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Electric Salt or Pepper Mill (6x AAA Batteries Included) $9.99 @ ALDI Special Buys


Ever wonder why do we need to grind salt or pepper ourselves? - First world problem

Electric Salt or Pepper Mill (6 x AAA batteries included) $9.99 at ALDI Special Buys Wednesday 08/07

Automatically grinds salt or pepper when turned upside down
The design ensures that salt and pepper are kept off the table when placed down
Available in assorted colours
Material: ABS and stainless steel
Ceramic grinding mechanism
Adjustable for smooth to course grinding
Smooth matte finish – available in 6 stylish colours
Power supply: 6 x AAA batteries (included)

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  • +8

    When you need > 4 batteries, might be better off going Li-ion

    • +4

      Yeah, I'm waiting for the x-finity plus version; or maybe I should check Bunnings to see if Ryobi have made a pepper grinder

      • +3

        Could use the Ozito chainsaw with the xfinity battery for grinding. Of course if you have eneloops then 16 enepoops = 20 Volts and you can use those instead.

        • +1

          hold the peppercorns in your hand. NOTHING COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG.

          • +4

            @cynicalmike: Don't be ridiculous, that's crazy. You can't hold the chainsaw and the pepper at the same time. You would need your wife or kid to hold the pepper.

            • +1

              @abacus: Don't be crazy, that's ridiculous. You need your kid to hold the chainsaw while you crush the batteries and peppers in your hand.

  • +40

    And here I’ve been grinding my salt like some peasant

    • +26

      Just be white and don't use any seasoning

      • +3

        LOL. Yeah.
        I put 20kgs on in 6 months when I first moved out of home. I finally discovered taste (salt), and grew to love food. I’d previously eaten only when I could be bothered.

      • To the rest of us, it's considered a condiments, but to the beloved anglos, it's a spice.

      • Black pepper matters !

        (sorry - it was a yolk)

    • +7

      Wait until you discover that you can buy it pre ground.
      It's a game changer!

      • +2

        Sounds like witchcraft to me.

      • +1

        pre-ground doesn't have the same flavour …

  • +3

    …reckon these will last 2-3 weeks before breaking in some way?

      • +3

        Where does it state there is a 1 Year Warranty? Not shown in Aldi link.
        (If there is any Warranty, it is printed at bottom of receipt & on packaging / warranty sheet.)

        Some special buys come with a manufacturer's warranty (e.g. 1 or 2 years). If your product is covered by a manufacturer's warranty, you will find all the details you need within the information plate on the back of your product.

        Aldi have dropped the warranty on some of their cheaper special buys lines, that were there in previous years. Those are now covered only by the 60 day easy return. Surprised me when told that by staff.

        Took faulty $9.99 solar gutter lights back after just over 60 days - told to throw them out! Previous year same lights from same distributor had 1 year warranty.

        • If it's not stated it doesn't really matter. We are covered by Aus Consumer Law, which is mentioned in your link.

          As far as your solar gutter light is concerned, you probably wouldn't have bought them if you knew they were only going to last just over 60 days? So you are still entitled to a remedy by Aldi.

          • +3

            @Arthur Dunger: Yes, understand that.

            Point is Aldi refused to accept their product for return beyond 60 days.

            Your claim there is a 1 Year Warranty on this product is doubtful.

            ACL could find that an implied warranty beyond 60days may be possible - but it's a cheap item, not a major appliance.

            Unless it is a warranty in writing (could still be on box or inside), it will cost us more in time than what it's worth to receive a remedy.

            • @the INFIDEL: It will take no longer than normal. The retailer can’t refuse to help you by sending you to the manufacturer or importer. Maybe have a read through this.

              • +2

                @Arthur Dunger: They refused!
                I mentioned the ACL on faulty products.
                Staff said there was only a 60 day return period unless there was a written warranty.

                They would not accept the product to send to the supplier - saying it would be thrown out as the supplier would not accept it.

                It's a major change in how Aldi deal with faulty products. So I refuse to buy their products not covered by a written warranty.

                (A major supplier of electrical products to Aldi sought my advice on improving quality control… We had long discussions. So I am very wary!)

                I am well versed in ACL! That's why I am warning people may have a battle to claim an implied warranty on a $10 product.

                Telling people there IS a 1 year warranty will mislead people into believing Aldi will simply accept the product within that period. Unless it is in writing - it is all up to interpretation of the ACL!

                I was told Aldi staff will refuse to accept returned products beyond 60 days - unless it is within the warranty date printed on the receipt.

            • +1

              @the INFIDEL: reasonable life of a crappy product … ?

              these are probably designed to last - just over 60 days

    • +1

      My salt grinder was more than 18 months old when something went. The whole thing overheated and I had to unplug it… Never worked again. The pepper one is still going strong

      • Unplug it from where?

        • +1

          The base unscrews and the battery pack plugs up into the grinder body.

    • I've had mine for about a year, use the Pepper one a lot. No issues (yet).

  • +10

    I have one of this from last sale, IMHO it is not worthy and got the hand mill which is works better and enjoyable

    • Just wondering, why don't you think its worth? Thanks

      • +3

        Battery runs out very quick, the metal clip which is adjacent to the grinding came off and even i could able to fixing it and it comes off often, moreover the pepper grinding it is not equivalent to something traditionally come from hand mill.

        Battery operating is more like robot operation than you do the hand milling around the table which is enjoyable and welcome by the kids and guests. (This is me)

        • +1

          Thanks for your response!!

          • +2

            @cchhiillyy: You’re welcome, it is my pleasure to share the knowledge, experience and lessons learned to others, spirit of OZB :-)

    • I just bought a hand mill and it is much easier for grinding out large amounts of pepper. I was considering an electric one but turning a crank is very easy.

    • +1

      Yeah it all depends on the type/brand of grinder mechanism. I picked up a couple of Peugeot grinders (don't worry their grinders are WAY better than their cars!) about a decade ago and they're still going strong. If you take a look at the grinder mechanism and it is blank or just has a plain "made in china" sticker stay away.

  • +3

    one of the problems with a salt grinder is it starts to corrode and the metal starts to go green

    • +1

      The one I have, not this model,has white burs I'm assuming ceramic and doesn't rust

  • +7

    Buying for the batteries, bargain

  • +2

    Cole and mason seems to be the next level up if anyone is interested.

  • +16

    Never understood the need for battery operated pepper/salt grinders, other than for the elderly, those with arthritis or some sort of repetitive use wrist injury.

    The batteries take up most of the volume of the grinders and add signficantly to the weight.

    A few twists of an ordinary hand mill is all you need.

    • +1

      or if you're elmo

    • +3

      I primarily got motorised ones for one handed use.

    • +2

      Same logic goes for anything ever invented. Wheel? Why do you need it when you can simply drag stuff. Fire? Why do you need it when you can just eat your food raw…

    • +2

      I find these are very useful since you only need one hand to operate. So if you're marinating meat using one hand you can add salt and pepper with the other.

      And no, marinating meat isn't a euphemism.

        • Dat price tho

          • @spiff: There's cheaper ones, that was the first Google link.

            Mine were about $20 for a pair.

            • @spaceflight: Not only are these Aldi ones convenient but since their design has been ripped off that $100+ electric grinder, they look good as well. Subjective of course. I've been using 2 of them simultaneously for around 4 years and had 1 break during that time (salt) so the durability is good enough for me to continue using them.

  • +7

    Nah, stuff that
    There's great satisfaction in the grind

    • +2

      It makes the finish far more enjoyable.

      • +1

        In other words, an ending that is… happy?

  • If only they took AA Eneloops. Got a box full of them…

  • +1

    6x AAAs? Looks inconvenient to run.
    I'm using some generic ones that run on the 4x AAs which were only $6 each (from memory). And they have a clear window to see how much is left. Not being able to see here seems like a con too.

  • +1

    These look cool but honestly dealing with batteries is a pain, they die and leak which destroys the device. You can use ~$50 worth of eneloops but then you're swapping them every few months.

    Just get a hand grinder with ceramic grinds ($25 on eBay) and you never have to worry about it.

  • I have these for some reason. Not worth it - heavy, loud and randomly stop working.

  • These IKEA ones are great:

    Ceramic grinder, lasts forever and stores with the grinder on top so you don’t end up with bits of salt and pepper where you store them.

  • +2

    Just me or does the image look like a 12v car charger.

    • This one has to be at least three times bigger

  • I’m just buying for the Gram photo op

  • +1

    had mine for a year and have changed the batteries from one of them once. Personally love them especially when cooking (can add pepper/salt with one hand)

  • Any recommendations for a non-electric pepper mill?

  • Finally everyone can use their stocked up Eneloops!

  • +1

    Mine failed after no less than a year. It was a PITA to use. Rather just get the real thing (the Menu S&P grinders) than buy this junk that takes a whole pack of batteries.

  • +1

    I have these. Do not recommend. It's hard to control how much you get and having to replace batteries is obviously a down side too.

  • +1

    Got these last year and they work great, but batteries run out regularly. get about 4 months per battery set. so that's 12 batteries (between the two) every 4 months

    • if batteries are like 43 cents each x 12 = $5.16 then that's $15 a yearish for batteries alone

      bargain - just imagine how much time you save over the onerous task of grinding your own pepper by hand - the risk of stress injuries - overusing those precious muscles

  • I find grinding my own salt and pepper therapeutic.

    • stop it or you'll go blind

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