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Sony WF-1000XM3 Truly Wireless N/C in-Ear Headphones $245.87 + 2000 Points, WH-1000XM3 $355.36 + 2000 Points @ Qantas Store


A pretty cracking deal on the new WF-1000XM3's ! Cheapest so far if you have the points laying around.

I already own a pair of these from JB and they are great !

Choice review here : https://www.choice.com.au/electronics-and-technology/home-en...

The ever popular WH-1000XM3 are on sale also but not the best deal around. https://www.qantasstore.com.au/p/sony-wh-1000xm3b-flagship-w...

Edit: 10% code added thanks to JASP.

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    • +42

      6000 points and $0? I like your optimism dealing with Qantas.

  • ..deleted..

  • Nice deal would jump on this if I didn't already have a pair

    • +1

      are they really great?

      • +3

        Yep. Sony’s killing it! Highly recommended.

      • I think so not perfect but best in ear I've used so far

      • +4

        Yes sound quality is good - however a BIG warning is that they are NOT currently compatible with the latest Windows 10 May 2019 update which is build 1903. These buds stopped working with my Surface Pro laptop after the 1903 update. They connect but have no sound. Very annoying and Sony apparently don't care much to fix it at the moment as they don't officially support Windows 10 which is ridiculous imo.

        There is a workaround for Intel Bluetooth chipsets but out of luck with any other ones.

  • +2

    Awesome price. Thanks op!

  • -2

    great deal.

    I wonder how much GST will be on it considering use points as well and if can TRS as I am going overseas in 30 days.

    Or else got to find something for $30 to take over the $300 threshold.

    • +2

      Pretty sure you're gonna need to get over the $300 threshold to claim.

    • +19

      That's not a bargain..

      • Sorry, I misread the deal.

      • Massive bargin $245 + 2000 points and I get back 540 points…haha

        • +1

          Look, I'm pretty dumb sometimes but I'm seeing $271 + 2000 points with 540 points back? What am I doing wrong?

          • +1

            @Willstho: You enter the Qantasstaff 10% off code at the checkout

  • +1

    Thanks OP! Finally pulled the trigger!

    • Estimated delivery is the 20th of Aug

      • used all my point's on them so can't do 2nd order…

        • You can buy more points from others

          • @ChiMot: Yeah, not worth the mess around to try to save $25…

  • Is it worth getting these Sony in-Ear buds to replace the Sennheiser PXC 550?

    Will google be listening to my conversations? Is there a way to turn that feature off?

    • +4

      It's not voice activate so it's not always listening

    • Can't comment on the in-ears, but the over ears were a great replacement for the 550s. Working perfectly but so much better, so upgraded them.

  • +4

    Thanks. Finally found a way to use those Qantas points for something that is worth getting, Sony WF-1000XM3

  • How are these for phone/conference calls?

    • +1

      They are okay for the most part. Considerable amount of noise will go thru the mic tho if you are outside

    • +2

      Ok if indoors, bit iffy outdoors. You can listen too the microphone quality here (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6rTsXMqz1Ik)

      • Wow surprised at how bad the mic sounded. He was outside sure, but this kind of price tag for that sort of quality in an unfavourable environment is mind boggling. Not the best indication of the mic quality in that video, he should have done an indoor test also.

    • +12

      Personally I think they are hopeless outdoors. Indoors perfectly fine.

      Mind you, I've used AirPods, soundpeats, Powerbeats, these, overhead earphones and every single pair have had the same feedback when using outdoors, especially in the wind "WHAT ARE YOU USING TO TALK IT SOUNDS HORRIBLE"

      • What are the best for voice?

      • I was using my Sennheiser HD 4.50 when going for a walk outside and called my girlfriend and she said she couldn't hear any of the wind or traffic noise, they'd be pretty good for indoor phone/conference calls

      • +1

        100% agree with this. My Bose QC20 and QC35s do alright though in these circumstances and haven't had any complaints from the other side. It's so damn annoying that every time you are out in the street and a call comes in, you have to switch it to phone mode to talk or the other side won't hear you.

    • I've got these and Airpod gen 2

      I tried a few calls with the Sony and the people have said it's not great
      The Airpods are much better for phone calls

  • I have been eyeing on this since for a LOOOOOOOOONG time!!! THANK YOU SIR

    • +3

      Could be a ma'am?

      • +6

        Could be both. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • +3

    Purchased this via the JB commercial deal a few weeks ago.
    These are horrible for the gym, can barely stay in when exercising moderately.
    Noise cancelling is also not as good as the big brother WH model.
    Apart from that, sounds quality is awesome.

    • +2

      Have you tried changing the earbuds?, If they aren't a optimal fit, both NC and the ability for the headphone to stay in won't be as good as intended

      • +1

        They come with a few sets of foam tips that I've found we're better suited to the gym. Although it depends what you're doing; I'm only lifting weights so it's less jiggling than say, HIIT running.
        Otherwise I've found they're great, i love my qc35 but these just fit in your pocket.

        • I have ruined my qc35’s ear pads due to sweat at the gym.

          How did you prevent yours from getting ruined?

          • @spasto: Clean them often and let them completely dry, I usually keep a silica pack with them when I store them into a carry pack. Not the same headphones but this is just how I maintain my headphones.

          • @spasto: Just buy the cheap replacement earpads from ebay or Ali. As good as genuine. Approx $6.

            No order of cleaning will stop the earpads deteriorating when expose to sweat.

    • May be worth looking into some comply foam tips. I have changed out the Sony tips for comply foam and makes them more gym friendly

      • Did you get the smartcore ones or a specific size? Comply haven't yet released info on which is suitable so curious what worked for you.

    • +2

      Huey I have to disagree, I use the foam tips and have a great fit ! No issues even with 10km runs / regular gym sessions.

      Varied ear sizing makes this not true universally however.

    • You might need to go down a size or few in ear buds as I had the exact same problem until I decided (profanity) it and used the extra small ones. Fit way better and now is super snug and hasnt fallen out.

    • Mate, I dont think these are really meant for the gym. They arent even IPX4 so sweat might not be so good on them.

      If you want the best wireless gym headphones, you cant beat the new Beats Powerbeats Pro.

  • Can’t decide between these Sony ones or the new Beats Pro… I am not intending to wear them in the gym… suggestions?

    • The two things beats offers is more secure fit and the W2 chip, if these don't matter to you then I recommend these.

      • +1

        If you are on iOS the W2 chip offers a great technology advantage but the Powerbeats pro are not fully isolating so if you want to keep the volume low WH are the winners.

        • -1

          How is the W2 chip better compared to the Sonys

    • galaxy buds

    • The wings on powerbeats still means you'll never have to fiddle with them to keep them in your ears. Sound is pretty good but Sony probably a bit better. If you don't have an iphone I would get the Sonys though

  • Third effort at ordering, had an eBay sale with delayed stock, got a refund, Goodguys sale, stock was damaged, was offered the Sennheiser but wanted NC so refunded, let’s hope this happens and that they ultimately end up better than ‘Not Yet Released’ Bose earbuds 700 with NC!!!!!!

    • +2

      I pulled the trigger on the wf-1000xm3 :)

      Was sitting on the fence, but don't like the wing tip that will come with the bose earbuds 700

      • +2

        Wingtips are so much better for the gym though. These ones aren't really designed for much activity.

      • +4

        The wing tips are the best feature of Bose buds IMO. Loved them on the QC20 and QC30. The 500 and 700 still look a bit big. Their sleep buds as functional earphones would be my ideal.

        As for the Sonys in this deal, there were a few negatives in Jim's review, no volume control, no water resistance, seal was not 100%, occasional static/connectivity issues and the phone call test sounded awful.

        I'm on the fence. Got 4k points I can use.

        Any current users got feedback?

  • +5

    Just had very bad experience with Qantas store, brought air fryer and need replacement. They never response to email, call them said will get back but never come back, need to chase them to anthorise RMA then ask for the address to send the item back.

    After 1 Week of the faulty product returned, no response or follow up, need to call to check status and being told they would advise what is going on. Get email 3 days after and be told there is no stock and need to wait at least 3 weeks, reply email and ask for refund. No one reply until I call 1 week after and demand refund.

    The whole process is a pain, I would never buy from Qantas store no matter how cheap it is( I don't think they would offer thing that is dirt cheap)

  • +1

    For the earphones is there any delay when watching youtube video?

    Many ppl online say they will avoid as it does not have aptx do you agree?

    • +1

      I agree that the lack of aptx is a very poor misstep by Sony. But I'm not sure I could tell the difference.

      I have experienced no youtube video lag on iPhone X

    • The first gen had this issue. I’m sure it’s fixed by now…

  • +1

    Anyone know if these can connect to two devices simultaneously?

    • -1

      Watched some reviews whichh say these unfortunately cannot.

    • Nevermind, conflicting review.

    • +3

      JIm's review (see post above) showed them doing exactly this.

      Exact link:


      • +1

        He’s a pretty good reviewer. Thanks for the link.

  • Which one is better - this one or Jabra Elite 65t?

    Also is this one same as Sony WF-1000XM3 TWS NC? https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/472934?

    • Yes, these are the same product.

    • the Jabras are not in the same league.

      • Cheers, so this one would be better?
        I am looking mainly for call and call quality would be deal breaker.

        • google and watch reviews on youtube

      • Jabra elite active has some level of water resistance and has volume controls on the unit. Sony's are better overall but these are a couple of features which could be deal breakers depending on use.

  • Thanks ordered a pair. Been looking for these for a while too!

  • only have 1550 points after the last deal.

    Well, I gave I save $270 dollars today

  • Keen for these to drop a bit more but the reviews for these seem fantastic.

    • +1

      $245 is pretty low.

    • +4

      As someone that has access to the supplier price of this, all I'll say is that I highly doubt it'll get much better than $240 for the foreseeable future. Even this is being partly offset by the ffp to bring it down to this price.

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