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[NSW] Alex Drawer Unit $49 (Was $120) @ IKEA Tempe


Part of their door buster sale. This is specific to Ikea Tempe starts at 5pm and ends at 9pm. Only the grey one. While stock lasts.

Also on sale:
Beige Raskog trolley $19.99 (was $49) on Friday 12/7 from 5pm to 9pm
Turquoise Strandmon chair $99 (was $249) on Tuesday 9/7 from 5pm to 9pm

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    Very useful drawers, makes a great base for a desk

  • This is great if it is online.

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    Has Ikea had EOFY sale this year?

    • They had one of sorts; selected items only pretty much. They still had "Clearance" adds up with July dates too but not the same sale. Saw the basic LACK square coffee table for $8 (I think) during last month. Only decided recently it would be a good basic table saw boostrr just to make it easier to work with; $13 now.

      • I don’t think they were on sale back then as they had been $8 for a very long time, I think they just adjusted the price as it was perhaps “too cheap” and they felt they could still sell it at a higher price

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    r/battlestations would go insane for this

  • Yes i have seen the SALE sign inshore stating CLEARANCE on from 9/7/19. And thank you these are just what i need to buy along with the tabletop desk.

    • The Ikea tabletops are no longer a solid construction, they make the middle out of cardboard. So if it is very long it will bow in the middle overtime. Recommend getting legs to support the center or seek solid wood tops from hardware suppliers.

      • Legs in the middle would defeat the purpose of being a desk; maybe a just a side table with drawers.

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          Not really. He means one leg positioned towards the rear middle of the tabletop, provides support but leaves plenty of room for your feets.

      • thanks for the tip Ghossst. i have seen they advertise the Alex draws at either end of desk with 1 leg in the middle (at rear). Do u think would be ok?

        • that should be fine depending how long the desk is, or you can source solid wood tops from elsewhere.

          Just noting the IKEA table tops are made out of cardboard in the middle. Even some of their kitchen counter tops are cardboard in the middle.

      • This happened to mine. Centre is slightly bending down.

      • Pfft, back in my day…

        My 8087 mathcoprocesseor was blazing @10mhz atop a sheet of yellow tongue & some paint tins, with a milk crate for a seat.

    • +2

      Bunnings have solid wood kitchen benchtops, 2.4m length for about $80 (not usually on their website but both Bunnings near me in VIC have them) and I've got dual monitor setup spanned across these drawers and no sag after a year

    • Does it start on 9/7 or 10/7 as in post title?

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    anyone know if you can order online and pick up in person?

    • Would want to know this as well? And How much is delivery for something like this?

      • in SA delivery is $49 or $69 dependant on weight. you can find all the info on their website

    • You can click and collect pretty much every item on Ikea website by adding to your shopping cart just like any site. However, they add a $20 service fee for this "The service fee covers preparing and/or shipping your order to your home or selected Store/Collection Point." Basically a handling fee for one of their staff to go to the shelves and grab your item(s) and take them to the Click and Collect counter near the exit point / registers of the store.

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    Does this include the Adelaide store?

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    Suspect it's the Dark Grey colour only. Saw poster yesterday in store. Perhaps someone else can clarify.

    • You mean Black-brown?

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    will that be at brisbane logan store?

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    Wished they had wider ones of these, so i can buy one for my laser printer…. atleast 500mm wide drawers.

    • That's IKEA for ya

    • I have this, it's wider at 67x66cm but $199

      • I’ve got the above for exactly that purpose. Just be mindful that the top will sag with the weight of a heavier printer.

        Just go to the AS-IS corner and buy an extra piece of loose board to add strength.

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    It’s for the grey one as part of the door buster sale
    in store only

  • -2

    These are really popular, but I have no idea how. I think they look hideous, when I used them in-store they even felt terrible to use.
    Good price though, but definitely not my style.

    • +1

      I have them, they look fine, they match our office style perfectly. Very solid construction. I have 0 complains at all.

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    can i buy 2 of these and a counter top to make it a desk?

    • +6

      No, that will burn your house down.

    • +26

      Yes this is what I did, with a piece of Pine which I stained from Bunnings, LED strips around perimeter of bench and shelves for good measure

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        Beautiful setup!

      • +1

        Can I ask where did you get those shelves that are on top of the desk (left/right)? Thanks!

        • +1

          They are just the 16mm white melamine shelfes from Bunnings,they come in all sorts of widths and lengths, these are 900mm by 350mm. They’re attached to the desk with Ikea Ekby Tore brackets, (no holes in the walls) which it looks like have been discontinued in Australia.

      • That does look great, How much did that cost you all up? someone earlier was mentioned that they do collapse under a bit of weight, you seeing any signs of that?

        • I think they were referring to the cheap Ikea tabletops, while bargainsdon got theirs from Bunnings.

          The cheap Ikea ones do buckle eventually, we had them at my old work with triple monitor mounts and they slowly sagged.
          We use an Ikea bamboo tabletop and it's very solid.

        • What you can see maybe $500, the rest, being Arlec power point remotes for the led strips, USB 3.0 extension cord to USB 3.0 hub on right side of desk, another $100 or so.

          The bench top is 30mm thick laminated pine, more than strong enough, would need a lot of weight to bend. Just make sure you screw up from the top of the Alexa drawers into the bottom of the bench to secure it all in place.

        • Many of IKEA’s desktops/table tops are made with honeycomb cardboard. The edges are made of wood/chipboard, which is where you screw in the legs.

          But much of their desktops/tabletops are pretty much just air and cardboard. Hence the inevitable buckling, warping and collapsing.

          • @DisabledUser104837: Sadly also a lot of their storage solutions too. Recently forked out for a bunch of STUVA frames/drawers/shelves for the living room display stuff, and specs of that including equivalents like BESTA, all mention honeycomb cardboard construction and stuff.

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        wow, that's beautiful. I was just going to make a normal boring desk, but this is way better. thank you.

      • +1

        Great photo of a great setup.

      • +1

        Love the upside down router and hanging speakers. Very clever.

        • Thanks, it’s a pretty simple hack, but makes the whole desk look cleaner and frees up more room on top

          • +1

            @bargainsdon: Won't the upside down speakers invert the audio? Do you have to stand on your head to hear the sound?

      • +1

        Very nice. I want this set up

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    "Alex, open drawer"
    Nothing. I think mine's broken.

    • +4

      Alex, open drawer

      Try Alexa, open drawer

  • I guess Ikea WA is again excluded from this offer?

    • From what I can see, this is specifically for Ikea Tempe store in NSW.

  • I have this drawer and it is good!

    • I second this. Quality seems slightly better than standard IKEA.
      Have followed the ~80,000 Youtubers who have put a Gerton table top on this.

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    Just be aware that the last time these were on sale at my local store they sold out of 100s within like the first 30 minutes of store opening so if you want them you’ll have to get there bright and early.

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      Starts at 5pm. Not sure if that's when they put them out or if it'll scan through at that price from 5. If the latter, load up and wait till 5 I guess.

      • Ah, I didn't read that part, but yes good to get there before or at the start time

  • Does anyone have the link or dimensions of this

    • +1
      • Great thanks - realized it was in the link but wasn't working on mobile.

  • Grey only?

  • Is the Turquoise Strandmon chair $99 (was $249) for all colours? (some are $279)

  • One thing to also be wary of is that the drawers are deep (which is good). They will sag if anything heavy is placed inside as the bottoms have no centre support and are quiet thin. I'd recommend in adding a thin piece (rod or something) of wood across the centre underside of each drawer to prevent this. Only an issue if anything heavy is placed in them.

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    Damn, I should read. I went to the shop and pulled out my phone to realise my stupidity.

    • Was there a good amount of stock? Are they on their usual shelves or have they pulled all stock somewhere in front or so?

      • It didn't seem like there was a dedicated area - I walked through the whole store almost. There were white ones in aisle 2 but didn't check for greys. I didn't realise the deal was for grey only until I got to work.

        • Thanks

  • Ozbargain meet up at 5?

    • The lines already here.

  • A few dozen people in line already. No idea of stock levels. Will report in.

    Edit: the line is right at the rear of the warehouse and at least 100 in stock by my guess

    • 122 from the lady in charge

  • On the line now

    • No more line, they only let 2 per person. Not sure about stock

      • Should walk back for more

      • except for that one bloke near the front who had a mad whinge to the staff and walked out with 3…

        • I saw quite a few people with three actually.

  • I grabbed 2 and now there are only 3 left!

    • Any stock left by now?

      • None

  • +1

    Yeah nothing here

  • None. Left.. all gone within 15 minutes

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