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10% off Sitewide - eBay/WISH Gift Cards (Expired), Officeworks/Target & Auto Parts (Min Spend £50, Max Discount £100) @ eBay UK


Edit - now live and working on ebay/WISH gift cards!

The deal that I've been waiting for! Based on previous ebay UK sitewide deals, this should work for Paypal gift cards.

Valid from 12:00 PM Friday 14 June 2019 (9pm AEST) to 11:59Pm, Saturday 15 June 2019 (** 16/6 8.59am AEST**).

Minimum spend A$91.79, maximum discount A$183.59. One redemption only!

* eBay gift cards
* Woolworths WISH gift card / WISH Gift Card
* All PayPal digital gift cards. Change the .com.au to .co.uk.

PayPal Digital Gifts eBay is now marked as away and can't process orders.**

All other items - find the item on eBay.com.au and change the .com.au to .co.uk.

10% off also applies for Officeworks, Target and Fantastic Furniture. Postage will need to be paid as there is no C&C option for eBay UK.

10% off for auto parts which are usually excluded from eBay AU sitewide sales.

Note - no GST is charged of the purchased item is from an Australian seller.

How it works -

Option 1:

Find what you want on eBay.com.au then change the URL at the start to eBay.co.uk for easy purchasing.

If above doesn't work then try this.

Option 2:

Considering what happened in the last deal, the country switch doesn't seem to work anymore, so you will most likely have to make a new account at eBay UK to take advantage of this offer.

Add random UK address and use AU mobile to confirm account via SMS, then add AU address as preferred/Primary Delivery Address (postage address) before ordering.

Tip : Use Dummy email by using existing email to register at eBay UK without creating new email id.

Your email: [email protected]
Dummy email : [email protected] ( just try any combination starts with +) This works with Gmail. Haven't tried with other email services so do check before you buy.

You will receive email on your original email id

Thanks to HUKD

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  • Wow, this actually worked for me for the first time.

  • +1

    Last time managed to purchase at 15% discount. But today after purchase it says "you payment is pending" and after few minutes order gets cancelled automatically. Tried wit PayPal payment as well as credit card….☹️

    Does anyone have similar issue?

  • Thanks Op. Grabbed a few Wish & eBay gift cards

    • Then upvote?

      • Thanks for reminding mate.
        Too busy shuffling between incognito windows across multiple accounts

  • Finally managed to get this to work - also bought a JB gift card, and a Supercheap Auto gift card (as these always come in handy with % off).

  • Made two transactions on the same account. Didn't have any issues applying the code again.

    Only bought $100 ebay for the first round, then got woolies on the second round.

    Codes all came within 5 mins after payment

  • $250 wish gift cards back on stock

  • +1

    code not working for me on co.uk login.

  • +1

    This code can’t be applied to your order.

    • +1

      Your account registration address is not UK

  • +1

    Thanks, bought 5 gift cards. I think you can't buy more than 5, regardless of the value. When I tried to select 6 it says I'm buying more than allowed.

    • same - so just went with the WW cards

  • For those having issues, Try changing your phone number after registering and it will enforce another verification. You can just remove the 0 prefix or add it if you registered without..after I did that it worked (after many fails)

    • Tried this as well as everything else and still no luck. All the frigging around and I can't use PayPal now, even though it's linked, expecting to be suspended at any moment

  • purchased 5 eBay cards, but only received 4 emails, any one had this problem?

    • +1

      yep..i bought 5 woolies…4 got delivered in like 6 minutes…but still waiting for the 5th one…

      • just got the 5th…

      • +1

        How long ago did you order? I still don't have mine after almost 2 hours

        • same with me.. No emails with code yet.. :(

        • Same still waiting after 2 hours

    • Had Bought 2 X $200 ebay Yellow, got only 1 !! Its been more than an hour now that I have received email with the 1 GC, strange never happened to me before. Now wait till monday to hear back from Paypal Gifts

  • Awesomeness! Just ordered $800.00 worth in preparation for a new mobile phone. OP, you have my greatful thanks. Now, I just need a good ebay discount code to stack on the discounted gift cards.

    • Apparently PRANCE is 7% for quite a lot of sellers. Others PRIORITY10 is 10% for several top rated sellers.

      • Many thanks - I will give those a shot.

  • Paypal not working, is it just me?

  • +5

    An hour and a half of frigging around, I've legitimately tried everything anyone has suggested and it's still not working for me. It's no longer worth it for 10%. I don't even have anything I want or need to buy right now anyway.

    F this

    • +2

      Feel the pain, mate, same for me

      • +2

        Same here, shame! but not gonna spend another minute on this!

        • I managed to get it working after splitting up my order into 2.

          I had 3x$100 Wish and eBay but it never worked until I separated them

    • Same, i'm not one to pass up a deal but it's too much frigging around and not worth the risk of having your Ebay/Paypal accounts banned, limited etc.

  • Thanks worked fine.

  • did anyone pay using credit card?

    • I tried and they just cancelled my order as the payment didnt go through … no idea why

  • How long did it take to receive the gift cards?

    • +4

      I’m still waiting. Ordered wish e-gift cards at 9:01pm.

      • That’s a bit worrying

        • +1

          Last time I ordered e-gift cards back in September there was a delay. I email after 3.5 hours. I’ll probably wait till the morning and email.

          No panic yet even though this is a different account and email to that last experience. It’s not like I am the poor bloke below who used an incorrect address. I received my order confirmation.

          • +1

            @GoldenDragon888: you are referring to me..$1000 hanging in the balance..poor uni student..

            • @stockastics: As far as anyone’s concerned that $900 is already spent. You can only get back products now.

      • did u get it?

        • No still waiting. I email tomorrow if nothing turns up.

        • I think it's a bit too random, mine all came within 20 minutes

      • Ordered at 10.20pm and still waiting also.

        I remember my last order 4 came through and the last one came a day later.

        As crawfish and nismo said, it can be random.

    • Yup, got my cards this morning.

      Exactly 4 hours after putting through the transaction.

  • +4

    Looks like some people are having problems getting this deal so I will list the steps I took in the hope it helps someone:
    1) Create a new acccount on ebay UK using <current email>+ebay1 eg. [email protected] (all emails will go to [email protected])
    2) Registered with dummy UK address and AU mobile
    3) Added an additional Australian address (in Account Settings->Personal Information)
    4) Made the Australian address the primary address
    5) Clicked on the "eBay gift cards" link in the original post above
    6) Selected gift card denomination and number and clicked add to basket
    7) Go to checkout
    8) Add Discount Code
    9) Click on Paypal as payment method and logged in to Paypal
    10) Click Confirm and Pay

    • I am such a fool! I created a new ebay UK account with my student email but due to auto fill..the ac created was .edu and missed the .au. I ordered the gift cards and then realised my mistake. I have changed the email address and also messaged paypal digital gifts. Havent received the gift cards or a response. What to do now?

      • The original email should bounce. You should probably get on chat to ebay to get it sorted out as quickly as possible.

      • The only way to sort this out (wrong email address) is to correct your email address in eBay AND go to your order, then contact seller, then explain and request it be re-sent.

        As it is a manual task, it will take a couple of days or more due to their sale volume.

        • yep, have done that. Also contacted Paypal on twitter. Lets see.have been charged $900 already.

    • Go further before your 1
      A) use a VPN
      B) Don't use device associated to Ebay OZ or clear all cookies , or as a min use a different browser .
      C) Watch your A$$ PP suspensions are flying left right and centre .

    • Sorry, this payment option isn't available. Here are your options:

    • Thanks this helped me a lot. I'm not going to pull the trigger till tomorrow. I'll risk missing out on what I want but I don't want a $800 gift card if the item i'm planning to buy is mysteriously pulled or price jacked.

  • +1

    Paypal is acting a bit funny.
    The Paypal login page shows up, and it even authenticates the user ID and password.
    You can then briefly see the total amount to be paid,
    but eBay.co.uk then tells me "something wrong with Paypal".

    it only the allows me to pay with the Credit Card… hmmm…

    • i get the same message. giving up now

      • +1

        yes, i think Paypal is onto this deal
        and trying to force people to pay using the Credit Card,
        and then blocking the sale, because of the .AU address ?

        now, nothing is working, ie. not paying with Paypal
        nor paying with Credit Card.

        all of them, is giving me an error.

      • i'm giving up now too :-\
        i had AU$ 1400 of gift cards in the shopping cart.

        • +1

          Change it to $1000 and try again

        • +1

          I did the same and realised we could only purchase 5 items.

          I removed $400 and bought 5 x $200 and it went through ok.

          • @Rollie: thanks for your post.

            i removed my 'extra' gift cards,
            and bought 5 x AU$ 200 and it just went through (23:45 AEST, Friday 14/6)

            • @whyisave: I tried with one Ebay gift card $100, login to Paypal Au account but it shows "We ran into a problem and PayPal isn't available right now. Please select a different payment option."

              Tried multiple times does not work.

    • Same :(

  • +2

    I am such a fool! I created a new ebay UK account with my student email but due to auto fill..the ac created was .edu and missed the .au. I ordered the gift cards and then realised my mistake. I have changed the email address and also messaged paypal digital gifts. Havent received the gift cards or a response. What to do now?

    • -1

      Don't you have access to your student account? :/

      • i do. but in the original registration i forgot to add .au at the end..

        • -1

          That shouldn't really be a problem :/. If the payment went through properly, the ebay store will send the cards to your student email and you can then forward it to your primary email account.

          Better if you can a message to the ebay store before they send the gift cards though.

  • I tried everything and still couldn't get this work on woolworths cards,and tried to buy ebay cards instead before giving up, then it run smooth!

  • I'm not getting the verification code errr

  • I give up, can't get it to work no matter what. This fuss was not worth the (potential) 10% saving…!

    • what is the problem?

  • +2

    Ending in complete failure and the very warm message.

    To help protect your eBay account, we sometimes limit the amount of items that can be bid on or purchased by a single account. However, you may be able to increase the limit on your account by verifying some information about yourself.
    Call us to speak with an eBay Customer Service agent about the limits on your buying activity.
    Learn more about limits on buyer activity.

    It was my 1st purchase of $375. 2 hours wasted unfortunately.

  • only $25 now, which doesn't meet minimum expense.

  • paypal..didnt worked. paid with Amex credit card. now it shows payment pending.

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Worked fine for me bought 5X$200 with Paypal. I used VPN in incognito mode and worked the first time.

    Edit: I received a text message from Paypal saying that my transaction was marked suspicious and reply 1 to authorise the payment. After I replied 1, I received a response that my transaction has been authorised.

    • i am still having paypal issue. using UK VPN as well..not working. I give up.

      i have amex attached to paypal. is that a issue.

    • Hi vinay, did you get the codes? I have got the same message as yours from PayPal and replied with 1 to authorize it. But still no emails with codes

      • +1

        No email with the codes yet. It probably will take few hours. I will check in the morning. It was the same when there a similar offer sometime ago.

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