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20% off 117 Selected Sellers (Max Discount $300) @ eBay


Another day, another ebay sale. Don't forget cashback!

thanks murpha

2.Offer Period. This offer commences at 10.00 (AEST) on 8 August 2019 and ends at 23:59 (AEST) on 17 August 2019 (“Offer Period”).
3.Conditions. The offer entitles you to 20% off the purchase price (excluding postage costs) on items at Selected Sellers, up to a maximum discount of $300 per transaction. Multiple items may be purchased in up to a maximum of five transactions (up to a maximum of 10 items per transaction). All monetary amounts specified in these terms and conditions are in Australian dollars (AUD).
4.“Selected Sellers” means the participating sellers listed at the end of these terms and conditions, as amended from time to time.
5.Exclusions. This offer does not apply to items listed by the Selected Sellers in the following category: Gift Cards (184609).

4D Controls - PLC and Electrical
Acqua Bathrooms
Action Bike Ski
Amber Technology Clearance Store
Appliance Central
Aquaholics Aquarium Supplies
Ausu Tek
Bargene E-store
Bathroom Reno
Bubble Grow Hydroponics
Camerastore Australia
Camping Bargains
Chalet Online
Click Depot
Crazy Victor
Custom Home Theater
Decor Point
Direct Factory Sale
Dollars Warehosue
Dungeon Crawl Australia
Eastlakes Electronics
Excel Store Online
Exeed Australia
Fab Living
Flex Fitness Equipment
Flora Livings
FTC Computers Online
Futu Online
Games We Played
GFL Marketplaces
Gioia Casa Store
Global Export Online
Golf Globe National Discount Centre
Golf Mate Ebisu
GraysOnline Australia
Green Concept Lighting
Hardware Shop to You
Hasbro Gaming
Home Online Superstore
Hottest Deals Australia
KG Electronic
Knives Online
Life -Style-Store
Linen Dreams
Luxury Bedding Melbourne
Mansfield Hunting & Fishing
Matchbox Australia
Mobile Mattress
My Phonez
National Garage
Need 1 Industrial & Safety
NES Printer Supplies and Services
Outbax Camping
Pet and Live Stock HQ
Planet Linen
Press Play Audio
Radio Parts
Shop Now Australia
Side Kick Mobile
Simple Homewear
Smart Flash
SOBRE Smart Living
Sony Australia
Sydney Mobiles
Tech Mall
Tiimeless Design
Tommy Swiss
Top Choice Lighting
Treasure PC Online
Trinity Connect
True Blue Bargains
Videopro Australia
Work Leisure Play
Xhunter Australia
Zzz Atelier Outlet Store

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  • +9

    Give me a retailer with 20% of the Hisense 75” R8 so I can finally buy the bloody thing!!!

    • -5

      Just buy a projector instead.

      • I'm trying to decide this for our media room build. Stick with the 65 OLED I've been wanting or change to a projector

      • I’ve never even entertained the thought of a projector personally. Not a videophile by any means so just looking at the best 75” screen for the money.

        • It's been a few years since I looked at them as an option, they used to be pretty much useless unless the room was fully darkened. To those recommending them is this any different now?

          • +3

            @conan2000: Projectors are great for a Cinema experience, though hard to disagree for most people a 75" wouldn't be better for day to day viewing.
            For a day to day projector setup to be as good, you need a decent screen, costing 2k-6k. So given this thread is about Hisense, a projector is out.
            Don't get me wrong, projectors still offer the best cinema experience, but day to day what what I have seen of various mid to high setups, were all inferior to the Hisense.

            • @DisabledUser247345: Yeah, this is my thoughts. Just want a big screen TV that the wife and kids can operate without fuss and integrate with our home automation setup.

          • @conan2000: nope.. better but still best in low to no light

      • +1

        second, the projector recommendation, if you want value for money:

    • On the same boat, keep me posted if you see any :)

      What do you think of R8 compared to Samsung's Q60?

      • Appliance Central seem to have it listed but with $230 delivery???

        Being honest, I’ve only really compared Hisense TV’s i.e R7/R8 vs last years equivalents. Purely based on price and features, the big ones being Dolby Vision/Atmos and built-in Bluetooth, I didn’t think other brands offered the same bang-for-ya-buck.

        • Just my unwanted opinion, but it seems this year Samsung's and Sonys are not as good as last years models.
          Now I am not saying that Hisense is better, just that the latest Hisense is slightly improved vs' last year, while Sony and Samsung's products have gone back slightly.
          The Sony and Samsung premium models are superior TV's, but gets more difficult to justify the premium every year while the gap closes.

          • @DisabledUser247345: Hisense has been improving steadily from what I've read, but what do you mean that Samsung and Sony have taken a step back this year?

            I have a Samsung that's a couple of years old now, and Im thinking about buying one for a family member, because it's just so good.

            I want them to experience it for themselves (they're not into TV that much).

            But I think it's worth it for the phone screen mirroring alone (I have a Samsung phone and a Samsung TV and they're just dedigned to work together seamlessly), and streaming things like YouTube on a big screen when I find decent videos.

            The built in IPTV apps alone are worth the price premium imho (I can watch literally thousands of channels from around the world for less than half of what I pay for Foxtel).

            Where do you think Samsung has taken a step back, and whivh model(s) or series?

            I'm just curious what you meant by it because I'm mot sure if some of the features I mentioned have been affected.

            I can gòogle it, but it would be easier if you gave me an idea where to start.


            • @BooYa: It's subjective, but take the Samsung, the 2018 models were excellent. The 2019 models add Alexa and Google, however, the sound drops from 2.1 channels to 2 (half the watts and drops the woofer).
              The 2019 model dropped the snappy quad core for the new neurocessor picture engine. May likely improve with updates but does some strange things to the colours. The 2019 models also have slightly larger bezels.

              A lot of people find the new engine more natural. Whatever you get check them out in store.

              • @DisabledUser247345: Thanks a lot mate, that is actually very helpful.

                It makes a lot of sense to me, and is a great starting point for my 'research' into what has changed for worse.

                My TV is pre Alexa and Google, two features I really wanted to see implemented, but not at the expense of other things (eg. I bought a 50 inch TV for my bedroom and I was surprised how 'loud' and clear the speakers were).

                Then again, it's a small bedroom, in the lounge I'd probably have to connect it to a sound bar, but then again maybe I wouldn't have to.

                Because other than Xbox games I don't need a lot of volume anyway, and I just use headphones when I play.

                That extra soundbar which I'd need to get for my parent(s) would not only add to the total cost, but would also complicate things for my parents who aren't spring chickens anymore.

                Not to mention the extra cables and the extra room I'd need to set it all up in the bedroom.

                I might just get my older model Samsung TV if I see it sold somewhere.

                Thanks a lot for the heads up mate :)

    • What price would be good for that?

      I remember being tempted by the Sony 75 from a couple weeks back but that was more than double than the 65P8 I bought.

      • No idea TBH but I’d be happy with something around $2.7k I guess. Not going to get that with a $300 cap and $200+ shipping though!

  • +5

    Waiting for OzPlaza too

    • Me too

    • +7

      Waiting for Computer Alliance here

      • likely ebay plus only

      • same

  • +3

    Its been a while ebay where have you been

  • -1

    Waiting for search link

    • +16

      Here we go - Search link

      • +5

        Looks like the old Search Error: Service not available. Too many sellers?

      • +2

        Doesn't work :(
        "service unavailable"

    • Pretty please?

    • +4
  • Link to the list of items in the sale (not a proper search link yet, sorry): https://www.ebay.com.au/e/coupon-offers/20-off-tech-sales-au...

  • Dam, I just ordered from "Aquaholics Aquarium Supplies" yesterday

    • Maybe return and reorder? Good to see fellow aquarium hobbyists on ozbargain. Not many I don’t think.

      • +1

        AquaNerd, checking in!

        Just moved house and had to break down my three-year-old tropical tank, which sucked.
        On the upside, I managed to convince the missus I had to buy all new gear for it!

        (Associated with National.Garage, ticked the box for safety)

  • at last , a non ebay plus code

  • +42

    Search Links:




    • +2

      You're the best

      • +2

        Happy to help

  • +11

    I noticed Wireless1 just increased the price of my watched item by, ta-da, 20%, so there could be another group of sellers about to pop up soon with their "20%" discount.

    • +5

      Report them to accc

      • +2

        I's say they get around ACCC claims as they can report that they previously they had their 'own introductory (or clearance, or birthday, or whatever) sale', and it's now going to their 'correct price'. Store increases pricing, that's not an ACCC issue.

        As eBay is the one offering the 20%, the retailer is not 'jacking'. Easy loophole when someone else is offering to do the sale.

        eBay wins. Getting 'free' advertising without actually having a sale. It's a smart move if people are unaware.

        It'd be interesting to hear from one of the store reps in regards to these eBay deals, but I'm sure they'd sign a NDA.

        • Often simple to check that by looking at the price history. That's the easy part because the ACCC really pays lip service to Ebay and its sellers [seemingly] contravening ACL.

      • +4

        I've already reported eBay to the ACCC (for allowing, nay ENCOURAGING price jacking as well as sales on 'eligible' items without specifying what they are and 'sitewide' sales that are actually very limited).

        I hope lots of others do the same thing so the ACCC gets the message that consumers are not happy.

        • -2

          Who do we report the ACCC to?

    • +2


    • +4

      yep they increase their price on the Samsung 860 evo ssd

    • +5

      too bad ebay is not like kogan else they would've been taken to court: https://www.accc.gov.au/media-release/kogan-in-court-for-all...

      • +3

        Prima facie it appears that Ebay AND some sellers are party to promoting discounts which are misleading consumers. If the ACCC was doing its job it would pick an example and fine both the facilitator (Ebay) and the seller, forcing one or both to test the law before the courts.

        • they'll just say they dont control the seller's actions

          • @FeZZa21: given that its selected sellers, meaning its a collaboration to opt in with specific terms, even if they dont control their actions, they are both responsible for all aspects of the sale, just as they would be able to reap any benefits of the sale

            • @furythree: just accept that ebay can afford much better lawyers than you and me, or accc :)

          • @FeZZa21: However that won't wash IF someone has pointed out that a seller is [possibly] breaking the law and/or contravening Ebay policy re pricing changes and Ebay has failed to act.

    • If they increased it by 20%, and now there's 20% off the total, you're still 4% better off! :)

    • +5

      This WD Blue 4TB HDD from futu_online was listed for $138 during the last sale.
      I bought one when they had listed stock and got the 20% off as per this offer.

      They cancelled my order saying there was stock issues and relisted at $188 with 0 in stock.
      Now during this 'sale' it's $195.

      Blatent price jacking.


      • Yet you don't get the deal 🤦‍♂️

      • +1

        Please report it to the ACCC. Everyone will benefit if the ACCC receives enough complaints about this sort of thing and takes action.

        • +1

          Reported it to eBay and I'm trying to escalate. What really needs to happen is 100+ people from OzBargain to get together and complain.

  • +13

    Having looked through, it seems there are very few actual bargains - mostly just pricejacking or expensive sellers :(

  • Almost all items over $599 at mi_official_store are showing a $300 discount, this can't be right? Eg. Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter M365 $399: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Xiaomi-Mi-Electric-Scooter-M365/...

    • Added to OP, many thanks.

    • +3

      Doesn't apply full discount at checkout it seems. Only comes down to $559.20.

      • Thanks for testing it!

        • couldve been the august ozbargain of the month

    • Doesn't apply full discount at checkout it seems. Only comes down to $559.20.

    • Is the scooter supposed to come down to $559 or $399?

      • Doesn't apply full discount at checkout it seems. Only comes down to $559.20.

  • +4

    Keeps saying code cannot be applied to my order. It is a Samsung SSD 970 Evo plus from Futu online.

    • +1

      Getting the same thing..

  • +4

    Pricing Errors galore with the code Postie.

    • +3

      Yea, it's displaying a huge discount that isn't reflected in the cart

  • can get airpods 2 with wireless charging case for $231, so pretty good deal there if people were considering them

  • AirPods 2 with wireless charging case for $231 with seller it_clearance_company. Anyone bought from them before? https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Apple-MRXJ2ZA-A-AirPods-2nd-Gene...

    • Looks like it was an error. Discount was gone after i refreshed the page. Went to checkout and applied the code and got the correct 20% off discount.

      EDIT: I should add that other stores had high discounts for AirPods too and have also had the discounts on those pages disappear.

      • +2

        I'm lost why you say discount is gone?.. I just ordered them and it went through for $231.

        I bought 2 for $462.40

        • how did you do that please.

          • @benjaminv: I just added them to cart and applied the code.. it went through fine.. Nothing special

            • @r1mick: could be some sys error and i check out applied correct result.

  • I can't apply the code to SydneyMobiles. Something is wrong.

    • Same. "This code can't be applied to your order."

    • +3

      Check for price jacking. I'm looking for a ChromeCast Ultra, and they've previously been selling them for $99.80 - currently selling for $110.99+$9.80 shipping. when RRP is $99 + free delivery.

      • Damn. I was looking for an ultra too

  • +9

    Even with search links, these deals are so hard to search on eBay.

  • +2

    Both the 20% off and 5% coupons are showing a bigger discount than you actually get when looking, compared to buying. Be careful people.

  • +1

    What 144hz monitor should i buy? i want 27+ at 1440p and maybe a VA panel? freesync will be fine as im buying a 5700xt.

    • +7

      All the prices have been jacked you would be better off with a Computer Alliance 10/15% off sale.

      • yea thats what it looks like to me, $699 for a monitor when its $550 at pccg

  • +19

    All the PC stores have jacked their prices disgusting behavior as usual its a neg for me.

    EG https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Corsair-Vengeance-LPX-16GB-2x8GB... $155

    https://www.computeralliance.com.au/16gb-ddr4-corsair-(2x8gb)-cmk16gx4m2a2400c14-2400mhz-vengeance-lpx-black-ram CA normal price $149.

  • +3

    Dell's eBay page is promoting the discount code, but they're not on the list and it isn't working at checkout. Maybe more stores to come?

    • Thanks for the heads up mate!

    • https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/333167731348

      same issue here :(

      will try later tonight.

      But I wanted this for myself by the weekend. I wonder if I can collect from Dell Sydney if I buy from Ebay ?

      • I'm after a XPS 13 as well.
        Spewing that I missed out on this deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/468933

        • Hopefully the one linked above goes down another 20% - would bring it down to a little over $1900, for a laptop with a RRP of $2900.

          • @ibgunth27: That'll be awesome but the $300 max discount is gonna cap it though.
            The best it'll be under this deal for the $2399 will be $2099 right?

            • @Kinko82: Ah true. Still a damn good deal.

              • @ibgunth27: Yep definitely agree - can't believe these laptops are selling for $2999 at JB Hifi. CRAZY!

    • Remember it's still only eligible items, so it could be only a handful of items within their Dell store.

      • Good point! Thanks

  • Trying to find a Lenovo M10 to come on special or the Samsung, thanks for link sure I will find something to buy lol

  • Any suggestions for a light gaming laptop (DOTA2) please?

  • Wow eBay actually put all the companies in alphabetical order on their page!

    How professional!

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