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TCL 50P8M 50" UHD Android LED TV $380 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ The Good Guys eBay


First deal from new member so be nice.

TCL UHD TVs are on special this weekend at various stores (JB Hi-Fi, Harvey Norman) but purchasing via The Good Guys eBay store also allows their 20% off promotion. Television is $595 RRP and seems to have good reviews on the JB site and elsewhere. I have seen it instore and the picture looks sweet. 3 year warranty. Looking forward to picking mine up today.

Acknowledgement to dealbot's post about the Good Guys eBay 20% offer - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/493070

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    • How often are people replacing their TV's? How is the tech progressing?

      My current telly is a 2010's 50" Panasonic Viera (NEVER AGAIN! all 'apps' were stopped supported/updated)
      (Normally I keep a TV until it dies)

      I dunno if I should settle for one of these Chinese brands for now, or wait for a really good deal on a Samsung or LG that I like??

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        I have tried cheap brands like ALDI and Kogan but the android tv part is not optimised due to some reason- I always thought android tv is android tv but all the companies implement it in a different way and big players are usually better than the others. I now have Sony for almost 4 years and have had updates until now and can't complain. YMMV.

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          Just get a chromecast with a cheap TV. Otherwise hook up it with Apple TV or Playstation 4 or some other androd box. You don't have to have Android TV built in.

          I buy TVs for quality picture so I don't think this TCl has what LG and Samsung on offer

          • @neonlight: Agreed - the Vodafone TV is a good option, or for a (lot) more a Nvidia shield….

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        The Android operating system will always become obsolete as they can't support the version forever regardless of TV brand. Panasonic is a good TV but yes ours stopped and hence Google Chromecast

      • Same boat. Love my plasma but using apps was painful. Finally bought a vtv to enter the 21st century again.

  • 380 for a decent 50 inch. Egads that’s so good

    Got my 55 X4US for 730 and it’s amazing.

  • Bought! Thanks and yes- it is a very good price. I have the 55 inch P8 series and can attest to its quality. The smart tv features work very well, the TV turns on very quickly and the sound is good considering its specs and price. Reccommend!

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    They've got a sale on all of their TCL TV's and quite a few are their cheapest prices ever :)

    75P8M - $1020 (+ $100 Cashback via Redemption)
    65P8M - $636

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      50"/65" one is cheaper than 43"/60" one!

      Take action if anyone needs it.

  • Now or Black Friday?

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      Probably now… I mean, how much cheaper can they go? (Admittedly, Future Me might wince at this post.)

    • Now for sure with this model at this price

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    Great find. Thanks.
    Absolutely didn't need one but somehow found justification in my head to buy.

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      Smash the one at home!

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      I've got a ten year old Sony as a spare that doesn't need changing but I'll probably buy this TCL anyway. Bloody hell.

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        Yep. I have 2 Sony TV's that just wont die!

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        One from 2009, Sony still very good. No point upgrading until it dies

        Thing is I won't be able to find a new TV as many inputs as the old with component and RCA inputs and 4 HDMIs

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    Any good as a monitor?

  • Will go well as a kids TV in the new house. Thanks for the post :).

  • Need discounted eBay gift cards to bring it down further.

    Cashrewards Australia Post 5% is best ATM

  • I have the 55” P6US and love it.

    Is this better or worse than that TV

  • Can i ask a question about the coupon? When it says expires 4 november, does that mean i can use it on 4 november up till midnight or does it mean it expires at 12.00 am ON 4 november?

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    Got one for Mum….cannot go wrong at this price.

  • Are the stands adjustable on these models - can they be moved inwards?

    • They are not adjustable

  • Damn u ozb… one more tv in the room now

  • Also extra 1% cashback via shopback using the app for shopback and ebay only.

  • Saw one of these in store and thought the picture quality was great.

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    I have this model. Not a bad TV. Has a few issues. Slow to start up. It has a fast start mode but it doesn't work properly. Also has issues with ARC. Need to turn on the amp before the TV or it won't work.

    • How is it for action movie or gaming? 100hz refresh rate is good enough? Thanks

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        probs excellent for movies, but for gaming probs not. CMR 100 isnt the same as refresh rate 100ghz. The website also doesnt specify the response time, so for FPS games, i wouldnt strongly advise against buying this tv

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        Great for action movies. Haven't noticed any gaming lag myself. Oddly enough I have an LG with a mode that reduces gaming lag. This runs the same as the LG with gaming mode on. But I'm not a very competitive gamer.

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    Just got mine home and set it up.
    Nice that it comes with two remotes, one Bluetooth with voice activation features.
    Very good TV for the price.

    • Does it fit in the back seat okay?

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        Sure did. The packaging is not overly big or heavy.
        The box is about 73cm wide and 125cm long.

  • Yeah I grabbed one for mum aswell that's Xmas sorted, at that price you can't complain just went to jbhifi to see it physically, picture looked good and sound was pretty good for what it is. Happy with the purchase.

  • What is total weight? Thinking to take it overseas. Thanks.

  • Noob question, does android tv mean it has access to playstore apps like Plex?

  • Just went to our local TGG and they have 4 50" tv in store but Ebay won't allow click and collect and the store wont drop the price so it looks likes they are limiting the amount they sell on purpose.

    • Yes.. I was just about to comment. Also couldn't seem to apply for click&collect… :(
      Oh… just tried to do delivery.
      Also can't apply…

      Maybe Ozbargained???

    • +1

      That's interesting because the way it was explained to me at my local store is that we purchase on Ebay at the reduced price and then Ebay pay the store for the ticket price. Ebay makes its money in other ways apparently (eg advertising)

      • Couldn't apply to Hisense tv either… maybe no tvs.. even though following link on ebay/GG site.. ?

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    I'm planning to use it with a PS4 Pro, any idea about gaming related features?

  • Wow, I counted 180+ (not including those who bought 2) tvs already sold. My goodness, ozbargain is a force to be reckoned with.

  • +3

    Just set mine up. So beautiful. My first new TV this decade. To set it up I basically just had to open the Google app on my phone and press go. It set up my wifi, my netflix, my Play account… amazing! And the picture is BEAUTIFUL. And it came with a free voice-activated remote. Best $380 I've ever spent!

  • Just got mine yesterday with nearly 100 dollars more for it from TGG eBay shop…it is sitting on the tv cabinet now…could I ask them to refund….

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      Buy another now and take it back for a refund with your other receipt?

  • great price! I just don't have place for any other tv at the moment…maybe the garage?

  • i've been looking for some sort of screen for movies in my room, this will hopefully last me a few years to come.

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    Buyer beware TCL don't reply to my emails or respond to phone calls. I've been 6 months trying to get a response from TCL for dead pixels after 2 months and they just go quiet every time.

    • Same experience. I ended up giving up claiming the $150 cash refund I was supposed to get when purchasing a TCL last year. Not buying Chinese made again, I’ll stick with Sony or Samsung next time.

  • Would this be better than a Kogan equivalent? In terms of picture quality

    • +1

      Imo the TCL is superior

  • any body here had their TV delivered to your door before? looking at the ebay page it seems to be located in vic but i live in nsw, im worried that the TV might get damaged during the inter state delivery. what were your experience on this matter?

    • +1

      Mixed experience. Depends who they use. Some sellers really cheap out, others use the big boys. My last tv came from Vic to QLD. Sent via Allied Express (absolutely useless!!!!!), after stuffing around for 2 weeks while it sat at their depot 5km from me, they arrived with 1 guy to deliver a 65” TV. So I naturally had to help him leg it up the stairs (not heavy but who pays it if breaks?).

      I would buy again interstate, but I’d check who they use.

  • anyone having trouble purchasing? it keeps saying it isn't available in the requested quantity…

    • I got this error when trying certain stores to collect which said in stock but were not or having trouble processing. Choosing a different (less convenient) store and the transaction went through no issue.

  • Good guys instore matched ebay price with $35 delivery at Brighton Vic

    • Is it possible to price match to any good guys?

      • As all Brisbane north stores were showing out of stock on EBay but in stock on TGG website I went in store and asked if they would price match.

        Had to get manager to approve but no issue with getting for $380 in store.

        Note I did call the store first and they said I’d have to show the eBay discount in my cart when I went in store. But when I went in they just went ahead with processing the discount. Good luck.

    • Any chance you could pm me a copy of the receipt please ? I can't find stock anywhere through ebay ( but GG website is showing stock for stores) and desperate to replace my tv that just died yesterday.

  • Bit late here but our current TV is a 65” TCL (65p6us). Not bad, not great either. Chinese made, and a case of you pay for what you get. Only after I bought it I read this article - If you care about where your money goes have a read of this https://www.canstarblue.com.au/appliances/appliance-country-...

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    This TV has a built in Chromecast which is a massive bonus at this price point.

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    How long do these people take to process the order? Ordered from the Highpoint store yesterday but it's still processing…

    • Same thing with me. Highpoint too. Ordered 10:55am yesterday. Status: "order being prepared". I hope they haven't sold more than they had in stock

    • bought through ebay store after half an hour received ready to collect

      • Pretty quick at the Springvale store. About 15 mins before it was ready.

    • +1

      I just called them. Apparently they've had a bunch of orders, so it's taking longer than usual. They've had to put an order for more from the suppliers. Yada yada yada. All i wanted to know was is there a chance they'll cancel the order because of stock issues, and they said no. I hope they're right.

      • Thanks for the update mate! I'll give them a call tomorrow as well, see how we go! The same store cancelled one of my orders in the past, hopefully not this time!

      • Have you picked up your unit yet? They basically told me the same story over the phone, and if it's still not available today or tomorrow to give 13 GOOD GUYS (number doesn't sounds right?) a call as they may have to manually push the order

        • No pick up yet. I called again on Wednesday. More stalling. I went in on Thursday. They then told me to call that number they gave you. It is the right number. The person on the phone said there were problems with orders on eBay for highpoint in particular last Saturday. They said they would process it immediately and that it might take half an hour. Nothing. I don't think they have stock

        • +1

          Sorry. that number isn't the one. It's 1300 GOOD GUYS (1300466348). I called them today. Told them to transfer to anywhere where there's stock. Online showed Melton had stock, so i asked them to transfer my pick up to there. Apparently stock will reach highpoint someone in November. They didn't give me any more info. Try what i did if you can't wait and can go to Melton.

          • @02LyW: Thanks so much for the updates, I tried the first number and it was RACV lol

  • Can't find any online picture calibration settings does anyone know any website? Thanks

    • I'd also like to know!

      • Whirlpool thread mentions it

  • Those that have purchased this. Whats it like with sports? Is it smooth or jittery?

  • Should have jumped on this earlier. (Now there's no stock and have to pay $44 delivery), but still a great deal.
    Grabbed one for our retreat area. Tried at JB and they said no way can they price match that. (They're running 20% off it as well, but their sticker price is $596.
    He said it's well below even employee discount.
    Bargain price for a 4K 50" TV.

    • Mines ready to collect but considering the 55inch is $500 im tempted to switch to the slightly bigger TV.

      Im coming from a 42"

  • Got mine delivered from Goodguys Penrith

  • Interesting to see the sales history.
    Even after they jacked the list price to $595, ten more were sold on Monday, presumably with the 20% code, making it $476 (25% increase!)

    After Monday, best code is 10% or $50 off, so $535-545, and zero sales. Still cheaper than in any shops for that model.

  • Random question to anyone who happened to get on this deal. Does anyone else have issues playing videos with 5.1 audio? I get no sound at all but can't seem to find an article to help me. They all play fine in kodi though :(

    • I'm not sure what 5.1 audio is. I'm happy to trial if you give me some info to try.

    • 5.1 issues, yes!
      Tell us what apps, and what amp/receiver. Optical or ARC?

      Kodi only does stereo for me, with yamaha receiver. But Netflix and Prime (installed from aptoide) do 5.1.
      If i try passthrough DTS, i get silence.

      • I'm just using plex outputting through to the tv speakers.
        If I do the same thing with my mi box 3 it works fine.
        I'm assuming that there's just no way for the tv itself to decode it?
        Kodi works fine for me with the tv speakers too.

        • ok, so different to my problem.

          just no way for the tv itself to decode it?

          You don't need that. Plex and kodi should be able to decode DD and DTS in software.
          You could ask on a plex forum, how to force it to decode 5.1 to stereo.

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