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First Month Free @ Aussie Broadband (New Customers Only, Excludes nbn 150/250)


This deal has been run for a few months now (1, 2) and it seems like it hasn't expired yet!

I have received a PM from the Aussie Broadband rep that this deal ends at the end of January.

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    Holy molly nbn prices go up or something?? $69 for only 25/25 O.O


      NBN wholesale prices actually came down a while back, or at least some ISPs dropped prices claiming the wholesale price dropped. Mine has put the saving back on again…


        I say bullshit, i am still with my provider for $55 a month. I just checked and they dont offer that plan anymore. Their minimum is now $69 :(


        I agree with this, apart from the ISP's dropping prices part.

        I am about to move home and had a rude shock seeing where things are at now, but it appears everything has gone up by around $20 over the last 2 years.

        I'm currently on unlimited data NBN50 plan for $59.99 a month (Exetel), spoke to them yesterday and I can't even transfer my existing plan at that price.

        Aussie Broadband have always been on the expensive side (or lower data limits) but I've heard great things about their reliability, performance and customer service.


          My ISP dropped my plans price by $10, was like that for maybe 5 months. Their explanation was wholesale prices dropped so they passed it on. Its back up to the old price now.

          Aussie Broadband reputation may have hit a wall. Still decent, but cracks appear to be showing.


          Since I posted this I received an email from Exetel telling me the old plan price is unsustainable, so they are putting the price up (a bit nuts given wholsale prices have improved).

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      typo? 25/5


      Prices are seemingly stabilising looks like a lot of what was offered was fairly unsustainable which is why a number of players have bowed out of the market.


      total rip off.

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      Hi there. This is for our unlimited 25/5 plan. If you don't need that much data, you can select "Build Your Own" on our NBN plans page where you'll see a 100GB and 500GB option as well as the unlimited.

      To address your point mrvaluepack, our minimum is now $60 per month, which is our 25/5 100GB plan. We had a shake-up of our plans a month or so ago.

      Cheers, Nicole


        To address your point mrvaluepack

        Had to scroll up. There s/he is. Checking out username to its fullest. Cdnt be referenced better.


    The code doesn't work for me

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    Aussie broadband is not good anymore.
    Just for saying that I have got many negative votes I don't think there's anything wrong in sharing real experience hopefully the community also sees tht.

    I moved to Kogan nbn and have observed no difference I don't get a my account portal, but if I don't need to self troubleshoot that's a good thing.

    Aussie was once needed when they advertised their evening speeds and congestion free marketing, everyone else has now caught up with them.

    Also this company has bad customer service even if they claim it's local so I decided I will just go with zero expectations (Kogan) and its been a surprise.

    They never care for their existing customers I have never seen them give credit for outages or advertise any offer for loyalty.

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      You should know the rules of Ozb, don't say anything bad about ABB, Toyota or Eneloop. :)

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        ABB - not as good anymore not only due to price but also connectivity issues to overseas especially China.
        Toyota - Generally their cars are not as value for money compare to 90s late 2000s. I would switch to Honda or Mazda or even Subaru
        Eneloop - Now made in China unless you get the Eneloop pro. Normal Eneloop doesn't hold charge as long. I have 2007 Eneloops made by Sanyo still doing better than brand new Eneloops on AA (Panasonic China crap)

        There I broken all the rules already on those 3, and they are very much valid

        You forgot the 4th one Xiaomi

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          Toyota - Generally their cars are not as value for money compare to 90s late 2000s. I would switch to Honda or Mazda or even Subaru

          Honda: overpriced parts.
          Mazda: overpriced parts, transmission issues after a few years, bad range of diesels
          Subaru: boxer engine means higher costs (labour and parts) when it comes to servicing.

          Due to these reasons, Toyota are the best of the Japanese. Despite this, I'd still take a Japanese car over a European one.

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      The gave me a credit when I had a several day outage.

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      Yeah I think everyone expects Kogan to be complete and utter rubbish, I know I did. So far I've been quite surprised by their products. most notably their air fryer and mobile phone service.

      Maybe if you compared Aussie NBN to say my republic there might be a bigger difference ?

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      Aussie Broadband support was excellent for me.

      I was super impressed that when I did a pre-order they processed the order at 8:40am the morning my area went live on NBN and I had my NBN box delivered by express post the following (Saturday) morning and was connected less than an hour later. The smae lady from their call center even called me back to confirm it was all working.

      I guess the question if the support is worth and extra $4 per month (100mbps plan). I can see for some people how it wouldn't be but it only takes 1 outage or problem until you wished you had that support back.

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      I apologise if I've missed an explanatory post from you somewhere here but I think from the only post I'm seeing from you above you got the negative votes partially because you don't explain anything?

      "Aussie broadband is not good any more"
      "everyone else has now caught up with them."
      "Also this company has bad customer service"

      These are just statements.

      Why are they no good any more? You have never seen them give credit. I know plenty of people that have received credit, so just because you didn't "see" them do it….

      Why do you believe their customer service is bad? I don't have to call them often but when I do it's great for me.

      I'm super happy to be corrected here but AFAIK only Aussie Broadband and Superloop advertise their CVC graphs 24 hours a day. The others have not or will not "catch up" with regards to openness?

      You say you got many negative votes just for saying something, but these forum people do have quite a few cluey readers in it and if you actually explain why you make those statements it can be possibly taken more seriously? Even you personal experience would have been better than just saying they're no good any more, when I think you and I both know there are a lot of people that actually really like ABB.

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        Hmm… I'll try to delve further just because I believe what I am saying is worthy of a comment here.

        Their customer service from my dealings with them especially after outages was just plain rude.
        I politely asked about credit being a normal practice they said we try to minimise outage at odd hours too so we don't have to pay any credit.

        When I signed up for a promotion they called me back and refused saying I was already with ABB so I don't qualify. I completely understand but the online form for availing the promotion has questions like
        Are you an existing ABB customer? yes (2years)
        Would you like us to cancel existing service when new one is active? Yes

        I even suggested I'll port out to avail the discount and the person was like no sorry you can't (I was with Kogan following day) and they don't seem to care so strong is the OZB loyalty effect it makes them untouchable.

        In past like a true Ozbargainer, got 4 colleagues at work sign up with ABB singing laurels about CVC allocations Investments in Poi.

        Since I signed up with Kogan I am saving $15 a month (I thought if kogan doesn't work I'll go Superloop or something).

        TBH, The NBN speed difference for me is minimal hence why I share this info.
        Looking at CVC graphs being able to kick connection isn't a use case for everyone.

        I did feel annoyed because ABB never come up with any promotion for existing customers we are like furniture to them.

        It also opened my eyes to the fact that all this extra love for ABB was just allowing them a convenient ASX listing soon and making the private owners multi millionaires (who are not related to me so thanks but no thanks).

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          Agreed. I was with ABB for a good 2~ years. No issues to report, but also no loyalty bonus. All businesses do now is suck up to "potential" customers instead of their existing ones. I know people harp on about support but in ~7 years of having the NBN between iiNet and ABB, I think I made 2 support calls regarding an outage..
          I'm now on Superloop. They've had a few minor outages in recent weeks but the speed is excellent and cheaper than ABB.

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          never come up with any promotion for existing customers

          This is the most common complain I see in this forum, do you know any other providers which give away promotions to existing customers?

          At least AAB have sign up promotions, most providers don't.

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          OK, now I see your grievances.

          I too, have never been paid a credit for outage. TO BE FAIR all bar ONE outage have been NBN doing upgrades on my wireless tower and I was given plenty (2 weeks+) of notice, and speeds after have been very superior (ie really made a difference). But no I have never been given credit for those even though they're generally only 30 minutes IF THAT.

          Be interesting to see whether NBN actually gives ABB a credit for their maintenance and it doesn't get passed on, or whether NBN actually don't credit, in which case I can't really blame ABB. I don't know but would love to if someone does.

          The only "loyalty" I've been given is referral credits and they had a promo where you could pay a whole year up front and have significant savings. You could still cancel the service and get your money back. I know that's not ideal for everyone in lower financial situations, but I did take advantage of that and am still in credit. They've passed on unlimited data and speed increases immediately at no extra cost. To be fair, I don't know too many subscription based services where anyone already on the subscription gets a bonus. Every business always promotes to get new business I don't know too many if any at all that reward existing customers. It IS a stupid practice though. I agree.

          It will be interesting to see what happens to ABB once it goes public - if it's anything like our ISPs in the past things will go backwards pretty fast when they have shareholders to make a profit for. Like iiNet for example.

          BUT that's no reason to start disliking them. Wait it out - it might in fact get better, but if it's worse, churn out and gone right? lol

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    Australian internet prices are absurdly high.

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      As are their employee’s wages!

    • +5 votes

      Not only internet, everything is expensive here because of high labour cost

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        or every expensive thing makes wage higher

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        Compared to my home country in Europe electronics, fuel and cars are cheaper. Consumer goods in general are cheaper than most of Europe in my experience. Internet was however a higher speed for cheaper.


        How much are you earning??

      • -7 votes

        are you ready to take your 50% paycut?

        Then live on that lower money, with current prices, until it equalises again but remains 5-10% higher than equilibrium would suggest it should…


        Why is this negged? Isn't that true? Extra taxes and high wages cause this.. no?

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          Not really. Theres an economic phenomenon called equilibrium.

          Lets say you earn $20 a day, and Coke costs $1.
          If wages rose so you earn $100 a day, Coke will quickly rise in price and cost $5, and pretty much everything else will do similarly.

          The numbers are higher, but the price relative to income, is the same.

          The problem with blaming high wages is it serves one group, and thats not most people. And no one bagging high wages, is ready to take a pay cut, One can only surmise they believe it will be someone else, and they will be fine.

          Wages are like Coke in the above example. If say mining money drops from $40 an hour to $20 an hour, and you were on $20, yours will halve too, and you end up on $10.


        They want so much to put in a nail. Costs the earth to reupholster furniture here. Better off dumping it and buying a new set.


        Phone plans here are cheap compared to Western Europe. Especially prepaid - many countries in Europe still muck around with complicated, non-transparant inclusions for pre-paid plans.


      Not compared to UK, seems to be on par for fibre plans.


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        So they get 362mbps down, 36mbps up for the same price we get 90mbps down and 36mbps up? :<

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          Do we really need to go through the whole thing of overlaying the UK over Australia on a map, with their respective populations, to spell it out for all the whingers who can't get their heads around why we pay a few $$$ a month more for internet?

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            @brad1601: But I wants Other Peoples’ Moneys to pay for my inter webs! It’s ma right!

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            @brad1601: I'm in a capital city tho :<

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            @brad1601: But you can lay the UK over the parts of Australia that people actually live in. For all the Australia so Big talk, Australia has a population of 24.99m people (2018 ABS), of which 16.86m (67%) live in the capital cities.

            Now the population of the UK is vastly bigger then Australia in a smaller area, but you do need to acknowledge that people aren't talking about running a super high speed cable to the middle of the country where there's lots of nothing.

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              @DoubleWookie: Even though most Australian's live in capital cities, we still have to 'subsidise' regional folk for equity reasons, and to encourage people to move to regional areas rather than continue to stress the cities further. It's the position all governments here take (whether it is only in name only, that is another debate). Other factors would probably include that make Aussie internet more expensive could be a) the way the NBN was planned and rolled out, b) the cost of Australian workers, c) perhaps we are paying a slight premium to stay away from Huawei/Chinese products? d) monopolies … but it seems both govt and telco's aren't making too much money out of this?


            @brad1601: I think it's easier to swallow for those on full fibre or HFC.. FTTN sucks.


      Not compared to the United States.I was living in Seattle for 5 years and was paying 80 usd a month with a 1tb data cap.Also their mobile phone plans were worse as well.


    Data allowance changed. Only 3 options now, 100GB, 500GB and unlimited.

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    Hadn't checked the Aussie forum on WP for some time, but I just checked and I see that Twitch/Facebook buffering is still ongoing.
    Someone had two connections to their house, Telstra and Aussie.
    Buffering only to the Aussie.

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      Don’t you know, Aussie is highly rated for their customer service, not for their internet. (Tongue firmly in cheek)

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      Always thought ABB were best. I moved from ABB to Superloop. The thought has certainly changed since. For me, SL beats ABB by some good margin. I am talking about the speed and its consistency.
      Customer care, can’t compare as I hardly needed one.

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        If you want to who’s best (from the majors), just check the ACCC broadband speed report produced (quarterly from memory).


          My only issue with their analysis is that it consistently queries the same network route, and a local one at that. It doesn't provide a fair representation of domestic and international routes to various data centres.
          Superloop has excellent latency and initial connection lag to many places while Aussie BB had 2 and 3 second waits for initial ping to resolve a service route and a much more variable latency afterwards.
          Also for support, I told Aussie broadband my latency was high to a bunch of IPs and they told me it wasn't in their network so they couldn't do anything, while superloop was already decent but still improved the few I enquired about.

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        I went from SL to ABB after 20+ dropouts in a week. No issues with ABB.

        SL consistency the past month has been horrific. Pop over to whirlpool for the hundreds of pages of reported dropouts and issues by customers.

        SL were great, not so anymore.

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          Yes has been horrible. Going to jump ship to Aussie after the discount ends.


          Superloop 100/20 unlimited has been flawless not a single drop out for me.


          I read about this after a few emails over the weekend. Been very fortunate and haven't had issues myself, was wondering if it's isolated to a particular modem or router?
          We did have a disconnect for about 1 minute on Saturday night, maybe following a firmware upgrade on their end?


        I had the opposite experience. Moved from ABB to SL and speed consistency is terrible. 1 month to get a response to a support ticket. Pretty disappointing in general

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        I too recently swapped to Superloop from ABB after my evening speeds got progressivly worse on ABB.

        Superloop have been excellent thus far… from looking at their CVC graphs they are much more reactive and keep a bigger buffer than ABB.


        And then you go visit https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/510082 for all the not so superloop negative comments, can't win huh? :)

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    Lol, even with the deal I pay way less on Exetel.


    Bring on the gigabit plan (May 2020) !

    We should then also see a price drop for many of the other speed tiers.

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    I've had near-perfect experience with Aussie, except Kayo which can buffer in peak times, though apparently it's close to being rectified

    • +1 vote

      Yeah what was with that! When I was with ABB Kayo would bloody buffer every 5 seconds. It was bizarre! NBA games would stream flawlessly through the NBA site, even F1 GP's on dodgy Epicstreams worked without issue.


    Churned from Aussie BB to SL and never been happier they're good but only seem interested in getting new members

    • +3 votes

      I guess you have not been impacted by all the outages with SL in the past week?

      • +1 vote

        Just today, it dropped out once but came back up something to do with issues with the ipv6 I think, Aussie BB used to drop out alot more but at $55 for unlimited for six months it doesn't bother me

        SUN 12 JAN 2020 02:07PM AEST
        Superloop Home Broadband would like to advise customers on the listed Points of Interconnect (POIs) that we are observing degraded availability of the IPv6 beta.

        Customers may note that they are being assigned static and delegated prefixes that differ from those that are assigned to their service.

        We have raised a case with our hardware vendor to address this issue.

        This disruption is not connectivity impacting.

        • +3 votes

          Check whirlpool forums, they have had extensive dropouts over the past week… hundreds of posts about it… the director sent several emails to clients apologising.

      • +2 votes

        For me, every day for the last 3 days. Not long outages though.
        I don't think it's their fault. Sometimes, in ICT, unpredictable crap happens that has no obvious solution.


        I haven't really been impacted either, but our local POI showed a minor drop in traffic on Friday.

    • +1 vote

      I have the opposite experience. Churned to SL and regretted it.

      Does any one know if I'm considered a new customer if I move back to ABB now?


    Hundred and sixty dollars for such thin uplink on a quarter gigabit? Might have to pass.
    Wireless advances faster than appears many suppliers have counted on.

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    Getting the speed of 2005, paying the price of 2035, how lovely.


    Whose line do they use? Telstra?

  • +1 vote

    For those of you who have switched to ABB, how long did it take for your connection to be active? I've wanted to switch from my current provider for quite some time, but I work from home and prolonged downtime isn't something I can afford.

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