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[Back Order] Sony WF-1000XM3 Noise Cancelling Wireless Earphones - Black $242.40 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Greetings everyone, Amazon have dropped the price on these earphones to match The Good Guys once again :)

For those that purchased from The Good Guys yesterday for $255, make sure to take advantage of the eBay Price Guarantee :)

As always, enjoy!

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • May the battle continue. New version coming soon?

    • doubt it, they were just released late last year.

    • The Bose QC700 EARBUDS are due out later in the year…. Although unlikely to have any baring this far out.

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    Yo this cray

    • Yeah, kicking myself for buying from Addicted to Audio for $250 yesterday.

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        I know right? Imagine what you could have done with that $7.60.

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          7 7/11 coffees and change to spare

          • +2

            @BigPeeper: 7 7/11 coffees + maccas 50c cone + 10c redskins from the local shop brah

            • +9

              @montorola: 10c redskins? In 1995 maybe.

              • @Skinnerr: Man I remember in 1991 when those little sherbet bombs were 1c! Yes one cent!
                What a pain in the butt kid I was handing over $1

        • It's the OzBargain principle of getting the best bargain possible. I got that yesterday, but didn't realise there is always a better bargain over the horizon :'(

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        It’s good to support small businesses anyway, as opposed to Amazon and Good Guys.

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        A2A has now dropped to $242 and they put in their post that they will refund the difference before shipment!

        • <3 20c cheaper and with free express shipping. It was staring me in the face the entire time and I didnt' even see it. I did have the best deal after all.

          • @Jacko1235: I hope they don't send out a pile of back order emails on Monday like they did with me on a weekend order I did recently. Express post is pointless if you have to wait for stock.

            • @bxpressiv: EDIT: I literally just got the shipping notification as I sent this message.
              Delete please Admin.

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        If you’re kicking yourself over $7.60 I really don’t want to know what you’ll do over $10+

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        good to support local business

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    Is cashback payable on these? I heard electronics are now not eligible for Amazon cashback, but Shopback says 5.3% for mobile electronics?

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      If you click on the Amazon link it appears that these are under a separate headphone category and therefore excluded from the mobile electronics cashback

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    Looks like I might bite the bullet at this price.

    I read from reviews that the ANC isn't as good as over ear, but I guess compromises need to be made.

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    God damn this is a great price for a great pair of earphones.

    I've had a pair since they came out, fantastic ear phones, absolutely love mine, the App has an EQ so you can customize it how you want, I find putting the "clear bass" to +6 really brings the earphones to life.

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    Surely Sony aren't worried about the Pixel and Galaxy Buds2 cutting into their market share?

  • how low can they go …

  • Nice one OP

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      Yeah great deal and upvoted, but anyone else getting tired of seeing these headphones constantly in the OzB front page?

      • Not so much these ones, but definitely all the crappy ~$30 China dropshipped ones.

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    If the headphones are near, we can hope the earphone will follow soon after

    • People are failing to take into account the headphones were released well before the earphones.

      It would be silly for them to release a new version literally months after releasing the wf xm3.

  • +1

    So tempting at this price, but I think I'm going to stick with my WH-1000XM2's for a while yet.
    The easier portability would be great though.

    • They are tempting. I have the WH-1000XM3s already. Should I or shouldn’t I 🤔

      • +1

        I have both GQ35 and WH-1000XM3 won't be wasting more money on earbuds and headphones in the next couple years.

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    gosh i am getting really sick of seeing these earbuds all the time, spammy!

    im half joking around, but wow so many deals on them.

    • +2

      I was thinking that if I give in and buy, I won't see the posts anymore?

    • +2

      I'm all for it if every subsequent post includes a price reduction.

    • +1

      It’s OzBargain saying “You will buy these whether you need them or not”.

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    Is this earbuds fits well? I heard some ozbargain says that it doesn't?

    • I understand the pack comes with lots of different sized buds, so one should fit you.

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    Chef John?

  • +1

    Says dispatch in 1-2 months now

  • If these came in a powerbeats form that would be better for running

  • Showing $299, expired?

    • Underneath the dot point description it has a link which says:
      "New (5) from $242.40 FREE Delivery"

  • Not expired still avaliable if u realy need a pair

    • maybe you need a pair!!

      oh wait, you're talking about the earbuds. Soz

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    next model out soon..

  • +1

    Awesome earphones, who ever is on the fence don't think, buy them. Sound is just absolutely great. I, was reading and reading, opinions of people that know audio, buy expensiv professional earphones/headphones compare these to +$1000 models and say that these are incredibly good and in level with high end models.i love them

    • +2

      Hahahah people like you is the reason I'm broke

      • +1

        A ha ha! Trust me I have no cash to splash, I think before spending and if you need new earphones and not to feel afterwards like an idiot how you just jumped on a bandwagon etc. Then these are the ones, trust me they are great, no regretful buying.

        • Man I hate you.

          That line about these being compared to $1000 headphones is really tempting me lol

          • +3

            @montorola: Don't let it tempt you, because it isn't true haha

            • -3

              @cille745: What exactly isn't true? That you don't know to set them up, use them for best sound, use Sony's software, adequate music player, device?

  • +1

    rtings review says these are good but rate the same as galaxy buds which are half the price.

      • +5

        These are honestly in a class of its own, high end wired earphones in wireless form.

        As someone who has owned many "high-end" wired IEMs, this is just not true. You are definitely paying for the ANC and wireless. You'll get better sound out of ~$100 IEMs. This is not to say that these aren't good, but they're a different product class.

        • +1

          So you're trying to say that me and literally thousands of people on are all idiots and have no idea what we're talking about?

          • @drazenm: Not in a position to judge whether you're an idiot or not because I have no idea how intelligent you are.

            Simply made an objective statement, that whilst these are good, they're still mainstream, bluetooth, ANC, mass-market earphones. They are not "high-end wired earphones in wireless form". I would love it if they were.

            Their sound signature is quite bass heavy with lacking mids, fidelity is not the same as high-end IEMs, ANC colours the sound…etc. They're not worse than high-end IEMs, in fact, they might actually sound better for general listening. However, they are a different product with a different purpose.

    • I guess the noise cancelling bumps the price and the galaxy case only having 1 charge seems a bit lacking

    • I have the galaxy buds and I think they sound great with galaxy phones. I also have a Sennheiser momentum 2 over ears, so I know a bit about good sound quality.

  • +1

    With the rumoured future support for aptX HD, these earbuds could potentially get even better. If I didn't own a pair of Galaxy Buds already, I'd be all over this.

  • Does anyone have experience with Amazon backorders? Do they normally ship within the quoted 1-2 months? Or even earlier?

    • +1

      Yeah usually within 2 weeks, you will receive it.

  • Thanks, was looking for the Sony over-ear, but I couldn't really pass on this deal! After some quick research, this seems to be a really good product, some reviewers said it's not as good on the noise-cancelling department compare to the over-ear, but it makes up for it with its portability

  • If only someone would come up with a version of these that also allowed a 3.5 in jack connection for planes. Love my XM3s but feel like a complete knob wearing them anywhere outside a plane or home. I do have some cheap soundpeats and use these often but I'd like something in-ear that could replace the XM3s completely.

    • You can't say 'XM3s' without saying if they're WF or WH any more :) Assume you mean WH?

      • yes

  • +1

    Cheaper by $0.40 over at ATA:

    • Better buy too at ATA even though I have prime, express shipping, zip pay options and will likely arrive sooner rather than later.

  • -1

    I'm wondering if I should buy these since I'm in need however I was looking to spend $150?

  • -1

    I want a pair of these but reviews on making calls in open environments is keeping my wallet at bay.

    • It's been patched. Check previous deals comments

  • +7

    I'd recommend buying from Addicted to Audio as they are now slightly cheaper, offer free express shipping like Amazon and are an Australian company.

    They are also refunding the price difference on previous orders so if they go down any further you will probably be safe.

    • +1

      I have just purchased 2 pairs from Addicted to Audio. Thank you.

    • +6

      We should always support a local Australian brick and mortar store wherever it makes sense. These are the stores that drive competition and because of these, other big stores have Price Match policies. If there will be no competition then everything will be sold at RRP.

  • Here's an alternative cheaper "high end" earphones, the Liberty 2 Pro

    Supports SBC, AAC, and aptX, and while these don't have active noise control they have:

    4 microphones combine with ambient-noise cancelling cVc technology to deliver a crystal-clear call experience from any location. Get calls with 60% less noise and super-precise 95% voice isolation.

    I like the concept of the way the speakers are designed with these, plus reported eight hour playtime is damn good and you can control the volume from the earphones.

    For a detailed teardown see AirPods Pro TEARDOWN vs Liberty 2 Pro! - Best 'Pro' Earbuds?

    While I can't comment on these personally, I'm just offering a cheaper alternative option with reported "high end" acoustics.

    Here's a side by side comparison with Sony WF-1000XM3, Sennheiser True Wireless, Jabra Elite Active 65t, and Samsung Galaxy Buds by Soundcore about halfway down the page.

    • Horseshit, listen to the noisy cafe test

      Bought the xm3 today and playing with them for about an hour, they are VERY good and the ANC is legit, my first ANC experience.

      • +2

        Well thanks for wasting 15 mins of my time watching a YouTube opinion piece with less than 2,000 views.
        Based on that video I call BS on your horsesh*t comment.

        So according to your linked low rated YouTube opinion piece:
        04:45 audio comparison - the Liberty 2 Pro is way better
        06:38 café test - listening to the recordings for both I would say IMHO that the L2P, while capturing more detail of the background noise, makes a better recording of the source. While the XM3 distorts the background noise and muffles the recording of the source.
        09:52 audio latency test - no real perceivable difference at all but wow, the XM3 sounds really bad, distorted and mechanical compared to the L2P.
        11:57 overall assessment - L2P by a long way and even pointing out that the L2P does not have active noise control.
        13:04 admits to having scepticism for the L2P and in his opinion that the audio construction was just marketing spin - that's why I provided a YouTube video teardown of the L2P that validates the marketing spin.
        13:40 reinforces my opening statement Here's an alternative cheaper "high end" earphones, the Liberty 2 Pro

        Well I guess I do have to thank you for supplying this video as it really demonstrated how bad the audio on the XM3 is compared to the L2P!

        Again, remember that the L2P does not have active noise control and the aforementioned quote from the Anker website re ambient-noise cancelling is accurate and your posted low rated YouTube opinion piece confirms that quote.

        Comments on the YouTube video you posted:

        This review did not really address the sound quality. sound quality is about how well a sounder reproduction device reproduces the sound input into them. It is not about which sound I or you like better. It is sad to see how little young people know about the sound of music. Have you ever listened to a chamber concert or a symphony orchestra? An acoustic jazz quartet or a wind ensemble can reproduce a sound which can be judged by how well a device reproduces the sound input. Please study sound reproduction. Read publications like the Absolute Sound or Stereophile. There are standards. Features are secondary to sound. Kids like features, adults care about sound.

        I sent my WF-1000xm3 back due Left sound balance and noise cancelling issue . My saving grace I have the pros that out shines the Xm3 in my opinion

        I recognize l2p doesn't measure up to sonys in terms of features, but from a sound perspective, I'll have to disagree with you this once Aaron, l2p with those drivers set them on another level. For the price, this is a no brainer.

        Liberty Pro sound great but no ambient……Gotta have it….It’s a shame really. Sony’s are better for phone calls as well.

        • +1

          Yeah but this person reckons the XM3s are comparable to $1000+ headphones. /s

      • A proper "café test" at 09:30
        Sony WF-1000XM3 vs THE REST - Who is KING? True Wireless Earbud Review

        A lot more items reviewed and compared. Includes the L2P AT 10:55 and call quality test at 15:23. Summation starts at 15:43 with the L2P at 17:40
        BEST True Wireless Earbuds FINAL SHOWDOWN: Winter 2019 - ULTIMATE GIFT GUIDE

  • +3

    Just price matched at JB Hi-fi because I finagled it in a way that he didn't see it was back ordered ;)


    • +4

      wtf is the downvotes for? this is why I mostly don't bother helping ppl on Ozbargain anymore.

      • +1

        Some people on here carnt stand it when another oz b gets it for this price at a store as a price match
        Because they may have tried to price match with no luck ….

      • Upvoted you

  • +3

    the good guys one u can claim TRS cause it's over 300 and the invoice doesn't show the ebay discount code.

    • hahah dang you just beat me to it

  • +4

    BTW, I have three 'unrelated' facts to remind everyone

    1. The Good Guys provide a recipt/tax invoice that says the item is $303.00
    2. Minimum claim threshold for TRS is $300 and they calculate the return on amount in your provided rececipt
    3. Same with tax returns- depending on your line of work

    I'm not suggesting anything, just listing out a few facts.

    • How would you claim this under tax? Salesperson/tradie/taxi using for taking calls on the go maybe?

      • Mmm if your work involve a lot of calls and virtual meetings, it can be justifiable- check with your accountant.

      • +1

        As the saying goes, if you don't know then you can't.

    • +1

      I'm not suggesting anything


    • +1

      for fact no3, it isn't entirely true. My accountant told me to claim on the amount I paid ( thought theres ebay discount/ voucher) , not what the invoice says.


  • Can anyone comment on the difference in call quality between these XM3 and the Airpods Pro? The environment would be primarily on the train and in an open office. Based on call quality tests between the Airpods Pro and the XM3 at the initial firmware version, the XM3 had really muffled calls which basically rendered conversations inaudible in an environment with even a little background noise. I heard that the XM3 call quality has improved markedly after a recent firmware update, so I'm wondering how they now compare. I already have the Airpods Pro and they work well when I do calls in the office and when I'm commuting.

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