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INQ Cloud Touch $99 Outright in Store at Vodafone Starting Tomorrow (14/09) - Save $100

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An excellent Android phone for the price, though somewhat hampered by the silly Android skin. Should be free to unlock, but if this is important to you, get the rep to check first on the website to make sure.

Price on the website is currently listed as $179, was going in store for $199 (or $149 with a $50 recharge), will be going for $99 starting tomorrow.

edit: to clarify, no purchase of a recharge is necessary to get the $99 price point.

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  • +3

    wow 3.5" capacitive screen. Impressive!

    • -6

      wow you can enjoy impressive screen ONLY! :)

  • if only it was online, I'd be able to get this for $25 using MBC

  • Who is INQ? Never heard of this brand. Seems wouldn't have 2.3 upgrade from their site.

  • +1

    after reading all the reviews I am having a 2nd thought about this phone.

  • +3

    Some pretty impressive specs for the price

    Dimensions: 114 x 62 x 13 mm
    Weight: 122 g

    Type: TFT capacitive touchscreen, 256K colors
    Size: 320 x 480 pixels, 3.5 inches (~165 ppi pixel density)

    Internal: 512 MB
    Card slot: microSD, up to 32GB, 4 GB included

    3G: HSDPA, 7.2 Mbps; HSUPA, 5.76 Mbps
    WLAN: Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Wi-Fi hotspot

    Primary: 5 MP, 2592х1944 pixels, autofocus

    OS: Android OS, v2.2 (Froyo)
    CPU: Qualcomm MSM7227 600 MHz processor

    Stolen from gsmarena

    • +1

      I hope that was sarcastic since 320X480 is NOT impressive
      MSM7227 600MHz processor is NOT impressive

      What's the RAM on this, it's not 512MB as it may seem at first

      • +8

        What can you get for $99 that is better than this?
        Please do tell if you know of anything else out there

      • +5

        It's impressive compared to the dreadful 240x320 screens that are usual at this price point (eg: Huawei U8150, Samsung Galaxy S, LG Optimus ME, ZTE Bubble)

      • +4

        Some pretty impressive specs for the price

        IMHO that's a pretty fair disclaimer! ;)

      • -1

        fair enough, I didn't read for the price but my reason for posting was that with these specs most budget phones will find it hard to upgrade to newer versions, specially since they aren't optimised for it.

        I would rather go for the X8 IMO but I'd still rather not buy cheap android phones to begin with, makes it harder for you to get good upgrades(custom rom or not)

        • +1

          See, this is a bit of a bugbear with OzB at times…I don't know why comments like this one are negged so badly…you cop it on the chin, man-up to something you've said & make some valid (if slightly subjective) comments about phones in general; it's always good advice to consider all points of view & alternatives. Lighten up fellow OzB'ers! ;)

        • +1

          Stewball I think you're forgetting this is a general public forum. If people remain anon then of course they will do what they want.for the lulz

    • I agree in theory, but I find that GSMArena often has a lot of errors in their specifications listings for phones, even years after release.

  • +7

    this can go together with my hp touchpad hahaha

    iPhone —> iNQ Cloud Touch $99
    iPAD —> Hp TouchPad $99

    apple alternatives hehehe

    • +1

      tight ass (ozbargain) alternatives*

      • +4

        I'd say they're smart alternatives!

  • I know the deal starts tomorrow but when will it ends?

    lol check Vodafone site and stock level is none right now.

    • As far as I know, this is the permanent new price until all stock is gone.

  • +2

    So is it red only?
    You know red a bit … for man.

    • Both red and white.

    • +1

      Depends on the the man.
      My brother in law lives in Sydney and is a bit "theatrical".
      He'd probably love it.:p

  • +3

    Every review mentions OS freezes, poor battery life and shirty camera.
    Buy wisely.

  • +2

    This phone is equivalent to a Huawei Sonic ($188) but at the Huawei U8150 ($99) price point.

    Compared to other budget phones, the screen is better (320x480 rather than 240x320) and so is the camera. Plus you get Multitouch and a focussing camera (but no flash).

    However, I am confused about the pricing.

    Is it $99 outright, or do you have to buy a recharge as well?

    • +1

      I have the same concerns.
      I also want to know if the phone is locked to Vodafone or not.
      If it is, can we unlock it for free or would that cost money.

      • $99 only - no recharge purchase necessary. Like I said in the description, it should be free to unlock (as it initially retailed for a much higher price), but it would be worth checking before you purchase it - this is a 30 second check for whoever serves you.

  • +2

    On that note, the Samsung Nexus S will also sell for $299 on prepaid - also unlocked for free

    • oooh When will this happen?

      • +1

        This also started today at all VF/3 retail stores.

    • Thats a good price! Would so get it if I didn't get my LG 2x

    • Where and when for the Nexus S at $299?
      I can't find one under $400 in Oz.

    • Please tell us when and where we can get it

    • More info on this?

      • I called the Vodafone store at Capalaba in Brisbane, QLD and they confirmed Nexus S for $299 and they will unlock for free. They had stock.

        In the end, I had another look at the specs and realised the phone was too large, in that it was too long to comfortably put in my pocket, especially when wearing shorts that have smaller and shorter pockets. Ah, the trade between useability and practically.

    • +1

      Be patient, Optus will be selling HTC Incredible S for $299. The phone will be locked to Optus, through.

      • +1

        If both phones are at 299, why would you pick a locked phone that probably get stuck on Gingerbread. While an unlocked Nexus S gets icecream? Not to mention Nexus Ss are bloatware free.

        • Both good deals in my book. I prefer the Nexus S though.

        • +1
          Specs Nexus S Incredible S
          HSPA Yes (HSDPA 7.2 Mbit/s) Yes (HSDPA 14.4 Mbit/s)
          Dimensions 4.88 x 2.48 x 0.43 4.72 x 2.52 x 0.46
          Weight (129 g) (136 g)
          Display Tech SuperAMOLED 480 x 800 S-LCD 480 x 800
          Phys Size 4.00 inches 4.00 inches
          Battery Li-Ion 1500 mAh Li-Ion 1450 mAh
          Talk time 14.00 hours 9.66 hours
          Stand-by 713 hours(427 3G) 290 hours (370)
          Talk time 3G 6.00 hours 6.33 hours
          OS Android (2.3.6, 2.3.3, 2.3) (2.3.3, 2.2)
          Processor 1 core Cortex A8 1GHz 1 core Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8255, 1GHz
          Memory 512 MB RAM 768 MB RAM
          Resolution 5 megapixels 8 megapixels
          Flash Yes (LED) Yes (Dual LED)
          Resolution 720x480(30 fps) 1280x720 (720p HD)
          Front camera Yes (0.3 mp VGA) Yes (1.3 mp)
          E-mail Yes (IMAP,POP3,SMTP,MS Ex) (IMAP, POP3, SMTP)
          Built-in 16384 MB 1124 MB
          Wi-Fi (802.11b,g,n) (802.11b,g,n)
          Mobile Hotspot Yes ?
          VoIP Yes
          NFC Yes
          DLNA Yes Yes
          Sensors Accmtr, Gyro, Compass Accelerometer, Compass

          Nexus S wins in Screen, Android Updates, battery, flash memory and an additional Gyro sensor
          Incredible S wins it in 3/3.5G speed, the camera(front and back), RAM and style

          Personally I'd go Incredible S but that's because I don't see NFC in Australia anytime soon

      • Hi,

        Can i ask where did you find out about this offer?
        Also when will it start?



      • when will the HTC incredible S be $299??

  • any one know where to buy this ?

    • +1

      vodafone? in store if that's what you mean

  • -1

    So no online buying? I can't even see the phone on the website?

  • So this vs. Optimus one, what do you think?

  • just contact vodafone chermside. its $199. where did you get this info?

    • +1

      Wondering the same thing, didn't change and no $99 price mentioned on the web site today.

    • +2

      I work in a retail store. There was a bulletin pushed yesterday to all stores saying the price dropped to $99. I haven't been into work to see if it scans through as this yet, but I can only assume it does and the store you called doesn't read their bulletins :)

      • +1

        OK, so anybody bought it yet?

        • +2

          just bought one for $99 at MO's Mobiles in Garden City, Brisbane. Run out of stock in other Vodafone shop!

  • pam321, is it locked or outright?

    • yes, i want to know if its unlocked or not….

      • As per my comment below, we bought 2 from Melb Central and they were unlocked.

    • +1

      It is unlocked, put Telstra sim in and it works!

  • Are there any good deals for NextG compatible Android phones?

  • Dropped in Vodafone shop on Geroge St Sydney CBD, the shop assistant insisted that price was still A$199 for this handset.

  • I got 4 mobiles for $99 each in vodafone store parramatta

    • +6

      You just wasted 40 bucks (unless you got the white ones).


      Select prepaid, 365 Day, and its 0 dollar recharge and 89 upfront for the phone, including free delivery.

      • good find! just wonder if it is free to unlock

        • As below, we bought from a Vodafone stand and they were already unlocked. No idea if they would be unlocked from online purchase (I doubt it).

      • Only red without recharge, but thanks :|

      • .

  • +1

    My team leader and I just bought 2 white ones for $99 each from the Vodafone stand in Melbourne Central, and they're both unlocked (tested with 3 and Telstra SIMs). You can get them online for $89, but only red available. Based on specs, it's an awesome deal. Now just to delete all their facebook crap off the phone……

    • Is that easy to do? I mean kill Facebook stuff

      • There are a few widgets on the home screen, and after you delete those I think it's mostly taken care of.

  • $124 online with prepaid kit.

    • +1

      pick 365 day, and the 0 dollar recharge to get 89 dollars

      • +1

        Thanks a bunch for that dude, just saved me a tenner! Cheers! :D

      • Well if only I was as smart as you…I could have saved $35

  • +1

    Awesome price! I'm starting to regret getting the Huawei Sonic so soon now :S

    And holy crap, 5 megapixel camera on a $99 phone!

    • +2

      but the review seem not to be good

      • +1

        The reviews are bad pre-update. The OS update fixed all the crash issues etc ;)

        • +1

          That is tremendously reassuring to hear this as it was a major concern of mine :)

    • Poor battery life, cheap plastic build quality and slow speed hamper this phones greatness. Still, it is pretty decent for a budget smart phone and I've looking into it to use as a free-wifi travel phone for O/S.

      • I've been playing with mine for the past 2 hours and it has 86% battery life.. So far that seems much better than my iPhone, but worse than my Desire! As for cheap build quality, quite - but it feels just like an iPhone :P

        You're getting a $300+ phone for $99, that's a pretty good deal!

        • +1

          agreed, but it seems to chew through the battery fairly fast when on wifi though.

          Otherwise, left home at 85%, and still got 70% after work. It should last a full day easy.

          (Obviously you have to run a tight ship, kill off background apps and general clean up etc)

  • can anyone confirm if the phone is unlocked if bought from online shop?? Thanks

    • from me, Going to go get one tomorrow since people have said its not locked to Vodafail network to replace my $80 nokia that doesnt even have a camera :S
  • Handset Unlock Procedure for IMEI: 3548030401XXXXX
    Your unlock code is: NOT LOCKED
    .0 Manufacturer/Model: INQ_Cloud

    I think it's already unlocked
    How do you think?

    I bought phone yesterday in vodafone.

  • Just ordered one online. Noticed the price swapped between 89 and 180 at one point. Their ordering system is a pain in the ass though.

  • Just bought one of these about ten minutes ago, the rep said there was no info about unlocking when she scanned it in.. Hoping this means that o comes unlocked.. will update this when I charge it up!

    • Can verify that it comes completely unlocked! Put my Telstra sim in with no hassle what-so-ever. :)

      Yay!!! A phone a can take out clubbing and not worry about! Haha

  • called Liverpool branch they have 2 in stock but was told they are $199 not $99. How can I convince the sales it is on special? Looks like the internal memo has been passed to all stores.

    • Ask them to look at their store bulletins for yesterday, and you should be fine :)

  • +1

    I ended up buying the phone online for $89 with free shipping(after reading about 20 reviews and 'sleeping' on my indecision the night before). Despite it's draw-backs you cannot get anything cheaper for this price and I don't want to wait any longer to own an Android-based smartphone. First thing I'm going to do is obliterate all those intrusive Facebook apps & widgets and customize it to my needs. Can't wait for it to arrive.

    • +1

      Z4Root - Root
      LauncherPro - good clean launcher and you can hide all the crap that you don't need.
      ATK or ES Task manager - Kill background apps

      and way you go:)

      I was tossing up between this and Nexus S for 299. I gave Nexus a miss because its 900/1700/2100, and only use half of Vodafone's network. So no point in investing extra 200 unless you use Optus (which I never going back to). And obvious no Telstra as well.

      • Terrific. Thanks for this info. I will acquire these apps upon phone setup/initialization so that it will be optimised.

        $200 difference is alot of money, you can buy 3 INQ's s for that much!

  • The white is back in stock for online purchases, but they don't have any $0 recharge option for the white.

    Lowest recharge you can get is the $10 vodafone international, which if you really preferred white (red is too flashy for mine), it works out to be the same price as in-store anyway ($99)

    Only issue is, do the online purchases come unlocked???

    • +3

      Just received it this morning. It's unlocked. Worked fine with my telstra sim.

      • Thanks!

        Works out well, all my local shops didn't have any stock anyway

  • Vodafail… went into store on my lunchbreak, phone said $149, no time to argue, figure I will come back after work since tonight is late night shopping.

    Website says they are open 9AM-8PM thursday night, got there at 6:45 and they are closed. Blow me Vodaphone :D
    + Retracted but not going to neg.

    • +1

      I went into my local Vodafail store yesterday(after already purchased the phone online) to look at the phone and noticed the price was advertised on 'sale' for $149 also. Why don't they update their prices? There seems to be alot of price inconsistency with this offer.

  • Went to the Elizabeth store in Melbourne this morning - they sold out the night before. Rep said all Melb. CBD stores are out of stock, so I bought it online for $89.

    Worst online ordering system ever, but hey, not a bad app development phone for $89 :)

    • Wow - phone came this morning - less than 24 hrs after I ordered it!

      News for people wondering if the online ones would come unlocked - mine was :)

      • +1

        which colour did you get?

      • I order mine on thursday morning and the payment is still pending - wtf?
        gonna call them today.

        • Mine said that too on the day it arrived - their system is mighty screwy…

  • Just a question for anyone that paid online with their CC - I have 3 payments pending from Vodaphone in my netbank. One debit of $89 and two seperate debits of $1 each. Is this a surcharge for using a mastercard(credit card) on their ordering system?

  • +1

    Anyone want to give a "real world" review on this?
    Especially if you can compare it to the IDEOS U8150

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