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Sony WF-1000XM3 Truly Wireless N/C in-Ear Headphones $245.87 + 2000 Points, WH-1000XM3 $355.36 + 2000 Points @ Qantas Store


A pretty cracking deal on the new WF-1000XM3's ! Cheapest so far if you have the points laying around.

I already own a pair of these from JB and they are great !

Choice review here : https://www.choice.com.au/electronics-and-technology/home-en...

The ever popular WH-1000XM3 are on sale also but not the best deal around. https://www.qantasstore.com.au/p/sony-wh-1000xm3b-flagship-w...

Edit: 10% code added thanks to JASP.

Mod: Do not comment asking to purchase points, use the wanted section of the classifieds. Members who have points and are willing to assist other OzBargainers, please see that wanted section of the classifieds. Whilst we appreciate members offering to help in the comments, it is open to abuse and some members offering to help are actually attempting to resell for profit/a fee when contacted privately, we'll therefore remove all those comments as such.

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      • Just checked inbox, trash and spam. Nope. Must not have gone through. Actually when I just logged into the Quantas store it was still in my cart. But got removed when I tried to checkout. Arrggh. This must be a sign to go back to my Noble IEMs.

        • Should receive an email straight away after place order

  • +2

    I feel like the Ozbargain gods are mocking me. I purchased before the code was put up, didn't repurchase with the code just in case the staff code means it gets rejected or big delays on delivery. Here we are with people who used the code getting confirmations before me. You win this round Ozbargain…..

    • i wonder if any other factors are at play here.. (e.g. frequent flyer status etc)
      but should be unlikely.. probably just down to luck

      • My read is they are doing the list reverse order. Last orders in, first ones out. But really I have no idea. Fingers crossed it doesn’t get postponed…

        • +1

          No they aren't, I put in an order at 3:13am this morning (12 Aug) and it is still very much processing.

  • +1

    Ordered 1 using staff code late yesterday, status showing as shipped as of 3pm today complete with tracking number (per tracking item's been booked for delivery). Looks like deal is being honoured, thanks OP! :)

  • +1

    anyone else stuck on the dreaded "processing" on item processing?

  • I ordered with email confirmation on Saturday 4:55pm and used code and still "In process" stage. Looks like they are processing last in first out 😂

    • lol, i got my confo 7pm Sat….so i'll get mine two hours before yours. fingers crossed.

      • 9pm Sat, I'll be 2 hours before you - fingers crossed for us all

    • 9am in progress

    • Sunday 1pm also processing

  • What's the next status after "in process"?

  • I ordered on Saturday 3:45 pm, about 1.5hrs after this post was up without the code…..

    and my order is still in processing. Sigh

    • Order confirmation email was 2:33pm for me. Sooo looks like I’ll be getting mine after you if that makes you feel any better…

  • Probably sorted by member number

  • Thank you OP! Think I grabbed one of the last pairs late last night. Was not expecting to shell out ~$240 (in general)… but considering the RRP and that I've been flirting with idea of buying Airpods lately I think this was a good purchase!

  • +3

    Buyers remorse. I cancelled my order and refunded. May be someone else here can buy it if it comes back online. Was told by rep they've had a few cancellations. Probably fomo ozbargain crowd like me.

    • I don't usually feel the remorse until the credit card statement arrives.

      • +1

        I wait until I find some random box 5 years later with a product I never used.

  • +2

    Ordered at Saturday 5pm and its now showing delivered. Looking forward to collect it later in the day!

    • Did you use the 10% off code?

      • +1

        Yea, was on the fence when the deal is posted and jumped on it when I saw that code.

    • That's 5 min after my order and mine still processing and I did use the code

  • Mine showing as delivered, though it's delivered to GPO Box centre Sydney so will likely only come through tomorrow.

    • When did you order and did you use the coupon code?

      • Saturday at 5:45pm. Yup used the code

        • Ordered mine on Saturday at 5:49pm, order is still "in process". I'm in Melbourne, maybe Sydney orders get shipped first?

          • @Penny Pincher: I dont think so. I ordered at 5:18, in Sydney, but still in process.

  • +9
    • Early Christmas for OZB's

    • Congrats, hoping mine switches from processing to delivered, just hoping 😫

    • +1

      Congrats mate!

      What time did you order?

      Now go and use it and give us your review / impressions :)

      • +2

        Ordered at 5:45. These things sound seriously amazing. I don't know what kind of black magic Sony engineers worked into this but just.. Wow. The noise cancellation is definitely not as good as my wh1000xm3s but that's expected. I'm on the train heading home and it's definitely cutting out a decent amount of background noise. The sound quality wasn't to my liking right out the box but some small tweaks on the equaliser on the Sony app have them sounding just the way I like.

  • +5

    Just an update for those with "in process". Spoke to Qantas rewards staff who advised they were waiting for stock to be shipped to them. But confirmed my order was going through (10% code applied).

    • Pretty sure it's getting fulfilled by H Norman .. in Melbourne anyway. I don't know if they have multiple arrangements.

      • They are shipping ex Sydney (at least for Sydney orders)….Fulfilled by Druin P/L (AKA HN).

      • That's terrible news if it is from Harvey Norman as they have always listed them as pre-order on their own website, and still do. So it looks like it is going to be a very long wait.

  • Thank you so much for posting this link! Ordered mine and used the discount code… no issues. Received an order confirmation yesterday. Hope they arrive soon :D

  • +2

    Strange that only one person has been able to confirm it has been received.

    • Special person…. Maybe real staff

      • I'm definitely not staff

        • Never moonlighted as a flight attendant?

  • So are most people here still stuck with "in process"?

    • Pretty much all except the one lucky one.

      • I'm checking the order status like every hour during the day…

        I hope Qantas can fulfil all our orders

        • +1

          No need to do so. That's just waste time. You will receive email once it's shipped. As for now we do not heard any one report order been cancelled. So we should be fine. And SONY itself is selling 249.95 for PS plus member with a code. There is a post

          • @ce5himm: oh wow! $249.95! Thats even cheaper than $246 + 1500 QF points!

            Although that deal is more exclusive since it requires PS plus membership, but price is great!

            • @chew_chew: Even you are not PS member, it's easy to get one from friends. Not difficult at all

              • @ce5himm: It is very difficult as the codes seem pretty rare. Let me know if you have friends who have spare codes.

    • +1

      Last time i ordered from Qantas (Bose QC20), the order was stuck at 'In Process' until the day it turned up, then the status changed to delivered. They don't seem to have very good tracking systems

    • My order is the same (In Process) and I tried to cancel but they said they were unable to cancel the order because the supplier had already received my order. I got the AMEX deal for $175.

      I guess they're going to be shipping real soon? Because if they're not I'm going to be raising hell if they can't cancel my order which hasn't been shipped yet.

      • They mentioned the same to me this morning. But I pushed them and they sent me an email half hour later that the order has been cancelled. Try your luck with them again mate. Mine was in processing

        • Thanks man, I'll call them up again.

        • +1

          I didn't really get the full cancellation yet this is what they told me "We wanted to let you know that we've lodged request to the supplier to cancel the purchase. Please allow 3-5 business days for us to work on this."

          Hopefully will work, thanks again mate!

          • @Jasonissm: Cheers mate. Exactly what they told me and then I got the cancellation email 30 mins later. Good luck

          • @Jasonissm: Got the same reply but have not received any email yet. Not sure if should wait or jump in for the AMEX/PSN Plus deal as the back order is now shipping end of September 2019

            • @smarter_fool: I have not received a reply either, I bought the headphones so they're sitting pretty well in terms of stock.

            • @smarter_fool: Awesome, my cancellation just went through, perfect!

  • How accurate is the estimated delivery date on the Qantas Store account order page?

    Mine still says 19/8 delivery.

    • I think at this stage with still "processing" stage we should be happy to get it delivered on that date.

  • -1

    Tried to cancel my order but they said its out for delivery even though website says "in process" still.

    Will need to put on gumtree if they dont cancel

    • i managed to cancel my order this morning, they said need 3-5 business days, but i get the confirmation today, ordered on 10/08, still showing as in progress

    • Get ready for lots of low ballers offering you $150 for them

      • Agree. I've been offered 250 for my Brand new wh1000xm3 au stock w/receipt. And saying it's not waste my time because gumtree is a place for bargain offer. Which made me speechless. Lol

        • Lol, typical gumtree offers

        • At least they didn't call you a bed wetter for not accepting a low ball offer.

          I must have shocked the seller of the tab s4 they were selling when i offered what they were asking. She replied to my message. Did we haggle on the price? Im like. Im offering what you are asking.

          Which was a fair price as it was already. No time wasting. No tire kicking. Straight to the meetup.

          • +1

            @xoom: I've sold a lot of stuff on gumtree and 95% of the time people who actually end up buying never haggle. The hagglers rarely buy anything so I just ignore them.

        • Just hold out, I sold my xm2 last week for $230 delivered on gumtree.

  • +1

    Just asked chat about the status of my order. This is their response:

    "At the moment we cannot warrant any sales of this product and you will receive an update on the investigation. You will get an email confirmation if the orders will push thru or will be cancelled. The status of the order is still pending and we don't have a specific time frame how long will the investigation last but we'll make sure that we'll keep you posted via email.

    If the investigation will force us to cancel the order then your order will be cancelled at some point and you'll be issued a full refund of any points and points plus pay."

    Sounds so different from what others have been posting here.

    She also proceeded to ask if I used any promo code for the order.

    I think they've caught on….

    • Yeah the fact that it turned to 'No longer available on site' has me worried. It isn't an out of stock or pre-order notice. That went up a few days ago when everyone was hitting it hard. So wouldn't surprise me if it is being investigated.

    • Using the expected delivery date of 20 August for their "investigation" rather than delivery or prompt cancellation is probably not the correct procedure.

    • hopefully if orders do get canceled due to the code, they will offer the option to pay/use points to cover for the 10% code discount used for those that still want the earbuds.

      • I didn’t ask that but from what chat said, it sounded like either we get the buds, or you get a full refund.

        • +9

          You guys just need to chill and stop hassling them. I very much doubt they care about a 10% discount. They probably just oversold. You'll get them eventually.

          • +1

            @djlee: But the unwashed masses are readying the torches and sharpening the pitchforks.

          • @djlee: I havent been in contact them since the night i purchased them. And i wouldn't blame them if they did decide to cancel, this is just my 2c on a suitable outcome that would keep everyone happy cos to them its quite clear the code was abused by us.

      • That's not gonna happen I think. Get it or refund.

    • Any link to the coupon T&C? They should have some check if its really restrictive i.e. email address of target audience is submitted to qantas and be saved somewhere. I dont expect the coupon PINEAPPLE to be used by pineapples only, lol. Or POSTIE.

      Also somebody received the code and shared it to OZB, can that be considered a friend? :-)

      Sale should be honored imho.

      • Couldn't find any on the coupon itself. But the general T&C for the rewards store states that "Qantas reserves the right to refuse to provide any Retail Reward, terminate, remove or edit content or cancel orders (or part thereof) at Qantas’ discretion at any time. Without limiting the operation of any other Terms herein, Qantas will not be held liable for loss or damage arising from the exercise of these rights. "

    • +13

      In my hard learned experience a bunch of Ozbargainer’s swarming customer support regarding order status usually leads to negative outcomes. Just a word a caution for everyone waiting on shipment notification. djlee is on the money.

      • +7

        Agreed - if so many ppl here have high anxiety over a simple order I wonder how they manage to get through each day…….

        • Probably poorly because now it seems that Qantas are cancelling orders thanks to these people.

      • -3

        Totally agree. A bunch of us in the crowd (not me) reaching out to support turned to negative outcome. Still qantas using the word "investigate" is inappropriate. Investigate what? Using the code by the masses or the internal sales dept for leaving the code. In both cases they are slow to act and if orders were to be cancelled then a compensation of some sort is warranted. This whole deal is leaving a bad taste with me and not even sure I want these earbuds anymore.

        • +2

          Why has this deal left a bad taste? I don't think Qantas have done anything wrong here. There does seem to be some bad behaviour and entitlement issues happening from OZB'ers though

          • +1

            @too_much_boost: i think it's a combination of FOMO (really good price for a shiny new toy), an unusual lack of updates (for an online shopping experience - usually tracking numbers are provided and updates occur within a few business days e.g. to "transit" etc) and a notable inconsistency of experiences amongst purchasers.

            oh and a new and better (?) deal has just popped up…so being patient has an opportunity cost attached.

            • @voodoomutt: Spot on

            • +1

              @voodoomutt: I get the FOMO thing.
              Unfortunately the Qantas shop tracking sucks as i've used it before. The first you find out its been shipped is when you get a random tracking notification from Austpost, or it turns up at your door

  • +2

    I have received an AusPost shipping notification saying my order has shipped from Melbourne. I used the promo code.

    • Still ‘in processing’ in your qantas account?

      • Yep

    • When did U order? I ordered Sunday night

    • What time did you receive your shipping confirmation?

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