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NordVPN - 89% Cashback (Was 30%) @ ShopBack


Highest ever cashback for NordVPN.

Works out to be US$13.82 (~A$20.44) for a 3 year plan when you stack with promo codes SHOPBACK or 3ynordvpn (US $125.64 before cashback - New customers only).

Referral Links

Referral: random (4041)

$20 for referrer, $10 for referee after referee qualifies.

Qualifying requirements for referee: 1. Made a minimum $20 online purchase (below exclusions apply), 2. Received a minimum $10 confirmed cashback online, 3. Added banking details to account.

Exclusions: Any other ShopBack new customer bonus offers; Purchases from Uber, Kayo Sports, DoorDash, Hayu, Accor Hotels, Intercontinental Hotels Group, ShopBack Vouchers (Gift Cards), Woolworths Gift Cards, Circles.Life (list subject to change)

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  • +1

    Waiting for 95%+ ;)

    • +5

      I feel stingey for not wanting to pay it, but I can't think of enough times I'd end up using it for me to justify any significant price.

      Knowing me though I'll hate myself for not paying in whenever I end up buying a proper VPN…

      • Yeah, I use a VPN but I think I want to get one with port forwarding so I may not get Nord after all. Pretty good price though.

        • +1

          I just can't trust a vpn's promises unless they're independantly audited.

          Lots of promises; no proof.

          The promises are good though….

        • +3

          You don't have many options. I recommend Mullvad over AirVPN.

          • @runean: Mullvad is a good choice.

            Boleh is worth a look.

   i think is still the only audited one i know of.

            • @MasterScythe: What does it mean by independently audited?

              • @AlienC: It means they have a company not affiliated to them check to make sure they are doing everything they promise.

                • @ebaypus: Ah I gotcha now the reason for this makes sense.

                  Basically a third-party to check that everything is running as promised or as it should be running in this case not keeping logs or sharing users privacy and safety via data selling and sharing etc small I right?

    • +1

      Waiting for 150% 😂

    • Nord cashback % is a good indicator of how the Aussie Dollar is going lol

  • What do you guys normally use it for since it’s not feasible with Netflix these days?

    • +1

      Do anything with it so the gov can’t see your metadata from the past 2 years

      • No idea but my guess would be circumventing geo restrictions and adult websites but I am curious too what people use a VPN for in 2019.

        • +4

          doesn't matter if you're looking at adult websites or cat memes, the government doesn't need to know about.

          mandatory metadata collection is about raiding journalist's houses for exposing crimes, not public safety.

          • @diamondd: Hmm true that sometimes I forget how crazy the extreme side of spying and collecting metadata is besides the usual sell on black market for whatever reason.

            But yeah raiding whistleblowers and journalists and maybe even political and business espionage would be the two main things I would say nowadays for a good a reason to get a VPN.

        • My VPN sits on my router.

          Everything and everyone that's connected to my WiFi has an internet connection through VPN.

          There's only 1 exception: the TV which doesn't go through VPN, for NetFlix sake :)

          It just adds another layer of security on top of the usual stuff. If you want to do illegal stuff online, I would suggest that you need to do your homework very well because there is more than one way to skin a cat.

          • @BrokenTissue: Other than some questionable adult sites I think I would be good.

            No interest in drugs and all that non sense I still think it's a placebo so yeah that shows how much involvement I have in that.

            And can't even remember the last time I used a torrent.. Been buying stuff for awhile now.

            Might watch a movie on PH just for the lol factor every now and then but yeah I should be relatively clean I don't even want to try the dark Web or deep Web lost interest in it.

          • @BrokenTissue: So what country is the vpn set as? Does it affect things like google searches etc seeing it’s not local?

            • @PVA: Mine sits at Australia, Melbourne.

              Doesn't affect anything. Again, not hiding from doing anything illegal, it just does add a relatively high degree of security, especially for MITM (Man In The Middle) attacks/spoofing/watching.

    • Just wondering what ones work with netflix atm?

    • It doesn't work with Netflix anymore?

      • +7

        It still works with Netflix. I'm using it right now and never have I been blocked.

        • Thanks. Wonder what the others are going on about.

          • +2

            @DarkWizard4: My guess is the cheaper or free options they have used no longer work. The surfshark deal thread had people confirming that surfshark worked for Netflix too

    • Recent Australian legislation requires all ISPs, phone service providers, and all telecommunications companies, to collect and store for a minimum of 2 years, information on all their customers, which includes websites visited and the time they were visited, all SMS text messages and the time they were sent and received, etc.

      Worst of all, until recently there was no requirement that they must keep this information stored in Australia, so many people ended up having their private information stored on servers in the Philippines, Israel, India, etc.

  • +2

    After entered the code I’ve got Total USD $125.64!

    Something wrong?

    • Dont select country as AU

      • I think we missed it… Although I don't know how since the deal was posted midnight today and it's 7am.

    • +4

      I think it works out to A$20 for 3 years AFTER the cashback.

    • +2

      What code do you mean? Isn't this just a cashback?

      • Works out to be US$13.82 (~A$20.44) for a 3 year plan when you stack with promo codes SHOPBACK or 3ynordvpn (US $125.64 before cashback - New customers only).

        It's in the post but the codes aren't listed separately.

        • You don't need codes to get 70% off on the Nord website.

          The 89% cashback is stated on the cashback site, but I'm not sure if/what code(s) are necessary.

  • Damn I just signed up yesterday…..

    • Don't they have a refund before 7 days policy?

      • 30 days

      • But remember, this deal is for new customer only. So make sure to use different details (email etc) while signing up

  • Can’t beat this

  • Anyone know how to watch bbc

    • +21

      Hmm what kind

      • I love how he asked that so innocently

    • This link might help

      You have to first clear your browser's cache. I was able to get it to work on some servers but not all of them. I think I was using a double vpn at the time but even then its not 100% reliable.

    • @itshammer- do you need VPN for that?

  • It appears the coupons SHOPBACK or 3ynordvpnonly get you:
    3 Year Plan for US $125.64 ($3.49/Month)
    Looks like I missed it. Oh well, still purchased.

    • I'm getting the same thing. Although I don't know how we missed it if the deal was posted midnight today and it's 7am…

      • +1

        Please read my comment above

    • +2

      Please read the description of post again. This is the correct amount that you pay. And get 89% cash back after 2 months provided you go through shopback

      • Thanks so much for taking the time to respond, very helpful. I've never even heard of this cashback thing so completely green.

  • How is this one compared to SurfShark VPN?

  • Anyone running OpenVPN on a *wrt router and can tell me their average speed downloading Linux ISO torrents?

    • +1

      You are limited by your router's processing power as well.

      • Seems that was the issue.

        I testing using a MT300N-V2, and Just tested with Mullvad Wireguard (obviously much less code) and am getting 30Mbps. Much better.

        Happy to put up with leaking my connection IP using Wireguard, given I’m just using for testing.

  • I don't feel safe to enter and pay using credit card details
    Hope they can accept PayPal option

  • Just purchased, working well with Netflix so far

    • Any cashback tracked yet? I gather it’s only paid after 2 months but should track fairly quickly.

      • Not yet

        • Thanks. Mine just tracked now. Took longer than usual but all good

      • how to know if its tracked on shopback? thanks..

  • +1

    how does this cash back work?

    • +1

      Have a specific question? Check out the site it's pretty informative

  • I'm currently stuck between choosing express, nord and getflix for my VPN. Any suggestions?

    • I have no idea about VPN's but getflix is only for netflix geo spoofing no?

      • Going by their website you can access quite a few channels, but you also need to subscribe to some. I'm a complete newb when it comes to VPN's.

  • +1

    Surfshark cheaper, but with Nord you’ll get more privacy and faster speed

    Check this out

    • +1 for faster speed, also killswitch for linux.

  • PureVPN $0.99/mo 5 year deal

    • As someone that has both, Nord is better.

      The only reason purevpn is better is if you want to watch Australian tv or new Zealand tv or basically circumvent any Geoblocking.

      Nordvpn only un-geoblocks for USA, UK and a couple European locations. Connecting to their Australian servers for example loads US NETFLIX

      • Ahh that sucks - was hoping for it to be usable with the AFL live pass for example :(

        EDIT: seems to be working fine for game replays which are treated the same as live games AFAIK

        • Very strange that AFL works. Sitting in Australia, connected to an Australian server I can't get iView working for example, and I can't get Aussie Netflix

  • +1

    I signed up and just got the $160 ish tracked cashback from ShopBack

    • Did you apply the SHOPBACK code?

    • same, signed up this morning around 1am. $160ish cash back.

      • how to know if its tracked on shopback? thanks..

        • +1

          Check your click history, wait till you receive notification? waiting periods will vary between merchants.

          If you use the app, it will also send push notifications.

          • @timetoquit: yup i see the click activity. will the cash back come in within 2 days?

        • +1

          They told me can take up to 7 days, also make sure to disable adblocker before clicking through the site.

  • What server should I use for normal daily use?

    • The fastest, I'd say. Usually your closest node, provided the server isn't being hammered

  • I purchased it through Shopback’s link but didn’t apply any coupon code, am I still eligible for cashback?

    • Got response from Shopback

      "Yes. As long as you have click through from ShopBack and get redirected to NordVPN to make the purchase > completed the payment with no error > cashback should be tracked within 2 days. It's fine if you don't input the code."

  • thanks. just got it. hopefully it tracks on shopback soon

  • +1

    Had SurfShark VPN I reckon its crap compare to NordVPN. You can't splittunnel with Asus Merlin and Streaming sites Amazon prime detects you are on VPN on Surfshark

  • My NordVPN expires tomorrow, would I qualify for the 89% Cashback?

    • +1

      New customers only. Make a new account.

    • yeah, new account lol

  • Anyone tried this for Hulu Japan? Will it work?

  • Thanks OP! Jumpd on the deal and will see how my speeds are now that I got NBN to my place earlier this week. As others have pointed out, I hope this will work with Netflix and BBC iPlayer and more :)

  • Just got it, works with Netflix.

  • Hey guys, what country do I select when signing up with Nord? When selecting Aus, the price seems to go up cause of the VAT. Cheers

    • US it seems

  • Noob question. Can I VPN from OUTSIDE of Oz to Oz? I'd like to watch Optus Sport which is blocked outside of Australia. Have anyone tried this before?

    • +1

      Should work!

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