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Telstra 12-Month SIM Only Plan $65/Mth 60GB Data + $500 JB Hi-Fi Gift Card OR Several Handset Offers @ JB Hi-Fi (Port-in Offer)


Hi all,
Just ported in my number back into Telstra using this amazing offer from JB-HiFi.

Basically you get $500 JB Hi-Fi Gift Card (with no expiry) when you sign on to JB Hi-Fi Telstra 12 Months Plan for $65/month which offers Unlimited Local calls and 60GB Data.

Update (20/06): As per latest reports from the comments, this has been revised to $300 Gift Card as of today i.e. $500 offer withdrawn a bit earlier.

For those who would rather buy a handset, there are several offers as listed below:
(I managed to have a quick glance at their internal email, so sharing the love)

Samsung Note 8 - $199 upfront
Oppo Find X 256GB - $199 upfront
Huawei Mate 20 - $199 upfront
Samsung S10e - $399 upfront
Samsung Note 9 128GB - $599 upfront
Google Pixel 3 64GB OR Huawei P30 - $199 upfront - Update (20/06)

From 13/06 to 16/06, instead of the $500 OR the Handset Offers already mentioned above, you can also choose to avail one of the following offers:
$0 Upfront: Hisense 43" 43R6 TV OR XBOX One X 1TB Console OR iPad 128GB 6th Gen (Wi-Fi model) - Update (16/06): This particular option is now extended to 19th June ans is also open to new customers

$49 Upfront: Apple Watch 42mm (Series 3)
$99 Upfront: iPhone 7 (32GB)
$799 Upfront: Oppo Reno 5G
Update (20/06): These options are now expired

All offers are for port-in customers only. [Having said that, I ported out of Telstra for couple of hours this morning and managed to port right back in using this offer without any issues - so worth a go!]

Note: From what I understand, this particular offer may not have any signage to promote it in the stores, so do try mentioning it to JB Hi-Fi staff in order to avail the offer. This offer expires on 23 June but if keen I would recommend getting it sooner than later (just in case it gets withdrawn earlier). Have a great day folks!

Edit: To answer a common query from comments - This Plan does not include Peace of Mind (POM) data OR $10 International Calling Pack

Edit 2: For those keen on scoring even higher bang for the bucks, for an extra $4/month you can easily upgrade this plan to Telstra’s $89 BYO plan (currently discounted to $69/month) via Online 24x7 chat, thereby giving you (hold your breath):

Extra 30GB data (total of 90GB data including Peace of Mind (POM) data)

Unlimited international talk & text to 15 selected countries (i.e. Bangladesh, Canada, China, Hong Kong, India, Lebanon, Malaysia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, UK, USA and Vietnam)

International roaming - 2GB data roaming and unlimited talk & text in eligible countries (Argentina, Austria, Bangladesh, Belarus, Belgium, Brazil, Brunei, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Ecuador, Egypt, Estonia, Fiji, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Guatemala, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Laos, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macau, Macedonia, Malaysia, Mexico, Nauru, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Singapore, Slovak Rep, Slovenia, Solomon Islands, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, UAE, UK, USA, Uruguay, Vanuatu, Vietnam)

If you do international travel and/or make overseas calls to the above destinations this is the BEST VALUE mobile plan ever (in my humble opinion) as you'll be effectively paying just $27.3/month for all of the above! Update (20/06): Gift card has now been reduced from $500 to $300.

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    • Read the OP

    • +1

      I swapped to the $89 $69 plan with minuites to 15 countries and 2gb roaming

  • And…now I have two 60 GB plans and only manage to go through a quarter of the data allowance

  • Hi managed to get note 8 for $0 upfront on $65 plan havent talked to Telstra yet

    • So great, can you send me the receipt :D

  • Could you stack this deal (65/mo + 500gc) and go onto the 39/mo plan that comes with 30gb in the same day? or only applies to telstra customers before that promo came out?

    • yes, some of them offered me this deal, they will waive you the fee for terminating contract with JB deal

      • So cancel the jb contract and sign up to 39 for 30gb? What happens to the gift card?

        Once it's processed and given to you physically can they cancel the gift card after leaving the JB contract?

    • which 39/mo 30gb plan is this?

  • I just signed up today at jbhifi Watergardens Victoria. Ask for blaze. Top bloke. He knew us ozbargainers about the jbhifi $500 gift card.

    Signed up for the $65 plan/12months and got $500 gift card

    Got home and spoke to Telstra chat and asked if they have applied the $10 new service credit and $10 welcome credit

    Telstra confirmed they have applied the $20 discount per month making it effectively $45 a month

    Thanks OP

    • Oh nice! I didn't realise you could get both $10 new service credit and $10 welcome credit. I feel ripped now. Lol

    • Nicely done. I'm also now feeling ripped off since I'm paying $49/month. Lol.
      Did your plan change to include peace of mind data or international calls /texts to 15 countries?

  • Can someone who successfully got the $49 pm / 60 gb private message me chat transcript pretty please

    • Please also share it with me!

      • https://www.telstra.com.au/mobile-phones/sim-only-plans go to this website and press chat, dont use the customer support, they are useless

        • The chat is what I have been using…still no success go for me. Do I keep trying? lol

          • @Quaker: Keep trying I think they will sort it out for you. I did twice for my friend as well, spend roughly 2 hours, computers side by side lol

  • +1

    I signed up the $65 plan for a Oppo Reno 5G 256GB at $799 (retail price $1499) today. To top that, if you purchase a Oppo Reno before end of this month, you can claim a pair of free Bose Soundsport earphones for FREE (valued at $299). This whole deal basically saved me $1000 !
    Oppo Reno is an amazing phone with 48M triple cameras at the back with a wide angle lenses and 10x optical zoom. It has a complete full 6.6 inch screen without a bang or notch or hole like other phones. It also has 5G which combined with Telstra 5G network and a big data plan is great. Deal ends Wednesday !

    • I saw this offer in store but Oppo Reno wasnt on my radar as a handset and I was definitely unaware of the free Bose earphones. That would have swayed me.

    • https://promotions.oppomobile.com.au/

      From their website - you get free Bose Soundsport wireless headphones (Black) and 4 months premium youtube (wow lol). Purchase between 11/06/2019 - 07/07/2019 and redeem before 21/07/2019.

      • wow. good deal. i wonder how much i can see an oppo reno 5g for tho. not that popular a brand?

  • I ported yesturday and got the tv, this morning succesfully got the $20 discount. Tried last night but did not get it first go.

    • Hows the TV?

      • +2

        Good for the bedroom, I have a 1yr old sony android tv downstairs and rate the picture quality better on the one i just got.

  • Anyone get the $10 port in credit on the $45 plan?

  • Can I buy $2 optus sim, then port out to this as soon as?

    • You will need to factor in minimum $10recharge voucher for SIM activation.

      Asked both Optus and Vodafone about this. They wouldn't let me activate without recharging at the same time.

      • I bought $2 Coles sim, and activated without $10 recharge…

  • Not having much luck getting on the 60GB for $49.
    Keep getting told they can't because I'm an existing customer.
    On 5th try now.

    I'm using the chat windows from the SIM only plans website as previous comments have specified.

    I ported from Optus today.

    • bummer mate. i actually want to go up to the $69 plan (ie the $89 plan with $20 discount, as i like the inclusions) but worried i'll get stuck on the JB plan :P

      • i actually want to go up to the $69 plan (ie the $89 plan with $20 discount

        You’ll be fine, because you will pay more than the current $65 plan.

        • Ummm, no that is not how it works. Just take a look at the amount of people who have been knocked back by Telstra throughout this deal.

          It's best to go in expecting to pay the $65/mth and if you can get it lower, it's a bonus.

          • @ItsJonesy777: People asking to get to $49. That’s what is failing

            • @snvl: Yep, misread the second comment for the first, my apologies.

      • You should have no problems with this.

    • Same just ported from Optus. Tried a few times, being told JB-HI is a different sales channel and they can not amend the contract.

      • They day I got my jb plan i changed to $59 deal as they wouldnt do $49 deal jumped on next morning got the extra $10 discount, just keep at it!

        • +1

          Good morning, i just ported in to telstra for optus yesturday and see that telstra is doing a port in deal for the same plan for $49. Could i go ahead and get this applied.

          By processing your request to have $20 Discount on $69 BYO Plan 60GB , Have I Fully resolved your enquiry today?

          This was what I said to get it. Have confirmation email of now being $49

    • I ended up re-trying so many times I was getting the same people on the online chat.

      After trying a few times to get a new name, I finally got one and they have upgraded the service on the first try to the 90 gig for $69. Still a good deal with the JB hi-fi vouchers. Thanks Op for posting!

  • HI , after I sign-up with JBhifi, Can I just downgrade my plan to 49$/m sim only plan? . I don't need that much data anyway.
    for downgrade should I pay any fee, etc.. ?

    • +1

      No, as you will see from a whole heap of comments, it's not that simple. You only need to read back a page or two to see how many people have unsuccessfully tried to change plans.

      • Unless you’re referring to the plan mentioned below.
    • If you're talking about the standard $49 plan with 15gb of data, then yes that is straightforward and you should have no problems.

      People are having problems changing to plans that are either discounted for new customers only ($49/60GB), or discounted if you already have an existing service ($39/30GB).

      • Thanks. Yes, I had a chat with Telstra , and they confirmed I can downgrade my Sim only plan. However, they said as long as this doesn't conflict with JB HIfi terms and condition. So, will I have to sign any contract with JB HIfi ? or I will just sign Telstra contract?
        Is Jbhifi confdition is not to change your plan for 12 months?

  • -2

    Can someone confirm that you can 500 off for a phone below 999? That's what the advertisement says and if that's the case might need update the offer as you can't get note 8 for 199.

    • +1

      That's interesting. Tell us all about it

      • they give you gift card, to buy whatever you want

    • You can get the $500 gc or get the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 for $0 upfront. They offered me at Northland (Victoria) and I got it.

  • +1

    Reluctant but highly tempted. Went to Northland this afternoon they were offering Samsung Galaxy Note 8 for free or $500 gc or other options mentioned above. I was sold when they offered note 8.

  • Telstra allow wifi hotspot(tethering)? I have wifi only table and normally I use mobile's wifi hotspot. If is okay, then I want to port.

  • -2

    so is this deal now
    $65 per month for 12 months
    free TV
    +$500 credit towards new phone?

    • +7

      +apartment in city of your choice

      • I will also mow your lawn at no cost for 7 years

  • Does this deal end today the 19th or does it end on the Sunday the 23rd i’m confused. This post says the 23rd while the other 2 posts regarding this deal say the 19th and the Jb Hi Fi website says the 19th. It’s not clear to me as i want to get this Telstra deal and i’m not sure whether to go into Jb Hi Fi today or on Sunday.

    • +1

      Better going on weekday, porting will be done same day as on weekends can take longer. Jbhifi staff said 23rd/24th

      • I was told by jbstaff that Telstra was pulling it early, so $500 gift card is available to cob 19th.

  • I already have a Telstra mobile service, can I Port in my other Aldimobile Sim under my name and get this Deal?

    • yes as long as it is a new service

  • I was on Telstra pre-paid for years, ported to Kogan yesterday.
    On that same day of Kogan porting and being able to accept/make calls, went into JB Hi-Fi who attempted to sign me up but they got an error because my number was 'still in flight'. They say I have to wait 30 days before coming back.

    Poster said it worked for them after only 2 hours of porting.

    Did others experience this?

    • I think it's possibly due to you account still on my Telstra, see if you can request live chat to unlink your account as you ported out.

  • My friend is telling me that at a specific Jb Hi Fi they are saying she can't do the offer because they know she ported recently to Optus from Telstra. They are forcing the 30 days rule. Is this just that store?

    • you can keep trying, but it's probably not just that store. they may be getting asked to check and enforce now. you never know your luck, tho; there's always some store clerk out there who doesn't really care

      • Yep looks like two stores now, onto the next.

        • Which stores? Name and shame!

          I can vouch for Bondi Junction mentioning it but not caring in practice.

          • @juicebox12: I know of at least 3 of the Sydney City stores doing this - Galleries, Strand Arcade and World Square.

    • For me it wasn't about the store rep, it was the system giving them an error during the port back.
      Will try chat/calling Telstra to completely cut ties

  • So since my account is pending they are able to cancel and put me on the $69 BYO plan OR do the $39 BYO 60GB plan both 12 months contract and includes the $20 discount.

    If I do this, what will happen to the gift card?, I've already got the physical card and out of the store.

  • How long has it taken people to see the plan update from the JBhifi to $49 Telstra? Mine has not changed 36 hours since the chat with Telstra store rep

    • 3 to 5 business days according to them.
      I've just changed to the 69pm down to $49pm
      Waiting for service to activate.

      Hopefully gift card still valid

  • I ported a number from Optus post-paid 3 hours ago - how long does it usually take, and can I request the plan change before it is completely ported, or best to wait until after the number is ported? The JB Hi-fi I did the port through won't release the gift card until the port is completed.

    • I got my giftcard straight away even though my number was still pending to port over.

      I went on chat and got switched over to Telstra $69pm down to $49pm.

      Am unsure if the gift card will still be valid afterwards.
      Hoping it is.

      • Thanks for the reply with your experience Pandaboss. So you got switched over to $49pm even before your port had finished?

        • Yes. I chatted to Telstra to see what I could get. But was told my order was still pending so I can cancel the JB plan with no fees and sign up to the $69pm with $20 discount..

          • @Pandaboss: Your JB Hi-Fi consultant might get into trouble for giving away a gift card, trusting you and the system that the port will go through correctly.

            • @misterchan: exactly, my friend signed up on Sunday, they asked him to come back on Monday to collect the gift card. They have to check the system to confirm you have successfully ported in, then give you the gift card.

              • @user01: Interesting, I've got the gift card now in my hand. And this was after 'completing' the port in store.

                • @Pandaboss: as long as you got the telstra signal on you sim card, it is considered to be a successfully port in.

              • @user01: jb ruined my day today. they didnt let me go today before giving me the gift card and telling me it will be done in 15 minutes, which ended up the whole afternoon and I paid the parking!! pissed off more after seeing these comments. even so, I still didnt get it and I have to go back tomorrow to collect the gc. I still have to pay the cancellation of the previous Optus contract. Really WEIRD day, went to a wrong jb

  • does this deal still go for until june 23?
    i looked at jbhifi website and it says only up to june 19.
    i just saw this deal today and not sure if i can still get it.

    • I called them yesterday, the manager told me it will be expired on 19Jun. You can always call first.

    • Got told in a different store today it expires today

    • Yep. Website says today.

    • bad luck for me, missed it.
      thanks for the response!

      • +1

        A similar offer will pop up again. These have been going on for months.

    • Just ask in store tomorrow and see

    • The phone deals (including a $0 Note 8 at some stores/if you ask) and phone credit voucher deals go till the 23rd it seems, but the pure $500 gift card deal ended today.

  • Had anyone tried 500 gift card trick with business plans?

  • It just got more ridiculous

    Telstra Rep: And any offers associated on the plan such as voucher will be charge on the account for terminating the contract that you have agreed upon with JB hifi.

    Me: What? changing to $59 will mean I have to pay for the JB Hifi Voucher?

    Telstra Rep: Yes

  • Finally got a kind rep to put me down to $49/month for 60 GB

    12th June - went to JB - sign up for $65pm, and got $500 GC on same day
    13th June - online chat with telstra rep (3 reps), no one was kind enough to offer the $49 pm, decided to accept the $59 pm for recontracting customer ($69 - 10) - no termination fee from JB Plan
    20th June - online chat with a kind rep (Patrick) who finally is willing to apply the $10 pm additional discount for port-in

    Just received an email saying my plan is changed successfully to $49 pm and also a $10 credit applied towards my first month bill (1st bill was issued on 17th June - $59)


    Total plan + savings: ($49 x 12) - 500 = 88 for 12 months = $7.33 per month :)

  • JB Hi Fi at Watergardens said this deal finished yesterday 19th June.
    Can anyone else confirm this?

    • I signed up yesterday and was told it was the last day

    • Confirmed with JB Springvale. Gift card now only 300.

      • Good guys now doing this offer, check to see if eligible

  • I signed up last week to the $65 plan got and spend the gift card but now that I want to change to the $45 plan a different guy now says I have to wait 30 days or I will be charged extra , he did ask me what store I signed up to

  • Offer still worked for me at JB Elizabeth St in Melbourne!
    They still have flyers saying ends 23rd June.

    For the Oppo Find X, they put it through as an $800 JB voucher, then I paid the $199 difference.
    Port from Kogan didn't work first time on the same day as porting out of Telstra, but port back in today worked (2 days after)

    Not sure why they could still do it but not Watergardens.

    • +1

      Others are just being cheeky I would say. While some of those website advertised offers did indeed expire on the 19th, others (including $500 Gift Card) were meant to go until 23 June as per their initial internal email (Unless JB HiFi cut short/revised their promotion period).

      • +1

        I got my $49 plan activated and used $500 GC against the new Pixel 3.. Super Excited… Thank you OP -Singh.

        1. Crashed my S8 on Saturday, my B'day too :( … it was unintentional guys believe me..
        2. Went to JB Hifi to get a new mobile.. got to know about $500 offer on Telstra $65 plan. But didnt take it up as I was not having 100 point verification proofs.
        3. Got this post while searching abt offer… Read the entire 8 pages to get the idea.
        4. Went to JBhifi to signup for $65 portin from vodafone. I was asked to come back to collect $500 GC once the port in completes.
        5. During the port in time (fortunately it was 2 hours for me), I had online chat with telstra reps.. 3 long chats and asked for $69 plan. Sent all the chat transcripts to my mail.
        6. Initially they gave only $10 port in discount.
        7. went back to jbhifi and got the $500 GC, bargained price of Pixel 3 $860 -$500 = $360… super excited
        8. went back to online chat and I quoted that $69 plan offers $20 discount while I got only $10… it was again a long chat while the rep even found out I was through JB hifi.. But he was very nice to finally offer me $20 discount.

        Total cost for 12 months plan and Pixel 3 = $49 *12 = $588 + $360 = $948.
        Very happy….:) Thanks guys.

      • Went in store on 19th, they happily did $500 card and said it was ending “today” and that the new offer was $300 for the next few days

    • Thanks but I can’t see the $500 voucher on the photo you’ve provided, it’s just phone deals.

  • Went in to get this deal Monday but the system was down so was told to come back tonight. Went back tonight as it was my first time free since then. I was even shown an internal booklet stating the end date as the 23rd.

    Apparently it’s now $300 and 24 months minimum term. So I left.

    Bad luck to me I guess.

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