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Sign up to Woolworths Delivery 30 Day Trial & Receive 3000 Woolworths Reward Points


Unlock 3000 bonus points* plus 30 days free Delivery when you subscribe to Delivery Unlimited!

Delivery Unlimited covers the costs of delivery and packaging fees on orders over $100# with a monthly or one off yearly payment, rather than paying on every order to help you save.

Once your free 30 day trial is over, you can enjoy as many deliveries as you like for less than $10 a month.

Redeem your 3000 bonus points* in 3 steps:

  • New to online? Create an online account here (Already have an account, log in here)
  • Link your Woolworths Rewards card to your online account for bonus points to be added here
  • Subscribe to Delivery Unlimited
    For the flexibility of unlimited deliveries on any day of the week, choose our Any Day subscription

For a better value option for unlimited deliveries on Tuesday - Thursday only, choose our Midweek subscription
Enjoy 3000 bonus points* and 30 days free delivery on orders over $100 (Points will be credited by the 1st July, even if you don't continue beyond the free trial)

If you can't be bothered cancelling it manually; simply sign up with a debit card with minimal balance.

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  • +7

    This offer is only available to members who were sent this offer via email and is available on their Woolworths Rewards card.

    • +1

      Don’t think it’s targeted, there’s an offer banner with the same details on the website.

      • The 30 day trial is there on the website but I don't see mention of the 3000 points

        • +1

          I’ve got a badge directly below the sign up message (+3000 Pts)

  • Can you just subscribe to this, get the points, and not actually place an order?

    • think so

    • Looks like you can. There is no mentioning of placing an order in the 3 steps.

    • When will I get my points?
      Provided you have signed up to Delivery Unlimited and linked your Rewards card to your online account, your bonus points will be added to your account 10 days after the end of the promotional period.

  • So do i sign up for one of the trials, and then immediately cancel after? Or do we need to wait

    • +7


      If you notify us that you wish to cancel your Delivery Unlimited Subscription the cancellation will take effect from the end of the relevant Subscription Period and you will continue to have the benefit the subscription for the remainder of the relevant Subscription Period that has been prepaid. You will not be refunded for the remainder of the Subscription Period in which you cancel the Delivery Unlimited subscription.

  • +1

    Damn I only signed up to the trial last week.

    • Same..

  • Thanks, signed up and put in a remind to cancel on the 2nd of July.

    • +1

      How do you cancel the subscription?

      • yeah how

        • +1

          log into the woolies website

          on top bar, goto MY ACCOUNT

          left hand side, goto DELIVERY UNLIMITED

          under manage subscription, click CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION

          • @mhs m0nk3y: Free trial

            Your Delivery Unlimited Subscription may start with a free trial. This is intended for the account holder to try the Delivery Unlimited service. We reserve the right to withdraw the free trial at any time. There is a limit of one free trial per account holder.
            The duration of the free trial period will be 30 days starting from the date you sign up for a Delivery Unlimited Subscription.
            Free trial eligibility is determined by Us at Our sole discretion. We reserve the right to revoke the free trial and put your account on hold in the event that we determine you are not eligible.
            We will charge you the Subscription Payment to your Nominated Card at the end of the 30 day free trial period unless you cancel the Delivery Unlimited Subscription before the first Billing Date. You will receive a reminder email about the first Billing Date prior to the end of the free trial period.
            You may cancel by visiting ‘My Account’ at Woolworths.com.au and selecting to cancel your subscription via the “My Delivery Unlimited” and then “Manage Subscription” links. You may also cancel your subscription by our Customer Care Team via live chat on Woolworths.com.au or on via phone.
            To view the end date of your free trial period and details of Your Delivery Unlimited Subscription and Subscription Payment, visit ‘My Account’ at Woolworths.com.au.

  • It is targeted or open to everyone?

  • +5

    Remember 2000 points = 1000 Qantas FF points!

    • +5

      I think WW points are better value though

      • +1

        For those that fly qantas regularly the points are a much better reward for the value you can get out of them (premium cabin classic reward flights for example)

        • Until Qantas decides to increase the points required for a flight like they just did for Emirates flights.

          • @capslock: Agreed, but they'd probably have to double the amount of points required for me to consider the money off a shop to be better value, all personal opinion based on use of course

  • Just received the offer email at 6.09pm looks like it could take awhile to get to everyone

    • Yep. Just got it 7.00pm

      • Just got my offer email today!

  • +1

    I'd prefer Woolworths didn't know what I was buying through a rewards program. But can't they already just look up my purchase history from my credit card I use every time?

    • +7

      Lol how many cucumbers do you buy?

    • -2

      Woolworths can look at your credit card history? What are you smoking mate?

      • Winnie Blue

      • +1

        Couldn't they see all shopping done by the last four digita of my credit card number or whatever information they have after the transaction. Maybe they are already building files on all of us.

        • +1

          Yes they can!

  • +8

    The $100 min spend for free delivery under a subscription plan is a bit steep :/

    • +2

      Agreed. The minimum spend is pure bs. They should at least match click n collects $30.

      • +1

        It probably costs them more than $30 in labour and truck costs to pack and deliver your groceries.

        • I'd agree with that statement 5 years ago but Amazon has set the bar. If they can do no minimum spend with a cheaper Prime subscription; what's woolworths' excuse?

          • +1

            @MadMaxBargainRoad: Amazon is running at a loss in Australia

            • +1

              @Wilder94: Which I don't expect woolworths to match. However charging $100+ per year subscription with a $100 minimum spend is just nonsense.

              The logic is that if I am bulk buying weeks groceries ($100) I can surely just drive over and collect it on my own to save $10.

              It makes no sense whichever way you slice it.

          • @MadMaxBargainRoad: Amazon doesn't delivery fruits, veg, chilled stuff and deli. That stuff is the hard part.

            Amazon tried that stuff in the US and couldn't get it right for ages, I dunno if they stil have it right actually

            • +2

              @cloudy: Yes what you said is right to a degree. However, Amazon also doesn't have the warehouse network that Woolworths has. Again, it would be a lot more friendly to go $30/$40 min spend and limit it to once a week or something.

    • +1

      It is very steep. Amazon prime is less than $10 a month and does not have any minimum spend.

    • +2

      $50 minimum spend would be reasonable and worth paying a subscription for. Especially as their online store does not have the same variety as their offline store.

  • Thanks for this, just got the email and signed up

  • +2

    Signed up for the 3000 rewards points only, the $100 minimum order is ridiculous they should have it set lower that's while I'll never use it.

    Reminder to cancel July 2 after checking rewards points have been added to my rewards card.

  • +3

    I got this same deal but with 4000 bonus rewards points

    • same - nice!

      • -1

        Link for the 4000 bonus rewards points please

        • It is targeted via email, so there is no link unless u get an email. Also, it seems like team members get 4000 points and regular rewards members get 3000 points.

          Scrap that, the promotion is not targeted. Anyone can sign up and get 3000 points as it's displayed on their website here:

  • +1

    combine with spend $150 get $10 off next shop?

    • or don't spend at all

  • Reminder set. Now let's see if this works

  • Got the offer and subscribed. Will be cancelling on the 2nd. Thanks!

  • Got the offer. Looking forward to 3000 bonus points.
    No doubt they're just doing this so they can then say "look how good our delivery service is with XXX people signed up this month" but I don't mind contributing to that if I can get $15 for free.

  • Who

    This offer is only available to members who were sent this offer via email and is available on their Woolworths Rewards card.

  • +2

    If you can't be bothered cancelling it manually; simply sign up with a debit card with minimal balance.

    This is not good advice. I know from experience.

    A DD failure doesn't nullify your agreement to pay. It builds a debt. You might only know about it when the debt collector comes knocking.

    • Depending on nature of the service. A simple example is Prepaid vs Postpaid phone plans. Woolworths' service like Amazon's prime is almost certainly a prepaid service. You get the benefit AFTER paying.

      Furthermore, I believe all Postpaid services ask for I.D/Credit check and not just a simple card number.

      • Whether it's prepaid or postpaid is irrelevant. (IIRC, I got caught out with a prepaid service.)

        The "prepaid" services that you refer to aren't so much prepaid as renewals e.g. phone plans. Each renewal you can change plan or renew same - it's a new agreement each time.

        But if you subscribe to a service, despite them taking the money in advance, and charges don't stop just because you stop paying.

        Maybe woolies and amazon have a "stop paying to auto opt out" clause, but unless I saw it in the T&C, I wouldn't count on it.

  • -2

    I always use click-and-collect, less hassles. The minimum spend often $150 is above our usual spend. Having used click-and-collect for years it's a far easier free option! I would NEVER trust Woolworth's to select my fruit & vegetables nor meat or dairy!!!

    • +4

      Isn't click and collect still trusting them to select your items?

      • Yep, not the best if you want lots of veggies or fruit

  • +2

    Got my 3000 points today!

    • Did you also participate in the 3000 point offer for buying gift cards? I'm trying to work out if the points I received is for this or for that.

      • +1

        Nope I wasn't targeted for that one, since I buy gift cards all the time.

  • Got points today

  • It's time to unsubscribe!

  • Well partial success so far:
    My regularly used active account got the points today but my rarely used old two did not. Signed them all up.
    We will see what happens

    • Were they both targeted? I have 2 accounts and only 1 was targeted.

      • The one with the rewards was email targeted however the website definitely offered the promotion to everybody.
        I am wondering if my old accounts became dormant or something. I can still log into them, just haven't actually bought anything using them or over 6 months

  • +2

    Got points today, now will cancel the trial.

    • +2

      Yep just cancelled. They were sorry to see me go

  • +1

    I was targeted for this offer, still no bonus points.

    • I haven't received my points either

    • Same :(

    • Same boat.
      Got reply from their live chat:
      "Sorry to hear that. Please be mindful to allow until end of business day for the points to be added."

  • I might be going crazy but I can no longer see the cancel button via MY ACCOUNT
    Am I missing something obvious?

    • Ohhh, it was a trap!!

      • Lol just ignore that. I re-logged in found it. Have cancelled now.
        So one main account (targeted) got the points) Two older accounts that are active but rarely used did not.
        I was careful to join via the 3000 points link so no idea if they are paying up on these ones or not

  • can someone confirm they got their 3000 pts?
    I check mine today and i dont see any 1000 pts rewards

    • +1

      Came here looking for the same thing. Not credited yet.

  • Not received yet

  • its the 2nd now and i have still yet to receive my points…..

    • Same no points..

      • Same here, no points. I was targeted for the offer.

  • +2

    contact Rewards support va chat / phone.
    They will try to manually add your rewards pts.

    • yep, that's what they just did for me, was about to update here.
      said pts should show up within 24h

      • +1

        it reflects in few minutes. Just refresh.

        • true. cheers!

    • Thank you

  • Woolworths so often stuff up these points promos

  • So was this targeted or not? Someone at the top says they saw 3000 bonus points promo on the public page. I signed up on two accounts, one received email the other did not. But neither have been credited yet. I will give it till end of day, then contact support. Just interested if anyone who didn't get email received the points?

    • Pretty sure this was targeted. I received it in my emails

      Today they sent me an email saying they hope I enjoyed the trial, trial is coming to an end, and they are going to take out my first payment for delivery unlimited on 9/7 even though I have cancelled?!?

      • Unsubscribe

      • Yep I already did after getting the points but still got that email

  • Still waiting for my points too.

  • +1

    Still waiting for my points. Has anyone got these points yet?

    • Did you need to do a delivery to trigger the points?

      • Nope.

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