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AMD Ryzen 9 3900X CPU $674.01 + Delivery ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


Lowest price at the moment. Ship from US may need more time than usual

Edit 18/6: Back in stock ($2 more, currency fluctuation)

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Wow this is near black friday pricing.

    So tempted but Ryzen 4000 is close now…. gonna wait :)

    • How close are we talking about? I'm about to pull the trigger.

      • you'll be lucky to see them this year i reckon (hence the XT stop-gap coming soon)

        • Then why everyone kept on saying soon soon? I'm so close to completing my build and all I read is zen3 is coming out soon.

          Man this is no good for my heart rate.

        • AMD has committed to releasing them this year which means well before end of year christmas buying period. That's close enough for me :)

          • @Skramit: Is there source for this?

            • @michaelTito: https://www.pcgamesn.com/amd-zen-3-release-date-2020

              She confirms it will be released in 2020.

              So factor in they are not dumb enough not to release it in time for Black Friday / Cyber Monday shopping…. expect it by October if not before.

              • @Skramit: Damn son thats exciting.

              • @Skramit: lol that article was updated feb 2020. before a global pandemic shut down the world

                • @ideasman: They reiterated in earnings report end of April that it was still on track for this year.

                  • @gromit: of course they're going to say that. did they hint at the XT chips release in-between then and the 4000 chips? i'll be very surprised if they come out this year

                    • @ideasman: So your suggesting AMD committed securities fraud and lied in their financials? The XT chips are still very much based on rumors and leaks and still not announced, but that have solid grounding based on the high yields they have been getting giving them an opportunity to up clock speeds for no cost.

                      • @gromit: not at all. I'm sure they're still "on track" as you say but don't be surprised when they delay it or simply announce it at the end of the year and say its available next year. keep them downvotes coming though because you disagree with my opinion.

                        • @ideasman: you have nothing to base anything you say on except bias by the sounds of it? AMD have nothing to gain by continuing to suggest they are on schedule, in fact they would have a lot to lose by saying so if not true as it makes people delay purchases and opens them up to very large lawsuits. If they were not on track I think you would find they would be very upfront about it as they have the perfect excuse of Covid that no one would ever question.

                          PS: I am not suggesting it can't be delyed, but there is ZERO evidence at this point to suggest it will be. So unless the world takes a turn for the worst or another disaster I am still expecting a sept-Oct release. If you have inside knowledge that says this is wrong would love to know what it is as would happily short them if they are lying for some easy money.

      • Most likely end of the year or early next year.

        Might still be worth waiting for the 3900xt. Or not, this is a great price.

  • +3 votes

    Just a note:
    3900XT is supposed to be released by 15th of June — not sure when it will be available in OZ. The rumor indicates it will be around 300MHz faster than 3900x, but rumored price is not reliable yet.

    That does not mean this deal is bad; in fact, it is a very good deal. But this might explain the price a drop, and once 3900XT is released the price might drop further — by how much? no one knows.

    • Yeah, I might even pay the extra for an XT CPU due to the better bin which could improve game performance.

      • Doubt you'll notice any real difference, unless you're benching.

        • Wouldn't higher clocks greatly improve game performance?

          • @Rajeh: if its the 300mhz increase the leaks suggest, definitely

            • @ideasman: Yeah. Especially coming from a 3500X which for me doesn't even boost past 4GHz this would be a huge improvement. The 3600XT or 3800XT are quite tempting.

          • @Rajeh: I doubt 300mhz will yield noticeable improvement. The real kicker for ryzen in gaming is latency caused by multiple ccx/ccd. I tried locking my 3700x to 3900mhz all core (at low voltage to save power), and there's exactly no performance drop from my games compare to letting it boost to 4350mhz (single core, 4150mhz all core) on stock. Games I played are witcher 3, final fantasy XV, AC Odyssey, Jedi fallen order etc. with 2080 card, I guess you could probably see some improvement on fps games at 1080p low settings?

            • @Kingduytan: No this is a huge jump. My 3500X's theoretical max is 4.1GHz and it never gets there, the 3600XT's is 4.6GHz 4.7GHz. Huge jump.

              • @Rajeh: My point is, for a 3700X, 3.9Ghz makes absolutely no different to ~4.4Ghz, which is a almost a .5Ghz gap. Weird? It's a huge jump in benchmark for sure, but I'm skeptical if they make any difference in games.

                • @Kingduytan: What's your memory speed?

                  • @Rajeh: RAM speed is just standard 32GB 3200mhz cl16. Tried OC to 3600mhz cl18 but it makes no different as well so I just run stock.

                    • @Kingduytan: No bottleneck there. That's very odd considering there are measurable gains between the 3600 and 3600X.

                    • @Kingduytan: RAM OC definitely does make a difference, I suspect it may be due to your timings or how you are testing why you aren't seeing a difference.

                      I have 32GB (2x16GB) with 3700x. Going from 3200Mhz CL16 to 3600 CL16 yielded a 9fps increase to avg FPS in Farcry 5 at 1080p and min FPS raised by approx 5-6fps. I'm now at 3733Mhz CL16 and improved both those readings by another 2FPS approx.

                      Even staying at 3200MHz but going to CL14 and tightening timings I saw improved performance.

                      If testing at 1440P you are more GPU limited so you may not measure a difference.

                      • @combatant: Yeah RAM OC with tight timings scale quite well in games. But then given the same RAM settings, a CPU clock pump from 3.9Ghz to 4.4Ghz brings no noticeable different is odd, I did run some games at 1080p to test the difference, but it was disappointing so now I just run all stock and undervolt.

                        • @Kingduytan: Sounds like maybe you gave a GPU bottleneck as clockspeed defintely yields an improvement. Also depends on the game
                          as some will respond more to CPU clockspeed than others.

                          • @combatant: Yep, that's very likely, those games I play are among the hardest to push out high fps. But if an RTX 2080 is heavily bottleneck, then it begs the question of whether the speed pumps from XT series worth paying more for. It might if you're into competitive games with 2080Ti, in which case you're probably better off buying intel :D For productivity a clock speed pump also won't yield meaningful improvement either which is why 3800x is so underwhelming because it's just a higher clock 3700x, same with 3600x vs 3600.

                      • @combatant: There's a good 1080p overview of this on GN.

                        I game more above 1080p, so I'd be unlikely to see a big difference between say 3200c16 and 3600c16.

                        • @skittlebrau: Yeah I've seen that. I also game above 1080p. I'm on a 1440p 144Hz GSync monitor. I haven't tested a plethora of titles, but in far cry 5 at 1440p my min frame rate increased by 3-4 FPS on average. Avg FPS only increased by 1 or 2 as I'm more GPU limited at this res. I know that's not much, but part of the fun is tinkering to see how much extra performance you can get.

    • There are multiple rumours. The initial round said 300Mhz increase but then subsequent rumours said 3DMark scores showed an increase of ~100MHz only.

      And then these could all be based on engineering samples, which aren’t always reflective of the final product.

      So there’s a chance that the gains won’t be as significant as originally rumoured.

  • I wonder how much lower these prices can get as we get closer to the 4000 series. Very tempting!

  • (profanity), do I pull the trigger?? I see you guys saying wait for 4000 series but that will be in maybe 2-3 months time?
    Is this CPU even going to be superseded by something in the 4000 series I haven't looked much into what's coming out, appreciate any advice.

    • Is this CPU even going to be superseded by something in the 4000 series

      seriously? of course it will. but it's probably another 6 months away and it'll be more expensive and hard to get for a while. if you need a pc now, get this. if you can wait, wait. there'll always be something new coming

    • will be in maybe 2-3 months time?

      Rumour mill is suggesting a late September launch, so close to Christmas before you can get one I'd expect. Even then, the "4900X" will be more expensive than this.

      So basically, as with everything tech-related, if you need it now then buy it now. If you can wait, then wait.

  • That is a very nice price.

  • AMD CPU prices going down whilst other components have gone up or sold out.

  • Seeing lots of deals on Ryzen chips, I guess the XT refresh rumors are true and they're just trying to clear inventory in the channel for those refreshed CPUs.

  • to me its simple - why not get a cheap processor now, then sell and upgrade when 4000 series comes out? with a X570 board, you can upgrade anytime….

  • I ordered at $703.42 a few days back and mine shipped today. Called amazon and they put a $30 credit on my account as a good will gesture. This is why I have no issues ordering through them. Great customer service.

  • Any decent X570 motherboards in stock anywhere?

  • From another thread $669.1 for local stock from Futu Ebay. I ordered on Monday and got it yesterday.

  • Can anyone comment on whether the 3900x or 3700x have the same voltage surge issue that the 3600 has? I have a new 3600 and the voltage issue is really bad, basically causes the fans and temps to spike every few seconds.

    (No, this is not me doing something wrong, it's a very well documented issue that AMD has acknowledged).


    Very good price

    Price very good

  • nice still live. Just got one

  • So this is where Jobkeeper is going.

  • AMD Ryzen 3000 'Mattise Refresh' Desktop CPU Family:
    CPU Name AMD Ryzen 5 3600X AMD Ryzen 5 3600XT AMD Ryzen 7 3800X AMD Ryzen 7 3800XT AMD Ryzen 9 3900X AMD Ryzen 9 3900XT
    CPU Architecture 7nm Zen 2 7nm Zen 2 7nm Zen 2 7nm Zen 2 7nm Zen 2 7nm Zen 2
    Cores/Threads 6/12 6/12 8/16 8/16 12/24 12/24
    Base Clock 3.8 GHz 4.0 GHz? 3.9 GHz 4.2 GHz? 3.8 GHz 4.1 GHz?
    Boost Clock 4.4 GHz 4.7 GHz? 4.5 GHz 4.7 GHz? 4.6 GHz 4.8 GHz?
    L3 Cache 32 MB 32 MB 32 MB 32 MB 64 MB 64 MB
    TDP 95W 95W? 105W 105W? 105W 105W?
    Launch 2019 2020 2019 2020 2019 2020
    Price $249 US (MSRP)
    $229 US (Newegg) TBA $399 US (MSRP)
    $335 US (Newegg) TBA $499 US (MSRP)
    $431 US (Newegg) TBA