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[NSW, selected stores] 1/2 Price - Heat Beads Barbeque Briquettes 4kg $4.74 @ Coles


Hot diggity, Ozbargain's favorite Heat Beads (as proclaimed by the one the only vietbargain! Credit to @seedy seed.) are 50% off at Coles. Should be national. Enjoy.

Edit: As per comments below, doesn't seem to be nation-wide, let me know if i need to update the title.

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  • Many thanks good sir. My BBQ will be very happy with this purchase.

  • Who voted these our favorite. Please insert poll…

    • Hahaha vietbaragin proclaimed favourite?

      • As long as you edit the op and credit me that is fine 😂😂😂🤣

        Hot diggity, Ozbargain's favorite Heat Beads (as proclaimed by the one the only vietbargain! Credit to seedy seed.) are 50% off at Coles. Should be national. Enjoy


  • Ha, look at that pic, where is that Coles located?
    Any of the Coles I have visited in my area are lucky if they have more than 6 bags on the floor. My local stores don't even have good discounts on meat that is close to the best before date anymore.

    • Hurstville. I was also at Rhodes yesterday (clearly all I do is frequent the big supermarkets) and there was at least three pallets

      • Nice. Most of the Coles in my area are either the smaller "old suburbs" type or the new tiny "metro" style stores.

      • Was in Hurstville earlier today, checked out the stores in Westfield and train station, both have prices back up to $8.50 now :(

  • Not showing on online shopping. Is this typical for Coles.. Not reflecting in store specials online.

  • Honestly I recommend waiting to get coconut shell charcoal when it is half price https://www.woolworths.com.au/shop/productdetails/774221/sam...

    Heat beads gives you a weird chemical taste probably from the binders used, I don't find this issue using Samba coconut shell charcoal. If you want wood notes and are willing to pay more i recommend lump charcoal which is really good for taste and knowing there are no chemicals https://www.bunnings.com.au/heat-beads-20kg-hardwood-lump-ch...

    I've stopped using heat beads all together for cooking and my remaining 3 bags I use for the fire pit.

    • I agree with this. I’ve got half a bag left which I’m using up in my fire pit as well. Prefer coconut charcoal or hardwood lump charcoal instead.

    • People like heat beads for their consistency. They work great for snake method if you're doing low and slow in a kettle.

    • Have you tried the HeatBeads coconut shell briquettes (blue bag)? I find them to burn nice and clean, and last a very long time compared to lump charcoal or even the normal red bag heatbeads. I never have to top-up my kettle half way through a cook. I end up choking them out and leaving them in there for next time. Just drop the fresh glowing ones on top.

      About the taste. I think if you are throwing cold briquettes into your BBQ to top it up, then you are going to get that initial smoke. It says right on the bag to wait until they ash-over before using. Chimney starter is a must-have for briquettes I reckon.

      I haven't tried the Samba ones yet. I need to restock soon, so I might give them a shot.

      • Yeah I use a charcoal chimney and also use a butane portable stove under the chimney to get it started (2 mins Max). I don't use fire starters or anything like that so the weird taste has to be from the heatbeads themselves and from my research is the use of chemical binding agents. Coconut shell charcoal was a pleasant surprise find when it was on special. My next step is to source Australian lump wood charcoal as from what I found is that heatbead lump wood charcoal is most probably Indonesian wood. Ideally would like an Australia product that has the least possibility of any chemicals without paying crazy amounts. Seems gumtree seller will probably be the go :)

    • Does this charcoal light up quickly? One thing I don't like about the heat beads is they take a long time to heat up.

      • Best way with least amount of chemicals is what I do. Buy a $20 portable butane stove https://www.bunnings.com.au/gasmate-portable-bbq-butane-stov... butane cans are about $1.25 each https://www.bunnings.com.au/gasmate-220g-rim-vent-safety-but... and a charcoal chimney (I paid $8.99 from Aldo). Fill up charcoal chimney with charcoal and set atop of the butane stove. Turn that sucker on high for a few minutes and then transfer the chimney onto your grill grate. Leave for 20-25 minutes and you are ready to go. You can cut this time down by using the butane stove for longer than the 1-2 minutes I used it for. For me it's just a waste of gas and I do other stuff in the mean time. Hope that helps:)

        • There’s a guy in the bbq groups on FB who put himself in the ER lighting off one of those portable stoves. Those butane cans don’t like the radiant heat from the chimney.

  • Good size! Not behd!!

  • Is it true that they are the most peaceful way to go?

  • Are we having an Ozbargain party or wut?

  • They are $9.49 at my local coles in Vic so not available in all coles :(

  • Used this brand of heat beads out in the Charlie Morland campsite out in Imbil (close to Kenilworth) QLD and they were great!

    Kept our fire pit nice and hot and pro longed our use of firewood !

  • Time to load up the trolley again, thanks OP

  • I went in just before and it wasn't discounted and they wouldn't match. Oh well, had to settle for 2 Big M's so I wouldn't look suspicious with my large empty trolley lol.

  • Maybe it was wrongly allocated to the store in such high volume so they got approval to mark down.

  • I believe these are being sold in stores with a significant amount of "Ramadan participants" in the local area. This is due to the end of Ramadan and many of these participants find it difficult to hold a bbq during the month due to the specific fast breaking time (5pm, just after a few finish work) hence many people over from Wednesday and the weekend will break out the bbq and invite the relos over for the post Ramadan (eid) feast