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Hisense 65R5 65" 4K UHD Smart TV (2019 Model) $790.40 + Delivery @ Videopro eBay (Excludes SA, NT, TAS, WA)


This price is really good for the 2019 model

Currently $1,000+ at JB/Good guys etc

TV is pretty much the 2018 version of the P6, the new R6 (the model up from this has Alexa support and a few other things)

Quick specs

VIDAA U 2.5 (upgradable to 3.0 apparently)
100 smooth motion rate
Game + sports modes
HD Tuner
Freeview Plus
PVR Recording
Built-in Wi-Fi
4 x HDMI Inputs
2 x USB Ports

Postage Excludes: Northern Territory, Perth Metro, Adelaide Metro, WA Regional, SA Regional, Tasmania, WA Remote, PO Box

Original 20% off 60 Sellers on eBay Deal Post

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  • +1

    R5 only has 3 HDMI not 4.


    Regardless, excellent price compared to other sellers.

    • +1

      It has Wi-Fi protocols of b, g, n only. Where R6/R7 has a & ac.
      At least it has Wi-Fi bands GHz 2.4 / 5

  • +2

    Would it be accurate to say that in terms of features, the R5 is similar to the P6, and R6 similar to P7?

    • Interested in knowing this too.

    • +1

      No. P7 is native 100Hz (interpolated to 200Hz), R6 is native 50Hz (interpolated to 100Hz).

  • Interested as well I was eyeing this TV last week.

  • Specs on site
    "Viewing Angle (Horiz / Vert) Degrees89 / 89"
    Typo? Should this be 179/180? Like IPS computer monitors

    • This is a VA panel, not IPS

      For TV's, VA panels are usually a better option, better contrast ratio, blacks on an IPS TV look grey-ish.

      However if you sit side-on to a TV, IPS could benefit as the viewing angles are superior.

    • Would mean that it's not IPS panel

      • not ideal for L shaped lounges then

  • Any one know if this tv support 4k 60p natively? Thanks

  • No delivery to WA

  • $77 delivery!… damn

    • +10

      Seems a pretty reasonable delivery price for such a large item?

      • it is reasonable, just comparing to others ie TGG which is around $45. If only they had C&C in Sydney

    • +14

      It's still decent for a budget TV if you understand what you're getting into. Also, it's far better than the Kogan/soniq rubbish posted on here.

    • +12

      That's always good to confirm.

      I'd be concerned if people were opening the boxes to find shredded newspaper.

    • +2

      Whilst there are obvious cheapies of poor quality to skip there are just as many overpriced models from well known brand names you pay overs for. Hardly a case of you get what you pay for.

  • Does it have three years warranty?

    Edit: says only 12 months. Hisense TVs usually come with 3 years warranty. I wonder why this is different?

  • Keeping the size aside, how would this one compare to Samsung RU7100 55" series posted yesterday: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/463395

    I'm interested in picture quality, future proofing and overall TV experience. (uses: TV shows streaming, some sports, light gaming)

    • +2

      This is a much better deal. The RU7100 is a low end panel, as this is too. Both have smart TV functionality, both have decent input lag, but the Hisense is 10" bigger.

      • So are you saying the only differentiating factor is the size?

        • Pretty much, they're both VA panels. The software is comparable. Samsungs is probably a bit better, but its pretty subjective.

  • Tempting deal!
    I've been waiting on a decent budget 65 inch and this looks like it ticks the box?

  • Can someone comment on responsiveness and other hi stuff. Is it good? I read there will be a lag when turning on when switching channels?

    • +2

      I have a Hisense wine fridge and I can’t fault the responsiveness….

      • Thanks…but how does that fridge play GOT???

  • Is this better than the Aldi 65"?

    Mine is showing some whiteness from the middle of the screen, and Aldi just do refunds under warranty it seems.

    • +11

      everything is better than Bauhn TV's

  • +4

    God I hope the H9F comes to Australia.

  • Thanks so much OP. Saved me quite a bit here!

  • Does anyone know here pick up is from?

  • Damn, I bought Sony's damaged box couple of days ago. Should have waited.

    • +13

      So may be time to buy the TV now?

      • +2

        I like your sense of humour.

        • +2

          "I like your (Hi)sense of humour."

          There. Fixed.

    • +1

      Sony will have better image processing.

  • It shows 8 sold, 0 in stock :(

  • Just came back from Videopro homeworld. Got it for $790 pick up Wed. It for retired parents.

    • +1

      Did you buy one ebay or in store?

    • Did they allow ebay prices in-store?

    • +1

      Hey it's me, your retired parents.

  • dman missed it

  • Anyone that bought it received an ETA on when it'd be delivered?

  • fill your boots son!

  • Just be aware of the delivery time:

    Estimated between Mon. 8 Jul. and Wed. 10 Jul.

    • +2

      Placed my order on the weekend and a TNT van showed up 36 hours later. YMMV, but they probably just put a longer time on eBay to cover themselves if they have to spend time shuffling stuff between warehouses.

  • So if this is 100hz native but the 4K on HDMI is running 60hz, is 100hz just a gimmick or what?
    Not a nub just havent looked into this too much

    • The actual input limit is 4k60 (even the big brands nearly always have this limit), the 100Hz advertised is interpolation making the footage appear smoother.

      Some love it, some hate it. In smooth panning shots it works great, in complex action scenes there can be pretty nasty artifacts. I personally don't really notice the artifacts but if you film the screen with a high speed camera you can see just how bad it is.

  • 149 Votes & 4 Sold……

    • So it's not a good deal unless you buy it?

      • I didn't say that, but thinking about it more, yes, good deals usually have stuff sold.
        Its not like a 40K car deal either.

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