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$10 Voucher / Postage Refund (No Min Spend) if Non Delivery by Guaranteed Date @ eBay


Hi All,

Not sure if this has been posted but couldn't find it as part of the long running deals

I used this today for a late delivery from the recent CUB Goose Island Session IPA deal as it was guaranteed to be delivered by yesterday and in still in transit.

Went into eBay purchases, selected report late delivery and received a $10 voucher straight into my eBay account which I just used for a Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 2S powerbank $18.95, down to $8.95 delivered.

You have 30 days from late delivery to claim your voucher so any CUB deals from the last month make sure you check your purchase history as it will all be listed.

Not all sellers use the Guaranteed Delivery option, but it's sure good to hold them to account if they do

Lastly I'd previously believed this to be a $5 vocuher but mine was a $10 voucher today, so please let me know in the comments what you have received

Note: Coupons will be available in My eBay and they expire 30 days from the date they're issued. To redeem the coupon, enter the code at checkout.

Hope it comes in useful


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  • This is actually easy to obtain since Australia post is so useless
    So many of my international deliveries are quicker from USA or Asia to Australia then a longer wait to reach my house

    • unless it's a courier, don't they also go through Australia Post ?

      • +3 votes


        then a longer wait to reach my house

      • +2 votes

        Some int'l vendors offer ePacket for just a bit extra
        or say it'll take longer…

        BTW, doesn't this lend itself to Fraudulent use, eg:

        A dodgy eBay acc't (set up for the purpose)
        never sends an ordered item

        When delay exceeds predicted arrival date
        they just Refund in full

        Meanwhile, a confederate claims the $10 voucher,
        but doesn't leave Neg. feedback.

      • Generally no, that's why you use a courier so you have a different service.

        If you live in a remote area then the courier may give your parcel to Australia Post to deliver it for them.

      • I got a box from the UK > Perth overnight at 9AM and i even ordered it at 8pm WA time.

        Only paid $40 to ship as well it's crazy

        • Cool story bro, did they send it supersonic?

          Flight time from London to Perth is 19 hours 20 minutes.

          Did they compress time and deliver across the globe in 13 hours?

  • Can anyone list some dodgy sellers here?

  • Wow. Thanks OP - this has definitely happened to me a few times on cheap items that claim to be "shipped from Australia".

    • I have complained a few times about this to eBay online but same answer, they aware of the issue and will investigate. The end!
      Nothing change til now
      Ebay or maybe seller trick is only to extend the estimated time delivered (different from the original listing) so we can’t complain for the late delivery.

      • +3 votes

        This is only for items with “Guaranteed Delivery” (many eBay Plus items).

        Normal delivery is still a best-effort system.

  • how do i determine what my guaranteed date was?

    nevermind it was in my email and i got my beers today

  • Nice! Just got a $10 credit for the Goose Island.

  • WHAT??!!!

  • Sweet!!

  • how would they check this is true or not?

    are these guarantees require signature on delivery?

    • Usually they come with tracking and they use that to determine whether it was delivered or not.

      • thanks..

        I was wondering by posting it here,
        someone might try to abuse the system

        but if it is tracking
        then that is good for legit claims.

  • Is it the seller that is charged this fee?

    I am sure it isn't Australia post. It seems a bit cruel to do this to a relatively good seller, who appeared to ship as soon as possible (on a Sunday). Yet it arrived a day late. I am sure it was Australia post who is at fault then.

    • I believe it's covered by eBay although might depend on the system used by the seller. In the "handling time program" eBay are actually the ones that guarantee delivery time so it's definitely covered by them in that system. I have complained a number of times that the data is horrendously wrong though, eg. from my store sending to my own postcode via Express is apparently 4 business days but across the country is 2 days.

      Some light reading for you from the eBay Seller Centre: https://sellercentre.ebay.com.au/guaranteed-delivery

    • if they were so concern then ebay should not offer the option.
      or sellers don't need to guarantee it

  • Easiest way to check what delivery standard the seller used seems to be to search your emails.

  • Ah, this explains why someone has given me two street names and won’t yet tell me which one to send it to.
    Seller gets (removable) postage defect, buyer gets $10 voucher.

    • I'd say it's more likely that they're just an idiot :p

      There's really no reason to offer this as a small seller.

    • Just to clarify - it's not for every item sold or bought on eBay (Guaranteed Delivery items are marked as that) see this CUB beer item and scroll down to the postage & returns

      It's something that the seller has to opt into so wouldn't effect most

      • Ah k. I don’t read so good first thing in the morning.
        Thanks for that.

      • Seems it varies by destination too. For the example you give, to WA only gives estimated delivery. Change postcode to 2000 and shows a guaranteed delivery.

        Edit: I see from the info page "The program guarantees delivery of an item within 4 days or less."
        That pretty much rules out every standard delivery from east to west…

        • It’s not always 4 days. I’ve got an email sent on 22 June for 28 June delivery.

        • Very few items to my postcode in WA offer guaranteed delivery now, even items which had it in the past. It has only ever been $5 in credit for me too. I've claimed about 10 times last year and once this year.

    • Ah, this explains why someone has given me two street names

      How about a street plus a po Box or two suburbs.

      The last 2 things I sold were

      1 ozbargain road
      Po Box 5
      Sydney NSW 2000


      1 ozbargain road
      Sydney NSW 2150

    • Post to paypal address.
      Problem solved

  • I can't seem to find the "Report late delivery" button?
    I am wanting to do it on something that was meant to arrive on the 3rd of June but arrived on the 21st…

    • Not all sellers will provide this guarantee. To know if your item has a guaranteed delivery date, look at where it shows the delivery date window, under the Postage cost, it should say "Guaranteed by…..". If there is a guaranteed delivery date, scroll down to purchase history, find the product and click on the pull down menu "more actions", the Report late delivery option should be shown.

      • I feel that it isn't displaying since I opened a case with eBay since the item didn't arrive (was 2 weeks out of the estimate)but the item arrived eventually so the case was closed.
        who knows though

    • +1 vote

      It’s only for items listed as “Guaranteed Delivery” (usually from eBay Plus sellers).

  • +5 votes

    This a good one to use on Apus/Shopping Square. They're never on time, and quite a few of their listings are Guaranteed Shipping.

    I got a few Samsung Evo 128gb micro sd cards from them recently which came down to about $15 each after the refunds. Well worth waiting a few days.


      I second that. they seem to wait until the last moment to ship the items, then they blame aus post.
      no more!

  • Nice.. time to buy cheap $1 items from slow sellers :)

  • i do not see any option to report late delivery… do you have to be in desktop mode?

    • I think you'll only see 'report late delivery' if it was sent using Guaranteed Delivery - I've got a couple of items on order, some have 'Expected Delivery' as the seller hasn't opted into the guaranteed delivery program

  • This only works on listings where the seller has used the "guaranteed delivery by XX days" option.

    Not just any standard delivery option that most sellers use.

  • Bought a slab of that cider for 25 the other day.

    25 is already pretty bloody cheap, but if it turns out to be 15 I'll be wrapped. Keep my eye out, cheers OP.

  • These coupons usually work on eBay gift cards FYI, so might be worth checking to see if they work on the gift cards first if you get one of these vouchers :)

  • +10 votes

    Suprised it hasn't been mentioned before. I first claimed late delivery in Feb which was a tracked service ($10 voucher) and recently when eBay had the $3 off everything, I purchased 5x $3 lego figurines (5 seperate accounts) free guaranteed delivery, all came a day or 2 late, standard untracked mail. Scored free figurines and $50 worth of vouchers for my 'troubles' :)

  • this is gold! 👌

  • This is great.

  • Thanks I'll keep this in mind

    I had a look at my past purchases and they had estimated delivery

    A few of my recent purchases are guaranteed (plus $0.99 items)

    The only thing is that the guaranteed delivery on these items is Friday 28th which is a long time and I'd be surprised if they don't arrive tomorrow or Thursday so it's pretty useless if the guarantee is a couple of days after estimated

  • Every Chinese seller is going to inflate the delivery date by another 30 days. They're already doing that right now, making it hard to even chase up a late delivery. You're not able to raise the issue if the expected delivery date hasn't been reached yet, but they deliverately set a very long ETA.

    • is there any of those sellers offering guaranteed delivery? Its only for those not the normal estimated delivery dates

  • Damn, missed out by a month >_>

  • Wow I'm going to be getting a lot of vouchers. Nothing ever arrives on time to my remote address.

    • +1 vote

      Me too. It’s worth paying a couple of dollars more to get items with “Guaranteed Delivery”, because it’s basically $10 off without exception.

  • I just got one few days back, didn't think I could post that here. Sonyaustralia and DHL majorly fudged up my order and now it is lost in transit.

  • This is a bit useless, seeing as some sellers just provide a date range, i.e. 28th June to 2nd July (my last purchase)

  • Thanks OP!

  • Thanks OP. Can you do it through the eBay app or is it just on the website version?

  • damn, i missed lots of $10s! only like 20% of my ebay purchase arrived on time…

  • My experience is that it just gets marked as delivered by the courier before it actually is. (Toll is the worst. They'll often do a partial delivery and mark the whole shipment.). And it's a huge hassle to dispute it. Only once have I managed to get an Ebay voucher out of the delivery guarantee and I've had plenty of late deliveries that fell under it..

  • Aus post SUCKS! My guaranteed delivery was meant to arrive on the 20th and it arrived 3rd next month

  • Non delivery or NO delivery - as per the title? I might me wrong though….

  • all my items have estimated delivery time including my CUB Goose IPA…… unless im missing something.

    • The items likely weren't guaranteed delivery to your location. You regional?

      Different regions will be offered different services and service times from each seller. I am in Sydney. I only offer guaranteed delivery to sydney regional. If you are buying from my store in QLD, you will get fast and free delivery with an estimated time arrival. If you purchase from Sydney, you get Guaranteed delivery.

      • Thanks, That makes sense I'm from Perth so i probably wont ever get this deal :(

  • Looks like all of my $.99 items I bought with the ebay flash sale are running into next week. Sweet. $37 profit.

    I got the soda stream,drone, nappies and frying pan.

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