This was posted 1 year 8 months 21 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Bosch Blue 18V Brushless 3 Piece 2x 3.0ah Combo Kit $230 @ Bunnings


Similar to the other deal posted here:

But this one is much better value in my opinion, especially if you use the tools more than a couple of times a year to hang a picture. The difference between brushed and brushless in very noticeable in terms of power (I can't speak for this brand, but definitely in others I've used).
Plus you get a work light with it, that seems to be of reasonable quality.

Don't forget the free battery that you may potentially be eligble for:

This Bosch Blue Kit includes:

1 X 18V Brushless Hammer Drill GSB 18V-60 C
1 X 18V Brushless Impact Driver GDR 18V-EC
1 X 18V Worklight GLI VariLED (420 Lumen)
2 X 18V GBA 3.0Ah Batteries
1 X 18V Fast Charger AL1820 CV
1 X Small Tool Bag

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    I've had a good look at the Bosch website, the above $230 kit (0615990J6N) does not qualify for the promotion 0615990J6Y
    Please correct me if I'm wrong

    • Is the other one?

      • no, neither deal posted today qualifies

    • +2

      Correct, this year's tax time promo is on skins you buy separately or some of the dearer combo kits - see and click on T's&C's.

    • People should also know the 2amp "fast charger" is 1/3 output of an actual fast charger (1860CV). OK for light use.

      As a comparison, some trades need two 6amp chargers, swapping batteries every hour.

    • Just picked one up at Bunnings Munno Para West. There's still one left on the shelf.

  • +1

    I just picked this kit up from Bunnings. I think its a great deal, I am glad I didnt buy the Dewalt for over $300 last week.

    I got one of the last ones in stock. There was another guy leaving with one as I arrived and a staff member took one right in front of me for a click and collect order.

    Presented very nicely and looks like pretty good quality.

    • What store?

    • Quick question. Did your one come with a rubber hook for the impact or is that an external accessories?

      • Only the impact driver has a hook on it.

        • RIP. Gotta go back to bunnings then. Just to confirm we are talking about the rubber top hook and not the bottom metal belt hook right?

          • @No Username: No sorry I meant the metal hook.
            Don't forget, they close at 7pm now.

          • @No Username: I just noticed driver doesn't have the top hook either. The manual does refer to the top hook and I can see a slot where it would fit.

            Hmmm does anyone have this top hook on theirs?

            • @GCJT: In the manual, it says it comes with it. There is no * next to the part indicating that it is not an external accessory. I'll email Bosch to see if they can send one over otherwise I might just 3D print it.

              • @No Username: Thanks. Might have to send them an email. My drill is also missing the metal belt hook. …

                • @GCJT: I didn’t get the rubber hook on the driver or the metal hook on the driller either.

                  • @moph: The rubber attachment is an optional part. Not included in the kit.
                    Metal belt hook is standard.

                    • @pegasusx: ok, that makes sense. The rubber attachment was shown in the photos on the bunnings website which is how I got confused (and clearly some of the posters above did too), but it is not on the photos on the box. Although my drill is missing the metal hook, I think I prefer it that way since it's not something I'll use very often and it will get in the way otherwise.

                • @GCJT: @GCJT @No Username

                  Did either you get a response from Bosch about the missing hooks?

                  • +1

                    @crosswire: Yes they responded to me finally after an additional follow up email this morning. They have asked me to submit details of what is missing and photo evidence etc and my postal details.
                    Seems promising that I will be sent parts.

                    Ill update when received.

                    • @GCJT: Thanks! I'll find some time to email them too then.

  • +6

    Yes OP this is a great deal and I upgraded from an earlier Bosch 18V-LI brushless kit to brushless last year with the, although that one had a beefier hammer drill - the GSB 18V-85 C which really does replace corded (except for mid/large masonry - I use a corded mini-SDS drill). The brushless GDX/GDR 18V-EC impact driver rocks and is a big improvement on the brushless driver. The driver in this kit is the GDR which doesn't have the combo hex/1/2 socket driver but you can use something like this when you need to drive a socket, and in someways that is better as you can get the GDR in places where the longer GDX won't go.

    Once you have your serial numbers don't forget to use the site to get your 6yr warranty certificates.

  • Bought 1. Good value. Thanks.

  • What a tool.

  • +21

    Just in time for mothers day

    • +2

      Homer Simpson, is that you?

  • +1

    Got one from the earlier thread but thanks anyway!

  • +1

    To bad there is no redemtion offer. Usually they have.

  • This is a great combo deal. I bought the light alone last year for $60 and whilst the batteries have been superceded, they have been durable and resisted a lot of drops.
    I can definitely recommend it. It's almost worth it if you needed two new batteries alone!


    That site is usually accurate with stock but doesn’t show much stock for this item.

  • Tossing up between this and the other deal, b the time i decide they'll all be gone probably. Both sets are $169 off, so i guess you are paying the full price for the light and a bit extra for brushless. The extra $80 seems worth it if you have any use for the light imo.

    • +2

      Save ur money if you need drills for DIY only ocassionally and get the other deal.

      • +3

        If you use it for 4 hours a year or more, I would definitely get the other set. It would then cost you $2/h over two years.
        Plus you get a work light that may make some jobs faster.

        • Doing a reno of my investment property so they will get a work out, and light very handy.

          • @JamesLucas: You're going to be spending thousands of dollars (or more) renovating where you'll be using the tools for hours. And your purchase would be tax deductible.
            Whether to spend the extra $80 it not, a very tough decision indeed! ;)

            Coming from a fellow property investor and renovator, I honestly have no idea why you're even debating it.

            • @MEnergy: You can claim personal tools used for a reno? This is news to me, might get a new set of festools

                • @MEnergy: I'm not sure it's not B&W, depending on how you interpret "help earn your income" to a tradie it applies, but if your occupation is scientist and that's what your getting taxed on I don't think so

                  • @Dezeption: I've done it before, but then I'm not a scientist, but an engineer.
                    It's my interpretation that you can. If you can't and you get audited, you would just have to pay it back, no fine, as you have a reasonable defence.

                  • -1

                    @Dezeption: I avoided a tax return for years, trying to ensure I claim every last thing I can, after selling mine.

                    3 or 4 times I dredged it back up with my accountant (40yrs exp).
                    She grew more frustrated each time, bewildered how I thought any of these things would qualify. I mentioned every thought & angle. I still think it's within reason, and not taking the piss.

                    She highlighted that I'd already made money from negative gearing. And that I can't also get the government to offset my attempt to sell for more.

                    She green lit tools, as I'm a tradie… But NOTHING else.

                    She printed a lump of paperwork, saying here it is, somewhere in this, if you don't believe me.

          • @JamesLucas: @JamesLucas: In all honesty if you are going to be using the tools a lot go for Milwaukee tools. They cost more though are well worth it if you will be using it a lot.

  • is this bosch's best drill and best impact?

    • No…

    • +7

      No, far from it.
      But if you didn't know that (I didn't before buying a set either), it'll be good enough for you!

      • I'm curious now…
        Anyone know how this hammer drill compares to say the AEG Brushless that had deals in the past. Or the other branded ones.

        • Both are mid range tools. If you will not be using it a lot either would be good. If you will be using it a lot I would go for better tools eg: Milwaukee, Makita, Hitachi, etc.

        • Any compact hammer drill in this kinda form factor is eh in masonry- it will work just fine for home diy, maintenance and handyman work but you won't see it being used for heavy duty trade stuff. In that case you see stuff more like the rotary hammer or SDS drills which make comparatively very short work of masonry drilling:

          For home handyman work compact drushless combi drills like this are pretty hard to beat, because they'll do everything and they'll do the slim handful of masonry work you do a few times a year quick enough.

          • @SolidworksError: What about an el' cheapo SDS vs compact hammer drill?
            ($99 for those cbf clicking)

            • @dufflover: Look, I don't love ozito at all, but it would probably perform better in masonry for as long as it lasted (brick, plaster, tile, pavers)- but sds drills are less suitable, or insuitable for other tasks- drilling holes in wood, driving screws, stuff like that.

              Which is why for all round stuff, the combo drills are great. It's all I have at home. But at work if we've got a dozen cabinets or so to mount up the SDS drill does it in a quarter the time.

              If you have to do a lot of work (major DIY renovation), the SDS might start to be worth it.

              • @SolidworksError: Sorry didn't really clarify it's more if it's that cheap is it worth it on-top of owning a regular hammer drill.

                In my case already got an AEG Brushless from quite a few years back. For anyone who saw these current deals for instance if the choice was $150+$99 for this, vs $230 and getting a puny worklight, I'd go the former! (assuming you had prev Ozito batts from older deals)

      • +2

        Can anyone point me towards the best Bosch drill? I've got a painting that I need to hang, sitting on the floor in the study.

  • Can these batteries be used in other Bosch lawn mowers?

    • -1

      These aren't lawn mowers

  • +6



    • +2

      Price is great though

    • Wasn't enough to stop me…

    • So what was the rationale for buying the previous extras in the first place?

      I've had to pass up a few kit deals over the years since I already have a decent drill and impact driver.

  • What should I buy to use it 2 or three times at year? Any suggestion?

    • +4

      The other one. Unless you really want the light.

    • +2

      That amount of use you might be better with the cheaper one

    • just remember Power is Key…
      you may only use a few times in a year, but if it does not have the power you need, then your toast.
      I haven't looked at the power specs of these, but its just a thought.

      Ive got the Ozito 5 piece kit from when it was 199, so obviously no comparison to these.
      SO while they are great for home use etc, they are not proper DIY due to lack of power and they can cut out easily.

      I also have a corded B&D 400w hammer drill and an AEG 750w hammer drill with a nice 4m cord..

      Even the AEG only just scrapped by while fixing rails to the posts of a retaining wall.
      If I had of gone to the bigger (larger) size, power would be a non issue, but size then becomes the drama when there isn't much room.

      • Are you saying this is better than the other one (it should be right as if has more power)

        Or don't get this and get a proper corded one

        (I know it depends on what it's being used for)

        • I do not know which would be better, havent looked at either. There is a place for cord and cordless, which is why i have both, cordless is just so handy. Now that I've had the Ozito pack for a while, if i had the time again, i would check the specs, there can be quite a variance, may have made me spend more on a more trade like brand rather tha diy.

  • I need to drill a hole on the floor to get a CAT6 cable down to basement. Would this drill work with a right drill bit? I saw on another day an electrician did with his Bosch so I just wonder

    • What's the floor made from? If concrete, I wouldn't think so, you'd want a rotary SDS drill for that. If it's wood, sure!

      • Then I should get a rotary drill. Thanks, mate.

        • just get a cheap ozito if you're only doing one hole. normally the ozitos come with SDS bits.

        • Or you could also rent a decent one if you are only gonna use the rotary drill for 1 cat cable. Cheaper and you won't have it taking up space.

    • That won't look so good unless it's within the wall you drilling down through…. Have yoh considered place the wall plate against a external wall. There you won't need tk drill can just get some yellow tounge and feed it through

      • ^ this.

        Drilling holes through the floor is not the solution.

        On another note, checkout powerline ethernet.

  • Brilliant deal mate. Snagged the last one in Rydalmere. Thanks!

  • Any good deals about for a rotary hammer drill, something that could do 20mm holes in concrete? Cheers

    • For that job, it is the sds drill but you need to spend a fair bit on proper drill bit, depending on how deep you want to go too

      • +1

        Agreed, if it's multiple holes, I'd go corded as well. Much better for repetitive high energy applications.

        • +2

          have cordless for one offs, and corded sds for multiple holes …..

      • Good proper 20mm bit minimum $80

      • yes this. fairly OK, we did a whole warehouse of racking with this lol.

        nowhere as good as the cordless milwawkee kit though lol.

  • +3

    panic bought one

    this is good for the covid right?

  • Just picked one up. (There are 2 left at Smithfield)
    Was going to get the $150 but already have an old brushed Bosch so this will be an upgrade.
    With plenty of time now, I might get motivated to finish off that arcade build.

  • +12

    Product: Bosch Blue 18V Brushless 3 Piece 2 x 3.0Ah Combo Kit
    In Stock: 192
    Low Stock: 41

    In Stock

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    • Thanks mate!

    • re: ACT info, good to see as its usually the one place that's never on lists like these.

      • That store has had management problems for years.

    • +1

      How do you obtained the list?

      • Phones Gone Wild! :D

  • thanks. just ordered. will be a nice upgrade from my fatmax which i only have one battery for.

  • +4

    My heart says Bosch but my wallet says ozito :(

    • +2

      Ozito brushed are fairly rubbish, but I really like my brushless ozito tools. Really good value for money when ALDI have them on special and Bunnings price matches.

      • +2

        ozito brushless are great for the money …. but if you need bigger skin selection its makita (I have makita and ozitobrushless) , bosch or dewalt.

        • +1

          Yes, ozito seems to have one or maybe two of each type of tool, whereas Makita has very nuanced tools, particularly drills and drivers. Comes with a price tag a few times that of ozito though.

  • CnC'ed one from Delacombe. Perfect timing for me. Thanks op!

  • Anyone know if the hammer drill is better than the Ryobi One+ R18PDBL-0 hammer drill? Have it and just wondering if it's worth getting this deal.


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