I just bought one yesterday through eBay's PCLICK sale, but hopefully soneone else can utilise this deal instead.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Thanks been actually looking for one as my current one is playing up :)

    • Over a year old? Don't forget the ACL :)

      • All my razors left clicks break and click twice with a single click, not sure why

        • I've been having this problem (double clicking) on my G502. Now using this app called FixMouseLB that filters the double clicks, seems to be working so far.

        • Funny, my 2013 Deathadder has been having the same issue recently.

        • That's what happened, I applied the firmware to try and fix it which stopped the double click but then it misses a click every now and then,

          And this is the first gen RGB one so for $50 not worth the ACL ;-)

          But yeah the Firmware will fix it but it simply blocks double clicks vs applying them. Or you can do the old blow tech which is what I did for a few months but only lasts like few days then re blow hahah

          • @brent3000: lol - does that affect things when you actually double click?

            kinda put me off razers TBH 3/3 premium mice all having the same issue

            • @G Wok: Ive had several Deathadders. Heavy gaming use. They all got double click issues eventually. But it's a cheap amazing gaming mouse so I'm happy to pay $50 for a new one every ~2 years

              • @zeggie: fair enough, mine all went at the 6-12 month mark. only casual gaming use. the odds for being unlucky with a defective product just keep stacking though for every subsequent product that gets the exact same issue

                2 years after heavy use would be great ozb value I'd say lol

            • @G Wok: No it only happens to affect things which you try and single click,
              It pretty much puts a block on double clicks happening within ,00001 sec of each other which was the issue on the double click,

              But in saying that the one I have currently has lasted me 3 years and the one before was 2 years with the reason I upgraded for the RGB one :)

          • @brent3000: I used this deal to replace my non-elite Chroma.. middle click started working intermittently


          Same thing happened to my old Razer Naga and the Deathadder after it. They seem to last about 2 years, but I find them comfy and frequently on sale like this so I keep getting them…

  • Good mouse

    • Imagine thinking any one mouse is objectively superior to all others and voicing your delusions on a public forum.

      • -11 votes

        'There is literally no one mouse that can be objectively better than another mouse.'


        • I stand by my statement 100% and am more than happy to be quoted as such.

        • "I stand by my statement 100% and am more than happy to be quoted as such"

          -MrtheMoonbar, Candidate (Independent)OzBargain Party 2019 Election


          • @Forfiet: Getting passionate about technology is more than a hobby, it's a way of life.


            • @Budju: I'm kinda confused by all this. Surely a mouse can be objectively better, taking aside personal preference? Eg, sensor accuracy, weight, buttons, ergonomics etc.
              I have a G502 and it really is objectively better on than any other mouse available. That said people have different preferences for simpler mouses, lighter or just more aesthetic mice.
              F1 cars are objectively the best, but I'd rather not drive one to work…

              • @900dollaridoos: Apparently it's a big deal to have an opinion one way or the other. I find the shape of g502 to be superior, but people with small hands might like the razor better.

              • @900dollaridoos: You saying F1 cars are the best is the perfect example of subjective superiority and you even say as much by saying you would not want to drive one to work.
                For the correct, defined use case they will be the pinnacle but they can't really be called the best car in the world because of their limitations such as not being able to go offroad with them or even start them without a full pre-warming system.
                It does not suit the needs of all drivers and thus cannot be claimed as being objectively superior.

                The same goes for mice in that yes, there may be a mouse that has the most technologically advanced or most expensive or most reliable components etc. but if said mouse is a tiny claw-grip style wireless mouse, it cannot meet the needs of someone with large hands. Some people like optical, some like laser, hell some even have a preference for the old ball mice because it is what meets their subjective requirements.

              • @900dollaridoos: Don't upset Mrmoobar and his obsession with mediocre flashy mice friend. It fits the palm of his hand like a bespoke glove, and he gets feisty when anyone questions it.

                • @Budju: Actually I hate the mouse on offer here personally, it does exactly the opposite of "fit the palm of my hand like a bespoke glove" and feels terrible to me. Logitech mice funnily enough have always been my go to because they feel right to me.

                  The fact that your first comment was an unnecessary dig at anyone who disagrees with your stance of the G502 being the best mouse ever and/or is stupid enough in your eyes to buy anything else is the only thing that has come even close to getting me feisty.

  • been using one for years, great mouse, great deal.

  • Any good for those with big hands? Ala Trump

    • yeah big hands here, deathadder is the only mouse I'll use. feels so nice

    • I've got what I would call gigantic hands and so far the deathadder is only one I've tried that sort of works. I'd prefer something a little bigger but I've gotten used to it and it's pretty good. My original deathadder just broke so I replaced it with this (very, very good) deal

  • Overall good mouse. My 2013 edition broke last week and ended up replacing it with Logitech MX Master 2S. Prior to that though it went through an annoying phase where would double click and such. The fix I found for it was it required a bios update through their Razor Synapse app.

  • I have MX Master 2S but found it quite heavy for gaming, just got the G304/305 and I instantly had better performance in my aim.

    This one looks slightly too large for my hands using RJN's measuring guide.

  • Definitely worth it. I've had mine for years. Very comfortable and the buttons are nice and clicky.

  • now does anyone have a good deal for XL mouse pad?

  • Scary how easy Amazon make it to buy. Just swiped across and done

  • I like small mice… and believe it or not, my go to is a MS mouse 3500. I feel like it's the perfect size. I'm also particular about how the scroll wheel feels and how stiff it is for 3rd mouse button clicking. Another thing I've found myself to be hating is mice with angle snapping.

    I know it's not a gaming mouse and is a basic wireless and not "gaming" grade wireless, but really I haven't had any complaints in the last 10 years or so.

    • That's why there are different mouse styles!I can't stand tiny mice, I get sore hands after long gaming sessions so it's a no go for me. Also bigger mice are more ergonomic

  • Bought from them 2 days ago for $70. Do you think they might refund the difference if I contact them?

  • 10 year old mouse still as expensive as it was 10 years ago.

    • So the price hasn't increased in 10 years then?

      • Well the quality went significantly down from the v2 to the 2013 version. However, it might have slightly improved itself since then.

        • Nope, manufacturing was outsourced to SE Asia and now the mouse is a steaming POS. Really brittle plastic & terrible components. I had two of these cark it via the left front of the mouse breaking & the scroll wheel snapping. Both their replacements lasted less than 3 months before dying too.

      • nether have wages …thank the gov for keeping mouse prices down.

    • So its gotten waaay cheaper then given compouding inflation across a decade.

      • Maybe give examples of other technology like phones or computers exhibiting the same price behaviour?

  • This is a good choice for a gaming mouse. I particularly like the two buttons below the wheel that change sensitivity, the two thumb buttons, and it's light weight despite being big i.e. adequate in size.

    If you are right-handed this is a no brainer.

  • This is still optical right? So surprised that I had to go back to MSY and get a mouse pad… 2019 and still optical and no laser. Razor sucks quite a bit

  • These are great while they last. They break so easily now. I was talking to Umart staff about it when I returned one (after less than a week of use). Apparently they never had any problems with them for ages, they were manufactured in the US. I actually used to own an old model of the deathadder, it's about 9 years old and the friend I gave it to said it's still working fine. Razor have since moved their manufacturing to Asia, constant returns now according to Umart.
    If you're looking at Razor or Logitech, I'd recommend Logitech, they seem to last.

    • I second this. First one lasted ages. New one is rubbish. I have performed multiple repairs. The shitty Chinese buttons are terrible. Much better with the Japanese made omrons.

      • Yep, I had two of these cark it the same way & both their replacements lasted less than 3 months before dying too.

  • thanks nice deal, got one.

  • Best. Mouse. Ever.
    I have the Basilisk now but miss the Deathadder sometimes. It's a classic.

  • I had this mouse. Swapped to another mouse is it’s not god for those who like claw grip.

    Great if you are not a claw grip gamer though!

  • Using an MX Master 2S for Battlefield V. Hoping that's the reason I suck

  • What is the price usually for these ? Cheers

  • I would buy Razer if they got rid of their crappy logo, led gimmick plastic and crappy kegboards. Be good to see 3 year warranty as standard.

  • It may just be time to replace my Wheel Mouse Optical from 2005…

  • Great mouse comfort-wise for those of us with XXL sized hands. My main issues with them though would be that they only last about 3 months of PC gaming before the scroll wheel and left side of the front of the mouse break, on top of the mouse buttons just under the scroll wheel being really annoyingly placed - as they alter the DPI/response rate of the mouse and are placed in a position that your hand will always unintentionally press them down.

    FWIW, I've had way more luck with the build quality, comfort and life span of the Armaggeddon series gaming mouse from MSY. Their only around $30, fully programmable & come with supported mouse macro software.

  • I've had 2 of these mice, the first one from 2014 was replaced late last year because the slide pads at the bottom started to peel away. I replaced it and got some pads to use the old one as a spare. (I was gaming alot between 2014 and 2017)

    Before i bought the new deathadder i bought the G502, unfortunately the software is not as good. The mouse wheel up/down can not be rebound and the official word from logitech was "We do not allow it" so I returned it.