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[eBay Plus] $49 off $99 Spend (1 Transaction Per Account) @ Coles eBay


Confirmed to be available to all eBay plus members currently, not just first orders.

Greetings everyone, eBay are offering $49 off $99 spend for eBay plus members on their first shop at the Coles eBay store :)

Coles eBay Store

Thanks to Optimus Prime, you can find all weekly specials that are in stock in the following link.

Thanks to Member 0230, all FAQ's for Coles eBay can be found here

Offer Period. This offer commences at 10:00AM (AEST) on 30 September 2019 and ends at 23:59PM (AEST) on 16 October 2019 (“Offer Period”).

Eligibility. This offer is only available to eBay Plus members. For more information on eligibility, see eBay Plus Terms and Conditions.

The offer entitles you to $49 off the purchase price of your order from colessupermarkets (“the Seller”) (discount applies to the item cost only, excludes postage), when you spend $99 or more in one transaction during the Offer Period. Multiple items may be purchased in 1 transaction (up to a maximum of 40 items in the transaction). All monetary amounts specified in these terms and conditions are in Australian dollars (AUD).

Exclusions. This offer does not apply to items listed by the Seller in the following category: Gift Cards (184609). At the moment, shopping with Coles is only available to buyers living in selected areas of metropolitan Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. Orders with a delivery address under ‘Excluded Postcodes’ on the Coles FAQ page will be cancelled

As always, enjoy :)

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  • So I ordered 3 days ago.. Still no delivery confirmation or delivery window… Has this happened to anyone else?

    • +1

      Yes, takes longer than other deliveries for some reason

      • Thanks.. yes finally received order confirmation

  • I added some items to cart last night. When I checked this morning, there were a few out of stock! Does Coles update their stock levels again?

    • They are updated from time to time. It's worth checking later, to see if they come back in stock.

  • +2

    Ordered 32 items, 2 were out of stock, 25 weren't delivered…

    Coles it shithouse lol

  • +2

    Looks like I was extremely lucky, nothing out of stock, and a very considerate delivery driver who rung my mobile when he was outside. He said all Ebay orders come with the instruction to leave them unattended outside, but as I had ordered ice cream he said there's no way he's just dumping it outside and walking away.

  • Get my stuff delivered today. 5 x 24 can boxes of Pepsi Max & 3 x Devondale Milk Powder.

    Everything very smooth. Was easily able to change the 6-hour window to a 3-hour window. I then got an email yesterday, that it would be delivered between 11:00 to 12:00. The delivery guy was on time & everything went smoothly & also saved $49.

    Thanks for posting the deal, OP.

    • How do you change the delivery time?

      • +1

        You will get an email from "Coles Online" tiled "Your eBay delivery".

        It will have a link to change the delivery time.

    • Just because you're doing keto doesn't mean you should drill 100 cans of artificial sweetened cola a day. Damn

  • +2

    Received emails and notifications from ebay saying the 10 items I ordered that were out of stock were currently up for dispute and that a request had been submitted to ebay.
    I did no such thing lol, then received emails in regards to the refunds.

    This case has been decided in your favour.

    Still no refunds….

    Not sure if ebay or Coles started the request, seems really odd
    I highly doubt somebody hacked my ebay account to simply dispute the out of stock items for a refund into my account….

    Wont be shopping at Coles ebay again, its a mess. They cant even do refunds right….

    • Lol I had 3 items cancelled, and under the cancellation request Coles claimed they already refunded, but I didn't receive it. I had to get eBay to open a dispute which is now pending. I actually called Coles too, their customer service is totally useless.

      • They cancelled some items on Wednesday, but I finally got the refund hit my amex statement today.. It might take couple of days for the refund to hit your bank?

    • Any updates on this?

  • Cheers got 80 cans of john west tuna for $51, just about the only thing decent that was in stock. Signed up for a new ebay account to so i could get the free trial

    • geez how many flavours is that?! Or did you not get the specials?

      • got lemon and the chilli, it’s 4 cans for $5 and I prefer John west over the home brand tunas

    • careful with the mercury content though

      • Skipjack is pretty low in mercury. Yellowfin is much higher, but tastes better and is more expensive.

        On sale at ALDI for $0.99 Yellowfin, 95g I think. Hard to beat that deal.

      • +1

        I’m still alive after consuming 2 cans a day for years 😂

  • Got my delivery on time. All products order, I received.

  • Got a call just before 1pm today from the Coles delivery guy asking me to be home within half an hour or I needed to be picking up the boxes a few kms away at a later time.

    I have received neither email nor SMS nor phone call prior. I said this is Sunday I cannot be just given half an hour notice for delivery, and was told to call their Customer Centre…..

    Not impressed at all.

    I did ask him to leave stuff outside home but he said someone must be there to sign off.

    Reading above posts, mine seems all in contradiction to others experience. Am I the only unlucky guy?

  • Yeah this was a bit weird. I ordered two big tins of olive oil plus some other bits and pieces to get it over $100, payed $50-odd all up, not too shabby so far. Then I get a message that they can't send me the olive oil so they're refunding $70-odd to my paypal. Haven't got it yet but it seems like end result is I'm up $20 and as a bonus I got delivered some vegemite and icecream and stuff? Like others have said I'm not convinced this is a good way of ordering your groceries but I'll take it.

    • +1

      I think you'll find that they'll subtract whatever % discount you got from the discount code from the refund.

      • I had issues too. Do they? How would you figure and check this out myself? From PayPal or something?

      • I got the full amount back which I'm a bit surprise. So actually up $11.

    • I got a $16 refund even though they were only out of stock $6 in items

  • +3

    Did anyone else have items missing from their order when it was delivered? I also had some items that were out of stock (waiting for refund) but now I need to chase up refunds for the missing items.

    Not sure I would recommend buying groceries from Coles via eBay - bit of a hassle, especially with stock levels (if something is out of stock, why not just remove its listing asap?).

    • +1

      Good luck chasing up the refunds. Some have gotten their refunds, others like myself stuck in ebay disputes waiting for refunds.

      • +1

        Yeah, I saw a few people were having issues getting refunds too. Hopefully, we both get refunded.

        • I finally got my refund, took over a week. Did you get yours?

          • @Ziggy28: My order got a lot stuff missing, then I saw at the bottom of invoice says two plastic bag and I only got one.

  • Do people here realise that delivery orders are processed by whichever store services your catchment area, so their stock levels are going to be different than what's on ebay?
    Doesn't excuse some people having almost their whole order refunded though. That's bizarre.

  • +4

    Massive billboard advertising this Coles deal in Canberra, near airport.
    I jump on, sign up for eBay Plus (again) and go to start shopping. Not available to ACT.
    Can't refund Plus as already used trial period last year. Cool.

  • +5

    colessupermarkets (1940)
    88.3% Positive feedback

    That is probably the worst rating I've ever seen for an eBay store!

    • geez, would love to know what is their CEO thought if their ebay feedback spread via the news australian wide


  • +3

    Supposedly my order was delivered at 8.40am when I was at home…didn't even hear a van rock up at that time. No calls, no MSG's no nothing. Seems to be a petty excuse for not being able to deliver.

    Gave em a call and will be refunded in full. Their most recent eBay feedback is effectively pages of red

    • So disappointing that after I made an order. I ordered just above $100 to make the $49 off deal, the next day they email me that they could only provie some stocks , the customer service told me would refund the rest but cannot wait till all stocks were ready to deliver to me. Here is the question, how would they refund the amount of those could not deliver? To avoid troublesome, I told the cs to cancel the delivery completely and I hope I still can have the promotional code valid for my 'first order'. This is too hard to deal with ebay coles…..

    • So there's no option to pick up from somewhere else if you aren't home when they try to deliver?

  • Very clunky ordering process (each item treated as a separate ebay sale), however the rest of it was seamless, just like the normal Coles delivery experience. Got the email on the day of delivery, time of delivery 5pm-6pm (original delivery window 2pm to 8pm), arrived 5:40pm.

    Only difference was the goods came in the Coles 15c bags, normally the deliveries arrive with items unbagged.

    • Yeah my delivery driver told me off (In a nice way) for “buying” bags when I didn’t request them.

    • normally the deliveries arrive with items unbagged.

      you can get deliveries bagged from the normal delivery

  • +2

    Well this is bloody ridiculous placed an order on 30th September paid with paypal never heard from coles at all looked in my ebay account and it says order cancelled no payment received. Payment is taken from my credit card through paypal . Paypal has raised a complaint with coles ebay and can take up to a month to go through. So no groceries approx $50 less in bank account and god knows how long it will take and if i will even get my money back .NEVER AGAIN COLES EBAY FU

    • +1

      I've still not got mine, ordered place 30th same as above, said didn't receive payment,money taken via PayPal and out of my account. Disputed it yo PayPal and EBay still no response

      • Glad I'm not alone but pretty pathetic I ordered again just using credit card and that went through no problem. It seems PayPal has a problem I won't use them again they have stole my $50.

  • ebay site not reflecting current catalog prices.

    • it is for me. But the stuff I want are OOS

      • their site is garbage.

        Looking at current catalog, Cold Power 2L is half price. They don't stock that on their ebay store.

        They don't stock Quilton toilet paper either.

        Half price Bio Zet: Not on ebay.

        Half price Kettle chips: Not on ebay.

        I don't know how to buy $99 of stuff when nothing good is there.

        • buy 110 of Coles facial tissue or 3L Coles milk to make up to $99

          • @SnoozeAndLose: the only milk they sell on ebay is Lactose free 1L.

            They don't sell tissues.

            • @lostn: tissue is just out of stock, if you do an ebay global sarch you will find it, I ordered them before.

              They 100% sell Coles 3L milk.

              Source I bought them last Tuesday

              • @SnoozeAndLose: well it's pathetic that they can be out of stock online when every store has a crapton of them.

  • Help… i paid my whole order using giftcard,
    I had paid for the item, but some items are out of stock.

    checked on my dispute area, it was open automatically without the need of my side doing anything.

    but the problem here is…

    it asked me to take an action, with only 2 options :
    1) i didnt pay for the item
    2) i pay for the item, and received the refund in (fill in date)

    no option for me to take a proper action as in, an option i have not yet receive a refund.

    until today, i still have not yet received a refund.

    • Contact ebay, they will open a new dispute for you

  • I only have 2 ebay accounts which I used for this promo. how many accounts did you use to take advantage of this Promo?

    • I've got a second account ready to be used but the items I want are OOS :(

  • I just got a call saying that tomorrow's order (that I submitted a week ago) has been cancelled due to an "IT error".

    Promo code gone. No refund yet.

    What a waste of time.

  • Still waiting on refund after coles cancelled my order.

  • Got my deliveries last night, came within the delivery time slot.

    Orders came in 15c bags, nothing was missed and got a free yoghurt in the bag as well.

    Overall smooth order from start to finish although most items on specials are not on ebay, still managed to save on the essentials - (dishwashing liquid, laundry powder etc - rated highly on Choice)

  • +1


  • I managed to get most of what I wanted. Everything except the rice was in stock. Now I hope they actually deliver this stuff and don’t cancel my order.

  • Ordered tonight. Stock levels were OKish. But 4-6 days for delivery to Perth metro? Where are they shipping this from?

    • Ordered midday friday, delivery tuesday. seems to be a 4 day window. Was the same with my first delivery.

  • +2

    Is anyone still waiting on their refund that should have been processed already? I'm starting to regret ordering in the first place…such a hassle and no communication at all.

    • I am :\

      • They keep telling me to wait 3-5 business days, when in fact, it’s been over that already

        • Did you get a refund? I had to contact the coles customer service to get the refund initiated yesterday.

          • @ssx: I raised a dispute with eBay and the refunds have been processed yesterday. Hopefully I should receive the funds over the next few days.

    • I'v had no issues with refunds. It was done automatically on both my orders. If the refunded total is more that what you pay after the $49 discount you just get back the amount you paid which happened on one of the orders. Effectively all the other items you get delivered are then free!!

  • i have never used Coles online. Do I need to pay for a delivery?

  • Will this cover the weekly spending of $xx of my flybuys offer for one of 4 weeks

  • Zzzzzzzzzzzzz

    This email is a notification that unfortunately, some of the items you ordered are unavailable. We apologise for this inconvenience.

    Item you ordered Qty ordered Qty supplied
    Babylove Unisex Cosifit Walker Nappy 12-17 Kg Size 5 66 pack 1 0
    Item you ordered Qty ordered Qty supplied
    Babylove Unisex Cosifit Junior Nappy 15-25 Kg 30 pack 5 0
    We haven’t charged you for any items that were unavailable.

    • Just got a similar email for my order arriving tomorrow. Hope they'll attempt a refund but not holding my breath after some fellow user's experiences over the past week

      • -1

        It's just a bit BS that they would ship without stock. Normally, you would expect that a store would wait until stock is available to ship.

        Seems like they just want to weasel out of wearing the costs of the promotion.

    • Ive been frigging trying to order the CUB nappies since this promo. Was in stock yesterday and I wanted to add more to the order. OOS today, which is deff BS as that is always in stock at the shops.

  • Hmm bit annoying no fresh meat? Found a whole chicken and duck frozen but a bit expensive at the moment, any other good deals? Anyone order the Coles Seasonal Vegetable Box, value for money?

  • -2

    Driver was on the (mod:edited), never attempted the delivery and the order was cancelled

  • That was a horrible shopping experience. I’m glad I was paid $49 for the waste of my time.

  • +1

    Absolutely garbage service.
    Their website said I could nominate delivery time on purchase. Instead they emailed it later, so I missed it.
    If you miss delivery, they mark everything as delivered and refund only items not in stock.
    I'm pursuing a full refund.

  • made 2 orders on different accounts a week apart..

    4 days between time of committing purchase and delivery.

    1 st order everything was there second time there was a couple of out of stock items however go an email pretty much straight away saying they are processing a refund for items not shipped. checked my paypal account and the refund is already there.

    got all deliveries in 15 cent bags

  • +1

    The Coles local store delivery person decided to cancel my order!
    After that, no one contacted me regarding refund. eBay said all items sent.
    I had to speak to "Coles on Ebay reps" over phone twice to get the refund.
    They apologised for delay, and I was told refund would be made. Then they disclosed to me, when I asked, that a $30 cancellation fee would be taken away, and that was written in their terms and conditions…..
    I asked to speak to management and then was put on hold for a few minutes, and then I was told the $30 will also be refunded to me "by the local store".

    Ordered items total around $100.5.
    Apparently only $51.5 will be refunded to my credit card via Paypal. Separate $49 refund to be made by 'voucher'.
    I went back to "My eBay", and found the "PHRESH" $49 voucher is now back available to me!!

    Ummm….. decision decision decision time,……should I order again in order to use the voucher, it is a huge $49 value??? LOL

    • I'm also waiting for a ~$20 refund "by voucher". Any idea what this is or how we get it?

      • I think the voucher refers to the $49 "PHRESH" code. A ~$20 refund to "PHRESH" does not make much sense to me though.

        For my case in which they cancelled my complete order, they "refund" the full $49 voucher. So I can use PHRESH again if I want to, to get the $49 discount.

        May be you can go to "My eBay" to check.

  • Strange when I try click on weetbix it redirects to this link https://www.ebay.com.au/c/14031014175

  • Actually bought stuff I need, for a change. Great deal!

  • do they charge for the bags

    • No I got 3 free bags

    • +1

      they put it on the invoice then discounts it as “loyalty discount” so yes they charge the invoice, but no, you don’t pay extra.

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